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  1. Planned with a mate to go for an early morning snapper session. So after work, I packed my gear, and had a couple of hours of sleep before he picked my up at 4am. We launched from Parsley bay ramp at Brooklyn and we were ready to go by 5.30. Anchored at west reef with the first light after a 30 minutes bumpy ride. Started our burley trail and had some snapper snatchers sitting at the bottom as well as some floating bait and were ready for the bites. All what we managed to get was some wrasse and reef fish off the bottom and some livies on the sabiki, so we moved to try a different spot however it wasn’t any better. After an hour or so, we decided to move closer to the headland in a try to find a calmer spot as our first 2 stops were uncomfortable in the small boat due to the 2m swell and the chop. We moved to another spot and anchored for 30 minutes with no signs for the reds. However, the bait rig was being smashed by big slimies and yellow tail so we stocked some livies enough for the morning and moved to our next spot. Losing hope on catching reds and having some live bait, we decided to troll for some time before anchoring at our last stop for the morning. Anchored again around Berrenjoey, in calmer water, and we had our bait in the water. Slow start with no bites until one of the floating pilchard rigs went off. A nice size salmon was our first keeper with more followers. We managed to net 5 more salmon before the school disappeared from the sounder. Landed and released a couple of undersize snapper and a couple of port Jackson sharks. Lost a couple salmon and a monster lizard at the side of the boat while grabbing the net. Then we called it a day and we were back to the ramp by 12.30pm. Although we had no luck with our target species and the weather was not ideal offshore, it was a good session overall that we enjoyed. At dinner time, I enjoyed a tasty fresh salmon along with some fresh shark steak that was caught on Friday’s night. Apologies for not including a lot of photos in my post and for my limited story telling skills. Tight lines all, Ahmed
  2. First time poster.... Does anyone know if there's a limit on boat length and tonnage to use the NPWS public moorings in Ku Ring Gai National Park, in Cowan Creek north of Sydney?
  3. Hi Raiders, So today I went out to Flint and Steel hoping for a good feed. Equipped with livies, prawns and squid we casted and waited. And waited... and waited. Not a single bite. I just need some tips guys. Like where exactly should you anchor, what rig, best time and tides. Come on raider I need you help Will
  4. On the 23rd of Feb my misses surprised me with a brand new rod and reel for my birthday. Nothing mind blowing but its the first decent little rod I've ever owned and I love it. Little 2-4kg lightweight outfit with 10 pound braided line and carbon fluoro leader. So the plan was to wake up nice and early on Saturday the 24th of Feb to head down to barrenjoey to hire a boat. But unfortunately I really should have called a few days before to book a boat, But now I know for next time. No worries I though, I know about the rocks down by the light house has had a lot of praise from members on this forum, we can spend the day fishing there. My Misses, Best mate, Sister, her partner and I all grabbed our rods, our bait and walked along the beach to the rocks. We became mountain goats and hopped along the rocks and found an amazing semi sheltered spot, huge amounts of small fry swimming along the rocks which looked very promising. We soaked our lines for an hour with not as much as a nibble. Feeling guilty for potentially wasting everyone's time I figured that we could go to Narrabeen Lake and try our luck there. At the very least it would be a pleasant spot to relax and chill if the lines remained quiet. We unpacked our rods, popped on our chosen baits and lures and we began to fish, within 10 minutes my misses says that she has a bite, but she didn't think its very big at all, so I continued flicking my lure out with my brand new shiny rod and next minute I hear what I thought was a kid jumping into the water. I hear a very excited squeal and look over and see her carrying over a +/-50cm Flathead. We carry the fish over between the esky and the tackle box so I wouldn't scar any