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Found 21 results

  1. G’day raiders, Being a father of four kids, it’s very difficult to get one on one time with my kids. But finally the planets aligned and I headed to crowdy with my eldest. We stayed the night and got up early to beat the ramp traffic with conditions looking mint. Got there first all prepared ready to go. Headed out to collect livies but they were hard to come by. Managed a few and didn’t want to waste too much time, so we headed to our mark to start our drift. Deployed livie and begin to cast. Wasn’t marking much on the sounder, so I started the boat and just ticked it in gear until I found what I was looking for. Huge marks on the sounder so I turned off the engine and began casting. Two casts later, I’m on and the reel is screaming. I set the hook hard and behind me I hear another screaming and the boys on, we are doubled up! A good 10 mins later I hear the boy calling “jewy jewy”. And what a stonker! We must of hit a school. My fish is still giving me grief. We land his and now turn our attention to mine! A couple minutes later in sight of the boat, my heart sinks! A FRIGGIN MACK TUNA!!! Nooooo! Anyway, high fives for the boys new pb and we clear the decks and move on! Next drift, bang I’m on to a huge snapper and manage to stop his run and pop! My bad, didn’t set the hook. Wind in the slack and bang I’m on again but this time to a healthy pannie! We lost a couple of livies to more Mack tuna but nothing of interest. Called it quits and headed back early, to reset, lunch, quick snooze and back out for an afternoon session. The arvo session was a pretty good with a few more pannies, a decent snapper from yours truly and more Mack tuna. Gave up after the last macky was caught and went back to the cabin for dinner, reflection and a well earnt beer! Just awesome to spend some time with my boy and make some memories! Thanks for reading, cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Hi All, Went out Lake Mac Saturday night for a all nighter with a mate, was pretty slow when we got there, sun went down and the wind picked up (usually the other way around) so we moved for cover. Went south of pulbar and anchored for the night. Burley went out and the white bait come in, 5 squid, then Taylor, lots of Taylor. Caught one just legal and put him on the heavy rod. Not much happen after that for a few hours so we blew up the air mattress and had a sleep. Few hours later a reel screams and i jump up only to find its the Taylor waking up and running off, put him back where he was. An hour after that and the reel is screaming again, i grabbed it (still in sleeping bag) and knew it was not the taylor getting some exercise. 2 great big runs and some head shakes in between and this guy was on board. Went 92cm and guestimated 7.5 to 10 kg Pretty happy with my first Jewie
  3. I've recently decided to target some jewfish for the first time and was wondering if anyone knew any good land-based spots to go fishing for one along or near the northern beaches. Any additional tips on catching jewies would help too.
  4. Gutamouth


  5. Gday Raiders Starting a Thread about the Gold Coast Seaway as i fish it a lot recently for kingys and wonder if any other Raiders fish it? Anyone get jew on the Surface there before? Tracking Kingy's? Anyone target the massive Tuskfish i see along the rocks all the time? Should i be throwing sinkers at the boats that have no courtesy for shore fisherman? haha jokes yeah but comment with your catches and recommendations please! Any locals who havent yet check out what comes through there on youtube there is always vids going up
  6. HI Raiders, Hope everyone is doing good, I was fishing the other night in hacking and got this old man who started saying all of his stories and he was a great mate of our precious mate Jewgaffer (Byron) who we lost in 2013. heard some amazing stories of our champion may his sole 'Rest in peace' This man said that Jewgaffer(Byron) made a website. does anyone knows the name of it ? Please pass the name of the site will be muchly appreciated. Thanks, Tight line. Dil
  7. Some mates and I hired a houseboat for a weekend and parked up Friday and Saturday nights in Little Pinta to try for some hairtail. Spent a lot of hours fishing but it was pretty quite over all and not a single hairtail - though we did get some bites that felt like hairtail. Friday night was the better of the two. Picked up a couple of nice trevs, both taken on some garlicy chicken breast off Shark Rock Point at dusk. We then went back to the houseboat for some dinner and went out to chase that elusive hairtail. Two of my mates had pillies down and I took a fillet off one of the trevs and put a strip of that down on ganged hooks. Somehow my mates managed to get their lines tangled so I put my rod in the holder and I had just managed to free up the two lines when my rod bucked in the holder. I threw my mates rod at him and struck my rod. I was on, but I knew it was not a hairy because I could feel tail beats. I wasn't sure what it was on, but when it came up and I saw the sheen of silver I knew I