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Found 27 results

  1. SickWolf

    Drummer help

    Hi guys, my recent trips to avoca rocks have been pretty successful but i would like to get into some drummer. I heard they like wash, cloud cover and they pull like freight trains. I think (more like hope) i have adequate gear for chasing them but im stuck on techniques, rigs and baits. Im not looking for any secret spot just a few pointers in the right direction. thanks guys
  2. Vamphersi

    wobbegong help

    Im looking to catch a wobbegong but i want to know a few things first. 1. is it legal to target wobbegong in NSW (catch and release) 2. will my 4-6kg rod be enough or do i need heavier 3. what weight of line is best 4. what hook size/type is best 5. what bait is best Any further advice is appreciated cheers guys
  3. Fishing.Hooked

    Chasing Kings (Help) - North Sydney

    Hey Guys, I'm based out of neutral bay and have been really wanting to chase some Kings. (LANDBASED) I have tried Pillies and a few other bait but realised where l have been going there is a fair few Yakkas. I wanted to know if anyone had ANY great advice on what is the best Rigs / Bait setup to chase them. eg - how to hook a Yakka correctly and what method to use to maximise the length of there life in the water swimming around I really want to land a few good ones before l move on to targeting my next fish. Any advice is greatly appreciated - If you would like to get together and chase a few Kings with me please do so l would love the company!
  4. pugzthugz

    Please help!

    Hi guys, so obviously I have caught fish, however, being pretty new to fishing I just can't reliably catch fish. Now, I know that you will always have quiet days out fishing where the fish just aren't biting but I would go so far as to say that I only catch a fish in 1 out of 10 fishing sessions. Yeah I know right🤯. I'm aware that obviously, I can't substitute experience or become a superstar overnight but I still feel as if I should be able to catch a fish the majority of the time I go fishing. Please help. BTW my local species are bream, flathead, whiting and sometimes leatherjackets.
  5. pugzthugz

    beach fishing

    Hey guys, going to Narrabeen beach at around 12:00 in a few days. I haven't gone beach fishing before and quite obviously, I want to catch fish. I was just wondering how can maximise my chances of actually getting fish and perhaps scoring a feed.
  6. this weekend im heading up to the entrance for a fishing trip usung crank baits and soft plastics. ive never fished there and im not taking a boat or kayak. any locals know where the best places to fish for flathead or bream are around the bridge. i might hire a kayak but if possible land spots and spots i can wade out to are preferred. cheers guys i can only really fish in this area
  7. FishStickSteve

    Surf rod and reel recommendations.

    Raiders! I require your wise counsel. I'm wanting to break into the beach fishing scene, but being poor I require a good bang for the buck rod, but I have no clue where to begin. For instance if I wanted to go off roading I wouldn't go buy a gold plated jeep cherokee when a cheaper toyota hilux would be far cheaper and just as good, if not better. So I have 2 questions, What would I need to spend for a solid rod AND reel for beach fishing in NSW (Around Sydney area) and which combo would you buy if you had a strict budget set out by your better half. Peace and Tight Lines FSS.
  8. G'day everyone!, My first post on here just wanted to ask for some advice. In a couple of weeks some mates and I are hiring the 'skinny' from Hawkesbury Afloat from 8 am to 12 noon it only has a little 9 hp motor (see details below) so we can't venture too far from Brooklyn. Any help is greatly appreciated as it has been a long time since wetting a line. I bought 3-5kg 6'6 Shimano Catana and a 2500 size reel with 8lb braid. Main questions are where to fish I grew up in Newcastle and have never fished the area so not sure of any spots. Also I'm thinking of targeting Bream, Flathead and Tailor or anything that will give me some fun. I'm not sure what to use softplastics/bait/lures. If you could suggest a proven bait or soft plastics setup I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance PS: I'm happy to receive a PM if you don't want to publicise any advice. "Skinny" - 19ft (5.9m) twin aluminium hull "Skinny" recently had a total refurbishment and is now ready to hire. 1 x 9.9hp (4 stroke) Yamaha outboard with forward steering Full sun cover and cushioned seating Flat carpeted floor and good size esky Fishing licence for 4 people included There is NO BBQ on this boat. Bring along salad and a roasted chicken - a lot easier than a BBQ. Maximum persons permitted on Skinny is 6.
  9. Hi All, i am brand new to Moreton Bay Area having just moved to Wynnum. Being bayside I have bought my first boat. I am keen to get some local knowledge of how to fish the bay and where to go to target particular species. Im set to go, got the boat, few different types of rods, snapper and bream rods. Crab traps. Very excited!! if anyone would like to come out fishing and show me the ropes so to speak. Boat is a Cruise craft bow rider with a simple fish finder, got the navionics app too cheers Joel
  10. Hey, I love fishing but I need some spots land based. I willing to go anywhere in middle harbour and anywhere on the northern beaches. If you can give me some great spots for any species that would be great
  11. Beau_dougie

    Bait spots around Pittwater area

    G'day guys and girls, my brother is heading up from Wagga this weekend and we've decided to put the boat in at mooney mooney and do some fishing around lion Island and Pittwater areas. I don't like asking but as this will be my first time there would anyone be able to let me know some good spots to catch a bit of bait? Cheers
  12. Hoping someone can take me under their wing and show me the way of the George's river any areas from picnic point to the Liverpool weir.
  13. Hey guys, wondering if anyone could tell me best spots to catch some squid in Lake Macquarie ?, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi all, I'm just getting into fly fishing and live in Cronulla. Was planning on going out this Friday - any good land-based areas around the Hacking? Was thinking of trying the sand flats around Maianbar or even the Basin. Based on what I've read, looks like flatties might be good to target first around there. Any advice or good places for a beginner to start? Cheers
  15. Yamaha 115 Saltwater Series 2007 6E5 blue smoke on start up Hi guys just asking for advise on what the problem maybe, Cold start seems to take more cranking than when hot and blows I think too much blue smoke once started. When trolling the smelly fumes fill the boat making it uncomfortable, last week I trolled 40km distance along the coast off botany nth and dropped two cylinders I think from fouled plugs, on the run home it later cleared the and we where back a full operation. Yesterday while out fishing there appears to be to much blue smoke on hot start up now as well. All other engine operations seem fine. Can any one give a clue as to what the problem I maybe developing. Dogbox
  16. James Quillan

