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  1. Gday fellow fishraiders. I frequently fish Botany Bay and the Georges River for blackfish. My chosen outfit is a Snyder mag bream 126 matched to an Alvey 475A. My question does not relate to how to catch 'em, where to find 'em, or where to get weed Simply put, how do my fellow fishos use the outfit when fishing across a wind. The issue I have is line being blown off the spool while drifting your float. Normally this is not a huge problem until you get a down and suddenly realise you cannot turn the spool because you are trying to put coils of line back in place. Short of using an eggbeater, what tips and techniques can you advise. Cheers
  2. Hi all, This is a fly report but there is also a bit of history. Many years ago as a birthday present I was given a beautiful NZ made 4 piece 7 weight 9 foot freshwater fly rod with a gorgeous reel (and floating line) to match. This one in fact. It was from a very good friend who was in NZ and one of my bucket list items is trout on fly rod in New Zealand. When I got back I wanted to learn about fly fishing techniques and how to properly use the rod so I booked a one day lesson with one of the Sydney based trout guides (who has passed away in the last few years). Wasn't cheap but it was a really good introduction. In the morning he went through the background and theory. A short history of fly fishing gear. Older rods to modern rods. Line weights. Knots. Leaders. Very informative. In the afternoon we went through casting basics. The roll cast. Single hauling. Double hauling. Laying the line out. Loops. All in all it was a worthwhile day and shortened the learning process dramatically. I was still pretty uncoordinated (it is very like pat head circle stomach when starting out) but I'd learned enough to practice, practice, practice. My first fish on fly (black woolly bugger) was a bass in Manly dam. I've also had nice carp in the Hunter Valley. As it was a freshwater rod I wasn't keen to use it in saltwater. Even with a good clean I'm afraid of missing a bit of salt and damaging the rod long term. I invested in a 2 piece 9 weight saltwater rod from the same NZ manufacturer - a bit of a broomstick but I like the stiffness of the rod. I found a couple of Scientific Angler reels online and got set up. Over the years I've had salmon, bonito, tailor and a few other species. I'm also looking forward to the day I hook a king on it. This outfit is a bit overgunned for some of the smaller saltwater species we have in Sydney harbour so this year I decided to invest in a 7 weight 4 piece 9 foot saltwater (stainless guides) outfit. Matched it with an excellent value ($170) reel with an insane drag and some intermediate (slow sinking) line. All up probably the most expensive outfit I own but with care it is something I could use for the rest of my life. On the odd occasion I've been chasing Luderick (Blackfish) with @Mike89. He has gone to the dark side and acquired a centrepin reel and super long rod and has also been getting very good at it due to the time he has put in to it and the assistance of other Fishraiders. I'm quite capable of catching luderick but I use a spinning outfit as it is crossover fishing for me. This winter one of my goals has been to start catching luderick on fly rod. There has been a bit of a learning curve to work out how to approach it most effectively. The flies were easy as my local tackle shop ties them and does a mixed pack (light green or dark green - see photo) but it turns out they are either floating or sinking (tied with lead line). I've also included a wet fly in the photo so you can see how well it imitates green weed. Next step was the strike indicator. I am aware of the stick on foam ones but wasn't sure how well you could move them along the line once stuck. I found some waterproof indicator line which you can tie on the line but wasn't happy with the bend it puts in the leader. Online I found some ones with an O-ring attached (green, orange, red and yellow ones in photo below). These worked pretty well. I then hopped online and found some 5mm O-rings through which I passed the indicator yarn and fastened it with braid. This is what I am currently trialing. I pass a double through the O-ring and loop it over the yarn. When I pull the line tight