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Found 36 results

  1. Sup boys I'm an experienced fisherman, hoping to catch a trip with others. I have my own gear and tackle and would be more than happy to be a deckie/assist others on the trip. Done most of my fishing in NZ, north island but I've moved here now hoping to continue what I enjoy doing. Happy to split costs. PM
  2. Hi raiders Just thought I would open up a subject that may appeal to the anglers and lovers of fish out there When I was a young lad my stepdad caught a striped marlin off the coast of Tasmania - St. Helen’s, around 130 kg (pic included) Yes thats me in the beautiful bright blue trackies I was on the boat and have never forgotten the experience - it made the local newspaper and after catching this fish of a lifetime for my stepdad - we sourced a mould of a striped marlin of similar size Having it up on the wall was always a memory of what could happen if you got out there and wet a line! Now 25 years on I still admire the beauty of fish and the replicas that great artists make I was always on the look out for buying another replica of a marlin - and one day I found one on gumtree - it ended up being a real bargain for the quality of the fish mount - (I remember not really having the money to spend but made it happen and have never regretted jumping at the chance- much to my wife's displeasure!!) It also coincided with being able to catch my first marlin, solo off Sydney- not as big as the replica I bought though!! I thought I would share a picture of my most valuable piece of art in the house!! I’m also interested in what other raiders out there have on their walls and in their man caves! Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing your own pieces of art!! Stay safe!
  3. Hey i'm wondering if i have the right gear to land at least a small marlin? or any other game species - (Tuna and GT) Tyrnos 30 wide - 15 kg max drag (33 pounds) 500 metres of 50lb braid (FG Knot) 150-200 metres of 40lb mono. Penn rival ugly stick rod 15kg Harness with clips I'm sure the setup is to light for big marlin but could i get away with a small marlin around 100 kg. The setup is for Bull sharks and large Kingfish so i'm not worried if it isn't capable for Marlin fishing. I am just wondering if it can.
  4. With marlin firing the crew decided to pack the lures and push wide off Sydney. Managed to hook up at approximately 6:40am to nice black marlin unfortunately, dropped it boat side😭. Lures back in the water and 10minutes later another marlin came into the spread unfortunately could not get the hook to stick. We trolled to browns as we planned for a drop checked the sounder and and was barren. Lures back in and and started trolling again where we managed to stumble across new ground. Set up the spin gear with a jig and dropped down few pumps and were hooked up and fighting after a good 30minutes a blue eye surfaces. During this time we managed to spot a free swimming mako 🦈 fed it a bait and after a good solid fight we had it boat side and went 164.85kg. Overall, the crew went 2-2-0 on marlin and 1-1-1 on mako can’t complain with that.
  5. HI Raiders, I have been reading and using info from this site for years but first time posting - great source of knowledge - keep up the good work all round. Might be one for the game fishing section but didn't look like there has been much activity recently, In the last year or so i have been heading out on other peoples boats chasing Marlin and Tuna, had a fair bit of success catching a few Marlin, YFT and some large dollies. Using the gear on the boats i head out with which are more often than not 50 or 50wlrs tiagras with some TLDs and Tyrnos' in the mixer as well, mainly 24kg mono with wind on leaders. I'm looking at getting my own setup, but want something lighter that can do the job, up to decent sized black/striped Marlin Blue's are probably too angry for what i have in mind.. And of course tuna/dollies/anything biting. Reason being i like the idea of smaller lighter rod and reel to feel the fight more and more comfortable to use. I have been reading into the difference of just using mono vs mono topshot with braid backing and it seems there is quite a divide in opinion (as with most subjects on game fishing) as to just sticking with mono on bigger reels or using the hybrid approach. Some articles i have read have said that using braid is an unfair advantage and shouldn't be allowed under the IGFA rules and others say it doesn't have the stretch to be consistent and also expensive etc. Few questions: Thoughts on braid backing vs full mono? IF not using hollowcore connection what is the strongest braid to mono knot that can be used to tie braid to mono? FG an obvious one, but is a bimmini to FG doubled stronger for example? What reel would you use for the above application using braid and topshot? 15/24kg setup. If just mono i would prob go tyrnos or tiagra depending on budget.. Thanks in advance, Mr Burger, PS i should put some report up soon of such outings, bad on my part.