near by kids. As I am grabbing the knife an older gentleman comes paddling over and from the safety of his kayak he tells me that its quiet a nice little lizard. To which i replied, "yeah, it's a pretty good size". He then told me that it also looked like a female with eggs and that I should throw it back in. I held it up and said that it didn't look like it had eggs at all. He muttered something under his breath as he paddled away and that was that. We continued fishing and the bites kept coming in thick and fast. Not for me and my shiny new rod unfortunately. But my misses was pulling in pretty much every fish in the lake. but we were only after Flathead for that day. A little later she shouts "Fish On Fish On!!!" and she reels in another good size Flathead, slightly smaller than the first one, but still around 40ish cm. It was getting close to 7pm and the sun started going down, and not wanting to gut fish at home I decided I was not going to catch anything that would find itself on my plate and that my time would be best spent preparing the fish for the frying pan that night. I finished gutting both fish (Neither of which had any eggs to speak of), I cleaned my knife and gloves and not a minute later my sister's partner pulls out a beautiful Flathead around the 45cm mark. He was grinning like a man holding a winning lotto ticket. I begrudgingly pulled out my knife and freshly washed out gloves to gut his fish. We got back to my place and i seared the fillets in garlic butter and fried up some chips, the 3 Flatheads was a great feed for 5 of us and I had a left over fillet for lunch the next day. We used frozen hawksbury prawns from my local fish shop and servo pillies which my mate brought along. All in all it was a really good day of fishing, Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to use my new shiny reel and rod to bring home a Flathead for the pan. Peace and tight lines. FSS
  5. G'day everyone!, My first post on here just wanted to ask for some advice. In a couple of weeks some mates and I are hiring the 'skinny' from Hawkesbury Afloat from 8 am to 12 noon it only has a little 9 hp motor (see details below) so we can't venture too far from Brooklyn. Any help is greatly appreciated as it has been a long time since wetting a line. I bought 3-5kg 6'6 Shimano Catana and a 2500 size reel with 8lb braid. Main questions are where to fish I grew up in Newcastle and have never fished the area so not sure of any spots. Also I'm thinking of targeting Bream, Flathead and Tailor or anything that will give me some fun. I'm not sure what to use softplastics/bait/lures. If you could suggest a proven bait or soft plastics setup I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance PS: I'm happy to receive a PM if you don't want to publicise any advice. "Skinny" - 19ft (5.9m) twin aluminium hull "Skinny" recently had a total refurbishment and is now ready to hire. 1 x 9.9hp (4 stroke) Yamaha outboard with forward steering Full sun cover and cushioned seating Flat carpeted floor and good size esky Fishing licence for 4 people included There is NO BBQ on this boat. Bring along salad and a roasted chicken - a lot easier than a BBQ. Maximum persons permitted on Skinny is 6.
  6. G'day raiders. Thought I'd share an unproductive, but potentially helpful day out on the river today. Dangar Island resident, former avid Fishraider (5 years ago). Been fishing but not talking a lot and a friend mentioned I should chuck a report up and give back to the community! Started out the day at West Head around 11am. Burleyed up for Yellowtail, heaps there but some rat Kings were giving the little fellas some hassle. Couldn't manage to stop them and an eel took the yakka we put near the rock on a floater (painful). On the run up tide fished the Juno drift (if you know it, you know it. Otherwise DM me for details). Jeez, I've never gone through yakkas so fast once dusk hit. Something big was hitting them all hard. Couldn't stop on a Shakespeare 20kg overhead rig and busted two of them before we called it quits (lack of gear). It's the first time I've seen Juno firing like that. I've had a lot of luck with Jewfish this season, but that drift on yakkas was very surprising. Highly recommend going and checking out Juno if you're looking for some fun. Next time I'll be bringing the 30kg rig in!
