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  1. Hi, I'm going to be at kooindah waters in central coast for a few days in late June (school holidays) and am looking for company/ someone to help. I'm hoping to target jewfish and sharks in the surf. I have my own set ups, 1 spin and 1 over head. Also I don't have a kyak, I was planning on ballooning baits out or casting. I'm not sure how much I can travel sine I'm only on my L plates but I'm hopping to get around to the north entrance beach. Preferably night but early morning works to. I don't have any shark baits left in my freezer but I'm happy to buy bait. If anyone is interested pls PM me or leave a comment we can work out times at a later date, also if you could recommend spots that would be greatly appreciated. I'm really keen to land my first jewfish or gain some more experience with sharks and come home with all my fingers lol.
  2. Go to laurieton every year with my dad to fish for a week and mainly just hit the estuaries and throw crab pots out, looking to target a Jew off the break wall along north haven side or pilot beach side any knowledge or success?
  3. With work imposing forced leave, I took the opportunity to fish with the kayak gang during my holidays. I was supposed to meet the guys at the ramp by 6am but I had trouble sleeping the night before and woke up late 5:45am! With only 15mins to get ready I messaged the guys that I would be late and not to wait up for me. Made it to the ramp by 6:20 and they were still getting ready, phew. On the way to catch livies we sounded a school of bait in the middle of the channel, a quick drop and I hook just one sardine and the school quickly disappeared. The next few hours we spend ages trying to catch live bait with no luck. One of the guys decided he wanted a head start and went straight to the main channel to chase jewfish and snapper. It wasn't long before we got word he hooked up to a 40cm snapper and undersized jewie. We quickly headed over and started to drift our baits across the channel. I managed to hook a pan sized snapper 32cm on squid, but no luck on the jewfish. One of my mates manages to catch another 2 jewfish on strips of squid but they are undersized and released. We ran into a regular jewfish chaser who told us that kings were busting up further up channel, we thanked him and made our way quickly to the spot. I dropped my squid baits down and hooked a nice Maori Rockcod and many Bigeyes. I caught Bigeyes on squid, slowjig and sabiki, there was no way to avoid them. One of the guys caught a yakka on sabiki only to have a kingfish steal it from under him. About 30mins later he manages to convert a dead sardine into a 69cm kingfish. It took me about 30mins to finally catch some yakkas on sabiki. I send one back down while working the sabiki rod. A few minutes later the rod buckles over and the reel is screaming. Up comes a 67cm kingfish, a keeper which is dispatched, bled and iced. I send another live yakka down and within a minute the live bait rod buckles over and the reel is screaming again. This time a just legal kingfish 65cm, this one is released to grow bigger. I send another live yakka down and it doesn't take long for the rod to buckle over again, unfortunately no hook up. By this time the wind had really picked up and the kings soon disappeared so we moved spots to target jewfish again. Half a dozen drifts I land baby jewfish on squid which released. The kingfish was eaten as sashimi, the bigeye was filleted and eaten as battered fish. The maori rockcod was steamed and fantastic eating, it's such a rare catch for Sydney given how cold it is compared to Queensland. Another great session on the kayak
  4. What started out as a below average session turned out to be a great day on the yak. We were on the water by 6:30am, with a forecast of moderate winds and some rain. Luckily no rain, but it was windy every now and then which settled to a breeze by the arvo. We located the wreck but we all struggled to catch any live bait, all day! I suspect the rain we received yesterday chased all the bait away or maybe its just the full moon, who knows! Even with burley I couldn't catch any livies, but I did manage pinkies, leather jackets, bream and a legal trevally all on the sabiki rig with tiny bits of squid as bait. One of my friends managed to catch one yakka which eventually got converted into a rat. Towards the afternoon things were not looking any better so we relocated to a deeper spot. Whilst trying to catch squid I sounded some fish in the channel approx 27m deep. 1st drop resulted in a 67cm jewfish on a strip of squid. Not long after that another jewfish 60cm. Then my mate manages a 72cm jewfish on slowjig. Eager to catch a keeper,I kept a close eye on the sounder and I managed to locate the school again, quickly dropped my line and hooked up straight away. 3rd time lucky this one measured 71cm. Happy days, finally a keeper. Not long after that, another fishing buddy of mine hooks a 79cm jewie. We were back at the boat ramp by 4:30pm, it was a long day on the yak, but much needed exercise after spending the past 3 weeks working from home and snacking on everything in the cupboard.