had my first jew. It was only a tiddler at about 40cm but a first is a first so we snapped a quick photo and returned it to get a bit bigger. Saturday was a bit of a wash. Picked up a few yakkas for bait that we kept for bait and lots of small tailor well short of 30cms that we threw back. Then I got my anchor snagged and we could not free it. After trying for ages we had to cut the rope. This was a problem as we were wanting to fish for hairtail that night so I motored into Pittwater and grabbed an Uber into Mona Vale to get a new anchor, some chain and the associated fixtures. We then motored back to the houseboat and had to splice in the thimble eye. All up several hours of fishing time lost. Mind you some of my mates were in another boat and spent most of that time fishing with precious little to show for it. We went out again that night and fished through dusk and well into dark. The sounder was awash with activity and we had a mix of baits down between the two boats we tried trev strips, yakka fillets, a live yakka, a live squid, salted pilchards, prawns, tailor strips and mullet strips. Not a single bite - except the cold. Once that started to bite we went back to home base for dinner. Due to the lack of activity none of us were too keen to head out again so we had a few quiets instead. Sunday morning I needed to get back fairly early so I helped clean up the house boat, popped into Cottage Point for a bit of extra fuel and then motored back round to Blackwall. A disappointing showing from the fish but we all had a great time and the weather was as spectacular as the fishing wasn't
  8. G'day Raiders, Went for a flick the other day at Berowra, fishing exclusively with vibes and blades. 130mm 30gram vibe for the sections with the heaviest flow, 90mm 20gram for average flow and a little 4gram blade for a little bit of flats fishing. Managed 3 flatties at 60cm, some a touch over, 1 at 50cm and about 10 or more at under 50cm. Topped the day off with a 60cm jewie around the tide change with a baby at the start of the day. Ultimately jews were the target species, but the flatties were a very welcome by-catch. Let 2 of the flatties at 60cm and both jews go back to the depths and kept a couple of the 40-50cm flatties and one of the 60cm as it was hooked in the gut and the gills.
  9. Hi guys, So i've been targeting jews in my local system in Berowra over recent times. Been hitting the tide changes and have managed a few small models which are great fun on the gear i'm using. Slowly been figuring out the when where and why. I went out a few weeks ago with a mate and managed to get him onto his first ever jewie a few minutes out from the dead low tide. Went 55cm and happily released back into the drink. We had no more luck in terms of jew that day but had some time to hit the run in tide to bring a feed back home. Fished the dropoffs around rocky points working the lure back from the flats in the same direction the tide was travelling to best mimic baitfish and managed to pick up 8 keeper flathead from 38-50cm's with a few under size thrown back. All caught on naturally coloured jackall transams with a rattle. Filleted them once we got back home and divied up the fillets. Soon turned into some fresh fish and chips (quicktip, screw beer batter and buy yourself some panko bread crumbs). video-1491879730.mp4 Video of the release
  10. G'day all, Long time no post for me. I went back to NSW a few weeks ago to visit family and of course I went for a fish at a couple of my old favourite spots. Picked up my old trolley and hit Stocko wall and it didn't disappoint. Got heaps of fish and a lot of weird stuff too. Jewie were on, seen 3 20+kg ones get landed right beside me and a lot of big bust offs. Yakkas and slimies were easy to get so fresh cut and whole live baits were the go. Got the Bream, Snapper and all the other rock fish on cut baits and the Jewie on a live crab, good fun on 6lb gear. Big gear and livies didn't get a hit. Almost every cast was a decent fish, not always easy to pull 'em out but heaps of fun. Note: The massive Bream wasn't caught on the wall, the Mrs caught it 2 days prior back home in QLD. It was released. Just thought I'd give you a look. Cheers
  11. Hey guys, going wisemans tomorrow. any good fishing spot for jews at the moment? and what bait to use, thanks.
  12. Went to the Hawkesbury river fished most of the usual spots for nil. There appeared to be a higher than normal trawler activity, maybe that had something to do with it. Fished the rail bridge score: 3 flathead, 6 thumping bream, few soapies and a nice metre Jew. The jew was released dogbox
  13. been a member for a while but never posted but thought i had to with this jew i got off the beach last weekend was hoping to enter it in the feb comp but i havn't made enough posts, oh well next time 31kg 2 1/2 times my previous best
  14. Hi Raiders I headed out for a quick morning fish on St Georges Basin chasing Bream & Snapper on 4 pound gear but I ended up with a 113.5cm Jew fish instead. After a 45 minute battle around the basin I had it boat side and landed! It was caught on a 80mm bloodworm wriggler.