  7. Hi all, Took a mate out for an adventure, just the two of us ladies for an overnight trip. Epic is the only word to describe it. Left Easter Sunday afternoon packing pretty light, if we didn't catch fish, we were eating toast so the pressure was on. Out to my favourite spot off box head and it didn't disappoint, flathead for dinner and an amazing sunset with a beer or two - very cool. Anchored up near the rip bridge but after catching sharks, gave away the fishing in favour of the ukulele. Short ride out to broken bay on Monday morning but felt like we were sitting in a washing machine so back into the Hawkesbury in the hunt for a Jew. No Jew this time but ended up with flathead, a 40cm blue nose bream, hair tail and more flathead. Fun times with a special childhood mate who loves the adventure as much as me. No photos of the fish (alive) this trip.
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm heading out to Brooklyn next weekend on a hire boat with a mate n his family next Sunday and from the times I've been around there and dangar island in my tinny I've noticed the massive current on a big high tide but I've never fished a smaller high tide and wondering what it's like ? Is the current a little less ridiculous ? Cheers Dave
  9. Hey Raiders, Been out for a while due to exams but managed a few sneaky jewie sessions in between. All of them were super rewarding! Got out to our spot in Cowan creek with a bit of time to catch bait, a lot of the time ended up catching big mullet or tailor which were used as slab baits. A bit before dark the insane jewfish runs start, caught several a couple of legal jews and several in the 60s. Have been teaching a mate to fish all winter, so for him to finally be rewarded by his first legal jewie was awesome. Also tried plastics and squid. Plastics had no success, caught occasional 60cm jews on the squid. None came close to the success of big slabs. To celebrate finishing exams, we headed down to a mates holiday house in Jervis Bay for a spot of fishing. Plan was to fish beaches, all day and see if we picked up bait for the bigger stuff at night. We caught plenty of dart on beach worms and pilly fillets which we put out at night in hopes of some shark. Got 3 takes the first night and didn't hook one. Feeling pretty defeated, we tried the same thing the next day. The strong offshore wind made casting a nightmare and coated the beach in blue bottles. But our persistance paid off with three sharks landed by the end of the night. Sorry for skimming over everything, cramming a few trips into one, hopefully plenty more to come this summer! Tag
  10. In the last couple of weeks its like someone has turned the switch on in the lower Hawkesbury River. I've abandoned my winter habit of chasing sleepy lizards in the deeper holes and hit the flats. Flicking 3 inch gulp prawns on a 1/8 jig in less than 3 ft of water at the top of the tide has been embarrassingly successful. A flathead on every retrieve, some ferocious tiddlers, but some good sized crocs mixed in. Areas with a gentle current running across patchy sand/mud and weed is the go. The really cool thing about flathead fishing in very shallow water is the way they fight! Once hooked it takes all your effort to keep them in the water (rod tip down). Had them jumping like bloody trout on Saturday afternoon. A quick two hour sesh resulted in 30 lizards, largest 65 cm, all returned to fight another day. The deep holes are still fishing well, but a plague of Soapies (20 - 45 cm) - whilst fun to catch, are a bit annoying because I would really prefer to hook onto their bigger brother. The little Jews must be pretty hungry because most times they have swallowed the plastic making it very hard to remove without hurting the fish. Prawns seem to be starting a little early this year and this lines up with the flatties preferring prawn plastics in the past couple of weeks over the traditional jerk shad. Tight lines!
  11. No keepers today, but thought others might be interested in what the lower Hawkesbury was like on Friday before the long weekend. I put the boat in at Akuna Bay about 8:30 this morning and picked up Dad off the train at Brooklyn. The water in Cowan Creek and up at Brooklyn is still quite murky, so headed down towards the mouth. After coffee, the first line in the water was about 10 down around Juno Point. It's was quite deceptive because the surface freshwater was moving slowly seaward but deeper was still racing in. We only had medium to light gear and the wind started getting up from the north, so we tucked in behind the point at the sport and rec camp. Got several flathead that were just below legal so they all went back. Next stop was just east of Patonga where much of the same. The water down here was looking much clearer. Headed over to flint and steel just before high tide where a few boats were setting up. Tried for a while but no luck. Probably could have waited until the run in finished, but I had a new light weight rod all rigged up, so headed up to the back of Jerusalem Bay. Quite murky up there - on the flats the sounder said we were in 1.5m but could have been in 100 for all you could see. Anyway it was a good chance to try out my new rod. I expected to get at least one flathead near the drop into deeper water, but instead several undersized whiting. Dropped Dad back to the train then zipped back round to Akuna Bay just before dark. Anyway, it was cracking good weather and a great day out with Dad, even if it is meat pies for dinner tonight! Good luck to everyone over the long weekend. Cheers, Brett.