  5. Hii fisho’s i really need help catching my first jewie in sydney. Ive tried so many time to catch a land based jewie in sydney but i never seem to get it right i really need help with tips with jewfish rigs and areas/spots where i can prehaps hook onto my first jew cheers: BallisticFisherman
  6. Hey, I'm about to take a trip down to Jervis bay in a few weeks I was wondering if anybody knows any good wharf, jetty , or easy accesible cliffs to fish at. Gonna be there for a week is there anything I should know? I have research Murray beach boat wharf and husskison wharf any idea if there any good? Looking to fish for squids, kingys, jewies or anything of decent size there.
  7. For the last two years we have always caught yakkas amongst the boats near rose bay. this week I have been out twice already. To my surprise we could not even get one!!! Only small snaps, I have never had this problem before! I am a regular and have consistently used yakka to catch decent size mulloway in the harbour. It has never let me down yo until now. We spent 2/3 hours each time Burleigh hard but they would not come!!! I was wondering if there could be a reason behind this? And if anyone else has experienced something similar? thanks in advance !
  8. Hey going to head out chasing jewfish in and around pittwater but dont really known of any spots would someone please be able to point me in the right direction. thanks
  9. Hello, I just recently signed up to fishRaider due to my inability to catch Jewfish. I would love to know rigs and WHERE, Without giving me your secret spots. I live near manly in Sydney and have no clue where is best, i would prefer not to travel long distances and usually fish the Spit bridge, 40 baskets, little manly, north harbour reserve and clontarf. Anyone have any key locations and tips, thanks in advance
  10. I've recently decided to target some jewfish for the first time and was wondering if anyone knew any good land-based spots to go fishing for one along or near the northern beaches. Any additional tips on catching jewies would help too.
  11. Hey guys, Had a crack on the run out tide on Wednesday arvo/ evening in the lower Hawkesbury. The forecast rain eased and the wind dropped off to provide pretty plesant conditions. Put out a variety of live and fresh dead baits. Caught a shovel nose and a pair of Port Jackson a few tailor and a couple of red rock cod. Were about to call it quits when one of the livie's loaded up. This fish went 105, Looking forward to summer. Regards Toby
  12. Was planning on a hiring a house boat from around brooklyn to chase some jews with my friend, would any body be able to share some spots that we could anchor up overnight and fish from a small house boat ? dm if dont want to share here
  13. G'day fellow Fishraiders, I am a newbie here and have just recently started beach fishing along with my cousin TheSillySalmon. I have a beach rod however it is pretty average. I am just looking for some advice on what some of the best rods, reels and other tackles on the market are for beaches. At the moment I am aiming for Aussie Salmon however in the future I will also be trying to hook up some bigger fish like Jewies and other species. All answers are appreciated. Cheers, TheFreakyFlatty.
  14. Are you interested in sharing your views on Mulloway? My name is Bridget and I am a Geography honours student at the University of Wollongong. This project is exploring the different ideas that surround Mulloway managment in the Hawkesbury region. Have you got an opinion on the Jewies? If you are interested in talking further email at; bm575@uow.edu.au
  15. Hey Guys, Have lost a few good ones at the boat recently so it was nice to get this one in the net. Fished the lower Hawkesbury on Wednesday mid morning on the run in tide. This fish took a live yakka pinned with a large single circle hook over a selection of fresh dead baits. It went 101cm's.....
