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Found 11 results

  1. rozza_b

    Release Clip

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone would know where i can get my hands on a couple of these They are used to live bait with a spin reel, would love to get my hand on a couple as i already have a few decent spin reels and would love to just be able to use them for live baiting for kings out of the boat, Cheers Rory
  2. Anyone here tried or use a live bait tube / torpedo? particularly: how big do they need to be? for yakkas? do they keep squid alive? even when towed? and, any suggestions on easy way to streamline them?
  3. Pauafritta

    Live baiting - rigs and tricks

    I have tried a few times while out on the boat to drop a live (Yellowtail) down but am yet to catch anything. I wanted to check what rigs people are using as I have been hooking them in the back and dropping them over the side with no weight at anchor or on the drift. They seem to hang out mid winter or go under the boat. Im usually around and out of Botany Bay. Should I be adding a sinker, paternoster style? When trolling a live bait, should I also add a sinker to get it deeper and what speed should I troll? I have also been catching a few squid and am keen to know how to troll the head and tentacles around as I keep the rest to eat. Do I troll the heads weighted as well? Thanks for the advice.
  4. Hi guys, during the last days I am struggling to get yakkas and tailor in pittwater. I have been trying from many of the wharves with no luck. All I get is lots of bream, leather jacket or whiting. If you can give me some suggestions will be highly appreciated. Best, R
  5. lochiebruce7

    fishing rose bay, new south wales

    hi all, i just moved to rose bay and i'm a keen fisherman. last Saturday i walked from my house to the ferry wharf and started to flick zman grubs, chasing bream and flathead. i spent a few hours there as the sun went down, i had a few bites but nothing landed. later an older man and his wife walked up beside me and started to fish. they had live yabbies and were pulling in fish after fish. i just wanted to ask you guys where i can either buy or pump yabbies around rose bay. im only on my L plates so i cant drive around the city very often. also where are some good spots around rose bay that have worked for you? im relatively new to fishing and i am excited to see what i can catch. any information will go along way. thanks guys.
  6. nickoo90

    Live Bait Port Hacking Tips?

    Hey Raiders, I'm trying to get into catching Kingfish in the hacking and looking to first master catching live bait. Any tips or recommendations on where to find consistent yakkas and squid in the Hacking by boat? Any help is appreciated! Nick
  7. mikeparks

    American Fisho in Wollongong

    Afternoon fellas, I've been putting in the hours learning how to catch yakkas, tying up balloon rigs, buying a new rod and reel combo (9ft Penn Allegiance rod / 4500 spinfisher w/ 300m of 30lb braid) and scouting the rocks around the Gong. I have come to the conclusion that if I wish to do battle with a kingy off the stones before I go back home November 21st, it will probably happen either north in Coalcliff/Stanwell Park or south in Kiama at the blowhole. Basically, if anyone ever needs a mate to head out onto the rocks with or wants to prove their experience by putting my on a kingy, I would be very grateful. Any tips on what tides to fish off the rocks or decent locations for a landbased angler operating on a student budget would be hectic. Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi guys just thought I'd share this trick I tried for live baiting with a spin reel. One of the most annoying challenges with this is having no bait running ability other than loosening your drag. This leads to the struggle of accurately and quickly resetting your drag once you have a fish on. Also if you reel gets wet while this loose it allows water into the reel easier. What I've done is popped a thick elastic band onto the lower (non-line) part of my spool. Once your bait is out where you want it you hold a small loop of line in your hand and tuck it under the elastic band (bail arm open). This holds the line pretty well but lets it slide out when its pulled with and pressure. I've been using Yellowtail scad (Yakka), some quite big, under a float. This set up and its been working a treat, a 35cm hood squid can disengage the line (ate my livie, squid spike in the next one out and i ate him...). If you're using bigger livies I figure an extra thick rubber band or 2-3 normal ones gives you better line hold. Just a random trick I came up with and thought someone on here may be able to use. Cheers, Pat
  9. Hey just a trick I've discovered and been using, Rubber band on the lower part your spool (not on the line) then once your bait is out far enough put a small loop of line under the rubber band (leave bail arm open) and it will hold your bait but allow a fish to pull it free. Bigger/more rubber bands hold more... one red thick rubber band is working for yakkas under floats (LB) Just a nifty easy trick that i thought some of you might find useful. Cheers, Pat
  10. tinny1

    Balmoral Bait Grounds video

    Just a short video of the bait grounds at Balmoral on Sunday morning , didn't see any squid but plenty of yakkas which were very tempremental, it took 2 of us 40mins to land 12.It was an absolutely great day apart from a big fat zero on the kings they just didn't want any part of our lively little yakkas .We saw a few rats landed within 4mtrs of our boat but those guys were fishing freshly caught "dead" squid.Sorry about the quality but had the camera setup wrong DOH
  11. Hello to everyone on fishraider, this is my first post on the site, Im a newy to the fishing world and I was wondering where I can catch yellow tail and mullet for bait from land based spots around Sydney, also what gear and bait is recommended and what tide and time of day is best suited. It would be much appreciated for any help. THANK YOU