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Found 7 results

  1. Well the fishing just keeps hotting up. Up north there are small blacks, stripes and blue marlin as well as some big summer dolphinfish. Reef Magic will be chartering out of Newcastle from the 5th of January. Newcastle gives us a great variation in places to fish. Norah Head to the south, Newcastle Canyons straight out and The Car Park to the north as well as all the in close grounds. You can get the train from Central to Newcastle for $5.95 which stops right near the boat. Get a group together and get aboard to fish some of the best available water on the east coast. Cheers Damo 0407113349
  2. raiders new stock has arrived at last and were fully stocked for the year a new addition is our carbon fiber two peace 6 meter poles we will always give fishraiders a great deal that is not advertised so if you need anything to do with outriggers check out our web site and then give me a ring anytime on 0438264388 or email cheers gary bricknell
  3. outriggers direct winter sale is on 10% off everything on our web site for fishraiders only this sale will end on 11/8/2016 view items on our web site then send me a pm on fish raider for the 10% discount with the tuna running hot down south they will be in sydney very soon we have everything you need for outriggers and trailer boat game fishing
  4. raiders were putting a special outrigger package together for xmas just for fishraiders the outrigger package; carbon fibre 4.5 two peace poles 21 spline mirror finish 316 stainless bases full rigging kit 5 inch and 7 inch bird teasers 10 pack off double hook rigged pusher lures [2x10 inch 2x8 inch 6x6 inch] 6 pack off single hook rigged lures [6 x 6 inch pusher lures ] 1 x tracing gloves thats everything you need to start game fishing and we'll also chuck in a shotgun pole thats around $1000.00 worth raider price $750.00 and i'll deliver with in the sydney metro area and help with the setup freight cost on request but be quick raiders as it's looking like for the first time we may well sell out off stock by xmas cheers gary ring anytime on 0438264377 SOLD OUT new stock late feb
  5. raiders were having a clearance sale on our tracing gloves there one off the best gloves for tracing on the market iv'e traced 200kg sharks at Weipa with 100lb wire and snapped the wire with these gloves on a trip with stewy fishing for sharks all night great memory's the next year we were tracing the same sharks with the traces we sell and straightening hooks check out the videos at outriggers direct on Facebook for sales click the outriggers direct logo on fishraider or go to there is also a link on our facebook page on the left hand side off the page
  6. I cant look at Seabreeze any longer without arranging a days fishing but all my regular crew are away or working so they are free to fish the weekend tournaments. Without confirming anything yet but I'm thinking Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I need to be back early so probably a troll out to the Port Hacking Fad and then work closer to shore for the day. Thursday wide looking for Blues. I have boat and all the gear and looking for 1 or 2 people each day. Boat is 27ft and we leave from Cronulla. Late start and early finish Wednesday and full day Thursday. As I say I wont be able to confirm anything till later Tuesday as among other things I need to fuel up and sort a bit of work out. Is anyone interested?
  7. With the weekend’s weather, particularly Sundays weather being so awful we decided a mid week trip was the go. A quick look at the weather sites, BOM, Seabreeze and Buoy Weather they all said the same thing, great weather!! Now there was only one more thing to check, the Sea surface charts!! A quick look showed a few temp breaks on the other side of the shelf. Our plan was to run out to the Botany Wide FAD, work that area to see if we could pick up a few Dolphin fish and then head to the shelf, drop a few different size and shape Scent Blazers out and run southeast in search of Mr Stickface… After picking up the crew from north Sydney we made a quick stop to fuel the boat and then hit the big blue!! Rounding south head there was hardly a ripple to rock the boat, it was simply perfect and the further southeast we travelled the better the conditions and water colour/temp got. It started out green and 23.8 in close and within a few miles it changed to blue and 24.6 degrees. Things were looking up with only 2 miles to the Botany Wide Fad there was a slight north to south current of 1 knot and good, clean water. After receiving our Trollpro and bits and pieces we decided to set it up and run it in the long corner in front of 2 Scent Blazers, one in the long corner and the other off the rigger. Firstly we tried running it off the rigger but its to heavy for the rigger at 8 knots. Troll Pro being ready to be run and Troll Pro on the rigger pulling some serious pressure at 8 knots!! So we rigged up a little system with a spare fixed head gaff and this worked a treat!! Our Troll Pro set up, far to heavy for the outrigger at 8 knots! We then put the rest of the spread out, 2 Nano’s one bullet head purple frigate and the other a pusher head in sardine then a Small Evil pusher head and a Small Lumo Slant head. With the spread set we made our first pass, a double hook up on dollies with both fish smashing the Nano’s but they didn’t stick. The second pass was similar with both lures getting hit but again a failed hook up, what’s going on? Small fish is our guess. After dropping the two fish the other dollies went off the bite so we headed east to the shelf, 0.5 of a mile inside the shelf was a very distinct current break glass like conditions on one side and half a meter of chop on the other. The temp difference between the two was 0.2 degrees so we swapped the lures for bigger Scent blazers, An X-Large Yellowfin Slant head, a Large Green Luminator slant head and left the two on the riggers as they were, we then worked the edge north then south, zig zaging in and out of the current but with no joy we decided to cross the shelf and head south on the outer side of the shelf. Check out that Scent Blazer Teaser smoking away!! As we crossed the shelf the temp dropped the 0.2 of a degree and stayed 24.0 flat the whole way down the coast, lots of current breaks but no fish!! There were no birds, no bait and no dolphin, barren!! We continued south for another 12 miles but the water and fish condition wasn’t improving so we decided to head into 250fathoms and make our way back up the coast. By this stage the radio chatter stopped and seems we weren’t the only boat noticing the lack of anything fishy… Short Corner- Scent Blazer X-Lagre Yellowfin Tuna Colour Slant Head As we made our way over the shelf and that current change had pushed away but the water was far bluer inside the shelf. The decision was made to head to the Botany Wide FAD and see if those dollies were still around but on our arrival the current was pushing up the coast, south to north and was fishless! As we trolled our way back to Sydney the sun was falling and the light was disappearing and by the time we got through the harbour it was gone, complete darkness… A windy Sun Set over Sydney's Skyline The fishing off Sydney and up and down the coast seems extremely hit and miss with a lot of ground needing to be covered to find the fish. The currents seem to be changing daily if not hourly. What’s your thoughts? Do you think it will be a late season or is it not going to come at all? Check out more pics and video at Until the next bite… Tight Lines Andrew SBC