  12. Hi Raiders, First time post, long time fishing tragic. I switched from bait a couple of months ago and I am just getting the hang of targeting specific species on plastics, vibes and blades. No more bait fingers and a better understanding where the fish are holding have resulted in some fun sessions and some good feeds lately. On Saturday morning took the tinnie out with the kids and we drifted for flathead along the narrow Mooney Mooney channel North of Spectacle Island. Landed lots of fun undersized spikies, but managed to keep 6 nice Duskies 40cm to 60cm for a feed. Managed to hook a big girl (over 1m) , got her to the side of the boat and she did that big head shake and said goodbye - off to breed another day! (would have returned her anyway). The swift Hawkesbury current and flukey winds can make it difficult to select the right jighead weight but we must have got it right this time. 1/8 TT jigs with curly tail 3 inch grubs in a funky purple colour did the trick. 15lb flouro leader on 6lb braid. The 15lb leader wasn't enough to stop the big girl though! Fun times with the kids!
  13. Hi all! I've been doing a lot of reading on here and elsewhere on how to properly read wind wave & weather forecasts, and have come across a lot of good info. So far i've mostly played it very safe as I'm pretty new to boating & fishing, but I've not had much luck in the hawkesbury system so far and would like to try more around lion island with a view to moving a little further outside to some of the reefs just off broken bay and barrenjoey etc as I get more comfortable with the boat. So far I've just been checking willyweather, seabreeze and the BOM and sort of averaging across them to try and get an idea what conditions might be like on a given day on the weekend so I can plan my weekends accordingly. I've done pretty well so far (except last Sunday when the winds turned out to be WAY more variable in terms of both strength & direction than anywhere had predicted) for fishing the estuaries & protected waters but I'm way less confident with assessing how conditions might affect more exposed locations like round lion island. I'm keen to hear from experienced fellow raiders what sorts of conditions they'd regard as favourable for lion island & beyond, and what might be classed as red lines or no go days? It's early days yet for the forecasts for the weekend but today it's looking like about a 1m swell both days, Saturday winds around 10kts mainly from the NE and swell from the SE with a period around 8.5 seconds, Sunday winds looking like starting NE shifting to SE later in the morning and swell starting E shifting to SE and a shorter period of around 5s. High tide at 6am & 7am respectively so will be mostly a run out for the morning (lights on my boat aren't rigged up yet so I'd be launching at sunrise to maximise legal time on the water). Based on the above I'd be guessing that the combination of a run out tide and the winds coming from somewhere in the E would mean somewhat steep waves, but the saturday looking a bit better due to the longer wave period (less chop?) and the swell from the SE so should be protected a bit by barrenjoey head as opposed to Sunday where the combo of an easterly swell with a run out tide and easterly wind could be a bit rough? Obviously will have to watch how the forecasts evolve, especially once the BOM marine forecasts come into range (they only go as far as Friday today) but would appreciate people's reading of whether I'm on the right track and suggestions for the area
  14. My wife gave birth to our first son 4 weeks ago, so I’d lost my fishing partner until our boy is old enough to take out on the boat. Finally got the chance on the long weekend to take my father-in-law and brother-in-law out for a fish. We ventured out early on Monday morning, along with every other man and his boat by the looks of it. First stop was Pittwater to try to get some squid. Rounding West Head, we counted 17 boats all anchored in the one spot at the mouth of Pittwater. We went over to Barrenjoey and drifted along the Pittwater side of Palm Beach trying to find some squid. I’ve never really fished there for squid but had read it was a spot worth a try. We ended up getting hook on the thick weed too much on the low tide. Persisted in the area for about an hour but it seemed fruitless from the start. Headed back to Broken Bay to drift the incoming tide between Flint and Steel and Juno Point, but the wind was pushing us in the opposite direction of the current, so we ended up anchoring at Juno point. This was just after the turn of the tide so we were prepared to sit it out for a while. We were there for almost an hour with no luck and were just having a sandwhich before pulling up anchor