  15. Hey raiders, Just came back from a trip up to Forster with the family (around the Boomerang / Blueys Beach area). I was keen to get a few Jewies off the rocks... I couldn't believe it when I jagged this guy on my second cast! I managed to hook 2 more over the next hour but lost them both They kept diving into the rocks and busting me off. This guy was caught at 6:45pm just before high tide. It was 60cm and 1.9Kg. I fished for the rest of the week and recon I hooked up on 3 more but lost them all (also released about 10 small sharks in by-catch). Oh well, just makes me even more keen to crack the 1m mark! Sherwinator
  16. Recently moving back to the northern beaches I'm looking to get back into some beach fishing. Anyone interested in showing me some good places or trying it out? Nights and weekends. I've been fishing for years so know what it is and where it goes, just lacking the local knowledge, but some great looking gutters and holes around from the recent swell. Dave
  17. I went out Friday arvo to my fav new found Jewfish hole on Friday night and got some massive runs right on the turn of high tide but they kept spitting the hooks so i decided to call it a night and head out early the next morn. I left my house at 6 am, went to Mac's Bait Bar and got some fresh squid caught in the hawkesbury the day before and headed to Bald Face Point area and anchored up right up on high tide. Caught a 40cm Jew and a few undersize pinkies aswell as a small blue swimmer in the first half an hour and then it went quiet for a bit. Then the bait runner started getting what was a few small nibbles at first, then some small runs, then it took off. After a 5 minute fight and a few VERY nervous moments i boated this beast! It went 80cm+ and just over 6kg. Persistance, tips from this site and the best bait in Sydney from Mac's all helped. I couldn't be happier if i tried!
  18. Hey Raiders, I was rewarded for a midnight session in the harbour last night with a nice 3kg Jewie! Pretty stoked because its the second Jewie in a month for me I must be doing something right... I had a few yakkas and a small taylor (fishing from a jetty). One of the strips of yellow tail got smashed by something and went for a couple of great runs before busting me off in the moorings Then I managed to hookup on a taylor head (apparently great Jew bait). Didn't feel as big as the first but still a nice fish. 70cm and 3.02Kg Details: 30 mins before low tide (2:10am low). Moon almost full. No wind. Barometer 1018.5 Paul
  19. Hey guys, My Jew drought is over! or maybe it has just begun (lets hope not). I was out fishing friday afternoon with fellow raider husk17 trying out a few spots around south head.... I was on the early shift that day (7-3) and husk17 had a "doctors appointment" around 3pm so unfortunately he had to start early that day aswel . We left my office around 4:30pm geared up and ready to go with not much of an idea of exactly how we were going to get where we were going.. Got to a spot as husk17 was keen to find a blackfish had a bit of a play but I was keen for a kingfish...we flicked around a couple of squid jigs and managed to raise 2 small cuttles and a small squid from the depths. As the night was upon us we found ourselves on the beach, i had my mojiko 7ft 6-8kg rod with 6500 reel 15lb braid with 40lb fluoro leader and a 4/0 and 5/0 gamakatsu ready to go, popped on the squid whole and lobbed it out unweighted.. Meanwhile husk17 says he wants to try and catch some whiting so out goes some servo prawn on a 2-4kg jarvis walker 6"6' spin stick with a bodgy okuma 500 series reel 6lb braid and a pretied whiting rig... I rested my combo on a stool and was messing about setting up another rig when husk says hes on and its got some weight....I look over and my rod starts to go off aswel....so as i jumped for the net i scurried back down to the beach and grabbed my rod and felt some good weight so I dialed up my drag and skull dragged it in hoping that it was maybe a small king with some decent head shakes....much to my surprise when it got closer it was a jew! so up on the beach it came and i threw it up onto the dry stuff and then ran out in waist deep water so we wouldnt lose the fish that husk17 was onto.. I was sure he was going to get spooled on that magic combo but it did the damage and came up trumps as the second jew for the evening made its way into the net... the whiting hook was soon out and rebaited and back in the water but after that it was quiet.... cleaned up the fish and headed home around 9 which is the earliest I have ever left a fishing session but we werent going home empty handed tonight (unlike the last 5 outings)... landing 2 jews was pretty amazing though and we are both still stoked about it and keen to get out again... maybe next time I'll nail that king that i was hoping for...still massively impressed by the "by-catch" though haha
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