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Found 21 results

  1. Hey fishraiders, Looking at having a quick fish tommorow. I am going to be targeting flatties, but not really sure of any good places. I am fishing landbased and use both lures and bait. Looking to go somewhere around Sydney. Any suggestions for lures to use and locations. Cheers Azza_Fishing
  2. Gday all, looking to chase kingfish land based during winter and help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am down to use lures or baits just want a kingy. Am able to fish Sydney harbour and middle harbour at the moment my land based out fit is a 9’6 crostage pe 1.5-3.5 and a spheros 8k spooled with 40lb braid
  3. Hey guys! new to the forum, just wondering if you guys have any tips and tricks about fishing west side of Lake Macquarie, I’m in the middle of getting a boat but for now I’ll only be fishing land based, I usually go out to Wangi near the caravan park and fish half pilchard and squid for bait with not much luck, catch a fair few 30-40cm bream but main target fish are flathead. Can’t catch a flathead if my life depended on it. Other places to go are coal point off the rocks on the point, And off the rocks near club Catalina at Rathmines. Heading out to a jetty tomorrow morning to try and get some live squid for bait, might try the Rathmines jetty near styles point. Would live bait be a good start for flatty? If so what would your tackle outfit look like? Also just started to give the squidgies a go, never had a bite on them yet, any suggestions on them aswell? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I meant west side of lake!!
  4. UPDATED : Link to Google Map>> Landbased Map Lake Mac Hey Fisho's So I thought i would put together my top land based spots to fish on Lake Macquarie, I live on Lake Mac at Belmont and regularly fish the lake in lots of different locations. Some of these spots are kid friendly and others i wouldn't recommend (close to rocks etc). All of these locations are within range of parking, no major bush walks or hikes to get there most of them are within 50 meters or under within the car, I will include a google map location of each point where i fish and whether it is sheltered or open (wind), most of these spots are great on turn of both tidea and some are good during the whole day and night. These Spots Listed are in no particular order of best or not, just all the spots that are in driving and walking distance of tackle shops/shops/toilets/food etc. These Spots do not have a guarantee in catching fish but i personally have caught fish at all of these locations in different weather conditions, best to check weather and tide reports as usual. In Regards to what i consider "Kid Friendly" I mean safe enough for my 5 year old to run around and not get injured and access for my 3 year old girl in her pram etc. Swansea Breakwall/Reids Reserve Great spot man made break wall concrete path Fish facing back towards swansea bridge Semi sheltered (break wall breaks most of wind) Semi Kid Friendly - Rock Fishing/Concrete Path, but there is a playground next to carpark Swansea Bridge (Lake Entrance Side) Can almost fish from your car Great at night (light from bridge) Entrance from the ocean to the lake Not sheltered from wind Heaps of different Species caught here, from seeing sharks to jews and kings. Not Kid Friendly (very rocky) Pelican Foreshore Fantastic for Kids Great Parking/Toilets/PLayground Semi Sheltered from wind Two great little inlets that are about waist height water, (kids love it) Perfect in Summer, Fishing is slow but perfect spot for first timers (kids) Down the road from local tackleshop (fishermans warehouse) get your fresh bait from there and have a yarn. Coony/Coon island/Swansea Holiday Park Parking simple and easy Kid friendly, can have a swim as water is only waist deep Always seems to be fairly sheltered from wind (mainly due to being on the other side of channel) 2 minute drive from Swansea shops (bait, fish and chips for kids etc.) Nice drop off on rock point, Bream/Flatty/Tailor/Kingys Swansea Channel/Channel St Good spot to try or come back to before/after Coony As its the channel on Lake side, check tides, always seems to be better before a runnout IMO Not Sheltered, can be good though, get longer casts. Semi Kid Safe, Concrete walkway(watch for bikes) grassy area and picnic tables literally 30 second drive from Swansea shops Naru Beach/Boat Ramp Great little spot, fantastic for the kids and good Bream This spot there is two locations, i fish on the beach/rocks near the inlet into Swan Bay more than the boat ramp side, upto you, caught fish from both spots Boat Ramp to chuck your boat in Sheltered to an extent on beach point/side Two carparks, if the one closest to the beach point (on Bend) is full 5 seconds further up near boat ramp is plenty of parking even on weekends. Make sure to drop in to Fishermans warehouse for latest Lake info, only up the road too (fresh bait) Just be cautious of the road, it is a dirt road (Naru St) after a big rain it can be a bit slidey, standard car no issues, wouldn't recommend taking a Merc down there. >>>
