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Found 7 results

  1. Brainfish

    Lowrance hook 7

    I have a lowrance elite 7 hook with chirp that works pretty well although lately it has been losing the depth reading at speed, which doesnt worry me too much , however when i slow down it gives me ridiculous readings which does worry me. As well , when this happens i dont get the sonar picture back. Any ideas ? Cheers Brian.
  2. seasponge

    Transducer mounting position

    I'm finally getting around to installing my Lowrance fish finder that's been gathering dust in my bedroom for way too long. I have an old aluminium hull with a ribbed profile. I was going to mount the transducer about 300mm to the right of the prop, in between two of the ribs. Am I likely to get interference from the proximity of the ribs? (not that there's any alternate location I can put it in). Also, the hull has a decent deadrise, so anticipating having to play around with the height of the transducer initially to get it reading correctly, would it be recommended to mount to a transom mounting plate, or just screw the brackets direct to the transom? (There is slight adjustment available in the slotted holes in the bracket). This is my first fish finder installation so any other tips would be helpful.
  3. Hey all!! long time inbetween drinks.. Im back up and running in the fishing scene after ditching the ski boat. Ive got my hands on a 4.6 glass runabout with a 2000 70 Jonno. treating it as a project to bring it back to new and just had the floor strengthened which brings me to my question.. who has a sounder with gps and really how often do you use the gps side of it (not just up on the screen.. actually using it)? I had a lowrance 7 combo in an old boat. For the new I was looking at the elite 5 combo ..but now I'm tossing up weather to get the gps one or not for the extra cash. I guess it's good for reefs and to view previous spots/drifts.. whats your view? My fishing is syd harbour, hacking, and south coast with the trip outside the head when Mother Nature is playing ball! Tight lines
  4. I have a lowrance hook 7, when i have the sounder-transducer on 200khz or high chirp, I get a very heavy buzzing thru any vhf channel i am monitoring or using, i have to change to 'maps' or turn the whole unit off to even broadcast... Radio is on its own seperate power source (seperate battery), aerial lead is away from electrics, and i have tested a new power cable, which made no difference. Radio is over 1 m away from aerial. Aerial has been checked for seals etc and is ok. If i switch to 50khz, then the buzzing stops....has anyone had experience with similar issues or have a possible solution? driving me crazy! TIA. Edited just now by Swivelfish Typo
  5. Grug85

    Lowrance Elite 4 Chart Issue

    Hi Raiders, I am having an issue with my Lowrance Elite-4 that I bought 12 months months ago. For the past year I have been using it purely as a fishfinder and it has been great, cannot fault it at all. Over Christmas I decided to purchase the Navionics Platinum + maps so I could start using the chartplotter feature. I received the micro SD card, updated it on the computer as per instructions, plugged it into the Elite-4 and NOTHING! I get no more detail on the chartplotter than without the card plugged in. I can see pretty much the whole NSW coast but when I try and zoom in any closer I get an olive green screen and thats it, same as when there is no card plugged in. I have changed the chart data settings to 'navionics' but this displays no different to the 'lowrance' chart data. I noticed when I go into the system settings and select 'browse data' it says 'no cards ready'. This leads me to believe that the issue could be that the Elite-4 simply is not reading the card. I have tried removing and replacing the card several times but nothing seems to work. Has any one else had this issue? am I missing something simple? I dont think the card is the issue as it reads fine in the computer when I update the charts, if it is the finder then im screwed..... its not under warranty any more..... so have I just wasted $300 on a card I cant even use! I have attached some pics. Very frustrated, any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  6. GreyNurse

    Lowrance sounder oddity

    Even though this happened on my kayak, I thought it might be more appropriate to post this in the boating section. As I mentioned in my Tuross Lake report, I had a small issue with my Lowrance Elite 4x. When I was over a deep hole, I turned on the sounder, set the range for 15 feet and was concerned at what I was seeing. As I was motoring over 12 feet of water, the bottom would intermittently drop away and the depth reading would flash 4 or 5 feet. Then the bottom would return to the screen and I would get a 12 foot read again. I finally set the depth for 40 feet and it would appear that if I went over any more than 30 feet, the bottom would remain on screen, but the depth indicator would flash 5 feet or less. As this only happened in the one deep part of the lake I navigated, I just took note of the issue and continued on. The sounder worked fine everywhere else where the water depth ranged from 1.5 feet to 15 feet. The transducer is a thru the hull mount, rolled into position to eliminate air bubbles in the Selley's all clear sealant, although I made the mistake of facing it the wrong way. Still, it worked fine for the majority of the time. It showed bottom structure, and possibly fish, although there was a lot of fresh water bringing down detritus, which could also be what I was seeing on the bottom. So, any ideas? Might there be a fault or just an one off oddity? The other interesting observation was that in 10 feet plus of water, there was a faint, continuous static line across the screen at the 6-8 foot mark. It looked a bit like this: II II III III I III III I. Could this have been a thermocline? I'm sorry now that I didn't take any pictures, but in bright sunlight, my phone's screen washes out, unlike the fine screen on the Lowrance. Any replies are most welcome.
  7. spooln

    Lowrance Navionics problem?

    Hi, I went fishing down kiama today and my gps screen was not showing up all the detail around kiama. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else on here? Any help greatly appreciate