the O-ring doubles on itself and creates a friction lock - the strike indicator sits where it is when casting but the position of it can be easily moved by sliding it up or down the line. One of the earlier trips out with Mike to one of his secret spots where he has been consistently been catching and releasing good luderick showed me the limitations of the intermediate line as it would drag down the strike indicator after a while. I had a few touches but no conversions. At this stage I was more interested in the learning curve than results. I fortunately had a spare spool with floating line so that problem was easily solved. This weekend I picked up some cabbage weed after work as I was going to introduce another friend to the joys of chasing luderick. @Mike89 was also free to fish the lower north shore with us. So with a goal in mind and company on Saturday we all headed down to the water. I cut up the weed and Mike made up the burley. We couldn't see too many luderick in the water but had seen them in the area on earlier trips. My friend Floris had an early down but was so in the zone he missed reacting to it in time. Mike then put a few on the board. Once I was confident my friend understood the concept I set up the fly rod and started fishing. I had a strike and set the hook. A luderick of about 20cm came up out of the depths. My first luderick on fly. I hand lined it up. The hook had caught near the eye which I carefully removed and then released the fish without worrying about a photo. A little while later the strike indicator disappeared under the surface and once I struck I ended up with a really nice bend in the rod. The fish was darting back to the weeds (6lb fluoro tippet) but I managed to keep it out. I saw the fish and thought it was average but was impressed at the fight it put up. Now in my defence I had acquired some polarised, prescription, sunglasses for my topwater bream fishing with @Niall over the summer and these throw my depth perception out pretty badly although they are as sharp as. Mike and Floris were telling me it was a good fish and it wasn't till Mike netted it that I realised how good it actually was. You judge. For the record it was 43cm on fly and a personal best (bait and lure). Out of curiosity I looked at the lure records on Fishraider and this one would put me in equal second place behind the record 47cm luderick on lure. I'm looking forward to doing more of this style of fishing over the winter. On a side note Mike has seen multiple times how effective it is to fish the weed flies even on the centrepin and spinning outfits. You still burley up but it saves the hassle of rebaiting the hook every time the luderick nibbles away at the weed on your hook. You can combine two flies by having a weighted fly at the bottom and a floating fly a little further up the line. He has also been using very small split shot sinkers to get the weed flies down into the water column. Thanks for reading. Derek
  3. Gday raiders, Hit the northern beaches headlands yesterday to collect some weed (i always collect both cabbage and string weed) for my blackfish sessions in the harbour BUT i could only find cabbage, none of the stringy stuff. I was hoping to get both types of weed as i was introducing a fellow work colleage and now fishing buddy to the dark arts. Got the the spot at Clarke's Point but knowing my luck...yesterday the luds didn't seem too keen on the cabbage even after tuning them in with a solid bucket of pretty rich cabbage weed burley. We had only a few downs through the last of the run out tide but i suspect few were blackfish as the floats rocketed down unusually fast. I suspect they were surgeonfish. We fished Clarke's Point which I've never donut'd at... But i guess there's a first for everything. I'm not asking for any secret weed collection spots. But was hoping for some 2c on the matter. If the long stringy weed is knocked out at all the headlands and lower reaches of the harbour, does it mean the weed is knocked out everywhere or are there still good spots where it'll grow well in the upper reaches like the parra and cooks river? Also, is it all the rain and cold weather that kicks out the stringy stuff? I've never had to look so hard to find weed before (and yeah gotta love that wording lol). Any help would be awesome. Tight lines.
