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  1. Good afternoon everyone! I picked up fishing about 1-1.5 years ago, and have been lurking (not posting) on these forums for a few months now. It's been a goal of mine ever since i started taking the sport more seriously to catch a kingfish completely on my own. I got to the Malabar boat ramp at about 6am, and had my kayak in the water as the sun was just starting to come up. I had brought some frozen whole squids with me that I planned to trawl behind my kayak on my PE3 jigging setup, and I had also brought my PE1.5 snapper outfit along with an assortment of 5" soft plastics and jigheads. There were already 4 kayaks out past the headland by the time I got out there - it looked like there was some action in the area where they were all hanging about. I didn't want to crash on their spot straight away, so I spent some time casting soft plastics for snapper whilst trawling my whole squid about 5-10m off the bottom. No hits on the plastics, and the opportunity to join in on the action with the other kayakers proved too tempting. As I got closer I could see huge schools of bait being pushed up on the surface all the way along the face of the cliffs. Seriously... I've never seen so much bait on the surface... there would've been at least 4 huge schools of bait within ~100m stretch of the cliff. I spent the next couple hours casting away with my 5" jerk shads and caught a handful of bonito. I had a few hits on the squid I was trawling - but wasn't able to land anything from it. It was approaching 10am by this point, and I starting to think about heading in. I was the only kayaker left, and even though there was still plenty of bait around ... the bite seemed to have slowed down and I wasn't getting many hits. The current was very strong and I had drifted about 100-200m from where I had been fishing all morning. I decided that I would have a few more casts towards the cliffs/headland and then would be on my way. I hooked up to what felt like a very small fish, so I backed off my drag and played it out for a few minutes, however, as it approached my yak it shot off and my reel began screaming. I tightened my drag and the fight was on - it wasn't long until my first kingfish was in the kayak. I was stoked, and was trying to get a good photo of him without dropping my phone in the water. It took me a while to get this done, and by this point I just wanted to get him back in the water safely so I decided not to measure him. My estimate would be about 50-55cm. A little background about me as it is my first post. Up until recently, fishing didn't seem like the kind of hobby that would appeal to me - even though I've lived on the east coast of NSW my whole life - I would even go as far as to say that I actively DISLIKED fishing!! When I was a teenager my dad bought a boat, which in his mind meant that we were going to catch heaps of trophy fish with little effort and be back home in time for lunch. Unfortunately this dream was quickly dashed and we spent many weekends waking up at ridiculous hours and coming home empty handed for our efforts. My dad had little clue how to safely and confidently operate the boat by himself, and even less of an idea about how to catch fish. I was left to do the brunt of the work for a hobby that i had little interest in at the time (learning how to tie knots, rigs, and how to dispatch/clean fish ... etc.). So I think you can see where my dislike of the hobby originated. Some time after this I took up fishing of my own accord and began to really enjoy it (not sure what switched). Fast forward about 7 years, my dad has moved up to Queensland, he still has his boat, he's much more proficient at operating the boat... and I'm much more proficient at catching fish. So we actually work surprisingly well as a team - and I fly up to meet up with him and go fishing at every opportunity that we get. Thanks for reading my first post everyone - sorry if it was a bit rambly - I really wasn't expecting to write that much!! Cheers, TJ video-1652666279.mp4
  2. Hey Raiders, Headed out Sunday with MD to chase kingies. Launched at Roseville around 545. It was already pretty busy..... Headed to get liveys at Bradleys and there were boats everywhere, but most were fishing quite deep. We tucked in nice and close and filled up on yakkas in no time. They went particularly nuts when I put some old chicken bones in the burley pot. Heading out of the heads in a decent swell but nothing too hectic. Got to Longie and literally before I had put a livey in the water MD hooked up and had landed a rat. His livey had been in the water around 3 seconds! Good start. The next hour was pretty much non stop action. We caught about 10 kingies on liveys and unweighted squid. We had plenty of rats in the burley trail and there was a lot of bait fish around. Got one nice keeper and got dusted on my brand new Saragosa 10000. Drag was about 2/3 and I was completely smoked. Initially I could barely get the rod out of the rod holder. The line was headed towards the prop, managed to stop it and get a couple of winds in then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pop. Game over. Unfortunately we only got the one shot at a monster. Came home in pretty sloppy conditions. North Head was a complete mess. Fished the harbour for zip and called it. We were then met with an insane ramp but thankfully most people were pretty chilled. Not a bad morning. Plenty of kings about! Cheers D