  6. Hey raiders Started fishing on the Saturday morning at 6am within minutes have squid flying in the boat so looks like they have bounced back from all the holiday traffic had 9 within a hour and half Then decided to head over to chase some kings had a quick slow drift past but the swell and wind was to big so called it so headed back for more bait for Sunday 20 squid total on Saturday Sunday same start time geared up with the squid from Saturday thought I’d flicked a squid jig while mate parked the car scored 2 lives then headed straight out to point first two baits down and within minutes two massive hits nethier hooked up 8 rats followed that 2 at 64cm being the biggest all returned decidded to call it a day until we saw something huge chasing a flying fish then we saw the bill of a marlin or swordfish.. have never thrown out lure faster in my life trolled for 20 mins then actually called it a day cheers Tdogz tight lines
  7. Hi guys, the crew from team baitcatcher and 1st mate mobile marine have been chasing some marlin. just some footage hope you all enjoy
  8. Guest

    Ballina update

    Just an update from a raider in Ballina nice 90 kg beakie
  9. Hey all long time fisho new forum member just want to get some advice on trolling for Marlin I'm from Wollongong and do a lot of land based game fishing for Marlin off the stones at Jervis Bay but have never gone out in my boat and trolled I am still eagerly awaiting the currents to push them down this way I will be fishing of Wollongong and if this season is anything like last they will be in close but until then if anyone has any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated anything from rigs to trolling speeds lures live bait dead baits the whole shebang I only have a 4m boat so my spread will be limited to 2 -3 rods hope to hear from you soon happy fishing
  10. Hi guys back again, We had a eventful 2016 with Mike having open heart surgery and myself fracturing 3 vertebrae & rupturing 2 disks in a fall fishing in February. We both have had the year off but both recovered and back into it with our first charter off Sydney today. We we're hearing of a few striped Marlin being hooked but a lot throwing the hooks. Around 11 we had a double hookup but both fish threw the hooks. We continued to hear boats losing fish and we hung in till the 4.30 tide change and finally the bite we wanted. Solid hookup with a 70kg striped doing what they do jumping everywhere. After an entertaining fight we tagged a nice striped Marlin. We will be fishing out of Newcastle for 3 weeks from next week before heading to Port Stephens for the rest of the season. If your keen for a charter give us a call on 0407113349 Cheers Damo
  11. Hi Raides, Going up to Port Stephens for the long weekend, anyone heard of anything happening up there at the moment? Interesting water off the coast at the moment, good to know if anything is in it early season Marlin or some Yellowfin, any reports of Kings at Allmark reef? Cheers in Advance
  12. Hi guys, Bit of a longshot but if anyone is heading wide from jervis bay/shoalhaven and has a spare spot onboard feel free to hit me up. Happy to chip in fuel etc, no gear but plenty of experience. have done a fair amount of gamefishing in the past but nothing for the previous 2-3 years as my old man moved to exmouth and took the boat with him. keen to get back into some real fishing and will be available most weekends. cheers kade
  13. Went out on Tuesday last week chasing Marlin Hooked a 100+ kilo Black on my Stella 30000. Broke the line after three jumps.. About 5ks North of the car park. An hour later trolled the same area and landed a 20kg dolli
  14. On Saturday we originally set out live baiting for kings off Sydney Heads and then out at 12 Mile. But with nothing in the bag at 11am and with water at 24degC we decided to troll some skirts in a round trip back past the Sydney Fad. An hour later we hooked, landed, photographed and successfully released this beauty. First Striped Marlin for my boat (thanks for all the tips Glen!). The fight took about an hour with each of us taking 15min turns - lots of head shakes and tail walking in the initial runs - the Penn 330GTi got very warm but held up to the task. What a fish on a 14cm Pink Pakula skirt and gear targeting Kings, Bonnies and Dollies. Just shows it pays to keep your gear well maintained - you never know what will hook up! Heres a link to the YouTube clip of the day, we only got the video working 1/2 through the tussle (fast fwd the bits you find boring): L to R: John, Glen, me and Wayne - smiles all around.
