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Found 10 results

  1. Had a hour to kill after work today and hadn’t been out for a while so headed down to the closest bit of water under Roseville bridge. While I’ve never had much luck there from the land it was that or nothing! Still loving my float fishing at the moment and find when I use bait it always finds its way under one, and today was no different. Had some old frozen prawns I needed to use and got down at the peak of the high tide as it hit dusk. Rigged up a prawn tail and threw it out under a float and settled in to watch the dusk reflect off the flat water. Wasn’t long till the float disappeared and when I struck there was nothing, tiddlers I thought pretty much what I expected really. A few more repeats and a few prawns down and to my surprise just as it was getting too dark to fish the float went under and this time I felt some weight and the drag was being pulled a bit! After a short fight I ended up with a nice little 28cm bream hooked in the corner of the mouth! A quick pic and threw him back to fight another day. All in all was a good little session, worth the trip for sure
  2. I've recently decided to target some jewfish for the first time and was wondering if anyone knew any good land-based spots to go fishing for one along or near the northern beaches. Any additional tips on catching jewies would help too.
  3. Fufu

    Is it just me?

    Hey guys Just a quick question. My last two fishing trips have resulted in no fish. I’m find there’s a lot of seaweed at the moment. Almost hair like. I’ve been fishing land based with a size 4 sinker and size 4 long shank mostly for nippers. Normally im ok and catch a few here and there but the last two trips have been shocking. Every time I wind in to check on the bait the seems to be a massive ball of seaweed around the sinker and bait. In the end I had to resort to float fishing. Is anyone else having this issue? Fufu
  4. Gday Raiders! Fortunately i managed to score the week off work for my birthday so i packed the rods and im headed down the coast tonight towards Southwest Rocks/Hat Head , im keen to get stuck into some spanish/kings off the rocks so any advice on location / lures would be highly appreciated! Would Southwest or Hat Head hold blue groper and possibly cobia? I know its closer to the shelf but how deep are we talking? The deepest drop offs under the rocks around these parts is maybe a few meters if your lucky! Cheers Guys Tight Lines!
  5. Hi guys, very new to squid fishing. All the gear and no I'm hoping this site can help provide some guidance to some safe land based spots to target squid. I live in pagewood so I'm close to port botany, malabar, lapa,....please someone put me onto some spots. cheers jonny
  6. Hi Raiders, I am new to the forum and recently relocated to Sydney from Canberra. I am interested to fish under Sydney Harbour Bridge but not sure whether there are any restrictions (time, zone, etc.) If you have fished there before, appreciate if you can share your experience (DOs and DON'Ts). Alternatively, any nice spots around? Thanks heaps in advanced. Best regards, Wycee
  7. Hey guys The other day I had some blue swimmer and it was lovely! Since then I have been obssessed with catching my own crabs. Only problem is I'm land based and dont know a whole heap about how to catch them. If you guys could give me some tips about locations, traps or bait it would much appreciated Thanks guys!
  8. Had the day off last Monday so spent the afternoon flicking newly discovered Z-Man grubs around my local. The weather was fantastic and it was just one of those days where a foot couldn't be put wrong. Opened the tally with this well-timed lizard, a cm or two short of my PB but fat as. Hooked up as one of the residents who I only ever seem to meet on good days was walking his dog past. He stopped for a chat while one of the neighbours came to have a squiz at the fish. I took a pic, and let her go. Continuing to cast close along the wall and concentrating on the drains seemed to be the formula with these two quickly following. After finally snagging up I decided to employ what I call the JDanger Land Based Precision Cast Method. The JDLBPCM is most useful when trying to cast close to structure in windy conditions and basically entails walking to the spot where you'd like your lure to sit, dropping your jig, then freespooling as you walk back to your point of origin. Benefits include the ability to cover 150 yards in a single retrieve and also not hitting oncoming joggers and dog walkers in the face by accident (assuming you're the kind of angler to cast at oncoming pedestrians in the first place). Don't worry about spooking fish as by the time you walk back to your stuff they've probably settled, as I discovered. Anyway, after freeing my jig, dropping it back down and walking back to my net and backpack, I wound up the slack only to find this little guy on the end of my line: It was at this point that I noticed another fisho 50 meters ahead of me angling off a pontoon who moved on by the time I got to him. He must have been burleying