  3. 10 Weeks Into A New Hobby 10 weeks ago I started fishing. First, with a hand line and a basic travel rod on the second day. A few small fish were hooked up, but the highlight of the day was meeting @DerekDand @Wes. Derek's enthusiasm for fishing is clear and he has generously shared his wealth of knowledge and abundance of experience with myself over the last 10 weeks. I've learnt what can only be described as an insane amount, and am very fortunate that I've been able to pick all this up during lockdown and have a lot of great fishing spots within 5km from home. I've made a point to explore and found over 30 places to go, and have enjoyed being out in nature. Over these 10 weeks, I've gone from knowing nothing to landing squid, flathead and a kingfish! Hopefully this will serve as inspiration or some useful information to the next person starting out. The Basics I generally have an analytical approach to things, which resonated well with Derek's philosophy - if he couldn't answer any of my questions then he needs to go find the answer. I've made sure to practice managing my tackle and knots, as getting the basics right makes you more efficient and means you can spend more time chasing fish. At the same time, I've made sure to roll my sleeves up and learn by doing - I'm not going to catch anything if the rod is in the car, and every time I go out I can learn something - even if I don't catch fish, I'll still be trying to improve my casting or knots. I've also found it's important to have a specific plan, for example: I want a fish to eat, so I'm going to try and catch a flathead. Flathead are bottom feeders and might be found on sand flats, so I need to work my lure across the bottom in these areas to have a good chance of catching one. Lures are effective for targeting specific fish, but you need the right approach and setup to match it. Rod & Reel We spoke about a few different types of rod and reels, but Derek recommended my first rod is the Atomic Arrowz AAS-270UL 3-14g 2-4kg 7'0" 2 piece with a Shimano Sedona 2500, running 4lb braid and 8lb mono leader. I absolutely love the setup, and get excellent casting distance and accuracy. The rod feels incredibly versatile. The 4lb braid actually has a much higher breaking strength than advertised, but this varies by brand. Knots I use the FG Knot to tie the braid to mono. To get up to speed quickly, I spent hours with the TV on practicing the knot. It's really worth spending time practicing in easy conditions - it suddenly gets a lot harder when you're out in the wind with cold hands. I also used the knots to lift a dumbbell off the floor to test their strength. It's surprising how much weight a small line can take. I've been using the uni knot to tie lures onto the mono without issue. Carefully doing the knot minimises line wastage, so I have to re-tie the FG / leader less frequently. Lures We primarily started out with Soft Plastic Lures - Berkley Power Bait 3 inch minnows and grubs. Alongside this, I got some metal lures: the Halco Twisty and Ecogear ZX40, a range of Yamashita squid jigs, and more recently some hard body lures. Casting Achieving both distance and accuracy is important when you're fishing off land. You've got limited places you can stand unless you know how to walk on water, and a 10% increase in cast distance means you actually cover 20% more ground, because the area is circular (radius squared). I've also learnt to cast from different positions: forehand, backhand and over my left shoulder. This lets me counteract the wind with a different casting trajectory or work around obstacles wherever I'm fishing from. It's also become natural and efficient to cast this way, so I don't physically tire or strain myself. Retrieves Derek has shown me several retrieves to get the best action out of the plastics. Whilst you can just run the plastics back, making the minnows twitch and dart like a scared baitfish grabs the attention of predators and both forces the fish to act and gives them the opportunity to do so. Fishing Spots We've also spent a lot of time talking about fishing spots - how you deal with the wind and make it work in your favour, what makes an area good or bad at different tides, and how to look out for structure, how deep weeds grow, and so on. Blackfish - Week 1 On the first day I met Derek, it was my first day of using a rod, and I was sending bait out without much luck. Derek and Wes had come out to catch Blackfish using weed with a float. Derek was happy to share what they were up to, and he'd just begun teaching Wes recently. He made light work of taking a blackfish out the water. It was clear that having an effective plan was crucial: right place, right time, right bait. Then it was Wes's turn to land a fish. Under Derek's instruction, another fish came out of the water not long after. Wes kindly lent me his rod, and I got to have a go. Despite my inexperience, some basic tips from Derek (keep it away from the structure!) helped me land a fish too. Australian Salmon - Week 2 At the end of the second week of my fishing, Derek hooked up an Australian Salmon on a 3 inch minnow and kindly handed me the rod to see if I could land it. This absolutely hooked me. It was a lot of fun to bring it in, and by the time we got it in the fish was exhausted. It's important to me to treat fish we're not keeping correctly, and we promptly released the fish rather than taking a photo. Catching Squid - Week 3 & 4 I had my mind on some recipes involving squid (more on that in a future post), so decided I'd go hunting for them. Armed with some Yamashita Squid Jigs, I set out to catch some squid. The general premise is to let the jig sink down, then twitch in back up through the water column. The squid come in and grab it, and I understand they have excellent eyesight and so prey in lower light conditions (e.g. dawn/dusk) and are fast swimmers. They also tend to travel in groups, so other squid might follow yours up, and if you're fishing in a group it's worth working together. The Yamashita squid jigs have different sink rates (which is not just their size). Density determines sink rate, and my first jig was size 2.2 with 8-9s per m sink, which takes a while if you want it to drop down 5m. There were several failed attempts going after squid - once in a strong wind where it was impossible to get a good cast in, and following a storm there was no activity (dirty water?). However, practice makes perfect. After persisting, I landed my first squid (and my first solo catch). The squid was promptly killed and prepared for lunch as calamari with chips and salad. Thankfully Derek advised me on how not to get inked, simply by ensuring the jet isn't coming towards you before softly laying the squid down. I now also have a size 2.5 jig with 4-5s per m sink rate. I strongly prefer this, as it lets me cover a lot more ground. Not only does it cast further, but the faster sink means I can work through the area better. The advantage of the slower sink rate is that it makes it easier to avoid snags if there are weeds present. I've also got a blacklight, but tend to only use it when it's darker. You can expect a future post about my squid ink risotto: Flathead for Dinner - Week 5 After landing and preparing squid, I decided I wanted