  15. we managed to get out yesterday for around 6hrs trolling. Water was good from about 6 miles out, blue, 20.5 and rising the further we went out. We trolled from inside the 12 Mile out to about 10 miles inside Heatons. We got a knock down on the lure on the rigger early afternoon about 5NM NE of Browns in 21. I was driving at the time and I was looking forward when the fish hit. When I looked back I couldn't see anything breach so I thought it was Dollie so I didn't pump the boat to set the hook. I looked at the troll pro footage the next morning, it was a Marlin. So I should have pumped it to set the hook, bummer Peter - SB Lures
  16. we got a marlin hookup on the underwater camera on our trip to mexico, please view in HD, its in high resolution Cheers Peter
  17. Hey guys just a little video on a few good times fishin this year!
  18. Two Sundays ago we got up early, headed straight out to Sydney FAD and started trolling right on sunrise. Before we could get our second lure in the spread out a dollie was on. The fish we talking anything and within the first hour we had landed to 6 legal dollies and three 70cm+ stripey tuna. Then the fish just went quiet for a couple of hours even though bait continued to bubble on the surface in every direction. We moved on from the FAD and headed north and shortly after found a 3km area where the tuna were going nuts. Double hook-ups, triple hook-ups, quadruple hook-ups and it didn't stop. For six straight hours we just reeled in tuna after tuna after tuna. Ended up landing 32 stripies (averaging 65 - 75cm), 8 dollies (ranging from 55 - 70cm) and two yellowfin tuna (68cm and 72cm) - kept a handful and threw the rest back to get bigger for next time. When we thought our dream day couldn't get any better - we were wrong. Just as we started to call it a day and head back towards the heads a big dorsal fin popped up right behind our spread. Was a nice 2m+ striped marlin - spent the best part of a minute checking out the short corner and rigger before finally smashing our shotgun lure. The fish managed to take over 300m of line as we quickly pulled in the rest of our gear. We fought the fish for a few minutes but unfortunately it managed to spit the lure on its second jump. While we didn't land him it was still an awesome way to end our best day ever off Sydney. Was looking forward to heading out on Saturday to test some new gear but it's looking like I'm probably better off going big wave surfing.
  19. Headed out to the shelf early on Saturday morning in search of marlin, dollies and tuna. We were met by a pod of dolphins as we passed through the heads but the water was ~22 degrees and green so we pushed on. The water pretty much stayed that way until we hit the shelf at which point we found the warm snap we were looking for. Water quickly changed to a deep blue as the temp increased from ~23 degrees to ~26 degrees in the space of a few kilometres. We put the spread out and started to troll towards Browns. We were there in no time as the current was ripping south at about 5knts/hr. As we passed over the top of Browns around 30 dolphins surrounded the boat and about a minute later we spotted two freejumpers less than 100m directly behind our spread. We worked the area and the current line for the best part of 6 hours but unfortunately all for zeros - frustrating after a promising start to the morning. We decided to change up the spread with some smaller lures to try to get some dollies and tuna for a feed as we headed back towards Sydney. Managed to land four 70cm+ dollies and a nice striped tuna around some floating debris and the FAD which made the day for the boys. Had one big strike a couple of kilometres north of the FAD but the fish spat the lure after a solid 20 second run - pretty sure it was a big dollie or tuna. Weather forecast is looking good for this weekend at the moment so will hopefully be able to get out there to have another crack at getting this marlin.