  16. Hi everyone, Have been after a sizeable shore Jewfish for a while now and I think I am getting closer. Had some interest in a bait tonight and just want some advice. I'm focusing on less fished spots and putting into practice all the wonderful information I have found here. The spot I am fishing is the edge of a narrow river section where it opens back up to a wider section, my thinking is that the current is too strong in this section when the tide runs so the changes are when the fish will make their moves through this deeper run to feed and move. There are plenty of mullet jumping out of the water, baitfish and prawns so the way I figure this is a great spot on the top or bottom of the tide, really the only time you could successfully get a good bait out into the middle. Onto tonight, I had 4 beautiful tough fresh as a daisy dead baits ready to fish the hour surrounding the bottom. Big solid pure Jewie morsals. Plenty of mullet jumping. My first bait was getting plenty of picks and the occasional pull by small bream who eventually shredded it. This happened to the next bait as well. I then lobbed out my prime bait dead on the turn. Everything became incredibly quiet and calm, the mullet stopped jumping and there was an instinctual sense that this was the right time. About a minute later a small consistent wait began to put pressure on my line. A small bit of line 10-20cm would occassionaly be pulled from the reel, but quite gently, distinctly different from a bream tap tap tug, but not with any pace or gusto. This was a weight which would slowly pull some line then stop, but the weight remained and after about a minute of this pop, the weight released. Bait despite being quite tough had all been taken. Now. SHOULD I HAVE STRUCK? I was waiting for a bit of accellaration, a proper run but each time I kept saying, just a little more. Was this likely a jew mouthing the bait or am I being hopeful? When the water is slack do they take it lightly? Just looking for any advice really so I don't keep going back for no reason. Cheers Raiders
  17. Got to rosebay boat ramp around 3pm. Did not start off to well as I left the boat key in the shed back home which was 1 hour away. Luckily I have a pull start Yamaha also. Got in amongst the boats at rose bay for yellow tail as usual, but they were not there. My theory is the current and wind was strong. Never the less fished with baits near Clifton and the wedding cake closest to it. For not much result. Refusing to accept defeat, at around 5pm I headed back to rosebay to try again for yakkas to try and have livies down at sunset which was also a change in tide. Got to rosebay, and noticed swarms of baitfish on the sounder in amongst the boats. The yakkas were back!! Managed to fill the live bait tank up with 8-10 and headed out to a reefy bottom near the first yellow bell as you go out towards the heads from rosebay. As soon as the first yakka hit the water, within minutes I was on, and landed my first jewfish at 73cm. we continued on landing a nice tailor and several spat hooks with scaled or skinned yakkas, we knew the jewfish were on the hunt below us. At sunset with a little light left, my last yakka got smashed. After a short fight I winched it our slob for the night. My PB jew at 82cm. What started off as bit of a disaster with the boat key and no yakkas or fish for a few hours ended up paying off really well!!
  18. Caught this one off Cronulla/ Wanda beach last night right on high tide. Tailor fillet was the bait. 30 lb mainline, 40 pound leader, single 4/0 suicide hook, usual setup for my beach sessions length was 123 cm. this made my last PB of 1 meter (caught on 21/10/2017) stood for only two months Charles
  19. Hi Fishos, just want some help regarding buying bait, I don't have time or knowledge to try catch my own bait so was wanting some info. Where around Bankstown/ Canterbury/ Greenacre tackle shops can you buy some from time to time. Fresh squid as in they freshly caught it a day before and freeze it properly. On a side note - does anyone have any success in catching jewies using the lunds brand squid (blue box) thanks Tam
  20. HI Raiders, Hope everyone is doing good, I was fishing the other night in hacking and got this old man who started saying all of his stories and he was a great mate of our precious mate Jewgaffer (Byron) who we lost in 2013. heard some amazing stories of our champion may his sole 'Rest in peace' This man said that Jewgaffer(Byron) made a website. does anyone knows the name of it ? Please pass the name of the site will be muchly appreciated. Thanks, Tight line. Dil
  21. Dear fraiders, As most of you I am really passionate about fishing and since I moved to pittwater area(few months ago) I have been fishing almost every day. After getting most of the common species now I want to go a step further and try to get the well known Jew fish. I know that this will take time and lots of patience but I am willing to do it. I have read lots of info here in the forum and I am ready to start I have the proper gear, rigs and bait (freshly caught squid and tailor). I will start today so if you have some extra recommendations about places to try, etc please send me a PM ( I will really appreciate it). Also I would be more than happy if any of you wants to join me (PM). Thanks again, Rafo
  22. G'day raiders. Thought I'd share an unproductive, but potentially helpful day out on the river today. Dangar Island resident, former avid Fishraider (5 years ago). Been fishing but not talking a lot and a friend mentioned I should chuck a report up and give back to the community! Started out the day at West Head around 11am. Burleyed up for Yellowtail, heaps there but some rat Kings were giving the little fellas some hassle. Couldn't manage to stop them and an eel took the yakka we put near the rock on a floater (painful). On the run up tide fished the Juno drift (if you know it, you know it. Otherwise DM me for details). Jeez, I've never gone through yakkas so fast once dusk hit. Something big was hitting them all hard. Couldn't stop on a Shakespeare 20kg overhead rig and busted two of them before we called it quits (lack of gear). It's the first time I've seen Juno firing like that. I've had a lot of luck with Jewfish this season, but that drift on yakkas was very surprising. Highly recommend going and checking out Juno if you're looking for some fun. Next time I'll be bringing the 30kg rig in!