to chase Flathead - which is a great eating fish and abundant in Sydney harbour. Flathead is a bottom feeder, and I targeted it using the soft plastic grubs. By running it along the bottom with twitching and darting motions then pauses, the grub becomes an easy and attractive meal. During this week, I fished a bit in Middle Harbour. I hooked and dropped a well sized flathead much to my dismay, when I was trying to figure out how to land it, and then landed a smaller flathead a couple of days later, which I returned to the water. And the end of the week, I got a legal sized flathead with returned home and got filleted. This went into a pasta dish which was delicious. Kingfish - Week 6 On the Monday of Week 6, Derek asked if I wanted to join him for an afternoon fish. It was low tide, and we went up to middle harbour and out on some rocks. Derek was aiming for some blackfish with his Fly Rod, and showing the rod to me in more detail, while I was using the Berkley Powerbait 3 inch minnows and working the water column. We noticed a splash about 15-20m offshore, and I cast in that direction and quickly worked the minnow back, making it dart with pauses. This is approach Derek used to hook the Salmon he handed me. On my second cast, the fish went for the minnow and was locked on. The first couple of runs were strong, and Derek made sure I didn't try and rush the fish back in. At this stage, we didn't know what it was, but it was taking off a decent amount of line. Although there was some structure in the area, there was enough room to let it run. I made sure to lock the butt of the rod against my forearm, so I could fight the fish efficiently. If the fish was rushed in, it'd be very hard to control near the rocks, and we knew we'd loose it on the line. After the first 3 strong runs, Derek suspected it was a king. You can feel the fish swimming along, and then almost pausing and "lining up" before it runs. Kings will try and scrape the line off against structure, or wrap the line around structure, which is why I needed to let it run and tire out in the open space. The fight kept going, and after 6 runs my arm was burning and I was putting a good amount of effort in. I kept working the fish back. The 7th run felt tired, and was a lot shorter, but I didn't rush it, and as the fish got closer, it made a last ditch 8th run which was flat out, and significantly more aggressive, and then it was done. Derek got a landing net from the car whilst I kept the fish swimming in small circles, but not letting it recover, and I then swam the king into the net and landed it. I took the king out for a photo, and it's about 55cm long. I then stepped into the water, and swam the fish, before holding it by the tail, when it then gave a kick and was released off. I felt sick to the stomach from the adrenaline, and my boots were soaked through, and I won't forget it any time soon. All in, it took about 15 minutes to land the fish (and all on a light rod and line). Catching the king was the culmination of everything I'd learned - my casting range and accuracy, the retrieve of the minnow, the line and knots holding, fighting the fish patiently like the Salmon, then safely landing the fish, handling it and returning it to the water. The next morning I woke up and my first though was... when's the next one? 2nd Rod and Hardbody Lures - Week 6 & 7 Over the next couple of weeks, we started practicing casting with my 2nd rod. The Shimano Raider 762 15-45g 5-8kg 7'6" 2 piece. Derek has kindly lent me a Shimano Sedona for practice, but I'm planning to get a Shimano Stradic 4000 on the weekend, with braid + mono leader. This rod feels like an absolute weapon, but has given me incredible casting range. We also got started with hardbody lures - the Bassday Sugapen, the MMD Splash Prawn and OSP Bent Minnow. Each lure can be retrieved in a slightly different way to get the best action, and even though we were limited in the areas I could practice, I did land a tailor with the bent minnow. It can be retrieved to swim just below the surface and then float up like a dead baitfish, making it an easy target. Bigger Flathead - Week 8 Having got better with my casting, retrieves and general confidence, Derek and I were having a casual fishing session with a nice view of the bridge and the opera house, and I pulled a 48cm flatty out of the water. This was caught on the Berkley 3inch minnow, covering ground and running it along the bottom. I returned this to the water, but was able to directly lift it out on the lightweight setup without undue strain on the rod. The One That Got Away - Week 9 I hooked up a Silver Trevally, and got it under control and ready to lift out, then... dropped it and lost it. I was rushing because a storm was rolling in, and I didn't want to wait around, but lesson learned! Alongside this, I've been refining my casting and knots further, and practicing more with hardbodies. Kingfish in the Summer - Week 10 With Summer round the corner, I've been learning techniques for chasing Kings using freshly caught squid bait, and how we can prepare the squid to use strips or the head, how we cast that out and work it back, and the usage of floats etc for setting the bait at a desired height. Hopefully as the water warms up, we'll get some bigger kings moving in. Now that the travel restrictions have eased, I'm also going yabby/nipper pumping this weekend outside of Sydney Harbour, as another source of fresh bait to use. Whilst I enjoy plastics and they're clearly effective, it's useful to have different tools depending on my objective, and how much time I have. Plastics are very low maintenance, and can just be left in the car with my other fishing gear ready to go whenever I feel like it.
  4. I have been having a lot of trouble catching my first king in the harbour and was looking for some pointers. I have hooked a few but they have managed to get away as I am using a light setup. I have been using almost only lure and want to know if going live bait will work better I also have a big 50lb setup that I could use for that. Are there any spots or things to look for I have been in sugarloaf bay in the morning when they are everywhere but cant seem to get a bite, however I do have lots of followups. There is also the spot outside sea forth not sure of the name but fishabout charters and the flyfisher always seem to be their hooked up.