  4. This is a great documentary. Could not find it on Fish Raider . How the east coast of Australia started fishing the ubiquitous and my favorite Black Fish Goes for about 40 min but well worth it for the history Mr T
  5. Hi all, Been fishing Chowder Point since my last post with mixed results. Last Sunday was the most interesting session as I had frozen cabbage to see how that would work having read about it on another post. On Thursday 27/8 headed up to northern beaches and collected some cabbage. went straight to Chowder Point for a couple of hours and landed 3 Lulerick see pic. That night I froze the rest of the cabbage carefully after removing the water with a spinner, On Saturday 28/8 went to the same spot with the frozen cabbage and landed only 1 Luderick for a 2 hour session. I did have a few downs but no other hooking ups On Sunday 30/8 not deterred I had some more frozen cabbage in the freezer and I wanted to give it another try.. Fished for 2 hours and no downs. I find the cabbage floats and looks natural in the water but feels a little leathery on your fingers when baiting the hook. I used burley with weed, bread and sand and could see flashes of fish. as the burley went down. I decided to switch to bread as my bait, and started to get results with a mixed bag. see pic Bream was 37cm, and Luderick to 34cm I'm still going to tinker with frozen cabbage as as going to northern beaches has always been a bit of a drive for me... I'll be trying other spots, soon as this wind dies down, Port Hacking, Kamay Botany Bay National Park, and La Perouse. Should be able to get weed at some of these spots as long as there are no restrictions. Always good to bring some bait alternatives to mix it up a bit. Cheers Mr T
  6. Had the original plan of flicking for flathead and salmon off the beach with plastics no hits so we went and collected weed for bait and burley and tried for luderick, they were in massive numbers all good size but very finicky when eating we just used a tiny split shot to the hook even the floats would spook them and dropped leaders to 4/6lb. Bite was slow but managed a few biggest going 42cm in the pic below
  7. My First Post 😀 a little late but i like to kick this off Fished Chowder Point over the last three weeks for some good luderick on cabbage. Weed and cabbage hard to find in Sydney Harbour in safe locations. Went to northern beaches Curl Curl and Mona vale (bit of a drive for me as i live over the bridge) to collect some cabbage bait even then had to pick the right days as the swell and surf conditions made it even a risk at these spots Used burley - sand, weed and bread mix to keep them around... they seem to bite on low and high tide in the harbour throughout the day if you keep the burley up Depth around 8ft-10ft best day bagged 8 in one session see pic largest 37 cm The other two sessions bagged 3 good fish and 2 average Used a Shimano Catana Coastline 10ft6In 3-5kg line weight with 12lbs braid 6lbs mono leader. Reel Shimano Sedona C5000
  8. Throwing around a paddle tail and snagged a beaut luderick and a first too, will be a tricky Pb to beat I think 42cm.
  9. Hi Guys, I am new to fishing and reading the forums for a couple of months since registered. I tried fishing for luderick couple of times before lock down based on tips from fishraider and caught one. I am planning to give it a go this weekend along with my kid. Just wondering if anyone can help me with a luderick spot in and around sydney harbour which is less crowded and safe for kids. Thanks
  10. I have been driving past a wharf in the harbour as part of my job and looking at it thinking it would hold fish on it. Today arrived 2 hours before high tide and quickly found my depth and where to put berly in. Third drift i get a down then pull tight on my first fish for the day and safely in the landing net soon after. Next fish buried me in the kelp on t a pylon and came back hookless. Pulled the hook on a few fish before getting the next one into the net. As the high tide neared i had four in the net and about 40 minutes into the runout i got my last fish out. Persisted for 30 more minutes for no action so took a pic and released the fish. Not too bad for my first time at this location and quickly worked out it is a run in tide spot.
  11. Hi all, it's been so long since I caught anything worth reporting, I was wondering if it would ever happen again. I decided last weekend to hit a wharf on Pittwater every morning this week to fish the early high tides. I wanted to target tailor with a pilchard under a float, and bream with soft plastics. Monday morning - no action. Tuesday morning - no action, but noticed blackfish swimming around the wharf. Returned Wednesday with a blackfish outfit, but equipment failure and a lack of planning for such sent me home empty handed. Then this morning the stars aligned - I caught five fish between 25 and 30cm (dropped one as I was trying to net it) in about 90 minutes. I was about to pack up and head home a very happy fisherman, then I thought 'why not use the last of the weed?', put out a final bait and a 38cm lunker appeared - after a good fight I had a new PB. Beer-battered fillets and chips for dinner tonight. Bugger the tailor and bream!
