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Found 4 results

  1. First time out on the bay in a while on Saturday. Took my 10 year old & his friend. Unfortunately I forgot the bait! So with the wind a bit blustery, & casting inexperience, we struggled. After a fruitless hour, we hid behind Bare island, then Molli point to escape the wind, but still nothing. About 10:30, wind died down, so headed to the yellow market near Watts, where we sounded some fish. Unfortunately they turned out to be mostly jackets. I’ve lost a lot of lures to them these last couple of months, & again within a few mins.. So taking advice from raiders (thanks), put on some wire trace and, not having any bait, a small plastic. I couldnt beleive how quickly that plastic lasted - they were like piranhas, stripping it in seconds, but we managed to hook one, then used the guts to bait up the kids lines. Kids struggled to hook them as they were small, so downsized hooks &, in a stroke of brilliance, as we were running out of guts, we cut up some sour patch gummies which worked a treat! Kids were happy to finally catch something, I got revenge on the jackets and enjoyed a tasty meal for dinner. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi All. Heading to Jervis Bay with my brother for 10 days after Anzac Day. Was wondering if anyone has been getting a few kings "inside" the bay ie Point Perp, Middle Grounds, Longnose etc? Not after specific locations, just info if they are still around in numbers? As want to minimise the amount of gear we take down if they aren't really about. Also any squid about at the moment? Should we take down extra jigs due to jackets biting you off? Last year at the same time we lost 22 jigs in 7 days, was a expensive BUT rewarding trip. Any info would be greatly appreciate, not after specifics just a general heads up if anyone has any info. A HUGGGGEEE thanks in advance to anyone that could shed some light on the situation down their at the moment. Happy Easter! Dan
  3. 18th December, I decided to spend a day down at clifton to see how the fishing is, what a great choice it was! Got there around 730 to fish the high tide at 830, 1 dink trevs and that was it. Decided to wait it out and fish later into the arvo. Spoke with another kid who was there with who i think is his older brother or friend, pretty serious anglers they were, stella 8000 rigged for livebaits and a sustain for smaller whateverbites. They had live prawns and were pitching em from the jetty and managed a few very nice bream which went back in the drink, one of which went 37. We chatted while trying to entice some of the monster whiting around there, tried live prawn, yabby lures and worms but the were just not interested(please help if anyone know how to catch these!). Just killing time until finally every went from 0-100 reel quick. Big bust ups withing casting distance and he had the whiting rig still on his ultra-light when he pitched in a pillie chunk, as soon as it hit the water zzzzzzzzzzzz his reel screamed. Being on my mission for first sp pelagic i cast in a slapstick and get bites left right and center but somehow manage to not hook one. The busting stopped and it gave up to help him land his fish. What we thought was a bonito turned out to be a ripper salmon, 20 min fight and he was on the steps. Didn't measure but i estimate around 60, a great catch on 2lb leader and size 12 longshank. Then rocks up a guy with 2 saltigas, starts absolutely cubing like mad and hooks up straight away with a big bonnie he gave away. Then comes a salmon he savagely flips onto the jetty and another bonnie shortly after. During this I fished some weightless pillies for trevs, hook 3 absolute huge fish all around 50 but pull hooks on all of em trying to skulldrag em from under the jetty. I switch over to 30lb leader and a 1/0, bait up a really nice tail piece and I pitch it in to hook up straight away. What I thought was a tiny trev comes straight to the surface with a big stripe across is face and a forked yellow tail. Set the hook a little extra and he realises he's hooked, takes of with a strong run towards the other side of the structure and i run after him. I flip him with my little 1.8m rod and i have landed a very healthy kingfish. He flips 2 and one of his keeps. Stopped fishing after that to head home after a very long and grueling day. Tuesday the 19th, expecting a good day ahead with my mate PATTHERAT we arranged to meet at clifton around 9. I got there 830 and managed a tiny trevor and a dink tarwhine. thats all the fish i ever caught that day. Pat arrives and we begin fishing. All kinds of techniques to no avail, finally we resort to micro fishing. He gets a tiny jacket, the smallest trev I have ever seen and a fish i have never seen before, later identified as a silver biddy. Fishing was very slow and toward 4 pat hooked 4 consecutive little PJs. 28th December I wanted to try my luck with early morning jigging and to get first first fish on the new setup, a stradic 4000 on a raider 742. Get to clifton around 530 and start jigging, bonito bust ups and they keep following the lure but couldn't get them to eat. nothing happens for a long time until the afternoon. Bonito busting again and i cast just past the school and begin the retrieve thinking if I don't get one i swear.. didn't get one. Keep casting well after they stopped busting and on the pause i get smashed, whip m rod up and i feel the hooks dig in. The stradic gets its first smoking, ripped of third of the spool and finally give in a little. Start pumping, get some line back and it starts charging me, winding as fast as I could i get to below my feet and I flip it straight over big bonnie. Nothing for 3-4 hours, so went for a swim and came back to cast a bit more. Nothing so i decide I should call it, my family was with some friends and they had finished their picnic get together so packed up everything leaving just the jigging rod because i still had to rinse it, decide to have one last cast. One last cast straight out in the middle of the bay and mid retrieve fish start busting at my feet, guy next to me pitches in a pillie but miraculously didn't get eaten. I smoked my metal back and jig it infront of me. Watched a silver flash and absolutely smash my lure screaming drag and a very exhilarating fight results in a shorter but definitely thicker bonito. What a last cast! great way to start up the holidays with a few more trips planned, one to the upper hawkes and another to the entrance. If there anyone i could get some help from at the entrance i would be very appreciative, I'm there 8,9 and 10th. Happy holidays.
  4. Hi Raiders Left the port early, with the intention of fishing off Garie beach for Flathead. About 1km past Jibbon Bommie I passed over what appeared to be a very large bait school, so out went a bait jig. It soon loaded up and in came 4 leather jackets and 2 missing hooks. Dropped the jig down again to catch another 4 Jackets. Not looking good so moved on. Checked out the Marley wreck but 3 Seals were cruising around so didn’t fancy my chances of bringing anything up past them. Stopped a couple of times on the way to Garie but each time I lost rigs to the Jackets. This was repeated many times between Garie and back to Jibbon. Each drop came back minus hooks, sinker and Swivel. Returned home early frustrated and fishless. There’s never a Super Trawler around when you need one. Grandad.
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