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Found 4 results

  1. Anybody with the 12v 65lb geo-spot watersnake be able to shed some light on running time, battery setup, size of your boats, your application and your personal experience. Looking at putting one on a 4.5m aluminium centre console, and would like to know how they stack up against the Minnkota in the 24v being a little cheaper or is worth spending a little extra money? Predominately will be snapper fishing on inshore reefs.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm getting into lure fishing, and looking for some advice on a rod and reel to buy. I will mainly be fishing land based for bream, fleathead, whiting etc. in estuaries in and around Sydney, using a variety of lures such as soft plastics, poppers, crankbaits etc. I'm trying to find a 2 piece graphite rod that is roughly 7'6, with a cast weight of around 1-10g or 1-7/8g. I've been looking at the Daiwa TD HYPER 763LXS ROD. Everything about it seems good but it is a 3 piece, I think that may have an impact on sensitivity/feeling bites, if anyone has any experience with a 3 piece lightweight rod please let me know how it compares to a 2 piece. I also have considered a 7' rod such as the Daiwa TD SOL 702LXS SPIN, but I was hoping to have a slightly longer rod to get longer casts. However, I haven't had much experience with using braid so let me know if a 7' should suffice for getting decent casts with braid. If anyone has any other rod recommendations that would be nice, cheers.
  3. Hey there, Looking at going for a fish for some bass this weekend at Grose River near the Trees Adventure Park. Need some help figuring out which lures to use. First time freshwater fishing. Been recommended the following lures so far, and have bought them. Zman Grubz Zman Slim Swimz Zman TRD Crawz Atomic jerk Minnow 65 mid Mepps Agila Decorees Spinner Lure Tackle Tactics Switchblade Lure Any other suggestions for lures worth buying, or will this sustain me, in hopes of catching a bass there. Cheers Azza_Fishing
  4. Seeing as it's nearest water to my place I've been exploring what I can catch out of Johnston's Creek lately and have found it extremely productive. First of all, to call it a creek is a slight overstatement. I'm sure it was at some point but it's a pretty standard canal/stormwater drain in reality. Don't get your hopes up about casting at snags like you're on a real river. There's no real structure apart from a couple of bridges and it only fills up to a decent level on a tide over 1.5m. Make no mistake though, the fish know there's food in there and they come up in big schools looking for it every high tide - especially my favourite target, the humble bream. I planned to meet up with a fellow bream obsessive this morning in spite of the weather report of torrential rain and near gale force winds. I've cancelled too many sessions based on the weather forecast and these days I don't believe it until I'm at the spot and experiencing it. This morning that attitude was well vindicated. We met at 7am near the Tramsheds building, I'd already arrived and scored a decent bream on about my third cast. The water was Cafe Latte brown with the storm water mixing with the salt. The water's only about a foot deep but you couldn't see the bottom at all. Plenty of swirls on the top indicated feeding fish - the canal attracts luderick, mullet and whiting in addition to the bream. I'm yet to catch a flattie in there and I think I'll be waiting a while until that happens. Anyway my mate Richard got a 30+ bream on his first cast doing a mega-slow retrieve. I'm talking half a handle turn, pause, half turn, pause ect. For the next 2-3hrs we were getting a fish every ten minutes. Some proper size to them as well. I can't say enough about how awesome it is landing a good fish in such shallow water. Richard had got nothing but donuts his past couple of sessions, so he was stoked to land 15+ fish (on his fancy new Daiwa rod). If you try it yourself you have to be willing to move around. The fish wise up to your game pretty quick and once you've pulled a fish out of a section, the rest of them spook for a while. Sometimes a lure change will do the trick but you're better off just walking down the creek and casting to a different patch. Plenty of attention from all the dog walkers coming past. No one can really believe we were pulling fish out of such a tiny bit of water - it's completely dry at low tide. Having spent a fair bit of time fishing this creek I've also discovered that the fish will happily eat top water lures when the water's clear. Nothing like seeing 20+ bream climbing all over one another to smash a Sugapen in 25cm of water - Even better when the biggest one in the pack barges in and gets it first! If it's dirty like today then any grub or creature bait will do the trick. Jighead weights depend on the flow (of course). 1/12 to 1/16 were doing it today. Don't fear the rain and don't trust the weather man (well not entirely.) Tight Lines folks!
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