  5. Hi there fellow Raiders, Last week before the heavens opened I had wanted to get offshore to the Wave Rider Buoy on the Wednesday (17 March) to see if I could get a few MahiMahi. Alas, too much work and couldn’t sneak out early. The weather was great and the water was warm. From looking at the charts it looked 24+ degrees out there. And then the rain came, and came as we all know. Fast forward a week and I was able to take Thursday (25 March) off to catch up on some time due to me - it has been a crazy time with COVID for us at the church I run in Manly. I checked the surface sea temp chart and saw the dreaded blue colour sitting off the coast of Sydney - cold water. In the previous 24 hours the water temp have plunged about 4-5 degrees! The difference a day makes. Not to be deterred and with a perfect weather day otherwise I headed out by myself yesterday. Brown water in the harbour greeted me as I launched at Little Manly. Brown water with a temp of 19.6 C at the ramp 😕. Not to be deterred Iheaded over to Fairlight and caught some live yakkas (10)in about 40 minutes. With the enough bait for myself I headed offshore hoping beyond logic that the brown cold water wouldn’t extend 10km out to sea. As the conditions were perfect it was a quick run out. Sadly the water at both the Dee Why FAD and the Wave rider was brown and cold! Flathead I thought can’t be too affected by this so I headed over to my sure bet flathead grounds. Zilch. Not even a tap after 15 minute, so on we went, next stop Long Reef. When I was catching the live bait one of the charter boats was there (Raptor) filling up on livies as well and we were chatting about our plans for the day and he said that Long Reef often fishes well after rain. When I got there I was positively surprised to see a few boats fishing - hopeful sign, and green water! I have never been so glad to see green water , so much better than brown! I had brought with me two packs of Lake Macquarie caught squid from my trip up there in February that I had vacuumed packed for king fishing. I went to my spot from my last successful trip there back in January, put the minn Kota on spot lock, put in a few baits and started to burley and waited. I didn’t;t have to wait long as about 10 minutes later my new Penn Slammer 4500 loaded with 30lb braid and 40lb leader started to move and then sprung to life as a serious fish took off. With drag pealing off I hardly had time to lift the rod before it reefed me on the Wall. 😫. I had probably 11kg of drag on the line when it hit and it hardly stopped it - big king I thought. 5 minutes later the Shimano 8500 Baitrunner goes off. It also had 30lb broad with 40 leader. As with the last fish it was headed straight for the Wall with the drag screaming. With a fair bit of line already gone and knowing I was about to be reefed again I locked down on the spool with my hand and the line just exploded. Big fish #2 gone 😡. I was fishing at this stage with squid heads and I reloaded both rods with fresh bait and set them out in the burley trail and sat back to wait. In about 5 minuets the Penn went off with the reel again screaming. Given that this was the first serious fish it had hooked and has 30lbs drag, i was impressed with how smooth it was. This time I managed to pick up the rod quicker and managed to turn the head before it hit the wall. I then slowly got some line back and was feeling hopeful until the fish decided enough was enough and promptly headed down this time and reefed me again. Big fish #3 GONE! While this was happening other boats had joined the fun with 3 charter boats slow trolling livies. All of them were hooking up so I thought why not join the fun as after the 3rd fish it went quiet for 30 minutes. Sadly I hadn’t;t brought by heaviest rod as I was thinking MahiMahi and the Talica 12 was home in the garage. But I still had the Saragossa 10,000 that was spooled with 65lb braid. I had a livie on it the whole time the rods were going off and nothing touched it 😞 . But now was its time to shine. With a poor mans down river set up deployed I followed the conga line of boats slow trolling livies up and down the Long Reef wall with a whole dead squid attached. I hadn’t;t even reached the end of the firwst run before the thump on the Gosa’ rod could be heard and we were on. King for sure I thought and after a good battle managed to net it by myself. 63cm. Blow. But i thought to myself- it’s start. So a fresh squid was baited up and off we went again. 1 minute later - bang - another king. This one went 66cm and was quickly bled to take home for dinner. Next squid on and another 1 minute troll and bang again. This one felt bigger. It wasn;t able to pull any of the line with the drag wound up but was a serious fish the way it pulled. It went 69cm. After that it went quiet and I thought the fish are here in this new spot so I spot locked and fished with the Penn with a squid head. Bang - on again and this time managed to land it. 63cm again so back in it went. By this time it was time to head in. Final days count was 7-7-4. & kingfish hooked and fought. 4 landed. Excited by the reality of how many kings there were there at Long Reef (everyone was hooking up in the time I was there), I snuck out again this morning. With high tide at 7:15am, I thought I can be there on the tide change and I had more fresh squid in the freezer so no need to catch livies. So today I headed out again, with one of my staff on board on our day off, full of excitement for what the day could hold. The drive over to Long Reef was amazing with the sun rising behind clouds and the sea having more swell. But when we got there, the water temp had plunged even further to 18.5 and the colour had gone “Hawksbury River Brown”! As soon as we got there I new it was going to be a struggle. I down rigged 2 fresh whole squid for 2 hours for not one touch from a king! The difference a day makes. With nothing happening and my staff member now sea sick we can in early, cleaned the boat and sashimi kingfish from yesterdays catch! for those heading out this weekend - the weather looks good in terms of wind and swell, but the water is flowing south and the brown water from the floods was well and truly affecting things today. But you never know if you never go - because that is the difference that a day can make. The Rev
  6. @swordfisherman and @nbdshroom often go fishing, here are two videos. shroom does excellent videos of his fishing adventures on his YouTube channel. He is also on facebook, instagram, twitter, TikTok Go and subscribe, follow, view etc on social media channels for his other videos Pete was a moderator for several years on fishraider and he is doing a great job educating and informing about aspects of catching fish on his channels.
