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Found 10 results

  1. Hey Guys!!! Last night l went out for a fish around the Neutral Bay Area, I grabbed a bunch of frozen Pillies & Prawns from the servo and made my way down. l was lucky enough to have @DerekD come down and show me a few good tricks, from squidling basics to just casting techniques... WOW he knows a lot!!! On arriving we setup and got into a bit of squidling after no success for the first 15-20mins we put that aside to get the other rods setup and put some bait out there, I simply cut the tails off the pillies put a decent hook through and loop it so it doesn't come off with only a little nibble!! After 1 hour Derek noticed my large rod had some movement, I grabbed it and got anot even five seconds later BOOM WE WERE ON!!! The fish gave the line a great little screaming noise but after 15 mins we bought it in and @DerekD got the salmon in the net for me! YES FIRST EVER SALMON!! "Swallowed the how rig" After measuring it for a second time at home by laying it flat over the tape it broke the 60cm mark!!!!! Yes I couldn't wipe the smile of my face as you can see below. On the way out I noticed some bream and quickly dropped a line it and they had a look but just simply weren't taking the bait, the Mrs started to call the phone and yes that meant TIME TO GET MYSELF HOME All in all was a fantastic achievement and defiantly a PB for my land base fishing ***Big Thankyou to @DerekD For coming down and helping me through he evening*** Gear: 1.) (Running sinker method) Rod: Aerowave 9ft Carbon Reel: Shimano Baitrunner 6000D Line: 14lb 2.) (Running sinker method) Rod: Shimano Beastmaster Reel: Abu Garcia Line: 8lb 1.) Shakespeare Jungle Combo (From a shop) 2-4kg Setup (Used this for my Jigging) These where the conditions for last night fishing adventure Tide Time: 7pm Tide Hieght: 1.69m Weather: 16 Degrees 5-7pm / 13 Degrees 8-10pm Sunset: 5:11pm NEW P.B - 60CM AUSTRALIAN SALMON
  2. Hey guys I'm looking into getting a tinny for fishing and almost everything in this plan seems very possible except for one thing: storage. So, the kind of boat I'm looking into is a very small tinny or even a kitted out rowboat and the plan will be to have the boat moored somewhere and the turn up with an esky, rods and a small clip-on electric motor. The problem is I have got no Idea where to leave it and I don't exactly want to redecorate my backyard with a tinny or shell out heaps of money on some boat storage facility. Is there a free storage place somewhere? Can I just leave it tied up to some tree on a little beach? Any advice would be much appreciated. BTW I live around lane cove/hunters hill/Gladesville
  3. G'Day All, Those of you who are members of Ausfish may have seen my thread over the last 2 years on 'Building a 23' catamaran.' Well the boat is built and I'm looking to get started fishing. I have been a long term sailor and over the years I have regularly sailed up to QLD in the winters from Sydney. The thing I enjoy most about cruising is fishing. The rule was, 'if I move, I troll' and I always tried to leave enough daylight after anchoring to have a drift around the bay to pick up supper. I've had plenty of luck trolling my red and white Mackerel Maulers. However, at age 67, the single handed deliveries from Sydney to SE QLD are getting a bit much, therefore I built the powerboat which I plan to fish off of around Sydney (continental shelf, coastal and harbour) and can deliver by road to Queensland and live/fish on it while I'm up there. For some reason, getting started fishing around Sydney is seeming a bit daunting. I am just learning to drive the boat and I've still got to get it set up with rod holders, kill tanks, etc. And there's a lot of water in the Harbour and lots more between the Hawkesbury and Browns Mountain. I've never used burley, live bait or a fish finder. In short, I am hoping that going out with some experienced anglers might help me climb up the learning curve. So, it you are interested in helping our an oldy but a newby please reply or PM me with your situation/details. Here are my details. Your name: Stevemid Your Location: Manly Fishing technique: Trolling, live lining, bottom bouncing Availability: 7 days Preferred location: Harbour and offshore Provide your own gear? Yes Provide your own boat? Yes
  4. Hi Guys, Went out Saturday 26th for a quick squid session, used 2.5 - 3.0 Yamashita bright coloured and natural coloured jigs, we managed nothing for two hours straight so we packed up and went home for the night. I was wondering if anyone has any different techniques for this area that I could try next time? Tight Lines Zac