when I got a good solid hit and hauled in a nice 36cm bream. The next cast, another good hit and pulled in a nice trevally. Next cast, a tailor that ended up going back in. All three were taken on prawn. Picked up a small flathead on unweighted whole pilchard but he was too small for the table. By this time we’d had enough of sitting in the choppy water at Juno, not to mention the morons who feel they need to power right through the middle of a group of boats anchored up fishing. We headed down Cowan Creek to fish some of the upper reach creeks. I haven’t fished Cowan Creek much so didn’t have any pointers on which bays to fish. We ended up in Yeomans Bay, fishing right up the end, but had no luck up there at all. Was hoping for some flathead but nothing to be found. By now it was still the incoming tide, maybe it’d be a better spot on the outgoing. Saw some nice whiting which we tried to entice but to no avail. By 2 o’clock, it’d been a long hot day with only a bream and trevally to show for it. We were still keen to stay out and decided to round out the day at my trusty spot near Dangar Island. My last words to my brother-in-law before we started our drift were “If we can’t catch a flathead here there’s something wrong!” Well, nothing wrong – on our first drift I pulled in a nice 59cm flatty. Subsequent drifts pulled in 2 more flatty – 1 legal and another one undersized. And then, bam, I pulled in a big 73cm flathead. My PB so far, this fish was nice and big and fat! A few quick pics of her, and then she was back in the water. I was stoked to get my biggest flathead, and it certainly rounded out the day nicely and made it a worthwhile day overall. All the flathead were taken on whole pilchards. In the end a nice feed of fish which fed the clan for dinner. Here is the video of the big flatty's release...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyBZ8_Vq7gI
  15. Raiders, Had a good day out onboard Devil Ray. We had a great start to the morning filling the live bait tank very quickly. We headed into Pittwater and slow trolled at 2 knots with the yakkas in tow (behind a size 10 ball sinker in the absence of a downrigger). On approach to Scotland Island we hooked our only kingfish for the day (you can see the catch in the video below). We decided to head outside Barrenjoey and also tried the valiant wreck for zilch. We then had a quick flick on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach (opposite the golf course) and headed into a spot not far from Juno Point. We ended up with having a decent day with the following results .(some caught in the video but plenty missed due to a few issues with the camera) 1 x Kingfish (undersize) 4 x Flathead 2 x Bream 2 x Tailor 3 x Snapper (undersize) 1 x Jewfish (undersize) 1 x Hammerhead shark Another very enjoyable day out on the water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv9Ntj_FqQQ
  16. Hi everyone I am new to this forum and was hoping for a bit of advice. I've chartered a cabin cruiser for the last week of August with my 17 year old son. We are starting and ending at Brooklyn and I was hoping for some advice of what to expect/target. I am originally from South Africa where I used to do a lot of fly fishing, both fresh and salt but I have not really had much experience in Australia other than some deep sea reef fishing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Peter
  17. I love it when things go to plan :-) Took the wife and kids out on the boat all day on Sunday. I'm wary of them getting sick of sitting around on the boat watching me fish, so on sunday there was a conscious decision that it would just be a good day out boating - no fishing! Launched from Parsely Bay and spent the day cruising around Pittwater and the afternoon at Refuge Bay in Cowan Creek. Everyone happy, but I had a burning itch to wet a line. At the end of the day, rather than taking the boat out of the water, decided to leave the boat at the jetty overnight with plans of a quick and easy fishing trip the next day. Told my wife of the plans, and we're all good to have a quick fish for a few hours around the change of tide on Monday. Recent fishing trips have been around Dangar and Patonga and have gone alright picking up some flatties, but I was itching to catch some nice big bream again. So on Monday we headed upriver to near the Parramatta wreck. The tide chart showed the low tide at 12:15. We got there about 11:30 and anchored up, prepared to just sit and wait with lines in the water for a few hours (wasn't in the mood to go chasing). On the way to the spot, we spotted a couple of the prawn trawlers cutting laps up and down the lanes of the channel. Wasn't sure of that was necessarily a good sign or a bad sign. Anyway, anchored up