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Found 3 results

  1. UPDATED : Link to Google Map>> Landbased Map Lake Mac Hey Fisho's So I thought i would put together my top land based spots to fish on Lake Macquarie, I live on Lake Mac at Belmont and regularly fish the lake in lots of different locations. Some of these spots are kid friendly and others i wouldn't recommend (close to rocks etc). All of these locations are within range of parking, no major bush walks or hikes to get there most of them are within 50 meters or under within the car, I will include a google map location of each point where i fish and whether it is sheltered or open (wind), most of these spots are great on turn of both tidea and some are good during the whole day and night. These Spots Listed are in no particular order of best or not, just all the spots that are in driving and walking distance of tackle shops/shops/toilets/food etc. These Spots do not have a guarantee in catching fish but i personally have caught fish at all of these locations in different weather conditions, best to check weather and tide reports as usual. In Regards to what i consider "Kid Friendly" I mean safe enough for my 5 year old to run around and not get injured and access for my 3 year old girl in her pram etc. Swansea Breakwall/Reids Reserve Great spot man made break wall concrete path Fish facing back towards swansea bridge Semi sheltered (break wall breaks most of wind) Semi Kid Friendly - Rock Fishing/Concrete Path, but there is a playground next to carpark Swansea Bridge (Lake Entrance Side) Can almost fish from your car Great at night (light from bridge) Entrance from the ocean to the lake Not sheltered from wind Heaps of different Species caught here, from seeing sharks to jews and kings. Not Kid Friendly (very rocky) Pelican Foreshore Fantastic for Kids Great Parking/Toilets/PLayground Semi Sheltered from wind Two great little inlets that are about waist height water, (kids love it) Perfect in Summer, Fishing is slow but perfect spot for first timers (kids) Down the road from local tackleshop (fishermans warehouse) get your fresh bait from there and have a yarn. Coony/Coon island/Swansea Holiday Park Parking simple and easy Kid friendly, can have a swim as water is only waist deep Always seems to be fairly sheltered from wind (mainly due to being on the other side of channel) 2 minute drive from Swansea shops (bait, fish and chips for kids etc.) Nice drop off on rock point, Bream/Flatty/Tailor/Kingys Swansea Channel/Channel St Good spot to try or come back to before/after Coony As its the channel on Lake side, check tides, always seems to be better before a runnout IMO Not Sheltered, can be good though, get longer casts. Semi Kid Safe, Concrete walkway(watch for bikes) grassy area and picnic tables literally 30 second drive from Swansea shops Naru Beach/Boat Ramp Great little spot, fantastic for the kids and good Bream This spot there is two locations, i fish on the beach/rocks near the inlet into Swan Bay more than the boat ramp side, upto you, caught fish from both spots Boat Ramp to chuck your boat in Sheltered to an extent on beach point/side Two carparks, if the one closest to the beach point (on Bend) is full 5 seconds further up near boat ramp is plenty of parking even on weekends. Make sure to drop in to Fishermans warehouse for latest Lake info, only up the road too (fresh bait) Just be cautious of the road, it is a dirt road (Naru St) after a big rain it can be a bit slidey, standard car no issues, wouldn't recommend taking a Merc down there. >>>
  2. Hey all, been a while since I have done a report of the lake although I fish it almost every weekend, After the rain and bushfires I had heard reports of little to no fish along with my own experiences of no catching in my usual go to spots. Started out the afternoon with grabbing some fish and chips for lunch with the kids at Speers point, they then insisted on let’s go fishing, tried a spot close to Speers point park which has had hookup success in the afternoon before, flicked around a bit on a “walker wobbler” but no success and lots of other people were under the bridge, decided to go for a little bit of an adventure on the other side of the lake towards Booragul and Marmong Point, but the water was very choppy and quite windy. Decided to head back towards home way (BELMONT) and looked for little spots on the way, decided to nick into Valentine Boat Ramp, the mrs suggested it as we have never tried fishing there before and I think she was itching to try out her new rod. By this time the kids were buggered from playing at the park and were asleep in the car, parked right next to the water and started setting up the rods, The mrs was stoked with her new rod, swapped her sienna 2500 onto it straight away as the reel that came with it was a bit how you going, for a cheap Pryml $35 setup amazing rod, great weight and almost near perfect balance. Second cast in on her brand new rod, hookup, only a small bream but she was stoked, her new rod has now been christened and she was very happy. Will definitely be going back to this little spot next to the boat ramp again and adding it to the Lake Mac Landbased guide for sure. Regards Squ!rt
  3. Hello everyone, first post so go easy on me. I currently work with people who have different disabilities but a large portion of my clients LOVE fishing. The issue I’ve run into lately is that it’s pretty costly to keep frozen bait and ice constantly on the go. This is especially true when the fishing trips can be at the drop of a hat and end just as quickly when my clients get frustrated. I enjoy soft plastics and lure fishing but that can be a bit technical for some of my clients who often prefer a more passive bait and bobber style. We are based in Lake Macquarie and mostly targeting bream but will take whatever bites for some C & R. my question is, does anyone know of some good baits I could keep in my car for these impulsive trips? Something that won’t stink me out obviously. Would salted baits be a good option? Any good home made recipes? thank you so much for your help!