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  1. I have been having a lot of trouble catching my first king in the harbour and was looking for some pointers. I have hooked a few but they have managed to get away as I am using a light setup. I have been using almost only lure and want to know if going live bait will work better I also have a big 50lb setup that I could use for that. Are there any spots or things to look for I have been in sugarloaf bay in the morning when they are everywhere but cant seem to get a bite, however I do have lots of followups. There is also the spot outside sea forth not sure of the name but fishabout charters and the flyfisher always seem to be their hooked up.
  2. G’day raiders, After fishing Tuesday and doing ok. Me and @Rodeohatched a plan to try get out today as the forecast for the next week looks crap and I’m off to Coffs for more kids sport! We got the all clear from our wives and double checked the weather. Forecast: 12-16 knot easterly and 1m swell. My mate wasn’t keen on the wind (me either) but I was going no matter what. Turned up to the ramp with a slight breeze, launched the boat, go around the corner and pretty much blew our hats off! Kept pushing on and steadily exited the heads and made our way to the bait grounds in pitch dark conditions. Found the bait hard to come by and only managed 3 livies as the first light approached. Made the call to head straight up to the island knowing that it was going to be a longer trip than normal and praying the wind didn’t kick up any further. As we approached our mark we could see fish busting up everywhere so I said, drop a livie out and we slow trolled it. Well that lasted 30 seconds and onboard comes a Mack tuna. Finally got to our intended drift and it was on for young and old. I’m on, he’s on, livie screaming, doubles on deck flapping around whilst we fight the live bait rod. Absolute mayhem!!! A few for the esky then reset the drift. Between resetting, we trolled lures and they were getting smashed too! So much fun! Next drift, and my mate goes I’m onto a good snaps here scratch! So I wound up and waited for him to land the fish, didn’t want the kaos of the last drift. So he plays it out and the fish went from good snaps to, o think it’s a king and the we get sight of it............. the bars don’t lie and it’s a friggen Spanish mackerel on a snapper stick. Whooooooo as the gaff goes in!!! Hi 5’s and a few choice words, then some photos and back into it. Lost another Spanish on the live rod (no wire) then the kings turned up as the sun was now getting higher in the sky! We had enough for a feed and did a little bit more trolling but called it a day and was back at the ramp by 930. What a cracking morning for the both of us and a day we won’t forget in a hurry! Thanks for reading, cheers scratchie!!!
  3. G’day raiders, Headed out this morning early with @Rodeoto beat the expected boat traffic with the sea conditions looking mint. We could see a heap of bait on the sounder but in the dark we couldn’t entice them. We did however manage a heap of garfish as a substitute. Headed straight to the island and a first cast special for scratch, and we had a nice 50cm pannie in the box. Kept drifting but we didn’t see what we were looking for, so time to move! Well the next spot was red hot and there were fish busting everywhere. I cast out and was on to a thumper snaps. So my mate winds in quickly and bang! He’s on to a nice kingy. So we are doubled up and then the livie screams off! Oh no, what to do? Well, I’m confident that mines an 80+cm snapper, so my mate locks up his king and it gets off! Picks up the live bait rod, gooooone! Then within sight of the boat, the worst feeling on the world.... grinding on the line and pop! 😢😢 Oh well, it’s all happening so we reset the drift and seriously same result. This time I land a cracking snapper, he gets a decent 70cm+ king and we land a good size mac tuna on the live bait rod. Lol 😝 We work the area picking up a few more snapper and a heap of kings and plenty of dustings. In fact, the amount of good fish we’ve lost in the last two trips has been embarrassing. So it was good to get a few on the deck! Packed up around 1030 and took a scenic tour along the beach on the way home! Thanks for reading, cheers scratchie!!!