  12. My usual haunts in The Hawkesbury were not producing. The areas I fish in the Hawkesbury are predominately a summer time fishery however you can get a few larger fish in the Winter, but not this year. Brisbane Water was my next closest option. I started out with no intelligence on the fishery and started looking for an Oyster farmer. In the past I have found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I found an Oyster farmer and he told me of some boat moorings where he has seen people fishing for blackfish. The tide was still quite high and the water clear. I ticked along with the electric and I could see a number of good size fish spread out thinly. I picked the area that seemed to have the most, left them for 10 minutes, and started fishing. Picked up a few fish 33 -35 cms and then they went quiet. By now we were getting to the end of the tide and I decided to head for a spot I had not fished since I was 10 years old. In those days (back in 1967) it was a hot spot and you were lucky to get a rock on Saturdays. Shore access was restricted 20 years ago and, as I have driven past the spot many times, I have not seen anyone there since the shore access was closed. To my delight I got a down first run, but the fish were very finicky. So down to smaller float, longer and lighter trace with smaller baits. Eventually I started catching fish and landed about 4 or 5 all about 30 cm. I was resigned to the fact that there were only small fish when right on the last gasp of the run-out I landed a 42 cm model.. Next chance to fish was a few days later and the last of the run-out was early morning. Not a sign of fish at the second spot so back to the boat moorings. The tide was running in well and I started catching fish using the lighter rig I had set up. With tide running fast the fish pulled the float straight down and were hooked every down. I landed 3 or 4 when the wind came up opposite to the tide run. This made things a bit difficult with the light float so I went back to the bigger float thinking “they are biting well and with this run it won’t matter” After 5 downs for no fish I eventually hooked a good fish and lost it. I went back to the lighter rig and got another couple immediately. Then I realized size does matter. How many times do I have to learn the same lesson “fish the lightest float you can and you catch more fish”. These were quality fish 34-40 cm and in fast water they take ages to subdue. Finished a good day with 7 very nice fish and 2 new spots and one spot fishes on the run in which is a real bonus. Geoff
  13. Headed up to The Entrance a week ago to take 81 y/o Mum out in our tinnie. She loves fishing and had been dropping plenty of hints to get me up there from Sydney! Anyway, weather was perfect and there were a few fish around though we had to move around to find them. Our main target was luderick. When things went quiet we’d flick for flatties on SP gear or stick on some bread under a float for mullet. Managed a few of our target fish. The biggest lud went 43cm, flatty 49cm and mullet a fat 41cm. The mullet circled the boat - great fun on light gear. Smaller luds < 30cm were released. All in all a great day out on the water. Cheers, Keith
  14. Gday raiders. Decided to go for a blackfish session today. Time got away from me so it was late afternoon before I left home. Getting any decent weed was challenging to say the least and all my normal haunts came up with bugger all weed. I finally managed to find a few sparse strands around Carss Park so with that headed down to Botany Bay. I nearly turned back as it was howling and bloody freezing. I decided against all the usual spots as it was just too windy so I ended up a bit up river near the Lugarno. First cast and hit a snag nearly losing the whole rig. A few more casts and adjusting for depth it was not looking promising. Few guys came past flicking lures and we compered notes with zero fish all around. It was getting dark and the small amount of weed I had left was barely staying on but just then the float disappeared in a flash. I was slow to react and after what seemed an eternity struck but nothing. Cursing myself I baited up again and cast. Float drifted about 2 meters and then down she went again. This time though i lifted the rod and was on. Out came a beautiful 34cm blackfish. No time to muck around i threw it in the keeper net and cast out again. Bang down again and after a more spirited fight was rewarded with another blackfish at 32cm. Both put up a superb tussle on the outfit I was using and ended up as fishburgers for dinner washed down with a Heineken. Cheers
  15. Got out for an afternoon run on the boat. Getting big quality, not so much quantity. Talked to some rock and beach guys who had singles or doubles. Any views on the it being the spike in temp, up to 26.7 off Northen beaches, 25.5 from the sounder sounder around flint and steel. Don’t know what is was a few days before.
