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Found 7 results

  1. I have been having a lot of trouble catching my first king in the harbour and was looking for some pointers. I have hooked a few but they have managed to get away as I am using a light setup. I have been using almost only lure and want to know if going live bait will work better I also have a big 50lb setup that I could use for that. Are there any spots or things to look for I have been in sugarloaf bay in the morning when they are everywhere but cant seem to get a bite, however I do have lots of followups. There is also the spot outside sea forth not sure of the name but fishabout charters and the flyfisher always seem to be their hooked up.
  2. I am looking into getting into kayak fishing and would be going around the middle harbour area mostly. I have been looking around and wondering if a pedal kayak is worth it or not and do you need a fish finder (which one should you go for). Are there any other tips that would be good for me like what areas to go?, what baits and lures to use?.
  3. So I decided to go solo today on my tinnie since my fishing buddy cancelled last minute. Got to tunks around 5.45am, and boy what a surprise. It was packed. Finally got in the water after a lot of back and forward with the other fishos trying to launch, retrieve and everything else. Some people are just unsavoury characters in the morning for no reason at all. it was my first time on my own so I thought I’d stay close by. Went to Quaker’s hat in amongst the moorings. Through out a Pillie on my baitrunner, a live yabbie and the international bait on my third rod , the prawn. burleyed some also. stayed until 8am and not even a bite. Plenty of boats came in for yakkas and done well. Then I moved and decided to drift the waters around Clontarf and balmoral. Caught a nice 27/8 cm bream off a prawn using a 1/0 mustad long shank.cant attach the pic file too big. By then I thought would be time to go back around 11am. Again it was dog eat dog at tunks boat ramp. Even the rms guy was helping guys in and out. Won’t go solo on a weekend again though. Disappointed in middle harbour though, I thought I had done wel with preparation and timing for some table fish. But still glad I went out on my own . Thought I’d share my trip for the day.
  4. Hi All, Just thought I would share a report on fishing in the harbour yesterday. After dropping in at Roseville, I headed around to Balmoral island for some live bait. Squid were not to be found and the Yakka’s were extremely timid despite being in abundance. Had to get really close to the weed beds before they would actually start biting. After finally catching a few I headed around to Middle head, Obelisk Bay and it was pretty quiet (tried live yakka’s, pillies and cut squid). Picked up a few snapper but no keepers. I ended up heading over to Rose bay to see if the other side of the harbour was any better, but that was pretty quiet too (just small snapper) After the wind started to pick up I decided to head back to the Spit (stopping off at Chinaman’s beach to throw some soft plastics) but again all pretty quiet. Eventually ended up working soft plastics all the way around the shoreline from the Manly Spit bridge to Crag cove and managed to pick up some small snapper and some bream which all went back. After calling it a day… I decided to troll some metal slicer back to the boat ramp at Roseville and ended up picking up a tailor and slimy mackerel (both released). It was pretty quiet in terms of big fish but plenty of little snapper around. Still had a good day and few laughs on the water. Reggae.
  5. Hi Raiders, I've been targeting tailor near The Spit last week and a half. That's where I caught my first fish (a tailor purely by chance) exactly a year ago. Looks like I've improved a bit though and am totally stoked! 3 sessions, all the same routine: Leave at 10pm, take the sailboat's tender (bought an el cheapo Parsuns 2HP at the boat show) and find a good spot or 2 until 1am. Next day at work, yawn like a zombie and grin like a fool. Colleagues must think I'm getting laid or something. All were caught on 6 pound line with unweighted frozen peeled supermarket prawns cut in half, threaded around a hook to match and then trimmed. Throw and pay out so the bait slowly sinks and follows the current naturally, always holding about 1m of slack in the left hand very loosely. With only ambient light the trick is to feel and let the slack run with no resistance then set just as the line goes taut. I use slightly large hooks because I find re-baiting is quicker than unhooking little ones. Prawn trimmings go in the water for berley. One pic per session (sizes 30 to 42 cm, and yes I eat the pikes too!):
  6. Hi Raiders, I have recently bought a new (but very old) tinny and have been frothing to get out anytime I can get. Unfortunately there lies my problem. I dont have much time having a young baby at home. I have been thinking that one option would be to get out after dinner, say 730 or 8pm and fish through the night. I was thinking of testing this out with my brother this saturday and I want to throw a few questions to the forum to see if it is worth the effort. We would put the boat out at Tunks park and go from there. If I can get some feedback on a few questions that would be awesome. Here is some info about my fishing to help answer some questions. I have some light bream gear and also an 8 and 15kg setup. I havnt really fished from a boat much but I was thinking that anchoring up may be a better option at night. I have no preference to fishing lures or bait but I dont seem to have so much luck with lures and I dont know if it worth it at night (I guess I need to put in a bit more time). - At this time of year is there much about and what species would be best to target? - does anyone have any game plans for an all nighter? do you sit tight or try many spots, do you throw out a big bit of bait and fall asleep? do you spend hours catching bait first?. - as I will be in middle harbour can anyone point me in a rough direction? I was thinking around the drop offs at the spit but that is all i really know. If I do this, I am trying to plan it so that I maximise the chance of catching something. Thanks in advance, Dan
  7. Caught a lovely 57cm pike caught last night on a small live poddy with single servo hook through the mouth, 1.5m under a float and 40cm behind a medium-sized sinker. BUT this was at Davidson Park. Would you eat fish out of the Rozelle area?
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