  4. Hi there New to this fishing site and looking for a fishing buddy. New to North side of Sydney ( Brookvale), so don’t really know any fishing spots at all. Thinking to take my kayak out but 2 is always better than 1 in the water. So if anyone else willing or doing kayak fishing alone, we can fish side by side. We sure can help each other a lot. cheers MD
  5. Just wondering if any members care to share their experiences of fishing on the DPI artificial reefs off Cronulla, Sydney Heads and around Botany Bay. Personally I haven't fished them (other than for slimies off Sydney Heads). I would be interested to hear how others have found them for kings, reds etc and the techniques that are best used when fishing them (such as anchoring off them and berleying, drifting over and throwing plastics, jigging etc). Have they had the impact on catches that we had hoped for?
  6. Left the ramp at 5am for 1 mission and 1 mission only, successfully hook a kingi and get it in the boat for my cousins first king(and let him fight it). Grabbed some Pillies on the way to the ramp and as soon as we got there we headed to spot x and gathered some squid, one decent squid in that spot and off we were to another spot, got 6 squid out of that spot and 3 were humungous so we had enough baits for the day. Fished for more squid cause there was still 2hours till high tide and nothing. 2hours later headed to the kingi spot near north head and as soon as we got there every boat was hooked up, dropped a bait in 14.2m and BOOM the rod buckles like a freight train hit it and unfortunately lost that fish as my cousin wasn't that experienced with kings he didnt know they ran straight to the bottom and he got cut off. Next fish was a massive ray and maritime came near us and took a pic of us fighting the machine on the end of the rod and posted it on facebook, hook pulled and off it goes. Next bait was a hard fighting kingi and the rod almost slipped out of my cousins hand😄😄. Pulled it up and this was the result. 58cm was the length and released it. Next bait dropped and if we hooked up it was my brothers fight and we did, quickly tought him how to use and overhead reel and 2mins later we had a king in the boat. 57cm was length and released it. Next was my turn and always save the best for last and landed this 60cm rat. Fishing was quiet soon after and headed to one white drum in the harbour and bait was dangling from the boat and a king came topwater and we were on.. for 1 second. Kings were everywhere on the sounder and 1king soon after. Called it a day as we had no more bait and actually forgot about the pillies so we left and headed back to the ramp.
  7. Hi All. Heading to Jervis Bay with my brother for 10 days after Anzac Day. Was wondering if anyone has been getting a few kings "inside" the bay ie Point Perp, Middle Grounds, Longnose etc? Not after specific locations, just info if they are still around in numbers? As want to minimise the amount of gear we take down if they aren't really about. Also any squid about at the moment? Should we take down extra jigs due to jackets biting you off? Last year at the same time we lost 22 jigs in 7 days, was a expensive BUT rewarding trip. Any info would be greatly appreciate, not after specifics just a general heads up if anyone has any info. A HUGGGGEEE thanks in advance to anyone that could shed some light on the situation down their at the moment. Happy Easter! Dan
  8. Last week I posted on the lack of large salmon schools. However they are around. Also some heavy Kings. On the weekend we got reefed with two big fish our guide estimated at over 1m. Just monstered the gear, unstoppable on 80lb line See attached shot from today at Darling Pt warf. Note not my fish! A good catch for the dedicated fisher this morning!
  9. Hey Guys, I'm based out of neutral bay and have been really wanting to chase some Kings. (LANDBASED) I have tried Pillies and a few other bait but realised where l have been going there is a fair few Yakkas. I wanted to know if anyone had ANY great advice on what is the best Rigs / Bait setup to chase them. eg - how to hook a Yakka correctly and what method to use to maximise the length of there life in the water swimming around I really want to land a few good ones before l move on to targeting my next fish. Any advice is greatly appreciated - If you would like to get together and chase a few Kings with me please do so l would love the company!