  7. G'day guys, I'm heading up to Coffs next week and am hoping to target some Mahi Mahi, Kingfish or Mackerel. I was wondering if anyone had any reports from the FAD and if anyone could point me in the right direction for some yakkas/slimys before we head out? I was also thinking about trying some of the closer bommies with the downrigger. Any advice or area information would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. So Sunday me and a mate decided to go fishing possibly land based at Rose Bay, took the origami boat just incase. Got there and the conditions were perfect for boating so we set the bugger up in 20 mins and got out there. I really didn't care today if I caught anything that day just wanted to get my pal out fishing. He turned up with a broken tip rod and very little experience. It was calm partly cloudy not too hot not too cold, water temp 20°. Seen some fly fishos on the flats possibly chasing Whiting so we drifted and tried to catch something on the sugapens but gave up quickly. So we went for around the bays seen a fair few rock fishos and boats around so we chilled there. I was just leisurely casting a slow fall jig and caught a medium sized squid completely by chance and hardly hooked on. Had my heavy outfit (80lb line 100lb leader), with me so tried a live bait with a 7/0 hook chucked some flathead frames as burley chopped up, about 15 20 mins later there was action after not expecting anything at all. I could hardly lift the rod out of my makeshift rod holder something huuge on the end! The fight lasted around 4 mins was difficult because its hard to stand up in my boat without falling over, I had no net and crowd of kayakers watching me, the pressure was on. My mates first proper fishing experience the first king on the origami boat and the dream fish I've been chasing for nearly 2 years! All we got was 1 squid and 1 big PB King totalling 101cm had to come home fast because it was too big for the esky. This was very much down to the experience and knowledge I have gained from the lads I've met on Fishraider. Its all about the Kings! ❤ Next up 1.2m 1.4 King and the 2m
  9. We started off on Friday night gathering only three squid. We slept on the boat at a public mooring and got up at 3:45. We headed towards our squiding grounds and got 25 squid in a few drifts. We then headed towards some of our kingie spots and at the first spot we marked a schoolof big kings. I got first drop and chucked down a live squid. After trolling it for about 30 seconds it got taken. On 6.5kg of drag and 60lb leader it was pulling drag very quickly. I tightened up but a bit too late and it got me in the structure. Next drop was my mates, down went the live squid and even more drag. The squid was down there for about 45 seconds and boom, on. The fish only manged to pull a couple clicks of drag and ended up measuring 80cm. Then I landed a 71cm and we continued to land many kings throughout the morning. We got done a couple times by what we are calling metre kings due to people around us landing some over a metre. Lesson learnt is to go more drag, heavier leader if fish aren't line shy and hold on. All fish were realesed and the ones over 70 were tagged and sent back. Good to see the bigger ones coming back over a winter full of rats and the odd big one.
  10. Sup boys I'm an experienced fisherman, hoping to catch a trip with others. I have my own gear and tackle and would be more than happy to be a deckie/assist others on the trip. Done most of my fishing in NZ, north island but I've moved here now hoping to continue what I enjoy doing. Happy to split costs. PM
  11. Gday all, looking to chase kingfish land based during winter and help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am down to use lures or baits just want a kingy. Am able to fish Sydney harbour and middle harbour at the moment my land based out fit is a 9’6 crostage pe 1.5-3.5 and a spheros 8k spooled with 40lb braid
  12. Just arrived in Nambucca this afternoon and had a look at the breakwall, looks good with lots of current. Just wondering if anyone knows of any kings being caught around there recently or Jews, I have my 60lb gear with along with some big stickbaits and slapstix. Where should I start?
  13. Been fishing hard these couple of months been trying to chase jewies but still no luck landbased. However few days ago did manage to hook up to what I believe was a big kingy I would say easy 80cm plus on my bg6500 . Was fighting for a good few 15 to 20 minutes, so close to landing but ended up cutting me off by the pylons. Did manage to catch a few other kingies though one 65 and one 74cm. Other night caught a few big breams one being 41cm my pb and 38cm tailor. Also caught random eel and blue swimmer by catch.
