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Found 5 results

  1. Hi i was wondering can you catch blue swimmer crabs, yakkas, jewfish, flathead, bream and squid in winter regards burtos fishing
  2. Hi guys, I am chasing jewies ,flatys and squid in june or july do you have any recommendations of were to go and what to use i am on a boat we will also be placing crab pots please help me regards Burtos fishing
  3. Hey, I'm about to take a trip down to Jervis bay in a few weeks I was wondering if anybody knows any good wharf, jetty , or easy accesible cliffs to fish at. Gonna be there for a week is there anything I should know? I have research Murray beach boat wharf and husskison wharf any idea if there any good? Looking to fish for squids, kingys, jewies or anything of decent size there.
  4. Guys Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of two jewies caught from the beach last weekend and this weekend on my last two outings. First, was an 83cm capture by my dad off the northern beaches last Sunday. Second, was an 88cm capture caught by myself on a mid nth coast beach. happy to share a good patch of form, and may it continue! JT
  5. G'day again raiders, its been too long between sessions and posts but this week i have forced myself to make time for some therapy. It all started Saturday before last when the minister for war and finance allowed me a full day to myself, i was up very early to be greeted by a good southerly blowing and the associated rain. Getting to my usual haunt near Balmoral i set about catching some livies and soon had a bucket of healthy individuals ready to do their part. First livie went out under a float, next up was an unweighted whole half of a squid drifting in the current, i had just placed this second rod down and was reaching for my flick stick to start cranking a halco twisty when i watched my float speed off with a massive splash. I quickly fumbled in the dark to turn off the baitfeeder and soon felt that awesome pounding and twich of a good solid fish, at this point i had no idea what i had hooked as lighting was too poor so i persevered and played it as a good king. After about ten minutes of playing around one of the biggest tailor i have seen in the flesh decided to start jumping around on the surface and then SPIT.... out comes the yakka and off goes the tailor. I quickly reeled in the rig and amazingly the yakka was barely touched, this yakka was close to 25cm and only had a few scrapes around his tail despite spending ten minutes in another fishes gob, the 50lb leader did not fair so well so an immediate rerig was on the cards, i was half way through this when my second rod went off, quickly picked it up set the hook and all hell broke loose on the surface immediately and then pop... limp as a week old lettuce, wound the rig in and the 50lb leader was bitten through bugger... two rigs to re do, i had plenty of rigs pre made but decided to go with a gang hook with a slab of yakka on the drifter and upgraded the floater to 80lb flurocarbon. So livie out, engage baitfeeder rod down, second rod slab of yakka on a gang of 3 X 5/0 hooks sent out and hit pretty much as soon as it dropped below the surface, let it run for a couple of seconds then engaged drag and raised the rod, again splash splash limp leader bitten through about 5cm above where the gang should have been. I decided to change tack and try and get through the tailor by putting on a running ball sinker and reverting back to a half whole squid, had just finished securing the bait when my livie got creamed, quickly picked up the rod engaged drag and struck same deal splash splash limp 80lb fluro leader bitten through. I was very frustrated by this point as the fish had me 4 - nil and the sun wasn't even up yet, i sent out my now weighted squid bait and re rigged another 80lb float rig for livies. Cast the livie out and it got crumped literally as soon as it hit the water, solid hookup and the fight was on, after a couple of minutes a nice size salmon was on his way towards the net i had just about had him scooped when rod number 2 started feeding out in a strong steady pull, managed to net the salmon while securing the other rod with my foot, picked it up engaged drag and onto a nice fish, a non eventful fight down deep in the water and a couple of minutes later a nice little jewie was on the deck, he was just under so after a quick photo he was popped back in the drink. By this stage the sun was starting to emerge and it became apparent why their was so much activity, the water was a solid mass of white bait schools which it seemed everything which could was keen on feasting on, i got sick of losing gang hooks and had run out of floats after having livie rig number 3 bitten off so i started casting a gillies 15g metal in a silver/lumo colour, this proved to be a good match to the baitfish and the predators were keen to have a crack at it, managed to get another couple of salmon and a few smaller tailor before the frigates and bonito turned up to join in. I could see a few larger shapes below the bait so i put on a 12cm popper in a silver/white combo and gave that a cast, after a couple of bloops a small tailor snaffled it, i played him for a couple of minute before he shook the trebles free during a jump, i didnt get a chance to turn the reel as a torpedo hit it as soon as it made contact with the surface, i could do nothing to slow whatever it was down so i just watched as it stripped the 6000 Aernos to the backing, at this point i was trying to remember if i had indeed tied the line to the reel lol , turns out i had and after i ran out of line i just held on thankfully the hook pulled and i retrieved the lure, a salmon liked the look of it on the way in and he was added to the bucket. Ended up getting blown away by another 2 unstoppables before calling it a day just before lunch, final tally for the morning was 4 salmon, 6 tailor, 4frigates and a bonito. Last Saturday Fairly similar weather with wind from the south but this time the rain stuck around making it cool but not unfishable. The tailor were still around and keen to play but the size was down considerably with the biggest being mid 40's, also managed to get a couple of bream with one of them going 40cm so nearly a PB with a single salmon and a tasty blue swimmer also coming home for tea. Monday The start of the working week was upon me but i decided i better have a fish before work as i was keen to try a new bibbed lure i had acquired through the week. Mild condition wind wise but only a few fish about, manged one small kingfish who went back in the drink and a couple of tailor with the biggest going 45cm Thursday Well now i am truly hooked on lure casting so i again decide to my luck before work. I use my new bibbed lure again and im soon onto a nice size tailor, awesome start second cast and im onto another small tailor who is foul hooked in the side, i just about have him to the net when a huge king smashes into him and hooks itself on the lure, my little spin reel was incapable of turning him so he went straight into structure and bye bye shiny new lure so thats the end of todays session. Friday Morning, Well theres time for a quick fish before work so i start off with a halco twisty in the hopes of getting a few tailor but the only ones around are fairly small with the biggest only going 34cm, i noticed a few larger boils when retrieving it but could not entice further interest so i swap it out for a 12cm popper in red/clear/silver give it a nice long cast aided by the south westerly wind and begin to work it, got 2 good blopps out before it got crumped and the fight was on, i immediately regretted using my favourite popper on 3 kilo braid but decided that if i take my time i might just be able to see what was on the other end of the line. After a tense 12 minute battle in and around pylons and across 3 sides of the structure i finally had a horse of a salmon in the net. He isn't the longest salmon i have caught at 65cm however he would be one of the fattest, i dont have an accurate weight but he bottomed out the kitchen scales as they only go to 3 and a bit kilos ! . I have put my ugly mug in the last picture and a tenner in the hopes he might be considered for catch of the month. Sorry about the long winded story !!! Cheers Andy
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