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  1. Gday fellow raiders, been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve been busy fishing. Hit the George’s to a stretch of river I like to call spot X 🤣 being open to learning new things and trying new lures I decided to throw on a Atomic semi hard VIB40 on that’s been in my tackle box for about 12 months and 2nd cast I caught my PB flathead on a lure, Was a good day on the vibe till I lost it to a snag all fish were released to fight another day 🤙🏽
  2. G'day guys. I've been waiting for the bream-action to recommence after a slow Winter for breaming. I hit the Georges River upriver for a quick blast with the light stuff (6-8lb 7' rod and 2000 reel with 6lb leader). On this uncommon occasion, the bream and flathead were hungry and I was able to get my fishing fix for the week I was working around bridges using a Zman Grubz in bloodworm which the fish seemed to not be able to refuse. I got a decent spiking from a bream and a bit muddy shuffling around the muddy bank but it was all worth it. A darker flathead. A sign of an upper river fish. Some bent rod action... It's a good sign especially after the slow Winter and I can't wait till the weather warms up a touch. 😎 Looks like I wasn't the only one getting muddy! I hope you enjoyed the read!
  3. I spent the afternoon on the George's river last week, managed a few nice bream exploring some new grounds on hb's and sp's and then this nice flatty off the top in 10 cm of water! The surface action has been insane lately. Interestingly I have only caught Blue spot Flathead in the George's and hacking, any thoughts?
  4. Hey Raiders, with the long weekend around the corner who is going out for a fish? I'm thinking of hitting the botany bay this weekend but looking at the weather it isn't so great on Saturday ( the only day I have free ) arrhhh. question is what is uncomfortable wind /swell in the bay, I'm in a 5.75 tinny with the better half and she is the one that starts to panic if it get a bit rough on the water.. thinking of drifting for flatties and or other species when anchored, seen a report that the trevally is about and about? my other option is to go to Georges river launch from river road and fish near by holes etc.. however being a long weekend I'm sure the jet ski's will be out and about hooning. any other options you suggest? cheers have a great long weekend Mojo
  5. I'm heading out to pick up something from macarthur next week. Any tips on shore access to the Georges, around Campbelltown or back towards the city? Google Maps shows areas around Ruse and Kentlyn to have potential, but no idea about access points. Happy to walk a little over bush tracks if required.
  6. I've been heading out to the local fishing river for the past few weeks trying to land myself a jewfish. I understand that these fish are known to be incredibly elusive, with some fishermen spending up to months and even years without lady luck blessing their lines. I am not discouraged however, i'm more than certain that when the day comes where I feel the drag of a monster at the end of the line it will be worth it. Does anyone have any tips as to what rigs and bait to use whilst fishing for Jewfish? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers and good luck out there!
  7. G'day fishraiders! I'm quite new to freshwater fishing and would appreciate some advice! I'm keen on catching some bass near Penrith and Georges river (fresh water side) using some lures. I read up that Magbass Singlets, Cultiva Mira Shads and atomic cranks are worth a shot (up for more suggestions!). I heard that the weir isn't a bad spot to head to in Penrith and wouldn't mind a few more suggestions. I'm up for some spot suggestions in the Georges river.Near Kentlyn I heard is a good spot I heard. Thanks you taking your time - Thanks procro
  8. Headed out to the Georges this morning to fish the run out tide for flatties. Launched the yak at 7am and deployed my poddy trap while I trolled the flats for 20 minutes. I trolled a couple of shallow diving lures and came up tight on a very nice 58cm flatty in about 5' of water. Kept this one on ice, then collected a nice batch of poddies and hit one of my deep water spots. The tide still wasn't running with much grunt yet but after a half hour I scored three flatties in quick succession; two around the high 40s and one about 70cm which I released. I tried another run out spot for no joy and headed back to the deep spot for the absolute ebb of the tide. A nice mulloway hit like a freight train and came up after a short fight; didn't have the brag mat on me but I'm thinking it was pretty close to 70cm and I released it surrounded by wakeboarders, jet skiers and whoever else was floating around. Dropped a poddy down into the depths and another nice flatty in the high 50s nailed it. Headed home with a great feed and spent an hour filleting, skinning and boning some sublime morsels for a few nice dinners:)
  9. Ribs


    Got a few last week in the GR , this male went close to 2kg. Fresh bait, big tides and warm water after the rain . Mud crab for dinner again tonight , can't complain!