  14. Hi all Just a quick report on a trip even if the kingfish was undersize last Wednesday. Left Patonga boat ramp about 7am with a smooth ride over a moderate swell straignt past West head due to the swell and safe boating fishing solo. I decided to head for Palm Beach Ferry whalf to get a squid for bait. After a couple of casts I found a small squid and decided to slow troll mid water around the moored boats. Half way through the mooring my rod bends over so I drag it into open water and start playing the fish. Short fight on heavy line produced a 60cm King with amazing purple hues down it's side. After a quick photo and a swim release and cam back to the Wharf and scored a small cuttlefish who also got a mid water tour of the mooring. No luck in Palm beach so whalf I headed to Careel bay and tried to find the wreck off the Tomahawk but no much. Decided a quick trip to Scottland Island for one more slow troll before the bad weather hit without a touch. No bait and no signs of any life so I started home but the storm caught up and passed me. An interesting trip down the Western side of Pittwater and with cold rain bUcketing down and a rather hairy crossing of the hawkesbury saw me safe and back on dry land. Looks like the wind will stop me from getting out thus weekend but you never know. Cheers Matt
  15. With work imposing forced leave, I took the opportunity to fish with the kayak gang during my holidays. I was supposed to meet the guys at the ramp by 6am but I had trouble sleeping the night before and woke up late 5:45am! With only 15mins to get ready I messaged the guys that I would be late and not to wait up for me. Made it to the ramp by 6:20 and they were still getting ready, phew. On the way to catch livies we sounded a school of bait in the middle of the channel, a quick drop and I hook just one sardine and the school quickly disappeared. The next few hours we spend ages trying to catch live bait with no luck. One of the guys decided he wanted a head start and went straight to the main channel to chase jewfish and snapper. It wasn't long before we got word he hooked up to a 40cm snapper and undersized jewie. We quickly headed over and started to drift our baits across the channel. I managed to hook a pan sized snapper 32cm on squid, but no luck on the jewfish. One of my mates manages to catch another 2 jewfish on strips of squid but they are undersized and released. We ran into a regular jewfish chaser who told us that kings were busting up further up channel, we thanked him and made our way quickly to the spot. I dropped my squid baits down and hooked a nice Maori Rockcod and many Bigeyes. I caught Bigeyes on squid, slowjig and sabiki, there was no way to avoid them. One of the guys caught a yakka on sabiki only to have a kingfish steal it from under him. About 30mins later he manages to convert a dead sardine into a 69cm kingfish. It took me about 30mins to finally catch some yakkas on sabiki. I send one back down while working the sabiki rod. A few minutes later the rod buckles over and the reel is screaming. Up comes a 67cm kingfish, a keeper which is dispatched, bled and iced. I send another live yakka down and within a minute the live bait rod buckles over and the reel is screaming again. This time a just legal kingfish 65cm, this one is released to grow bigger. I send another live yakka down and it doesn't take long for the rod to buckle over again, unfortunately no hook up. By this time the wind had really picked up and the kings soon disappeared so we moved spots to target jewfish again. Half a dozen drifts I land baby jewfish on squid which released. The kingfish was eaten as sashimi, the bigeye was filleted and eaten as battered fish. The maori rockcod was steamed and fantastic eating, it's such a rare catch for Sydney given how cold it is compared to Queensland. Another great session on the kayak
  16. What started out as a below average session turned out to be a great day on the yak. We were on the water by 6:30am, with a forecast of moderate winds and some rain. Luckily no rain, but it was windy every now and then which settled to a breeze by the arvo. We located the wreck but we all struggled to catch any live bait, all day! I suspect the rain we received yesterday chased all the bait away or maybe its just the full moon, who knows! Even with burley I couldn't catch any livies, but I did manage pinkies, leather jackets, bream and a legal trevally all on the sabiki rig with tiny bits of squid as bait. One of my friends managed to catch one yakka which eventually got converted into a rat. Towards the afternoon things were not looking any better so we relocated to a deeper spot. Whilst trying to catch squid I sounded some fish in the channel approx 27m deep. 1st drop resulted in a 67cm jewfish on a strip of squid. Not long after that another jewfish 60cm. Then my mate manages a 72cm jewfish on slowjig. Eager to catch a keeper,I kept a close eye on the sounder and I managed to locate the school again, quickly dropped my line and hooked up straight away. 3rd time lucky this one measured 71cm. Happy days, finally a keeper. Not long after that, another fishing buddy of mine hooks a 79cm jewie. We were back at the boat ramp by 4:30pm, it was a long day on the yak, but much needed exercise after spending the past 3 weeks working from home and snacking on everything in the cupboard.
  17. Hey, I'm about to take a trip down to Jervis bay in a few weeks I was wondering if anybody knows any good wharf, jetty , or easy accesible cliffs to fish at. Gonna be there for a week is there anything I should know? I have research Murray beach boat wharf and husskison wharf any idea if there any good? Looking to fish for squids, kingys, jewies or anything of decent size there.