just off the bank and burleyed up with some rabbit pellets, bream and tuna oil. Cast out some prawns and waited. And waited. And waited. Things had been quiet for a while when another fisher in a tinnie came over and gave us a small tub of fresh live prawns that he'd gotten straight from the trawler. He told me that bream had been very scarce in the river lately, but wished us luck with the fresh prawns. Fished for another 45 mins for nothing but a few catfish! Just as I was convinced the ol' guy new what he was talking about and was contemplating hauling anchor and trying a drift for flathead, I got hit hard by a large bream. Got him in and he was 34cm. For the next hour we got regular hits, and in the end pulled in 5 nice bream. The last one was 39cm, 1cm short of my previous best. Put up a great fight on the light gear - 1-3kg rod with 4lb braid. It was so good to have things go to plan. I'd purposely setout to catch some big bream, and targetted the change of tide in a known location. All fish came on as the current changed direction (which was about 1.5 hrs after the low tide time off the charts). Location : near the Parramatta wreck Time : 12 - 2:30 (low tide was 12:15) Bait : fresh hawkesbury prawns, burleyed with bread, pellets and tuna oil Dinner : BBQ bream
  18. Hi Raiders I'm hoping someone can assist with any possible locations to host an annual fishing weekend, this year I am hoping to secure a place on the eastern side of the Hawkesbury River (Preferably with car access) and private jetty. Last year we went to Soldiers Point where I received and shared some great info from Scratchie and others in private messages and turned out a great and productive weekend. My main aim is to book a place with a private jetty which is extending into deep water (Anywhere 3 hours or less from Newcastle will do) however upon calling many places there is a reluctance to book if it's for 4-6 males (Even though we are getting old and love our sleep). Has anyone else had similar experiences or can suggest any places? (Private message is OK if need be). The reasoning for the suggestion of the Hawkesbury is the possibility of landing a jew - of any size. 25 Years fishing and I am yet to land one despite my nickname being Rex. HELP!!
  19. Hey fellow raiders. I'm a noob at mud crabbing i would like to get some tips and where to go land base mud crabbing. Also what pots should i use and where do i get them from?. Is bobbin head or apple tree bay good for dropping crab pots land based?. Thanks Regards. Howe.
  20. Last day of the holidays before going back to work and the weather was too good not to be out on the boat fishing! Had planned to be launching the boat at 6:30am. At the boat ramp at Parsley Bay about 6:50, so not doing too bad. Launched the boat then realised we didn’t have a reverse gear, as a result of some home DIY boat motor repairs the day before. Spent almost the next hour stuffing around with it trying to fix it before giving up and deciding to head out without a reverse gear. We fished the flats around Dangar Island on the run in tide. Picked up a nice 50cm flathead and plenty of small (undersized) bream and snapper and soapie jewies. Things quietened down for a while as the tide turned before a bit more action when the tide started running out. Tricky conditions as although the tide was running out, we kept drifting into the flats. Ended up with another 45cm flatty and a good 34cm flounder. I was so stoked to finally catch a good sized flounder. Lost another large flatty at the boat due to a netting mishap, sent back a 28cm bream and had several good runs that didn’t result in hook-ups (probably more soapie jewfish). Topped it off with a nice blue swimmer. There’s nothing like the anticipation when pulling in the crab traps, and then that excitement when you get the first glimpse of a shadowy blue lump in the middle of the net J Had intended to head down to the Vines to go for some bream, but we’d already had enough in the boat for a good feed for the two of us, so headed back in early enough to sort out the problems with reverse gear. (The problem turned out to be that we hadn’t put the motor into reverse gear before disconnecting the shift rod when dropping the lower unit of the motor to flush out the water cooling system – a tip for first time boat owners trying to do their own maintenance on a 25yr old two stroke!). So all up, we fished the Dangar Island flats on both the incoming and outgoing tide. All fish taken using prawns. Crab traps were set just outside the mouth of Porto Bay using tins of catfood as bait. Sat down to a nice meal last night of blue swimmer, grilled whole flathead, and bbq flounder. The flounder was absolutely delicious! Hope to catch more of them that size!