    Help with Pilchards

    Hey guys, a couple of days ago i went fishing and used frozen pilchards as my bait, and they went well for probably the first hour. After that hour they went really soft and i couldnt even really place them on the hook. I was wondering if anyone had any techniques for preserving the pilchards to keep them from softening up? Thanks, James Quillan
  17. James Quillan

    Narrabeen flathead fishing tips

    Hi guys, im 13 living on the Northern beaches of sydney, and i have been fishing Narrabeen lake since i was 3. I would love to develop my flathead fishing in the area so perhaps you could help me? i would love some pointers on some spots, best tides, lures etc., thanks for the help, James
  18. Hi All Im want to go out to the Peak outside of Sydney and plan to punch in the GPS co-ordinates. Example The Peak Sydney = 33.578.572 S, 151.21.282 E When i try to google map or GPS map these co-ordinates it takes me to Japan so confused with what i am typing in wrong or the right website etc to use to plug them in? Many thanks for the help!!!
  19. Hi Raiders, I purchased a 2006 quintrex coast runner with a 60hp 4 stroke, I am very happy with the boat. The only downside is the paint is pitting around non standard items. I'm sure the screws are stainless steel that they used (the previous owner said he had a marine shop fit the products). I have attached some pics of the boat and affected areas, All the items that were fitted from quintrex are in perfect condition so I cant blame them lol. I would appreciate any advice on how to fix the issue, I understand that getting the paint from telwater is impossible. Do I need to apply a primer? Please help me !!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  20. Hi, I have been fishing a lot near Patonga on the Hawkesbury using pilchards and prawns ( and sometimes soft plastics) but haven't had much luck lately, I have recently brought a 60hp 460 coast runner this week and I am keen to get some advice on some good fishing spots, good times to fish and also bait to use. I usually put a boat in at Mooney Mooney. Thanks for your help Tim.
  21. Hi guys, I am planning on heading down to Meroo National Park, just south of Ulludulla next week for a few days camping and mostly FISHING! I am a keen fisho, but amateur at best. I went down and fished this very spot last easter, in search of a good beach Salmon or Tailor. I had researched and learnt all I could about the best ways to catch these guys. No luck on the salmon in the end, caught a nice flatty and a few little ones, a dart, a small trevally and a rock fish of some description…and a tone of bream from Meroo lake..(thoroughly recommend!) I can’t quite attribute my failure for the salmon though.. I was running two types of rigs. A paternoster rig with a 2x 2/0 baitholder hook and BM 2oz sinker with enough trace to stop it all tangling up. The second rig was a simple running ball sinker 1oz-2oz with 45cm leader into a 2/0 baitholder. Both sets were baited with cut segments of pillies, I did try 3/0 ganged hooks, but never got a nibble… Plus I could never set the hooks right, and as we are camping, the further the trip progressed the softer the pillies became(ice kept melting), they eventually just fell of the hooks. I had spotted a school of salmon about 10m offshore hunting through the waves, cast out into the pack, and not a bite. Similarly, I attempted lures into the same school and not a thing. They were definitely salmon because I met a dude later that avo and he said he had caught two whoppers at that same spot! Bugger!! I fished the gutters, the run-in and out tide, the deep holes and the rips… Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have another 3 days next week to get them, and I am not coming home empty handed! Cheers, Liam
  22. Woke up at 7 this morning with my brother, planning to get straight on the water with our 2 man kayak. We ended up reaching mainabar by 8:20ish and pumped all our yabbies in 30 mins Started fishing from the east most beach facing easy but the water was moving to much, do we hoped backed in the kayak and paddled a bit further west and fished facing north. In a few hours I had caught one tiny flatty and my brother was on the big 0 We ended up moving into burraneer bay and only catching some tiny snapper. Had two catana rods with light set ups ( braid and fluro with 1/8th jigs) mainly with SPs We also had a crappy rod set up with a long shank hook for the yabbies... There is probably a long list, but what did we do wrong and can I have any tips?!?!? Thanks guys
  23. tom_125

    Alternator issue

    Can anyone give me some advice? I have been having some battery problems lately with running out of battery I have a 2009 mercury 60hp, I tested the battery after fully charged and it read 12.7 volts and also while running it read 12.7 volts I believe I have an issue with my alternator, does anyone agree and could anyone give me a price range I should be expecting for a new one to be installed?
  24. nickb111

    Need a new setup!

    Gday guys, After catching a few bonito and salmon on bream gear I've decided to upsize to a larger reel and a longer rod. I'm targeting bonito, salmon, tailor, rat kings and other topwater fish, with lures. I fish landbased in sydney harbour as well as from the headlands around sydney. I have a budget of $400, any ideas on the rods and reels I should be looking at? Thanks in advance! Cheers Nick
  25. Looking for any one with a boat who needs help launching the boat or just needs company for safety when they go out fishing . Keen fisherman here with good experience and boat driving licence. Have just retired and am free most days, living in Caringbah.