  18. Hey guys, heading down to manly and just asking about fishing spots around there? Do the rocks at manly cove produce good stuff.Squid? Flathead? Or is it worth flicking SP’s at the manly cove beach? Open to all info because I’m a bit new to this area. Ps , (I will have 2 outfits with me, a light Pelagic rod (8kg rod, 15lb braid 30lb leader and I will also have a lighter rod (2-4kg 8lb braid 12lb leader) I’m mainly looking for squid and flathead, but also wouldn’t mind having a crack at those kings or really anything that bites and fights 😀 Thanks Will
  19. Headed out Sunday in the new 5m CC for its first fish. Very very excited. Wind was up but ramp was empty at 515am so a great start to the day. Fished with Reelcrazy and Pickles, both whom I met through Fishraider. Fished the harbour, collecting yakkas and squid for a couple of hours. Small jigs on the drift did the damage on the squid boating around 7 candy sized and one considerably bigger. Yakkas were plentiful. Cruised around the various drums/bouys/wedding cakes without much luck. Not a heap of bait present and no arches. Around 11am we were around sow and pigs and before we could blink had a large strip bait hammered by a good fish....then another bait.......then halfway through there fight, the third rod went off. Queue 20 minutes of mayhem........ then it shut off instantly. No more bites and a blank sounder. Outcome. 5 fish boated between 68 and 86cm. 2 lost at the rail, 2 smoked us, one likely sharked by something massive. Fisherman all home grins ear to ear. New boat well and truly christened. Cheers D
  20. Hi all, I have recently picked up fishing after a good few years off and am looking for some local advice about the reefs, fish seasons and they way to fish for certain fish I was allowed to get a 510 Ocean spirit this year. I have been fishing out of Terrigal and Brisbane waters mostly. When I head out of Terrigal I have been fishing Foggies, Tuggerah reef and Terrigal/Forries tank. When I head out of Brisbane waters I fish Box head for yakka and then head out to west reef. I have been fishing for Kingfish, Mulloway/Jew and Snapper at these spots. I usually use live yakka / whole pilchards on a running rig with a fluorocarbon leader and fish 3 – 10 meters off the bottom. I have also tried jigging at these spots for kings and only been hit once with a short run before it got away. I have tried spinning at these reefs but barracuda type fish seem to be a plague proportions at the minute. At this point I’ve only been able to get a few decent snapper from these spots usually on pilchards. I’ve been fishing marks I usually find on the net, I have been getting on the marks and sounding around to find nearby structure on the bottom or school fish nearby the marks and remarking the spots for myself. In saying that other than a few good reds I haven’t been able to bring home any decent fish. My goal is to learn how to get Kingfish, mulloway and snapper from my local spots. At the spots that I listed I have been told the bonito come on around December and to hold on till then but also been told by local fishing shops that the kings, mulloway and snapper should be at these marks mostly all year round. Can anyone give us some info on these reefs re what is typically caught there and at what times of the year. Does anyone have any tips, tricks for fishing for these fish or spots to recommend for this young central coast local!
  21. Hello all, I'm new on here and have spent a load of time reading up on advice etc however looking for some specific info for fishing JB area particularly at either Abrahams Bosom or Honeymoon bay, will be heading that way this coming long weekend with a mate and we are keen to have a crack at some kingies mainly. Has this area been fishing ok and what have you got results with? Appreciate any help I can get! Cheers.
  22. Hi Fishraiders, Saturday evening, while sitting in a bar, I got a call from a good fishing buddy Mat asking if I was free the next day for a chance at a 1m kingfish. While very short notice (found out later someone had pulled out of the planned trip) the plans I had for Sunday could be changed pretty easily. Said I was in and we made some initial plans. Went home and sorted out some food and gear for the trip and set the alarm for 4am. Mat rocked up at mine and we put the gear in my car, left his new car in my garage then drove West to Mark’s place where the boat was stored. Bit chilly when we arrived with frost on the grass. Loaded up the gear, topped up the fuel tanks and then drove North. If you have ever seen one of those posts “Tag a mate who falls asleep when fishing” then I’m usually the one that gets tagged. True to form I fell asleep on the back seat. Woke up as we were in the Gosford area. At one stage we were discussing trailer handling and I told the lads about the time I was at Tunk’s park boat ramp and an older couple with what looked to be a recently acquired boat show special were struggling with the ramp. She was directing and after about six attempts I realised they were going to be there for a while so I lined my trailer with the other half of the ramp and put it in first go. The lady pointed at her husband to get his attention then pointed at me and very helpfully told her husband “that is how you do it”. The boys laughed. When we got to the ramp I could see why three people were needed. There was enough water surging around the ramp that you or your boat could quickly get into trouble. With Mat on the boat at the controls and Mark and myself in the water we managed to launch the boat safely. Mark asked if I could park up the trailer as the parking area was getting a little crowded and as per my earlier anecdote I reckoned I was pretty good handling a car and trailer. I got the chance to put the money where the mouth was or more accurately the trailer in the spot. To be fair I think Mark was very capable of doing it himself but as the boat and trailer was a relatively new acquisition he needed just a little more confidence that comes with experience. My usual technique is looking over the shoulder rather than using the mirrors. I’d had a cyst removed from my neck on Friday evening and due to the stitches and plaster feeling a bit tight I had to turn the whole body to look over the shoulder – uncomfortable but workable. While I could have driven it straight in that meant the challenge would have been at the end of the day. With a couple of adjustments to work around the parked cars it went smoothly in trailer first. We then boarded the boat from the beach and made the long trip to the bait grounds 200 metres later we’d arrived at the bait grounds. We would have been there quicker but there was a group of swimmers that seemed to think swimming in front of a boat ramp wasn’t a potential safety hazard. 