  16. Hi Raiders, my name is William, I am located in the Eastern suburbs and want to improve/ learn Blackfish fishing from a mentor who would be willing to help me out. I have fished for a couple years now and I have done blackfish fishing before in the past, not really successful on the rocks but had relative success on the wharves, however i feel like I have a lot to learn still. I would be able to travel around Sydney to fish (eastern rocks or north to Balmain areas/ down south) and i do provide my own gear but not the green weed bait (All previous places i got from has disappeared). I would also only be available on the weekends since I am just starting uni now. Additionally, any information that would help me such as locations/ spots would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou very much.
  17. Gday raiders, Just wondering if anyone has used the japanese ISO floats for blackfish/luderick. And if so, how do they compare with a quill/pencil float? I would imagine the pencil floats offer less resistance to a down given that both are weighted properly BUT I've seen quite a few blokes off the stones using these ISO set ups and they swear by them. The long ISO rods and reels cost an arm and a leg... Plus I just love my good old alvey rod and reel blackfish setup. So just keen to know about the floats if anyone's had experience with them.
  18. G'day Raiders. Now that the Luderick are in the spot light over the next few months we will see a tonne more reports and tips about these bronzed brawlers - probably some bigger biceps too from hauling these fellas in. However, a question that isn't ever really covered in fishing magazines and rarely on forums is targeting these beauties at night time. In the past, I have caught a couple of Luderick while fishing for bream at night over the flats up at The Entrance on live Nippers and prawn baits. From what I have read on a few past forums is that it is definitely not unheard of being able to catch luderick at night on pipis, worm, prawn and nipper baits while targeting other species such as bream and whiting. Due to the fact that blackie angling is a float-dependant style of fishing (with the exception of pussyfooting from the rocks) it makes them a target primarily throughout the day. Naturally, we don't use weed baits at night as we target other species such as Mulloway and bream. I haven't been able to test this yet but I will look into it the next night outing I get and let you all know how it goes - this weekend...HOPEFULLY. Figured I'd ask first to either maximise the chance or find out if I would be wasting my time. I would assume heavy burlying is required as weed, unlike prawn and nipper baits, don't carry much of a scent (I assume). If luderick fish by sight, fishing around a well lit wharf such as Balmain would be a better option, too. Has anyone had any experience successfully targeting blackfish (EDIT: Or even surgeonfish) at night using weed baits?
  19. G'day Raiders. Crack of dawn i rocked up at Woolwich to strengthen my blackfishing some more - And oh boy were they hungry today. First cast in and the float shoots down. After a bit of a lengthy fight, a whopping 43cm lud. - my best yet...couldnt be happier. Two more followed after this. I was on a roll. Then something strange happened...my float stopped mid drift...4 or 5 seconds of just sitting motionless the float bolts down to the deep faster than a jet. Couldnt believe it. Stirked as usual but this where my heart really started to pound...whatever was on the end of the line was definitely NOT a blackie. This thing was a jet on steriods...my reel pumping out the drag as this fish screamed out to open water. With my spool running low (only had about 150 yards of 12lb braid on) i apply a little more drag and POP...the 8lb leader breaks at the knot. At least i got my float back. Other than a surgeonfish i cant think of anything that would take a weed bait. Maybe a foul hooked kingie. Ended up hooking onto 6 other blackies after thaf but all managed to spit the hook prior to the net ?. Spewing over it! Had lost count of the missed downs too. They became a bit finiky after the sun was well up. All in all...a magnificent day. Very happy with a few fish for a feed and a lot more confidence in my blackfishing. Keen to try some new spots now. Tight lines guys.