  20. G,day Raiders, I thought i would share with you my experience of my first attempt at catching one of our beaky friends. After checking the weather on the Sunday prior it was decided that Thursday was a cracker of a day, little to no wind, swell less than a metre... I bought a new sounder / GPS combo ( which i am absoloutley wrapped with) had it installed on Tuesday. I was lucky to get out on Thursday as i thought i was going to have a coronary after purchasing my first couple of Marlin Lures and appropriate snap swivels.... Over $200 later and some chest pains i managed to get outa there alive. We got to shoal bay boat ramp at around 6, launched the boat and were crossing the bar by 6.15am. We dropped out a couple of smaller skirts hoping for a few stripeys or bonito and trolled around the islands just outside of the bay with no luck. We headed to Broughton island and dropped out the big dogs, we were followed by a huge pod of dolphins ( over 100 of them) they were playing and swimming in my wake and was an awesome sight. After many many hours of Trolling, a few lure changes and still no action. Found loads of really good bait schools and marked some good fish and still no action. We were in constant contact with another boat who had the same luck. We decided to head back South and Troll with the smaller skirts around the islands again and we managed to find some small stripeys and Bonito, hooking up on every pass through the school. We decided to head back to the ramp at about 4 and of course we called on the radio by the other boat to tell us that they had hooked a little Black approx 60kgs North of Broughton, having only about 20 litres of fuel left it wasnt an option to head back. The other boat ended up hooking onto another about 20 mins later that spat the hook after an 1.5 hour fight. So my first Marlin adventure was hardly successful but i must say that i am now hooked, the anticipation of hearing those reels scream off has got me wanting to head again sooner rather than later. Any advice, tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks for reading Devil Ray
  21. hey, here's a few photos of the our last couple of outings off sydney, haven't been able to get out much 2 trips in the last few weeks or more. Unfortunately I have to work sometimes Had one really nice day weatherwise and one pretty crappy one, but its all good. Sydney Fads have been crowded every time we go out now, so we can't be stuffed hanging around them, we just take wide berth and move away from the croud. Basically we troll straight out of the heads all the way to 24/24 do a few circles around it and troll back, most relaxing. We got around 12 Dollies or more, lost count, all around 70-80cm and one a little bigger maybe 90cm, I swear the Dolphin Fish just follow our boat around A few marlin hook-ups and about 5 or 6 striped tuna, a couple near 10lb. A tip, we dropped a few marlin, I checked the hook after a marlin miss and it was really blunt. I haven't been paying attention to the hooks, they needed sharpening. It's the little details that help convert strikes into landed fish. I will be sharping them all before they are put out next time. We have tonnes of underwater footage we haven't looked at yet, well post some videos of underwater footage when I get a bit more time. We are pretty sure we have some marlin hook-ups on there. Also if you want to try our lures go to our website, there are lures packs for $99.99 which is great value. Peter SB Lures
  22. Hey, just a quick update, will update later with more photos. 3 of us went on Saturday,1-1-2014, hooked 2 marlin and whole lot of Dolphin Fish. The marlin unfortunately didn't stick to our hooks. We found and saw a tonne of bait out there, we got underwater footage of Marlin, Stripped Tuna, a million Leatherjacks and some small Yellowfin on our underwater camera. A underwater marlin shot attached. I couldn't resist going out today, Monday 3-3-2014, I knew there would be fish out there, I could manage to get out there around 2.30pm, my regular fishing buddy couldn't make it on short notice so I said F$#K it. I will try it solo. I fuelled at up Rushcutters Bay and came up with game plan for running solo and got out there. I hooked 3 marlin, 1 small one Striped Marlin got off, another busted me off and I landed one at around 250lb, took about an 1hr to land. Got around 6 dollies as well around 70cm. 2 of the marlin hook-ups were with in 5 seconds of each other, could have easily been a double hook-up, if one hadn't busted off. That would have been absolute kaos. Successfully realised the marlin, would never dream of bringing one aboard and possibly hurting it, too nice a fish not to let go, pictures of it in the water I'm more than happy with. Also really overcast and was running lights in the lures, they were lit up like stop signs Peter - SB Lures