  10. Hi again fellow Raiders On the last day of my holidays and having just returned from Jervis Bay I decided a quick fish on Sydney Harbour was in order. I had a few squid baits left over from the trip down south and thought I might find a good king on one of the markers. Unfortunately the squid got picked to pieces by small fish so Plan B was to hit sow and pigs and try for some bream and trevalley. On my 10lb Bream Rod baited up with an unweighted cube of bonito caught the other day - all of a sudden it took off like a rocket. At first I thought monster bream. It kept taking line. Rat King? Half my line on the spool of my 2500 Shimano Symetre was now gone and the characteristic tail thumbs on the kingfish was well in evidence and I knew I was onto a good fish. After a 10-15 minute slog I finally had him to the boat and into the net. He measured 77 cm and ended up weighing 4kg and fed 8 of us tonight for dinner. It was a PB on my light rod. cheers the Rev
  11. Late report, I've been busy cleaning n cooking fish and muddys? Went out Friday with my mate and his dad, only 2 squid early so we made a run nth of the hacking along the cliffs to be ready for HT, caught 15 plus kings with 4 being legal, bouncy as all hell but that's king fishing, fish of the day went to the old fella, 62cm snapper, made his day as he also managed to snap his sons rod whilst being snagged and high sticking? Successful and productive day for the 3 of us as we haven't been out this year . ? Since I had plenty of FRESH frames, which would be a sin to freeze, over Friday and sat night we got 7 crabs , released 2 big females and cooked up 5. To say we had a feast last night would be an understatement, but with kids running around, beers and watching the V8's, best Sunday arvo I've had in a while ?
  12. Like Tdogz, ive been out in JB fishing for Kings the past week. Caught a heap of rats between 50-64cm (25 sent back to grow bigger) and just one keeper at 68cm. Most fish were caught on fresh squid I caught each morning. Even though they weren’t big - they can still pull hard! Here is what happens when you put a green king in the boat when you have forgotten to put the lid back on the chicken pellets used to burley up yakkas!
  13. G'day fishraiders, I'm hopefully heading down to Callala bay for a night or so in a few weeks and would like to hit a couple of spots for pelagics. If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me. I have a newly acquired 9ft shimano to try out sometime soon!
  14. Hi people, Went spinning today off Bare Island Botany Bay,didn't catch anything but I saw a few 1 meter King Fish crashing through the surface around the bombora,too far out for me,any boaties might be interested,was about 9am on the run in tide,3 hours before high tide.
  15. Guest


    Happy New Year to ALL ! Got up this mourning/midday...lol.. & looked at the weather outside , Wasn't looking crash hot but with no wind around I thought WHAT BETTER WAY TO START A NEW YEAR THAN GO FOR A FISH !! I thought I might just head out myself to Botany for a quick fish & leave the Family to chill out around the house since I haven't fished for over a MONTH !!! But I was gladly surprised when the rest of the family wanted to tag along. So Hooked up the boat & we were off . Got to the ramp without much traffic & was pleasantly surprised not to see it PACKED. So after a quick launch right on high tide we motored along to the 3rd Runway anchored up & set a burley trail with all rods baited with Pilly tails & strips of yakkas . I only brought out the bream rods today but the kings found our offerings more Tempting & within minutes I was onto a nice little rat king which was Awesome on 4lb set up ... & sad to say that's all we managed all day was Undersize rat kings & 1 Legal trevally which the wife caught . The yakkas did turn up in there millons which kept all the kids amused for hours on hand lines . The rain started just after 4 so we made the call to head home, A short trip But it was a great way to start the New Year with day out with the family ......
  16. Hi guys, My mate and I fished two full mornings down sydney harbour between xmas and new years. Went to our usual bait spots, clifton, tarronga and back up middle harbour and couldn't find any lives.landed a few squid at clifton another day and put them out looking for. Kings at south head and wedding cake. No love.. my question is where where is all the bait nd kings at the moment? Usually see heaps of yaks but didn't see 1! Any one else having same trouble?