  20. G'day all. Felt like i should share a report rather than always mooching information from here. Had the alarm set on Monday morning at 4am...woke up chirpy and ready for action by 3.45am. Zipped on over to brave the chilly ocean water to collect 3 types of weed: stringy, cabbage and ribbon weed from a low platform at Manly. Burleyed up and started fishing at Woolwich by 520am. Even though it was still relatively dark i had my first down within 10 seconds on the first drift on cabbage bait. After a bit of hit and miss with the striking i landed my first blackie of the day. Absolute stonker went about 40cm and pulled like no tomorrow. Rebaited up and the cabbage was never touched again... Swapped over to stringy weed and the float steadily dives down. Waiting the longest 8 seconds of my life before striking...bam! onto him. Even bigger than the last. After a few rounds i thought he was ready to be netted then he took one last dive and the line clipped off at the trace!! Reckon 6lb Rovex FC doesnt do too well with half hitches... Rerigged and back on in the first drift. Landed my second for the day. Followed by another the next cast making that 3 in the keeper bag. Kept on fishing the next few hours with a few lost fish, 2 released and some tentative downs. Home by 10am. All in all a very happy chap. Still a lot to learn. Keen to test out a few other blackie spots. Might head down to Bradleys Head or Cremorne this coming weekend. Rig: mainline 10lb braid with sliding quill float and ballasted barrel sinker to swivel, 60-70cm FC leader to #6 hook with half hotched weed. Burley: Moist sand, stale bread, 3 x weed chopped finely. Used every 10 to 15mins. P.s. Thank you to Royce (Luderick Angler) for his tips. Legend!
  21. G'day Raiders, I was hoping to get some tips towards my blackfish fishing. I've read tonnes of articles and forums, watched a stack of videos and I also manage a few luderick when I'm up at The Enterance and Long Reef (thanks again KB for your help). So today I fished at the south western end of the Spit (between the marina and the bridge) targetting blackies at both sides of the high tide. Unfortunately, the water was crystal clear and only managed a few downs (no hook ups-and that's after numerous bait depth adjustments, using cabbage and string weed AND trying different bait presentations, using various rigs including leader colour - clear and olive 6lb mono). It is extremely frustrating when you can see a kilo fish eying your bait for a moment or two then knicking off. The blackies were actively feeding in the weed bed (rolling around on their sides and chasing other fish around) in about 2-4m of water maximum I would say. They seemed more interested in the bait when I swapped to smaller floats but even then no downs. I have had this same issue at Forty Baskets in Balgowlah too (there's some seriously sized blackies there - water is again very clear most of the time both at high and low tide). My rig is just your run of the mill luderick rig - smallish float and adjustable stopper, barrel sinker, then a tiny size 12/14 swivel, about 40-50cm of 6lb .22mm mono down to a size 8 mustad green hook. Split shots added as needed. I was burleying every 10 mins with wet sand and finely chopped weed (cabbage and string) and bait (string and cabbage) was collected fresh from curly. I have heard Clarkes Point is worth a shot but blackies seem to be abundant in the harbour especially where there's structure and kelp and weed beds. So naturally I am questioning my understanding of blackfishing and attributing most of my previous catches to luck. Hopefully some fellow raiders can give some insight and tips. *aplologies for the essay, figured as much info as possible will help*
  22. Looked at the tides yesterday arvo, bottomed out around 1700 so decided to head south of Wollongong and hit my favourite spot, the river fishes well on the last hour of the run out. My son and I went to a local rock pool and gathered a heap of bait and he made a burley mix (which ended up being worth more than its weight in gold I found later on). We arrived and my son started the burley, nice balls of weed n sand dissolved on the water and showed me the run out was still going. I cast out and no sooners does the weed hit the water I see my float vanish, I set the hooks and pull in a 20 cms baby blackie, let him off cast again 10 cms blackie, let him of cast again and WHACK, 30 cm models this time.....I started to fish the deeper whole and got on to the larger ones. This went on for 30 mins with a total of 20 fish caught with 4 in the keeper net then I get hit by a monster. The fight lasts 5 mins resulting in the line snapping or the hook unthreading (which I would find odd given the fish it caught previously) and the force threw my line in the air creating a Christ almightly know. I spend the next 30 mins trying to fix then decided to cut it off and start again. By the time I restarted the flow had stopped and we were in the lull of the tide. I got two more keepers and decided to head to a spot that fishes well on the rise. AS per the first spot jnr starts the burley I cast out.....no drift. 