  5. Wondering if anyone has ever fished this part of the lane cove river as I can’t find many posts referring to this section (upstream of weir) which is supposedly freshwater. After a bit of research I discovered fishing IS legal a wee way up the river. some questions I have - what kind of species live up there ? - what kind of gear/bait/lure is optimal? many thanks from the empty esky
  6. G'day guys, I'm back again with another report where I get into some strife (including smokings lol) on the Parramatta River once again. Using my 2-4kg 7' foot rod and 6lb line and leader which I had intended to chase bream with, I ran into a school of legal kings inshore and it was mayhem for a short half hour. I was doing my usual repertoire of small hops and letting the lure hit the bottom when I got a super solid hookup as a kingfish took a liking to a Zman slim swimz in midnight oil (new release colour this year). It hit the ground running and there wasn't anything I could do but hold on and hope. It wasn't a surprise when the fish got me tangled on a rock out on a dropoff and I was mentally resigned to simply waiting for the moment the line would snap... except it didn't! I thought that was tense moment but it escalated. It suddenly freed itself off the rock and went for another blistering run and I had my heart in my mouth! Not sure whether to feel relieved or even more worried at the handicap (leader all roughed up from the rock) I was now burdened with, I just tried my best to carry on. Finally after a tense struggle of trying to land the fish, I was able to land it to my relief! Thanks for reading guys!
  7. Hi Raiders, I will be up that way for 2 days, really excited to be fishing in qld for the first time. I'll have one full day for fishing and I really dont want to waste it. I dont know how realistic it is for mid winter but I want to target GT and Mackerel. Just wanted to know any info or advice on how to fish these areas. I will be landbased but may have access to a 4.5m runabout (I wouldn't venture out too far) Any info would be much appreciated Thanks
  8. Hello people and welcome to my probably (and hopefully) most helpful thread to me and fellow raiders I've created in my time in fishraider. Tackling that first jewfish. I probably need to know everything. I am landbased and I have a rod and a location. I have access to live and fresh yakkas on location. Please help here guys since I literally have little to no idea. What rig? What tide? What moon phase? What size hooks and sinkers? How heavy leader? Literally everything. Thanks guys
  9. Hey Fellow Raiders, I'm thinking I will be sick a day or two in the next couple of weeks from work am not keen on taking out the boat as I m just want to go somewhere nice and quite throw a line or two out land based and relax ( getting over my sickness ) am from the west Sydney area traveling is not a issues for me but not to far.. can you recommend any decent places for me to recover for when I will be sick? not targeting any particular fish on the day just need a break and need to fish. I normally use bait , but happy to throw a few Sp's , then back to bait when I get frustrated Cheers Mo
  10. Just a quick update from the past 24hrs - I have fished a fair few hours on the rock ledges around One Mile & Birubi beach. Not much doing whatsoever, spinning fairly constantly & also floating baits around the washes for a couple of choppers but even they were few & far between. Came back in from the headland & fished the corner of the beach to finish up my baits (crab & pilchard & yakka) to at least bring a few bream home. I haven't notice any sharp change in water temp (I realise sticking your feet in isn't an exact science) but I haven't been doing as well in this past week as I was up until Easter. That's fishing I guess, and still great to be out on the water!