  5. Put in a good effort on Vday which permitted me a fishing pass. Spent probably 10 or so hours over the weekend standing in the rain soaking livies (slimy & yakka), live and fresh squid, squid strips. I always have one out on the bottom with lead, and one under a balloon (livey) or unweighted (squid). Livies were no trouble to come by at all, however the squid were surprisingly tough to catch. Have been averaging 15+ most trips lately, could only get a handful all weekend. Managed to burley up a few rats right up against the pier into my trail of bread whilst catching livies, and as I was clearing my line to throw something their way one grabbed the sabiki jig & provided me with a fun 5 seconds before popping the light line. There were also some reasonable school mulloway coming right up on the burley later, though they couldn't be tempted even by unweighted live squid floated down on (relatively) light gear. Got me stumped! Consoled from a total loss by keeping a handful of calamari and this flattie for the table which went just over 50cm. It was taken on a squid fished down on the sand, a few smaller models & a few passing tailor and trevally were released also. However I made a few new fishing buddies to pass the time, sometimes with the right crowd there is comradery on the piers. Still on my adventure to land a king from the shore, still no dice for this guy.
  6. Hi guys - Still putting in a lot of time/work to catch my first king but to no avail. Fished from the shore on what I call (though some have disagreed) Lavender Bay - anyow the foreshore around the Luna Park area, between about 3pm-9pm. There were schools boiling all afternoon though out of my casting range - some folks in a boat looked to be getting amongst them (or at least doing a decent job of trolling through the school enough to put them down). My rig for kingfish is not dissimilar to my jewfish rig. A running traced star sinker above a swivel, I've even dropped to a 30lb mono leader above 2 snelled 4/0 big guns. I fished with live yakkas & fresh squid for about 5.5hrs without a touch. With no luck there and light turning to night I threw my squid jig around the kelp beds and did fairly well. Some of these will make an appearance back on the end of a hook, some on the BBQ plate. My advice with the squid right now is keep your jigs small and pink. There were about 5 others squidding on the same shoreline, my catch rate was probably 4:1. So now to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I only ever fish live/fresh caught bait. I've listened to buckets of advice, but mostly I have put in the hours which is what frustrates me. The drop in leader from 50lb to 30lb hasn't hurt my jewie catch rate at all - though fish are averaging 3-5kg at the minute so no monsters. PS - If anyone wants to help a frustrated lad catch his first king, even a rat, a PM would be appreciated. I don't have a boat so shore-based harbour or surrounds. I just don't have it figured despite countless hours trying. Will trade you for excellent jewie knowledge. Heck I'll even join you on a trip - I always have a supply of fresh squid to share.
  7. Hi Raiders, I'm a long time reader but a virgin writer to the site, mainly because I never seemed to have anything worthwhile to report. I'm definitely still a learner. Decided to try an all-nighter with the full moon around the Sydney harbour wharves last night. My regular partner (28yr old son) was keen to join in and show me some spots he'd seen. Launched my 4.7m Steji at Drummoyne at about 8:30pm on the rising tide and first headed to Gore Creek to drop two crab traps after some luck getting a nice male mud crab in Tarban Creek on my last outing. Then headed towards Pyrmont and Goat Island, and anchored up protected from the NE breeze. Using chicken thighs strips in Parmasan cheese we fished till about 2:00am, well into the ebb and hooked at least 15 silver bream and 4 small red bream. 10 were keepers (strangely all caught by me). They love the chicken strips and cheese, lightly leaded with about 1m of leader on Size 2 black, circle hooks! Son was very jealous as nothing would take his hook. I've never caught so many good fish in a session before. Thanks to my son who told me about some of the spots. The biggest bream going 38cm and weighting in just on 1.0kg. put up a great fight and I'd like to submit him in for the Catch of the Month competition. Photo is with 12lb mono Platypus Platinum mono that I used as leader. Things went quiet after that and we took a nap anchored up in Neutral Bay. Woke at 5:00am to head out and try our luck trolling a Rooster popper around South Head but no luck and the swell was choppy. Came back in and anchored next to the Southern Wedding Cake where my son caught his first rat on a light line with some lightly weighted fish strip. Great fun but it went back to grow bigger. Now he was happy as he had always dreamed of catching a kingie and didn't want a donut for the day. Returned back to the ramp at about 8:00am after checking the crab traps (no luck). Water police and Maritime were all over the harbour on a blitz checking boats for rego, licenses and safety gear. Very friendly and doing a good job. Will definitely stay with the cheese/chicken strips when looking for bream in the future. CoolChange