  10. First ever blackfish sesh using weed Headed down to Lamberth park at picnic point 7:30am after finally getting my hands on green weed. Some other guy was already fishing at the concrete wharf and had landed a 45cm flathead on chicken strips. Was pretty calm in the morning but could not get a single bite as I had no idea if i was hooking the weed right or not (first time using it). Started burleying with weed and sand but couldn't tell if it worked or not as the current was pretty strong. Then the winds started picking up, and it was huge, chair and stuff getting blown everywhere, nearly lost a rod and the float couldn't stay straight in the wind. Was about to leave after a disappointing cold, windy start as I couldn't see the wind getting any better at 9am. Until some old master guru guy came up and asked me if he could fish here. Thought i could learn some things from him as he was also black fish fishing, so i watched him for a bit then also unpacked and went back fishing. He helped a lot and corrected where i went wrong when hooking the weed on the size 10 hook. He also berleyed like crazy with sand which attracted a lot of blackfish as I was hooked up to a 10cm one within 3mins. Tried to take the hook out but couldn't, the fish would not open its mouth for some reason and ended up cutting the line. Some other blackfish fisherman arrived and had a chat with the other guy, still windy as ever. 10mins later however, my float went down and i striked. The drag was pulling which has only happened once when blackfish fishing (never caught any real large fish haha and drag set pretty tight). It was a blackfish but i could not pull it up, and left the net in the car, however thanks to the other guys, they had nets and netted the fish for me just when the hook came out. I also made the dumb mistake of trying to put a thrashing fish in a keeper bag bare-handed as it was thrashing madly while I was holding the fish getting spiked all over. The fish measured 39cm and smashed my PB of 32cm for luderick (only tried blackfish fishing three times) Altogether, it was a nice day, would of been a lot better without any wind. Left at 11am as the wharf was getting crowded by blackfish fisherman. Also, thankyou to Luderick-Angler for helping me out a lot on finding weed
  11. Land based fishing at the train bridge at Salt-pan Creek in the morning Drifted a running float rig and used bread as bait and berley Heaps of bites and ended up with 9 fish ( 3bream and 6 luderick) all together between 25-34cm The water over there is really dirty so the fish were are all released. Most of the fish were pulled under the walkway bridge (most likely cause it was sheltered and it was really sunny today) There are huge rays there, saw one which was nearly 1metre across
  12. Hey Raiders!!! Mate and I are planning to hire a tinnie from Como and looking at maybe boating down and around Woronora system and Georges. As I am normally a non-boater angler, I was hoping to reach some more secluded spots or boat-only access areas which hold a good day of fishing. Just wondering if anybody has had any experiences or know of any consistencies in these systems who would be willing to share/point me in the right direction, and any advice on what type of gear/bait I should use. Ill most likely be armed with 2 roads, Raider with 2500 sienna, and Shimano Sahara with a 3000 reel, both with under 10lb line. Happy Fishing ktan3235
  13. Hi Raiders, Im looking for some advice. So a few months ago ive started to get into the artificial section of fishing, so SP's and HB's, and my main reason is for it is so i can pick up my rod and go whenever i had free time (i do love using bait, but the bait shot is annoying out of the way trip). I usually hit somewhere alot botany from endeavour bridge all the way down towards captain cooks ( i never go beyond that), with my main spots being captain cooks, endeavour bridge and dolls point. When i first started with SP's i went for flathead alot, and more or less most of the time i would come home with 2 or 3 decent sized one. Great fun to catch and when i still get them now, it excites me! However I'm now looking at trying to get some bream, and I invested in some HB's and some creature SP's however for about 2 months now, to no avail, I have pretty much gotten ZILCH! I do aim for structure like your rockwalls, pontoons and channel markers, and mostly i use a 8ft diving HB minnow (different colors) to try and hit this elusive bream. Ive tried different jigging techniques with SP's from slow retrieve, fast retrieve, the combination, hop-hops etc and nothing. I do know what the pull and feeling of a bream is like and its great fun (usually if I go up to Narrabeen, with pretty much prawns or yabbies, you would be pulling them back in, usually avg. 20cm, undersized but good pulls and very fun). My question really is, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Ive watched enough youtube videos and read enough reports, and im still not getting it. Could any raiders please give me tips, especially if you live in the area! Just note, i dont have a boat or a yak, it would make fishing structures easier but im limited to landbased approaches. Gotta walk before you run right! Happy Fishing Raiders, KTAN3235