  11. Hi mates, after two months trying persistently, I finally caught my first salmon at Cronulla beach. A nice 49cm one which fought a bit before giving up. great experience, looking forward to catching now Taylor and whiting in case this nice weather stays for a while. cheers
  12. I went down to Jervis Bay over weekend with my missus, my brother and some friends. We stayed in a house in Vincentia just next to the south end of Collingwood beach. Fishing was pretty sporadic as I was the only one who's really keen and the others were more interested in sunbathing and drinking. I'm also (admittedly) partial to these pastimes, which could partially explain my relative lack of success. However success is a subjective thing and my weekend was objectively fantastic, so I've got that to take home with me in place of a fish. THURSDAY The first day I tried for beach worms for the first time on Collingwood beach with my newly purchased worm pliers. I'd been looking into how this is done a lot and was looking forward to the results of all my research. As usual, I found out that watching Youtube videos doesn't make you even remotely competent at this understandably frustrating venture. I waved the reeking leg of pantyhose in those waves for over an hour, scouring the water for the telltale "v" of a worm. They were everywhere! I kneel down and hold the bag over the worm and pull it out only to find over and over again a tiny hermit crab waving his little claws at me like he's giving me the finger. Bastards! Nothing left to say. No worms. I was defeated. I attempted to cast a line into the surf against the wind to no avail. I went home with the group to drink my disappointment away with plans to hit the shoreline early the next morning. FRIDAY I'm up early as promised and head straight down to the rocky shoreline that leads to Orions Beach. There's a bloke down there with three rods setup who doesn't look pleased to see me. I walk up the shoreline without a word. I've got some pippies I'd bought the day before for bait and my new 10ft rod to try out. I'm casting a double paternoster rig out but get bored pretty quickly as I haven't eaten anything yet and am in dire need of coffee. I reel my line in and just as I'm packing up I see three dolphins cruise past about ten metres away. Just that was enough consolation for the day before's worming escapade. We head as a group for Hyams beach and I (stupidly) leave the fishing gear at home. Big mistake as there's loads of whiting cruising the shallows while I'm swimming. Decent size as well. We head up to Chinamans and I snorkel around the rocks at the north end spotting more fish that I can't identify in the gloom of the rocks. That afternoon we headed for Moona Moona Creek to swim and flick plastics round in the shallows. This was a lovely place to fish and my brother pulled in a tiny 25cm flattie near the bridge on a 2" bloodworm wriggler. Cheeky bastard got his first fish on plastics his first time trying it! I've been at this for months! I consoled myself with the thought that the whole plan, choice of lure and spot was mine. Another fisho kindly gave us his half dozen or so nippers that he's dug as they weren't enough for what he needed. I couldn't be bothered re-rigging with hooks and sinkers so rigged up a nipper on the end of the small jigheads we'd been using with the plastics. First cast into the little channel that connects the creek with the surf and I'm onto a little whiting. Finally a fish! Beautiful little spot. I love this type of fishing. Knee deep in crystal clear, warm water. Watching the bait fish swim around your legs. Spotting little whiting in the distance. It's magic. SATURDAY We did the Booderee National Park loop walk starting and ending at Murrays Beach. It was overcast all day and the hot weather the day before seemed to have woken up all he flies. We pushed on, swiping at our faces throughout the day. The only respite was swimming. I had a little flick with the plastics around the eastern end of the beach where there's a couple of inlets with over hanging rocks. Really beautiful place but I only managed to get toadfish striking at the lure. There didn't seem to be anything around at all. We headed back to Moona Moona Creek in the arvo and fished till sundown over the runout tide. We had the whole place to ourselves and it was so quiet. It was here that I managed to catch my first flattie on soft plastics. The bloodworm wriggler struck again! I was out almost waist deep when I hooked him and had