  23. So Sunday morning came. I'd organised to go fishing but wasn't feeling too motivated or enthusiastic. The winds would be too strong, it was already too late in the morning, the tides wouldn't be right. The usual list of reasons. But decided about 8am to head up to Akuna Bay then motor up to Brooklyn. Beautiful morning and the enthusiasm is on the way up. Picked up a packet of frozen prawns, thinking won't catch anything on these but got to try something. Arrived at the railway bridge about 9:30 at the peak of the runout, so thought why not drift through with some light lines. Might even pick up a flathead. Second drift through and I thought I'd snagged something. The little sow and pigs puller rod is bent right over so I'm thinking that it's a log when all of sudden it takes off. By the time we'd drifted right down to Dangar Island, I'd landed my first ever Jewie at 80cm! So the moral of the story is .... just get up, go fishing and you never know when you're going to be lucky!
  24. I've been heading out to the local fishing river for the past few weeks trying to land myself a jewfish. I understand that these fish are known to be incredibly elusive, with some fishermen spending up to months and even years without lady luck blessing their lines. I am not discouraged however, i'm more than certain that when the day comes where I feel the drag of a monster at the end of the line it will be worth it. Does anyone have any tips as to what rigs and bait to use whilst fishing for Jewfish? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers and good luck out there!
  25. Hey guys, Myself, and a few mates were able to get away over the weekend for some offroading, camping and fishing. We arrived late Saturday arvo and found a decent looking gutter. We rigged up, baited up and lines were in the water with daylight dwindling. Not much action that night except for a few Shovel Nose rays. With not much happening we kind of crashed watching our rods. Woke up early Sunday morning just before sunrise and baited the lines and sent them back out. As the sun peaked over the horizon my mate picked up his rod to take in some slack, he hadn't completed a full wind before the line went off with that sweet sweet buzzing sound. Whatever it was took off 100m down the beach and we gave chase. After that first run the line went really heavy, unsure what it was our initial thoughts were a big ray. After 5 or so minutes of little to no movement just dead weight, the line went off again, this time it went out. Providing what coaching I could I was telling my mate not rush he had time, but to maintain what pressure he could using the old kmart special. Lift and wind lift and wind in between the sound of beast taking line. 20 or so minutes into the battle, I catch a glimpse of the beast in the waves. The silhouette was unmistakable - I yelled for the gaf and it was brought over by one of the other guys. The battle seemed to last for hours, a couple of missed opportunities and a couple of more runs up and down the beach my moment came. The beast was exhausted, I waded out into the chest deep water and gaffed what would be the biggest fish I have ever seen in my life. I dragged the majestic creature through the breakers and onto shore. We didn't have scales, but our best guess was in the 30kg range. It measured in @ 142cm. Unfortunately we weren't able to release the creature, I think it came down to inexperience on our part on not knowing how to best land the fish so the prolonged fight left it exhausted. I was able to get it on ice fairly quickly after dispatching and cleaning so it made it back home to be split amongst 3 of us for the table. After that Sunday morning though the rest of the trip was relatively uneventful, a few whiting, couple more shovel nose rays and some fun with mullet on unweighted lines caught on bread (everything released as we definitely had enough for the table). Overall it was a memorable trip and looking forward to the next one. Thanks for reading. Nick
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