  21. Speaking to some raiders at the soft plastics workshop, I came to realise that many are experts in this river system and was hoping for some tips / advice. Going out in 2 weeks... Last time I went out in the Hawkesbury on a houseboat I tried some of the recommended spots such as the rail bridge with no luck. I basically ended up spending most of time at the public mooring near Little Jerusalem Bay (photo attached). In the mornings I was into some Tailor (mainly undersized) but at night I was generally live baiting with yellow tails and must have had 5-6 runs a night that would eventually cut me off shortly after setting the hook. I only managed to convert one of these to a 70cm Flathead; till this day I am not sure what kept cutting me off. Any ideas? Public moorings just seemed so much less hassle than anchoring, although I don't mind either for a good fishing spot. This time, it's just me and my wife (her first time). I was just looking forward to some tips from any raiders, good spots, etc. Still chasing that first Jewie and I know this river system still holds a few decent fish. Any tips would basically be great....thanks.
  22. Hi Ive been surprised how fishless the Hawkesbury has been (at least for me) recently. I thought the rain might have stirred things up a bit. Ive tried the deepwater close to shore around the entrance to smiths creek in both daytime and night time sessions with very poor results. As discoloured water sits on the top of the water column I thought there might be some action below in these deepish waters - not to be. Having failed in the tinnie I then tried land based around flint and steel to see if closer to the entrance might be firing. Flicked half pilli's around for hours. Couldn't even attract pickers. Anybody got any comments, or similar/different experiences over recent days? cheers
  23. hi Guys im heading out on the Hawkesbury this Friday, doing some trolling along the heads and lion island, then fishing a little offshore, has anybody had much success lately?? any tips?? Thanks
  24. Another fantastic Hairtail social this year attended by plenty of new and not so new fishraiders. The team of Donna ,me,Fiona and Stephen worked our fingers to the bone to make sure everything ran smoothly and even the weather on Saturday morning couldn't dampen our spirits. First to arrive were Rod and Jay and seeing they were there when I said I would go through all the rigs and catching hairtail they both got my undivided attention. We re-rigged all their reels which were on the low side so backing was added and braid put back on and plenty of gangs I had made on pre-rigged single strand with Reggie Rabbits stash of red glow stiks they were set. As the arvo moved on plenty of raiders signed on and it was great to catch up with old friends and new members alike,then it was time to hit the famous Scratchie hairtail spot ,well anywhere you liked in Jerusalem bay First to hook up was Scratchie and as I rounded the cape of good luck I spotted Scratchie and proceeded to do donuts around his boat for good luck...bye bye hairies Then it was on for young and old and I anchored right on top of Trout Stalker and Jeff and they pleaded with me to give them at least 5 mts but you all know what I said @### off ...plenty of sledging began and we all scored hairtail to get our great social underway with some fish and a few monsters were lost boatside including Harold whopper that busted him off on his 47ft Riveria,nice boat by the way Harold.The weather was very mild and we all enjoyed ourselves until it was time to go to bed and get ready for a big Saturday Night. Saturday dawned a bit overcast with a few showers but by the time it was hairy time again it was bright and sunny and I am pretty sure Ray Senior bought the sunshine with him and his very nice 22ft Trophy which I fished on Saturday night and Ray scored his very first hairtail.The young blokes aboard their Dad's boat didn't take long to start sledging either...yes that's you buggers Seamus