to walk him into shore to get set him loose. He would've only been about 30cm - I was elated. I inherited a bunch of fishing gear a few months ago when my grandad passed away. He was the one that first took me fishing when I was a kid. I'd not even thought about fishing until he died and my Nan said I could have all his old rods and tackle. We'd always fished with bait when I was a kid, so I was surprised to see some old lures among some of his stuff. Nan said he was just getting into lures when he started succumbing to Alzheimers. I always said that when I finally catch something on them, I'll let it go for Papa. So it was nice to see the little guy swim away unharmed while I thought about my Grandad and all the laughs we had catching fish up at the Entrance together. I know there's no tales of marlin or mahi mahi in here, but I get a kick out of hearing everyone's fishing adventures no matter how successful or experienced they are. Thanks for reading, Niall
  13. Afternoon fellas, I've been putting in the hours learning how to catch yakkas, tying up balloon rigs, buying a new rod and reel combo (9ft Penn Allegiance rod / 4500 spinfisher w/ 300m of 30lb braid) and scouting the rocks around the Gong. I have come to the conclusion that if I wish to do battle with a kingy off the stones before I go back home November 21st, it will probably happen either north in Coalcliff/Stanwell Park or south in Kiama at the blowhole. Basically, if anyone ever needs a mate to head out onto the rocks with or wants to prove their experience by putting my on a kingy, I would be very grateful. Any tips on what tides to fish off the rocks or decent locations for a landbased angler operating on a student budget would be hectic. Thanks, Mike
  14. G'day Everyone, I'm looking for an old sea dog to adopt me for a couple of sessions and show me where I'm going wrong. I haven't been fishing since I was a pup, but I just recently inherited a bunch of my Granddads fishing rods and wanted to give it a go. He's in his mid nineties now and dealing with dementia, so I'd like to show him a picture of me with a fish to put a smile on his face. I'd also love to be able to catch the occasional fish or squid to eat : ) Being in Bellevue Hill, I figure I've got some options in the Harbour and possibly off the rocks on the coast when I get a little more confident. I'm a complete novice and am starting to get the picture that I won't be figuring this out from reading and watching youtube videos. I need an experienced hand. I hear there's flathead to be had in Rose Bay (amongst other things) and that they're a good fish to target if you're learning. Also I'd love to have a crack at getting some squid. I've been out a handful of times myself trying with bait and SP's without any luck (obviously). Anyone up for it? I've got a car, so can travel further afield if necessary. I also work shifts, so can usually get away on a weekday or a Sunday. This coming Sunday morning would be great. Weather's looking good. Niall
  15. Hi there, I am looking for a fishing partner, Someone I can learn from. I live in the Parramatta area. I usually fish around the Northern Beaches. I normally target king fish using live bait, lures and dead garfish with some success. I also target Drummer, Groper and Snapper. I have my own gear and my schedule is somewhat flexible. I like to fish in the early morning. I would like to learn some new tricks and share the little bit that I know. Tight lines, Mauricio
  16. G'day Raiders, Went for a fish last Saturday at my favorite spot in Kurnell. Arrived around 4pm just as the storm hit. I must have been on the edge of it, because It was actually quite pleasant. Wind was mild, rain was falling steady but softly, double rainbows... etc, etc. From my groyne, I had a kick ass view of the storm rolling over Sydney to the North. Thunder and lightening, very exciting. I was flicking a few lures rounds, when I started to get electric shocks from my rod. At first I figured that the graphite had somehow picked up some static from rubbing on the car seat, or my jersey, but the shocks kept coming steady. Some were quite painful. I figured It must have had something to do with the weather because there was electricity in the air. You could smell it! Anyway. Has anyone else experienced this.... and is it dangerous to be holding a fishing rod when there is crazy lightening? Besides the awesome nature on display, managed to land 6 flatties on the Z-man Crusteaz before it got dark. Pretty awesome little sesh. Chur