  23. about 20 dollies from 50 to 80cm and a black marlin hookup, only small around 150lb, it spat the hook on its first run, oh well these things happen dollies were full of small leatherjackets, we cut up one of the leatherjackets and put it inside one of our lures, we couldn't keep the dollies off that lure, go figure huh, I suppose its pretty rare that someone would actually try using leatherjackets as bait, oh well you don't know if you don't try. The lure with leatherjacket inside even got hit a few times even when the boat was stopped, while pulling in other fish tired a new underwater camera technique, might be getting rid of the troll pro, our new way of underwater filming seems to be better, needs some refining but so far so good, some still pics attached from the video, we'll post some videos on our youtube page if anyone is interested also we have worked out from our new footage the best way to rig a trolling lure based on actual close-up underwater footage of the strikes, not theories from various fishermen and lure manufacturers, the good thing about video it doesn't lie or have theories . It is literally unbiased evidence of what is actually happening down there and can be studied to improve fishing techniques. Peter
  24. Hey all, we went off shore last week for a quick afternoon trolling session. Did our usual route Whale Fad, Manly Hydraulics then we headed North East. We couldn’t find Manly Hydraulics again, it must drift a fair way off its mark at times. Water was really blue and warm just 200 metres off North Head, so we put the lures straight out, the fish could be anywhere in that water. Ran a couple of our Scent Blazer trolling lure chains, a couple of bigger trolling lures and one small pink prototype lure which we are currently calling an “Atom”, it’s only about 3 inches long. We put pilchards and skipjack tuna in the bait chambers of the lures’, we got a skipjack on our last outing that we kept for bait. We were sounding schools of bait the entire trip. Hooked a few a Dolphin fish, between the Whale and Manly Hydraulics on the lures chains, but they kept coming off, so we changed down to smaller trolling lures to try and get a better hook up. I even cut the skirt off one of the lures to make it look smaller and I put a few mismatching beads inside and called it “The Franken Lure”, a weird looking thing. We finally ended up catching some Dolphin Fish, they were really small, 1lb or less. We got around 6 hook-ups in the entire session and landed 3 small Dolphin Fish. 2 of them were caught on The Franken Lure. We also got another hook-up on the lure down rigged on the Troll Pro but it couldn’t break the rubber band off. That Dolphin Fish looked a little bit bigger. We got to use weaker rubber bands when we down rig on the camera J. We got excited when we saw a free jumper about 3 miles directly North from Manly Hydraulics around Long Reef Wide, it was about 500 metres in the front of boat. We trolled towards it but no hook-up, the Marlin in the area might have been full of small Dolphin Fish One notable thing we found when we looked at our underwater camera footage this time. Only single Dolphin Fish were coming up on the spread. In the last month or so, there where big schools of Dolphin Fish showing up behind the spread. We also go some underwater footage of a massive school of what looks like some sort of small trigger fish (leatherjacket) while the boat was stopped to reel in a small Dollie. Some of Dolphin fish we have been catching in the last month are sometimes full of small trigger fish, maybe we should use leather jackets fillets inside the lures to match the hatch. Does anyone know what kind of fish they are? Anyway, if you want to try our lures go to Peter – SB Lures
  25. Hey Raiders, Here's the underwater video the of marlin that broke off our lure a couple weeks ago trolling offshore Sydney. The hook-up was between the Manly Hydraulics Fad and the Whale Fad. We are pretty sure its a Black Marlin now and not a Striped Marlin as we first thought. In our video we show you how we setup the lure and the troll pro as well. Its a shame the line hit something and got tangled around the camera cord and we did not have the opportunity to land the fish, but we are so pleased we got the underwater footage which we probably wouldn't have got if the line didn't get tangled. Oh well, that's fishing for you. There will be plenty more marlin out there for us to catch. Peter