  14. Braved the weather today and went for a fish with my twin daughters to target some flatties and bream. We left from Como and headed up the Georges to a hole where I've caught them before. We anchored up and I began to rigg up the rods. The girls cast out with a prawn each and I began rigging the other rods so I could enjoy a little fish as well. No sooner had I opened the tackle box than I hear "Dad, I think I've got a bite!". I ask my daughter to reel in and see if she's been baited or she was just imagining things. As she begins to wind in the rod buckles over and the drag starts to run, slowly. I leap over, tighten the drag as she slowly brings in what is no doubt a big fish on her first cast. Its murky in the water and as we get leader I am peering into the river wondering what the hell it is. All of a sudden I can see colour and a big lizard materialises. Its big and I start to panic as I am sure we'll lose it when it sees the boat and/or its head gets lifted out of the water. I'm scrambling for the net, slipping on the tinny floor, standing on the unrigged rods and trying to provide instructions as the same time. The flattie's head breaks the surface and its starts to go mad, shaking away and I am sure we'll lose it. The girls are screaming with excitement, joy and fear! Finally I manage to get the net to the water and we manage to net the beast and get it in the boat!! Its high fives, knuckles and back slapping all around! This is a beast for my daughter and measures in at 66cm. We take the obligatory photos and then we release her to fight another day and to produce even more flatties for the future. We couldn't believe that we'd snagged this fish on the first cast! After this the bites continued and the girls managed a lot of bream and we kept two of the bigger ones at 29cm and 31cm for a nice feed. So after about four hours in the rain we finally turned for home having had a brilliant afternoon and constant bites and a steady run of fish. No more flatties unfortunately. We were hoping for some smaller ones that we could take home to eat. Ironic that we were hoping to catch smaller fish! Here's to next time we get out and get a bend in their rods.
  15. Hi Raiders, Went for a walk with a mate during the week along the George's River at Macquarie Fields (Simmo's Beach). It was surprising. The amount of rubbish about 20 feet up in the trees (plastic bags, bottles, even a thong), if anyone knows the area the steps that go down to the river the water must have came half way up them. The walking tracks had fallen trees over them which had been cut by chainsaw to clear the path either by council or SES. It's unimaginable how fast the water must have been raging through there as some of the fallen trees were quite big. I now realise why cars are washed into rivers while trying to cross in storms. It's a pity the bass season is now closed because the area looks so tranquil now. If you threw in a lure it would probably get smashed. Just thought I'd post this so anyone living in or knows the area can go down for a walk and have a look. There is also plenty of good size fire wood from the cut up trees. Wayne
  16. Hey guys new here, So I'm Matt, 25 and this aint a dating site so I will bite the hook. Been fishing the Georges River (Kelso, East Hills Bridge and Georges River national park). Recently with the crazy wind it's been a nightmare and not catchibg anything, maybe the recent floods? Anyhow I only use bait currently as I Want to get good at that before plastics. With casting in heavy wind what's the best rig to get Bream ect? I'm using a 2-4kg Shamans rod, 6lb braid woth a 40cm leader on pilchard (tail, head, cubes) with a size 2 hook. When I had my old Jarvis Walker setup i got HEAPS of Bream (15 in 1 day 3 good keepers) but now nothing, plenty of bites ect i never even used to set the hook. Should I use a heasier running sinker to the hook and swivel in the wind ect just abit lost. Btw old setup was mono Any feedback would be great
  17. Hi! Does anyone know how the George's is faring? My mate just finished an exam today and is keen for a fish after dinner. Not sure how the water is though as I haven't checked it out since last week. Is it still brown? debris? no fish? We'll be heading to the wharf near captain cooks bridge to see how it goes. Any insight would be awesome. Let's hope the rain doesn't come down in the next few hours
  18. Hi guys This morning i woke and checked the Manly Hydraulics web site to see the extent of the flood on the Georges river I checked the live data from the river and to my surprise i expected to see elevated river heights at least up to the exit into botany bay Here where the results from the live data sites that surprised me Como NORMAL TIDE LEVELS Picnic point: normal tide levels expect for one long dropping high tide tide on the 23rd Milperra bridge as expected a flood tide i guess parts of the river are less affected by the flood Any way i guess the fish are still there and fresh water floats on salt, this dirty water might posse a few opportunities (jews) or? Any thoughts ? Dogbox
  19. Hey Raiders, This looks like a bream that's been chasing parked cars. Any ideas? This one was making a really funny noise, my daughter described it as a buzzing noise. Both caught in the George's River.