  17. Hey everyone, I'm heading up to Port Macquarie this weekend and Coffs Harbour the next with a few mates. Never been to or fished these areas so I was just wondering if anybody on the forum could provide us with some tips in regards to landbased (beach, rock, breakwall, estuary) locations for fish as well as some good locations for squid, and tips on what bait to use in the recommended spots. Mainly after tailor, kingfish, jewfish, salmon, bonito, bream, flathead. And anything else that would put up a good fight Cheers, Daniel
  18. Hey Raiders, It was great to see a lack of rain on Saturday morning, but the fog was a little off putting. Set out for Tamarama to launch some baits into the surf. Grabbed some fresh prawns and squid from Drummoyne Bait & Tackle and was on my way! But then i got to the beach to this: Needless to say I decided to change location, after a quick relocation I was over at Nielson Park with my line wet. A strip of squid out on the big rod and a nice thick bread burley trail in the water whilst I rigged up my lighter rod with prawns. 30 minutes down, no hooks up, Whilst down on all fours, I heard a ZZZ ZZZZ and then silence. I walked over to see what was going on, I thought hmm it's quiet. Damn I missed it... then all of a sudden my okuma was alive: ZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I accidentally threw my smaller rod on my gear which bounced and almost ended in the drink.. sigh- A few battle scars on my Sienna now.. I picked up my nice new Ugly Stik beach rod and set the hook releasing the bait holder switch and there was some nice weight still pulling the heavier drag. Finally Christened my new rod and reel with something decent. Great! After a few really solid runs I got this unknown beastie close to me, I saw a flash of colour.. Silver? No. It couldn't be a Jewie.. Was it?! Whilst I was in a slight state of ecstasy the sneaky thing darted under the rock ledge just to my left.. Devastated, I thought that's it, my fishing career is done for. I was ready to throw in the towel. Luckily I had 12 foot of rod and was able to negotiate it out from the rock and to my surprise a nice fat Kingfish! Now to land him.. I tried to keep him on the surface walk around to a lower ledge, he knew exactly what was going on, saw me and ran for the harbour bridge.. ZZzzzzzz. I managed to turn him pretty quickly as it'd been over 5 minutes already and was probably a little tired.. I stayed on the low platform and slid him up onto wet rock. My first legal King landed! WoooooohoooOooooo! 69cm. Not 1m but put up a great fight. It's a shame I was flying solo, there was no one to High-five. I gutted and bled him straight away, threw the guts in for burley and set my big rod out with more squid hoping for another or something else... After about 90 minutes I packed up and headed home. My prawns were getting destroyed and missed a few decent tug/ runs on the prawns. I got 6 large steaks out of the 2 fillets. I marinated them in Lemon, garlic & herbs and pan fried them. Delicious!. Tight lines guys. M.
  19. Hey guys, I wanted to purchase a mud crab pot, do you guys know any crab pots for sale in sydney region? and what type of crab pot is suitable for land base ?( please give examples like opera house crab pot is suitable for land base) (cause i dont have a boat). Many Thanks .
  20. So having had some success from the beach in the recent low swells with flathead, i decided to try again in the bigger swells to see what difference it made. so i up my gear to heavy star sinkers, and armed with a few salted pilchards i set up base on the beach and waited for the surfers to leave. at dusk my first line got wet and it was a steady stream of fish of from there on in . with a lot of non hook ups and rig changing, to find the most efficient, I landed 7 legal flathead smallest being 41cm. the last of which gave a little knock, so i paused waited, and waited....and then boom! it shot off on a short but sharp initial run, im think ahh nice salmon. so i turn its head and it swims fast at me, im like ahhhh nice flat head, then stops turns and takes another few runs and even comes to the surface, so im thinking what??? if this is a flathead its going to be a pb for sure! and sure enough after an awesome fight in the surf this whopping 68cm croc rocks up at my feet! im stoked! i never expected to get my pb flathead off the beach! so pleased with recent success ive been having with the flathead, im developing quite a taste for them!