  17. Hey guys, A few days ago a mate and I headed out to Pittwater to try and get amongst some winter kings. We left the boat ramp, heading north and hugging the eastern shoreline. We motored up to Clareville, where we saw a tight flock of birds hovering over the surface. Under them was a small school of kings, feeding on eyes. Using my 9 weight, I threw in a squid fly, and on the second cast hooked up. After a 5 minute fight I had a 66 cm king in the boat, my first since december last year! It was a good reward for the freezing weather! The kings went down during the fight, so I couldn't have another go at the school. We motored north, heading for Lion Island, where we hoped to find salmon at the last of the lowering tide. No cigar, but immense amounts of bait and mutton birds. We then headed to Barrenjoey Headland, armed with 6 weights and weed flies to catch my first blackfish on fly. After 20 minutes of casting and on the brink of low tide, I hooked up to a blackfish I'd estimate it to be in the mid to high 30s, buy you guys be the judge. On the run home, we found a school of kings, which looked more akin to the hectare sized schools of salmon off north head. All between approximately 60 cm and perhaps 90 cm long, they were feeding off the smallest of bait and after a few tries with the squid fly that had worked in the morning, I downsized to a much smaller surf candy. Due to the size and weight of the calamari fly, I had a heavy and short leader, with a 20 lb tippet. As I didn't want to spook the kingfish, a lighter 12 lb tippet was tied onto the previous tippet giving a longer, lighter leader. The hook of the surf candy was also very small. We chased the school for 30 minutes, but the kings had a serious case of lockjaw. Eventually, I threw in a cast where the fly was headed to the most intense part of the boil, and I knew, before it even landed that it was the one. I hooked up to a king, and bearing in mind the light tackle, had to keep him off the bottom, yet still keep my light leader intact. After a 10 minute fight, up came a 70 cm king, which was also a new pb. It was a great day out and broke a month long drought for me.
  18. G'day Raiders, I went to Nelson Bay on Saturday to take advantage of the awesome weather that was predicted. I didn't plan to take the day very seriously and I couldn't take my big gear anyway because my ute is still being repaired. I had my Loomis 4-7kg and Caldia 3000 though, which can handle most things. Got there just before high tide and I hadn't even finished rigging the lines for my mrs and young fella and my mate was onto something huge on his Bream stick. After a 10-15 second reel screaming run, his leader got shredded on the rocks. Seconds later, a big bust up happened right in front of us and they were Kings....big ones. I frantically rigged up the lines and I put a flick bait on my heaviest set up and we were on! The unweighted fresh prawns on the Bream rods got smashed and everyone got dusted. They wouldn't touch the plastics or metals or anything with 20-30lb leader. The 8lb leader was no match for the oyster covered rocks so I was praying to hook up to a smaller one. While we were re rigging yet another bust off, the guy beside me hooks up to a smaller one on his 1000 sienna with 6lb braid and cheapo 1-3kg rod. He had no net and neither did I so I went to give him a hand and also some guidance as he was very inexperienced. 15 minutes later we see the fish and it turned out to be the dumbest (and kindest) King ever, avoiding the rocks completely. I got the grips in it and measured it and it went 70cm and was quite a thick fish. The guy who caught it hadn't caught a King before so I told him it was legal and showed him how to bleed it. We got busted off one more time before before they disappeared after high tide. We got a few nice Bream and heaps of Jackets until the Kings reappeared on the surface just before low tide. About 20 decent fish all busted up chasing tiny bait fish but this time I couldn't tempt them although I tried everything. A couple I seen would have been 10-15kg. We didn't land a King but it was still great fun and we got a feed in the end. Cheers Dave