11m deep and plenty of fish showing on the sounder. In went the burley and down went the lines and shortly afterwards we started pulling up some yellowtail. There were even some 30cm plus ones which I looked at with a 1m king gleam in my eyes. Too many for the live well so we put some of the larger ones in my salt water filled esky (after removing the food). Heading out of the bay to the fishing ground we were fortunate enough to see a few whales moving North. Trip out took about an hour and when we pulled up we were over structure in about 160m of water. Local advice is that kings hang around this as it is only structure in the area (no I don't know what it is called or have the GPS marks). There was apparently a fishing competition on that day so we were surprised to find we were the only boat out there. First pass with live yellowtails Mat hooked up and then snagged up on the structure. Neither fish nor working end of the tackle came back. We were using stupidly heavy leads to get down before we drifted over the structure. I was using my 80lb outfit with 100lb leader through the sinker to a swivel then dropped down to 80lb line to the hook. The intention with this rig was that if I snagged up I was likely to lose just the hook and the line below the swivel. It worked as I retained the sinker for the whole day. Counting down I worked out it was taking over a minute for the livies to reach the bottom. Next pass my hook didn’t come back and it looked like the line had been bitten and we thought it was likely to be leatherjackets (bugger). A re-rig, another bridle rigged livie down and this time there was a hook-up and I was on. Some weight but it didn’t feel like a 1m king would. After a hundred plus meters of pumping and winding and got colour and what a beautiful colour it was complete with a yellow tail and I even got my livie back (should that count as 2 yellowtails albeit of 2 different species). Netted and my king count for 2018 was up to 7 with still a few hours of fishing on the cards. It was legal but not by a huge amount. Mark then sent down a livie and upgraded it for a legal king. Mat was struggling a little and losing gear. We’d also get hook ups but then have the hook pull. At one stage we heard a blast of venting air and turned around to see a whale much smaller than any I have seen out there before. It was about 5m long and certainly not a dolphin and Mark called it as a pilot whale. We weren’t getting a king every pass but often enough that it kept things interesting. All the kings were legal but not hugely so although they were pretty broad across the shoulder. They also looked a bit more silver than I had seen before. The winds eased up and the swells flattened out and we had a beautiful albatross bobbing about nearby and keeping us company. Mat then scored his king and Mark changed to jigging and started getting a few more kings. Mat and Mark had double hook-up but I let the team down by not making it a triple. On the next pass I caught my second king. Two livies left for the last few passes as time was running out with 7 kings in the esky. No joy and time up so we let the last livies go. The run back in was pretty good and we were fortunate enough to see a pod of dolphins. The sun was dropping down and glaring through the windscreen by the time we were close to the boat ramp. I changed back into my shorts so I could jump into the water and hold the boat against the surging swell. Mark hopped out with me and before we went up to get the car we watched one of the locals struggling to get his boat back on his trailer so I stepped in to give him a hand (which is sometimes all you need to make a difference). Since we took the time to park the trailer in the first place we had no trouble getting it out of the parking area and down the ramp. With Mark on the winch, me in the water and Mat driving the boat in, putting the boat on the trailer went as smooth as you could ask for. We set the safety chain, ratchet straps, indicator check and Mark asked if I minded driving back to Sydney. Considering that he’d done pretty well all the driving till then I was happy to drive back. On the way back he had the usual manly discussions. Cars, recipes for kingfish, best domestic cleaning products, how our significant others don’t quite get us and multi-layered roles we are having to cope with in today’s complicated political correct society (alright not the last two). Back at Mark’s I got the opportunity to back the boat into the driveway on a cul-de-sac with poor lighting, limited view out the passenger window because of the baby window shade. Even with the two of them acting as spotters it was a challenge. I had to hop out of the car twice to check the alignment. Maybe I’m not quite as good as I thought I was but got it lined up and into the driveway without any scrapes. Mark’s lovely wife Amanda was there to greet us and watch us unload the boat. Mat laid out the 7 kings on a towel and it was such a nice sight I took the picture below. I don’t actually eat fish but I had some recipients in mind for the two I was keeping. My long term fishing mate Todd and the mate that stood on the stingray, Anton “First Cast” M. Mat was going to keep one and then give the other to another couple in our fishing group that often shared their catches with him. Todd was pleasantly surprised to get a king as he loves eating them and he called me up with a thank you today. Anton filleted his and enjoyed the taste of fresh sushi. He has family in town so I suspect they will be eating a meal of fresh kingfish. All in all a fantastic day and I was grateful for the opportunity to get out there and I hope I get to join them again. My kingfish count is at 8 with 10 more to go to achieve my fishing goal of 18 kingfish in 2018. Still working on my other goal of a 1m plus king and more importantly I'm still enjoying the journey. Regards, Derek
  23. G'day guys, I'm back again with another report where I get into some strife (including smokings lol) on the Parramatta River once again. Using my 2-4kg 7' foot rod and 6lb line and leader which I had intended to chase bream with, I ran into a school of legal kings inshore and it was mayhem for a short half hour. I was doing my usual repertoire of small hops and letting the lure hit the bottom when I got a super solid hookup as a kingfish took a liking to a Zman slim swimz in midnight oil (new release colour this year). It hit the ground running and there wasn't anything I could do but hold on and hope. It wasn't a surprise when the fish got me tangled on a rock out on a dropoff and I was mentally resigned to simply waiting for the moment the line would snap... except it didn't! I thought that was tense moment but it escalated. It suddenly freed itself off the rock and went for another blistering run and I had my heart in my mouth! Not sure whether to feel relieved or even more worried at the handicap (leader all roughed up from the rock) I was now burdened with, I just tried my best to carry on. Finally after a tense struggle of trying to land the fish, I was able to land it to my relief! Thanks for reading guys!
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