and Gianni with their Dad Martin who was a very nice gent indeed. "How big is your hairtail Stewy?" and to Scratchie "have you caught any yet" as they started to pole the Hairtail one after the other and show all the professionals up...BLOODY KIDS the bite was red hot for a few hours and everyone caught hairtail except Pirate Pete (TideNknots) who indeed won the pirate flag for doing donuts around Ray and I on Saturday night ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.There was some sort of dealing going on behind the scenes with everyone asking who has the REDS and all going to Reggies boat to score a bag with red things in them(glow sticks) he had the only stash...big dealer..made a fortune. The fish were measured and there were clear winners and losers. The next morning all gathered for a fabulous feed prepared by Stevie and Fiona whilst Donna and I tallied the scores. The bloody kids had scooped the pool with Seamus bagging the biggest hairtail and his first of 1.25mts ..congratulations mate on taking out the social. The ladies division was taken out by Ruth with Laurie as skipper...nice catching up with you both again and her fish was 1.2mts The youngsters award went to Harold's son Jeremy with a nice 1.2 mt fish and his first as well. On the same boat as Seamus was Gianni with a very credible 1.17 fish as runner up and his first hairtail as well. Fantastic effort by all involved and congratulations to all the winners. Pete scored the pirate flag and is already planning revenge after taking the flag off of last years winner Luke(trout stalker). A few mentions go out to Luke who travelled all the way from Merimbula and the gang from Oberon ...James,Leanne and Brodie great effort from you all. Big thanks to Stephen and Fiona for all their awesome help from getting the food to cooking it all...it really means a lot. Last but not least Mrsswordie who is the guiding force behind all our Socials and the reason Fishraider is such a force to be reckoned with. Already planning for next July and I hope to see you all there with your winter woollies on. P.S the losers are all the ones who decided to go Bluefin fishing and caught bugger all instead of coming to the social Regards Stewy and Donna
  25. Hi all, Sorry for the delayed report. My mate (Galini1) and i headed into the the hawkesbury last saturday morning. Conditions were expected to be great overcast and 27degrees and for once the weather report was right it stayed over cast ( could not believe it ). We kicked off at 5am heading to Flint and steel with an array of fresh bait including hawkesbury prawns, salted pillies, fresh pillies, chicken gut and an armada of soft plastics and Vibes. Anyway Flint and steel 5am - 9am resulted in about 6 legal bream biggest going 33cm 9am - Break 9-30am - 1pm Drifting around patonga throwing soft plastics and soft vibes resulting in 3 flatties to 45cm, lost 2 big flatties at the boat one threw the hooks and the other ( cannot believe this) the ring pulled out of the soft vibe ( not happy about this as was a $30 lure) all in all it wasnt to bad for me as both disasters happened to my mate which resulted in approx 6 hours of me telling him that he has no idea and him telling me i have s**t lures. 1pm - 4pm Anchored up inside juno point to get out of the wind resulted in 4 jewies all undersize but fun nonetheless on bream gear all between 55-65, these catches were inbetween stingrays and snags. 4pm - 7pm Back to flint (as the wind died down) another 5 bream smallest being 30 biggest being 37. All in all it was a pretty good day on the water, moral of the story is dont waste time fishing the wrong times in the wrong places if the tide is running to hard move and find somewhere easier to fish or if the wind is howling find a nice little corner. Also the bait of the day was hawkesbury prawns. Finally 7 30pm - 9pm stuck at the ramp flat battery (luckily the bush mechanic Galini was there) Thanks guys tight lines
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