10 mins later the tide is rising fast as is the drift and I am getting very very slow downs....I set the hook and the fish are on, I drop two and land two around the 40 cm mark. The beach side fish are more decided in their bites, slower in the down but huge!. Each fight is a fight for my balance and to steer the fish away from the rocks. I had 8 by this stage.......my PB for a take home I wanted to make it to 10 and the fish were there and I had bait and a little daylight still. I loaded up a cast and hear SNAP. The Wilson RFB 1206 Snapped near the hand grips. The line wasn't caught when I cast nor was the rod tip or any other part. I was gutted, 2 short of my pb and my favourite rod destroyed!. I have heard of blokes keeping rods for decades and was hoping to keep the Wilson for just as long. I don't believe they make the RFB 1206 anymore, they had a one or two piece 10 footer but its not the same. What would be a suitable replacement? I have already re rigged my Gary Howard which is a great rod but id like a good spare and a single piece. The GH has caught many fish for me and if I was to destroy that some how id lose my sh@#@$t. All in all it was a great trip and my son loved it. I have him a go when I hooked a small one and he said that was his favourite part. I want to teach him some casting next time but with a kids rod. Thanks for reading Steve I have already re-rigged my G
  23. G'day raiders. New comer to the forums, long time fisherman. I've got a little dilemma I was hoping somebody may shed some light on. Just started getting back into some rock fishing of late and the last 3 trips nothing but rock blackfish. Don't get me wrong, these fellas are a fantastic fight and it's great to keep one or two for the plate. BUT...I set out to catch luderick and the 3 trips down to long reef (the eastern-most point)...nothing but drummer maddness. Initially started using cabbage weed (collected elsewhere of course as it's a no collection sanctuary) at all outings (a little finely torn weed as burley) and was getting slammed on my 8lb float set up time and time again. Upped the tackle to unweighted 15lb mono and kept the #6 hook...drummer...one after the other. Ended up swapping to bread as I gave up on the luderick. Had a ripper of a time though. Caught an average of 6 in an hour per outing, kept one for dinner the first outing (scales tipped at 1.4kg) and released the other pigs to fight another day. Was fishing the rising tide on the first trip and the falling for the other 2 trips. The last trip I moved to the lower lying ledges on the north side of long reef. Using my luderick set up...yup...more drummer (it's great to see they're up in numbers btw). Productivity was slightly better on the rising tide. Here's the question though...where on Earth did the ludrick go? Starting to wonder if I've lost my touch for the dark arts as I have no problem catching them around Manly. Have tried 2 types of weed and bread. Only drummer. Or perhaps even move to another location? Thing is I know that it's prime luderick territory. Perhaps I am just cursed and blessed at the same time. Hoping somebody can shed some light to the luderick. Thank you in advance.
  24. Hi team, I'm looked to take my nephew out for a spot of estuary luderick fishing, but I have a problem...my usual spots for collecting river weed in botany bay have been completely knocked back by this hot weather. Any info on other locales in the area, botany bay port hacking etc would be greatly appreciated...I understand people's concerns about over harvesting but I'm not that kind of guy...so if you can help out please pm me. Cheers fellas and happy New Year!! Chris
  25. A mate and I scored a decent bag of luderick out of Pittwater this morning. Collected the weed from the ocean rocks and finally got started around 7am. The wind made it tough going and took quite a while for the fish to find the bait but once they did it was great fun. Had to move around a bit to find them. First location gave me a down first cast and hooked on to a nice fish. Had him at the surface ready for the net and then he spat the hook. At that stage I thought it was going to be a good day and an early finish but didn't get another down in the 90 minutes that followed at that spot. Packed up the gear and moved around the bay and finally got amongst them. No whoppers but all at or about the low 30cm mark. Heaps of small baitfish around and a number of bust ups on the surface. Couldn't tell if kingfish or salmon but quite a bit of action. In the quiet moments tried jigging for a few squid (in the hopes of lobbing one back for a passing kingy) but no dice. Still, can't complain. Dinner tonight is sorted.
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