  21. Been a little while so here we go! Saturday 09-02-13 Location: The Spit Bridge & surrounds Conditions: little to no wind, sunny Tide: 1.9m high, fished couple of hours either side Got up early on Saturday morning to try for some squid around the spit with squidyedges and his mate Cam. We started fishing in the dark along the bridge and went through to sunrise without a tentacle to show for it. I couldn't see too much weed from where I was and the current was quite strong so maybe we were in the wrong place? Moved on to the plastics once the light came up for not much except for this little guy. Anyone know what it is? We decided to try the other side of the bridge so after we moved the car, the three of us set off on a walk around the bay to our left. Found a few inaccessible-looking ledges to try and despite getting plenty of hits, we couldn't hook up anything decent. Alex caught a small wraisse and a bream which I swear was barely bigger than a fifty-cent piece. We could see better fish swimming around (sambos?) but couldn't interest them in anything. Alex upgraded to a small pinky, so with our palm-sized fish of the day, decided to pull the pin. Sunday 10-02-13 Location: Canada Bay Conditions: no wind, sunny Tide: 1.9m, fished couple of hours either side Alex and I, unhappy with Saturday's results, decided to rectify our weekend by hitting up the local estuary. We hit up the honey hole for nothing but an undersized bream which went back, and sensing the quiet, moved on the the bay proper. I managed to drop a small flattie trying to pull it up without the assistance of the net before we hit the ferry wharf. They're doing some renovations at the moment so we had a nice big barge with an earth mover parked on it to cast around. Neither of us were feeling any love until my line went tight on a bottom dweller, only for the fish to let go of the GULP! shrimp as I tried to lift it off the bottom. Must've missed the hook, I thought. Casted to the same place to give it a second chance, only for the same thing to happen! I gave up on the troll fish to tie on something with trebles, only for Alex to move to the same spot and bring up a 38-39cm flattie. Into the net it went; he was happy to land a legal fish, and I was happy he got the bastard! The flatty decided to repay the favour by leaving Alex with a slice down his finger during the release. Typical. Couple of casts later and the vibe pays dividends! Directly on the other side of the jetty to where Alex caught his, I came up with this doppleganger: And yeah, that's Alex's blood from the last fish. We'd both broken our donuts and just in time! A massive southerly blew in from absolutely nowhere, so we called it a day. Tuesday 12/02/13 Location: Canada Bay Conditions: Light wind, overcast with occasional light showers Tide: 1.8m high, fished an hour before/couple hours after the peak Had a late start at work this afternoon so decided to make the most of my morning, especially since I was feeling guilty about sleeping instead of fishing yesterday. I also decided this was going to a strictly HB session since I've been flogging the plastics lately and neglecting most of the rest of my tackle box. Wasn't getting anywhere for a while; the usual spots weren't giving me anything on either the HB or the vibe, bar the occasional snag (managed to keep all my lures for once! ) I got to the bend in the path on south side of the park and decided to give the area a good going-over as I knew there were plenty of rocks on the bottom which were worth targeting. First, my Tsunami Basspro got hit by a small flatty which went airborne and spat the hook a couple of metres out. I don't like dropping fish, but I didn't mind as at least this one put on a show. A few metres closer to the jetty, this time casting along the wall, and I'm onto a small bream. Didn't get a measure but this is he: Decided to stay in the same spot for a bit as it was working well, then BAM, two in a row each at 29-30cm. I thought I'd caught the same fish twice they were that similar. Both put up a great fight, with multiple line-snatching runs each on 10lb mainline and 6lb fluoro leader, and each was fat and healthy. I also saw this big thing, which I was hoping someone here might be able to identify. I've seen these around Canada Bay plenty of times, but have no idea what kind of jellyfish they are. This one looked dead as it wasn't doing much swimming and looked a little flat, but still. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Fishraider for hooking fishos up!
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