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Found 7 results

  1. Hey raiders Been awhile since my last post due to winter and nothing worth posting about So lately I’ve been setting out with trying the catch the first kingfish of the season (Always the hardest) So after roughly 2-3 trips returning with a donut, This weekend produced the goods ——Saturday—- So as normal day starts with catching some fresh live squid for bait and within about 1 hour off cronulla we had 10 lives ready to set out With the conditions over the weekend not ideal for offshore fishing we set out in the hacking Over that past couple of trips I’ve been marking them in Gymea Bay and lilli pilli but they were only taking the micro baits So set out in lilli pilli and after a troll of 30 of minutes I’m marking up a decent school holding the bottom then boom! Double hook up on the kings me and 1st mate both score our first kings of the season 1st 63cm 2nd 58cm , this continued for another 3 fish each all undersize till we called it a day —-Sunday— So on back on the water for the low tide change.. geared up with the leftover squid from the Saturday we had back over to lilli pilli and just happen to find a school of bait while setting up the rods , then a few moments later the sounder lit up with big marks So out when 2 squid.. within seconds 2nd mates rod bends and starts screaming after a good fight a 71cm king comes in the boat ( his first king of the season aswell) then it went all quite fished for a another 3 hours for nothing Kings are back baby get amongst it! Cheers tdogz Tight lines!
  2. Hi all, I'm just getting into fly fishing and live in Cronulla. Was planning on going out this Friday - any good land-based areas around the Hacking? Was thinking of trying the sand flats around Maianbar or even the Basin. Based on what I've read, looks like flatties might be good to target first around there. Any advice or good places for a beginner to start? Cheers
  3. Hi Raiders, I have always been interested in fishing and prior to this year I have been limited to LB spots, mostly around Port Hacking but as far as the Illawarra. I have recently acquired myself a boat and am looking to up the ante and really learn the system. I have been out only 5 times in the Hacking this season and have always caught a mixed bag. with only a handful of legal fish taken, the rest all C&R. Having little to no guidance I have learnt a great deal with trial/error, but mostly from reading these forums. And it would seem like there's a wealth of dedicated fishos around our beautiful waters that could teach me a thing or two. would love some help getting onto some decent fish, so any help/tips would be greatly appreciated! Cheers guys, Carlo
  4. Hello Raiders, Just wondering if anyone had any tips on fishing the bundeena area, I've heard that casting out from the wharf towards the small reefy area is worth a shot. If anyone had tips on what bait or tackle to use that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Schembo1
  5. Hey Raiders, Sorry to bore you all with a fishless report but thought id share it anyway!! I have been on Holidays for the past 2 weeks and done a couple of Landbased sessions in the Hacking for a few feeds of Bream. Unfortunatly this week due to the rain I could not get out, but since the rain cleared up today I thought id give it a crack and see if I can get a few more bream before returning to work next week. Anyway I arrived at 9pm with the tide running out and the water a little choppy but still fishable. I gave it 2 hours and managed a couple of pinkies and Tailor, perhaps if I waited for the tide to start coming in it may have got a little more productive but since all the other fishos had packed up and headed home I decided to pull the pin around 11:30, thought it would be better to have a good nights sleep and who knows I may get down there tomorrow or saturday with the boat and see if I can get something. Hopefully my next post is a little more exciting!!! Regards, Nathan
  6. Hello Raiders! Just thought I would post this to all those Squid freaks out there... Went out on Sunday last week during the day got to my squidding spot around 3PM and setup my rod and jigs ready to cast and blast them out of the water. The wind had picked up even though I had checked Willy's weather AND Weatherzone which both claimed there was going to be little WIND that day but I wasn't going to let a little wind spoil the fun. So I continued casting my jigs, I would cast straight and they would end up to the left, my first hookup on a 15cm calamari which was tiny was weird because I had crossed lines with the guy next to me and at the same time pulled this little one up haha. I continued working my jigs until finally the sun decided it's going down, as soon as the light started fading I hooked up 3 nice sized squid and one of them being an Arrow Head within the 8 casts I made. I decided that was enough and I packed my things up and left! Just goes to show that they are still out there but you will come across the small ones which can go back to be the next monsters. I don't have any photos of them as my phone was dead at the time! Cheers Squidders, Z.S
  7. Has anyone been down to Lilli Pilli lately? I wanted to know because I was thinking about giving it a shot this weekend as I have never been there before. I was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on what type of species can be caught down there, also would there be a good spot to possibly through around my squid jigs? I might just take my light gear with me but if there is a chance to score a winter jewfish down there then I might consider taking my beach rod and reel. All the help will be useful guys so throw whatever you have at me. Thanks, Zaki Shahin
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