  8. Hi Everyone, My mates and I have always been keen to catch sharks inside sydney harbour and now since it is the school holidays I thought this would be a good time to give it a crack. I'm located on the south side of the harbour so spots around Rose Bay, Watsons Bay are ideal. I was thinking around the beaches at Watsons Bay like Camp Cove and also the rocks around nelson park. The sharks i had in mind were whalers and smaller sharks. Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks
  9. I had interesting sunday morning session. I'm still having cold sweats and flashbacks. I went to my land based spot in the east of the harbour with the hope of catching some kings. Got there before sun up and snavelled a few squid. So I chuck out my squid at bang on high tide. Within a few minutes my reel was screaming. I really need to invest in a baitfeeder as I always have the drag backed off so I don't lose my set up. So I grab my rod and dial up the drag and start winding. Nothing So I start winding in all the slack line. when i comes up tight. The bugger must have been swimming back to shore. So it's ON! Plenty of weight and swimming near the I'm thinking a salmon. Then the fish realised it's hooked and goes on a solid run. I'm talking 50+ metres without even looking like stopping. So I dial the drag up even more and he takes another 50. So now I'm looking at my 20lb mono backing. It's time to lock up the drag on my 30lb braid. I've caught 80cm kings on this set up and have been able to stop them in pretty easily. So I'm calling this thing for a metre plus. So fully locked I try and turn his head as he's heading to some moorings. Then PING! Gone. My 40lb leader popped. My knees were shaking in excitement, awe and adrenaline. So close...we not even close actually. I'm out of squid now due to pickers, so I switch to a yakka. While he's swimming I catch another jellybean size squid and chuck him out. He pretty much hit the water and was snavelled up but another king. It's another big one too. I'd still say close to a metre. So same story I'm down about 100 metres of line. So I decide to increase the drag and .... pop! Gone. This time it looks like my knot slipped as my leader had that curly look to it. So a good and bad day in my book. So i'm determined to right the wrongs. I'm buying more braid. So i'll have about 300m Buy some stronger leader: 60lb I'll also be looking at a different knot. Use a blood knot. So I'm think a uni knot is the way to go??? Also I was trying to fight the fish a bit early. I should have let him run more...but then again I was low on line. Kooks
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, On the weekend hawkesbass was nice enough to help me out and take me down to one of his spots and put us onto a pod of healthy blackfish! After a late night for myself friday night we were up at the 'cracka and on our way to attempt to put a dent in the sydney blackfish population. Whilst hawkesbass was kind enough to tell me to focus on blackfishing and blackfishing only, I couldn't help but throw a whiting rig on my smallest jew killer rod and as luck would have it the manky prawn came up trumps on that and delivered a healthy blue swimmer which went 20cm across his back and was full of meat . The days blackfishing kicked off with a 23cm variety which was thrown back into the drink to fight another day. As the morning continued, between paying attention to the wrong rod and missing downs on the float, netting fish for each other and keeping the chief of security at bay we managed 10 solid keepers and a bream! We were both stoked with the catch, from what hawkesbass told me it was a "quiet day", and I am now a fully fledged pro blackfishermen (though I havnt caught a single one since haha). Nevertheless it was a fantastic day out and a great opportunity to meet up with one of the mysterious DFC boys. While we were fishing I got a call from a bloke who was selling a boat and the two of us ventured with the cleaned fish in the esky down to have a gander and before you know it I was the proud new owner of a boat! So once thats sorted out Kings will be on the cards once more and I may have to hit up a couple of you for some pointers and to get onto some fish. Thanks for having a read hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the fillets! the biggest went 38cm and we left them biting of course Tight lines! Reubs