  19. Hey Raiders, The time was last Friday and I had scored an RDO. The weather was 10/10 at 5:30am and I was on the way to my mates place to pick up his boat.. He didn't want to come fishing for some reason... Crazy. We filled up the boat at the local Caltex at 6 and were on the water by 615. A beautiful glass like river presented itself on the way to the harbour. This was it, the first decent dawn fishing outing that I had organised. I had two mates on the boat, rods all rigged and ready to go. Armed with a stack of bait c/o our lfs from the night before. We were at Clifton Gardens in good time with a bit of surface action to be seen. We anchored up and 2 of us were throwing poppers at the boiling water another mate was hitting the bottum with a prawn. 5 minutes and the first Tailor was on the boat, a cool 45cm and high fives all round. This continued for about an hour. Suddenly my mate using prawns calls fish! It was a jag hooked snapper about 20cm.. I was starting to feel bad, 2 of us were 6+ fish each and he was on 1. Next cast his rod has bent and he calls for a bigger thing, played it quite well... Only using a little 2500 Sienna the drag was zzzzzzing! Up comes this thing : Thanks for the ID guys. Call it for a grinner. It was 45/50cm and fat! Monster teeth along the bottom jaw and it was ticked off! Tried to bite me and my mate.. Pretty strong.. Much wider than a pike of similar size. It was time to get my other mate onto the surface lures to catch his first fish on a lure. We started chasing the bust ups and the chaos started... We had double hooks ups, triple hook ups and a constant strain of abuse at the poor netting skills. All in jest of course. We were having a great time. Chasing the boiling water from Clifton Gardens over to the weird white light house thing in the middle of the Harbour... Unfortunately we also shared this boiling water with a number of other boats, some pros using flys and nailing the top action and a number of moronic Hire boat Heroes that thought it was a good idea to drive straight through the bust ups... They didn't seem to work out when they did this the bait school went down and dissappeared for 5 minutes or so.. ANNOYING. We had 3 rods going with poppers in all directions and 1 rod with a whole squid and double snelled rig about 2-3m down. Every 15minutes or so the baited rod buckled over and screamed like there was no tomorrow. This seemed to attract the kings quite nicely! Unfortunately none were legal but all pushing 55-60cm. Great fight and very impressed with my new penn outfit. I was loving pulling in Salmon up to 70cm, Tailor up to 49cm and even a king with the surface lures and to have the baited rod go off in the madness was just a bonus! By the end of the day we had managed 10+ of all fish, a massive grinner and a bonito my mate caught on a popper. C/O an ebay starter pack. Will be heading to my lfs to get some decent poppers any recommendations guys? It was a shame that all the kings had to go back, but we have some tailor for bait and 1 of the 65cm salmon for a future jew session. The bonito was delicious on the bbq with some lemon, chilli and salt/pepper. Couldn't believe that we had so much luck with the surface lures, we had about $35 worth of bait we hardly even touched... Straight in the freezer for a quieter session. Sorry we didn't get more photos of the sambos or other kings, it was a little chaotic but hope I managed to paint the picture! Thanks for reading! M.
  20. Hi Ladies and Gents, Thanks for the add by the admin team. I thought I would post up a report on my first boat outing in a while and contribute to the forum. I was lucky to get out for a fish with my brother in law on his boat on Saturday. The plan was to chase kings so after a late shift and 3 hours sleep, I met up the Dan at 4.15am. We stopped by for some fuel and a supply of bait in case liveys weren't co-operating. We managed to hit the water at around 5.30am and conditions were great with the bay glass like and a zephyr of wind blowing on our way to Dan's favoured squid ground. Hopefully we would bag some live squid though that proved unsuccessful so the decision was made to see what we could do with the squid we had purchased. We headed for open water and managed to boat a kingy with each of the squid we had rigged though rats were all they were attracting. I must say I enjoy the fight the kings put up even though we didn't manage to bring any home. With that a decision was made to try our luck back in the bay. We tried a couple of spots without much action before settling on a final spot before heading for the boat ramp. The wind had picked up a little so we anchored and decided to try for 30mins before heading from home. We managed to land a trevally each, a nice tailor and flatty for Dan and the best flatty I have ever laid eyes on, let alone caught. After getting him in the net and in the boat, we were high fiving when he jumped back into the water. Luckily I was still firmly holding the rod and Dan secured him in the net a second time. He went 800mm and weighed in at 3.5kgs. Thanks and look forward to a few more trips before life gets back in the way. Cheers and thanks for reading. Tight lines, JD