hard as he left an absolute feeding frenzy at his feet; heaps of bream the size of toadfish and 10 times as many toadfish were swarming over the submerged steps. I thought to myself "there must be a fish under here" and sure enough, working the lure back to my feet produced this from under me: Breaming with confidence, I approach the next stretch of water, this time saying out loud "there's gotta be one here". Sure enough, second hop on the first cast and my lure gets smacked. The drag must've come loose because this just-legal model took off and left my heart pounding even after the catch and release! Very soon after I finally hit an unsalvageable snag and lost my last light Nitro jighead. The downgrade to my second choice was followed by a couple of dropped fish so I called it a day, happy with the tally. Went out again yesterday afternoon/evening and boy, what a difference a week makes. Threw SP's and my shiny new 3B fat dog deep for three hours for nothing but a few late hits sans hookups on the Z-mans. The wind was up and my hands were freezing. I made my way to the ferry wharf to try for some night-time flatties and the trip was quickly looking like a doughnut. I finally hooked up, a way away from my net. I had to climb through a railing to get to it while staying connected; the rod tip dropped and the loss of tension became a loss of a fish. Goddamnit! I was about to pack it in after losing a couple of SP's and a vibe, not to mention another fish (again with the net!) when I discovered I had one last 1/8th Nitro head in the box. I said a silent prayer, hoping that my last 'good' jighead would produce and slid on a GULP 2" shrimp. Finally! Hook up! Had a couple of spectators, one of whom helped with the netting. We chatted about SPs for a while as they'd never used them. They'd had a luckless couple of weeks using chicken breast and massive sinkers sans burley, targeting jews or something. Anyway, they left. Next cast and whoop! Not big, but number 2. was still out with her friend who's going O/S so I had a bit more time to fish. Went to try the far side of the wharf, in the same place that I dropped an earlier fish. I clearly didn't think I was going to get anything because I left my net with my backpack again only to hook up and have the fish heart-breakingly snap the 6lb leader after pulling her 2/3rds out of the water. After opening my shin on a metal circuit box and leaving the Parra's salinity levels up 20% due to my tears from the dropped fish, I called it a night, defeated, cold and sore. So, yeah. Bring a net and keep it near you.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew any good strategies for jewfish. This includes bait choices, tides and times to fish. I am usually land based and wanted to know the basics of catching these fish. I usually fish in the lane cove river area, but have caught afew small Jews around the georges river. If anyone has any good tips, like the line weight and reel size...etc, they would like to share, they would be deeply appreciated.
  10. I had interesting sunday morning session. I'm still having cold sweats and flashbacks. I went to my land based spot in the east of the harbour with the hope of catching some kings. Got there before sun up and snavelled a few squid. So I chuck out my squid at bang on high tide. Within a few minutes my reel was screaming. I really need to invest in a baitfeeder as I always have the drag backed off so I don't lose my set up. So I grab my rod and dial up the drag and start winding. Nothing So I start winding in all the slack line. when i comes up tight. The bugger must have been swimming back to shore. So it's ON! Plenty of weight and swimming near the I'm thinking a salmon. Then the fish realised it's hooked and goes on a solid run. I'm talking 50+ metres without even looking like stopping. So I dial the drag up even more and he takes another 50. So now I'm looking at my 20lb mono backing. It's time to lock up the drag on my 30lb braid. I've caught 80cm kings on this set up and have been able to stop them in pretty easily. So I'm calling this thing for a metre plus. So fully locked I try and turn his head as he's heading to some moorings. Then PING! Gone. My 40lb leader popped. My knees were shaking in excitement, awe and adrenaline. So close...we not even close actually. I'm out of squid now due to pickers, so I switch to a yakka. While he's swimming I catch another jellybean size squid and chuck him out. He pretty much hit the water and was snavelled up but another king. It's another big one too. I'd still say close to a metre. So same story I'm down about 100 metres of line. So I decide to increase the drag and .... pop! Gone. This time it looks like my knot slipped as my leader had that curly look to it. So a good and bad day in my book. So i'm determined to right the wrongs. I'm buying more braid. So i'll have about 300m Buy some stronger leader: 60lb I'll also be looking at a different knot. Use a blood knot. So I'm think a uni knot is the way to go??? Also I was trying to fight the fish a bit early. I should have let him run more...but then again I was low on line. Kooks