  20. Hi all, I started lure fishing a few weeks ago, mostly on Georges River, Como/Oyster bay area. I landed a few flatheads but still waiting to catch a bream. Anyone in the area who could give me some tips or even join me? I could also drive to Port Hacking if you prefer. Thanks, Chris
  21. Hello Raiders, 2 weeks ago I returned from a trip to Kurnell and for the first time I used soft plastics. I didn't catch anything although my friend who was teaching me caught 3 flatties and he said it was a slow day. I was addicted. On the way back driving down Milperra Road I was rear ended by a P-plater who I suspect was on his mobile phone. Not only did he not have any insurance but it also snapped my beach rod. Not to worry. The car is currently at the smash repairs thank comprehensive insurance for that. Since this time I have been back to Kurnell to flick again with no luck. Georges river at Liverpool with no luck. Georges River at Picnic point today both at high tide and low tide with no luck I was using a squidgey black and gold 70mm flick tail. my friend tells me my gear is decent enough just need more practice. I even had bait on other rods while I flicked, just nibbles on them. (I packed my hiking bag and got on my kawasaki ninja 250) All in all it was a great day I got to ride my bike, packed my hiking bag (I volunteer as a scout leader for my local group) and I got to fish. Only thing missing was catching them. So if you've read this far, I am asking for some help. I have my own transport, gear (am willing to purchase on advice) and free on most sat sun and mondays. I am based in south west Sydney and am 30 minutes within picnic point 1 hour within Port Botany. Cheers Frank.
  22. Hi Guys My names Chris, new to the Forums. I have been an eager fisherman for a while now, eager but with the worst luck!! All the fish i catch are undersized, and the only breed i have had some decent luck with are the occasional flat head but besides that , zilch. So i have come to the forums to try get some tips and tricks targeting species. I don't care what i catch at the time, just want something legal that i can take home to the family. I have decent setups, I know my way around a rod, line weights, times to fish, baits and lures. I love fishing, i see it as "my time". But it gets really frustrating always coming home with nothing. Just wondering if anyone around the bay area, or the Georges River, could give me some hints, tips, or even care to maybe go out for a fish. I would love to possibly learn a thing or two, possibly go out with someone a little more professional than i to see where i may be going wrong. I will be posting a lot more in the forums, and i hope to be able to show you some impressive catches in the near future. Thanks Chris.
  23. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew any good strategies for jewfish. This includes bait choices, tides and times to fish. I am usually land based and wanted to know the basics of catching these fish. I usually fish in the lane cove river area, but have caught afew small Jews around the georges river. If anyone has any good tips, like the line weight and reel size...etc, they would like to share, they would be deeply appreciated.
  24. Heya Raiders, I'm a long time reader but first time poster, and I gotta say firstly a big thanks to all Fishrider and this amazing forum. it sure has help me with heaps of info and definitely heaps of tips from everyone. I never usually brag about my catches however this was something special. Yesterday, I headed to the Georges river with a few mates renting a dingy at Como Marina for the Pirtek Fishing Challenge . Started at 7am and already notice already many boats in water . We headed to our favorite spot dropped our lines. Burley hard, and only a couple of small breams and taylors about for the couple of hours it was quite quite so decide to shift to our other usual spot. Got my line in water, set the rod down and decided to burley. Straight after my first handful of the burley, my reel went screaming. Thought it was a big bream as it was pulling hard but didn't feel like a bream at all - it didn't have the headshakes. Turned out to be, to my surprise, a baby jewie 35cm... cute little fellow ... back into the water goes with it to fight another day. Decided to burley hard around the area and seems to work. My mates and I were getting smashed for the next or so hour with lizard and breams. Average size was about 29cm for breams and 40cm for flaties. The Esky was filled with 4 flaties, 6 breams, about 3 whiting by the end. After that, it gone all quiet. Stayed for another hour or so until water traffic increase and made it a bit hard to fish with some much waves coming at us. Decided to head to another couple of spots where it was a bit more quite. And sure it was quiet by this time of the day. Non keepers of breams and the odd pinkie. It was all good, because by this time we didn't care. We were all quite content with the amount of fish we had. Enjoying the burning sun and trying to keep cool at the same time. This was at about 1:30pm or so. As it was so quiet, I decide to check my line and see what happen to my bait. Started reeling in and felt like a dead weight... thinking to myself, "dammit must be snagged a loose branch / weed or somthing. But as I tried to reel it in it got heavier and heavier, and then all of a sudden a slight pull downwards. Thinking "Oh S**T, it's a live one", keeping the line tight, slowly reeled it in. I was getting worried as it was going under the boat and to the other side. unable to shift my rod to the other side of the boat, I slowly worked it and managed to bring it back to my side of the dingy and get it's head up. We couldnt see see any colour and find out what fish it was until it reached almost the surface. It was a massive croc (massive for Georges River anyway) It freaked my mates & I on how big this. 79cm... my PB! We all never knew a Flathead this size exist at this part of the river. Stayed for another our or so, and decide to call it quits at 3pm ... All of us satisfied with for the day and was also getting burnt quite a bit under the sun . Best day every for us so far. Alvy
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