  21. sorry for being a bit naive peeps but we seem to have come across a good arrow squid situation and was wondering do kingfish have a preference to them or calamari. Cheers
  22. Seas beautiful last weekend, flattest and smoothest with the light westerly I've seen in ages. The Mrs decided she wanted to head out with myself and my mate, perfect chance for her as she gets a bit green when there's swell. Put in at Shellharbour and made the dash out to Kiama FAD. Zero bird activity on way but quick trip due to lack of swell. Had it to ourselves when we got there, 4 or 5 metre long Dollies lit up and circling the FAD we thought happy days here. Well the next half hour incredibly frustrating- was cursing I didn't grab any livies. We tried plastics, jigs, trolling, every lure in the box with no success. Started cubing a Stripey up, Dollies ignored the bait but dozens of rat Kings came out of nowhere and literally were feeding at the back of boat. Put a hook in a cube it was left alone... got some Go Pro footage of them pigging out will put up later. Still cursing the decision not to stop for livies we headed in closer and hit the usual drifts. Managed a few Snapper, Trevally, Mowies, Red Rock Cod and Grinners between us but had to keep moving as the dreaded Jackets were everywhere. Probably had only 10 minutes each spot before they showed and there were hundreds. Kept a couple for the kids to eat, when cut head off and throw overboard dozens of others would just chew the head until they were out of visibility. Water so clear we decided a quick snorkel near Harbour on way back in and got our limit of Abalone. Visibility best have had in months. That afternoon made a French Fisherman stew- mixed in all the fish types and Abalone and add fresh fish stock, tomotoes, veg, herb and saffron. Sensational dish if you've never made it and very easy too. Mrs very happy with me- I have earned a pass to go again this weekend- happy wife- happy fishing life! Cheers
  23. Hi Guys Arrived at Botany boat ramp 5am OMG could not believe the boats lined up. Anyway short report, Stop 12mile caught a leather jackets and some of those that chew through your line, I hate that Stop Fad 19 lots of undersize Dollies great fun trolled a few miles towards shore no hook ups Stop Maroubra wide many drifts working our way in towards the 25m depth, few flathead and JACKETS. Then my first keeper king for the season Trolled back to the bay hook ups on some Mac tuna great fun overall great day with my mates Dogbox
  24. I took my Girlfriends nice fishing combo (that i bought her for her birthday) for a quick walk this morning while she was at work. Managed a nice feed to keep her happy. I've been using black magic kl 1/0 circle hooks recently as i was sick of gut hooking fish and re rigging. They work a treat. Dinners sorted! She cant be too annoyed at missing out, She nailed this nice 80cm King the other Sunday after persisting and keeping away from the weekend Floatillas. It went like a rocket and made the reel scream like mad before she landed it. She was very happy indeed upping her PB. There are fish out there to be caught... I have been trying for my first marlin... I've had the hits, but they haven't stuck! plenty of small Dollies as By-catch and erroll even managed this Sydney Rat Fin - Not bad for Summer! tight lines!
  25. Went out early yesterday to Kiama FAD. Lovely warm seas, hardly any swell or wind. Only got one decent King out there, lots of rats, ended up getting it on a pilly. Decided do a troll in, nothing about. Dragged some lures around rocks for more rats before heading to favourite flatty drift. Within half hour had a dozen good size blue spots. Dolly rats started following them up, had some fun on them before heading in. Shows you don't need to go far to get on the Dollys, I went all the way to FAD and saw none, then ended up catching them in 20m water on sand. Lots of baitfish about, should be a good couple of weeks coming up. Here's a pic of the smallest Dolly you will ever see, 20cm if that:
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