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Found 7 results

  1. Gutamouth

    Coffs beach

    Had a good one on Thursday up the beach, the high was at 7:00 so perfect for an early morning and late arvo session. Hadn't managed a single fish for the past week so it was nice to feel the bite again Got down the beach early that morning about 5:30 and fished for an hour without a touch, around 6:30 finally got a little dart, then a tiny sand flatty next cast, and lost what felt like another dart, then they shut down after the tide turned. Stayed around till 8:00 but no good. Went back down at low tide and got a dozen nice fat beach worms (didn't see any small ones either they were all massive!) and went home to freeze them for later that night. Got held up abit in the arvo but arrived back down just before dark to find a good spot and get set up. There was a gutter I saw at low that was full of mullet so went back there and launched a worm out .. First bait got smashed after about 10 minutes and knew straight away what it was. The first run he took a fair bit of line but then started swimming inwards so it wasn't much of a fight after that. Thought it would be bigger but only a soapy 67cm, released awesome still had heaps of fight left. Got a small bream straight after that then everything shut down again, we stayed till 9:00 but that was it. Keen to get the mrs onto one next time!
  2. Krispy !

    Hacking Session

    Decided to get a session in this morning before the storm hit with a mate on his new boat. On the water at 6 and away we went. Started off fishing the moorings for bream using unweighted prawns and the bream were on, we caught 2 thumpers one was 40 and the other 38, the biggest one smacked the prawn on the surface which was something that really got the blood pumping. We ended up with 8 bream and a legal snapper off the moorings before we decided to move on and anchor up to see if there was anything else around for the run out . We got the burley trail going and the sounder was showing some good marks which ended up being a huge school of sweep, but these werent the small ones, they were plate sized sweep. We could have easily caught 100 but they got annoying as we didnt want to keep them so we were forced to move. Anchored up at the second spot which again showed some good marks down deep. Got the trail going i had a pilly cube on one rod and a prawn on the other. About 5 minutes later my mate was hooked up to a decent sized fish which was peeling line off his little stradic 1000. He was using 4 lb so it took him quite a while to tire the fish out but eventually we netted a kingy which went bang on legal. A few minutes later my rod went off, i had 12lb on so i gave the fish abit of stick and after a good tussle up came a 71 cm king. Things slowed down after that with a few small trevally coming on the bite with 2 legals coming onboard. Packed it up after that with a good feed in check for both of us.
  3. Schnapper

    The Slimy Mackerel are here

    Got out for a fish on Saturday up the river (Near the rail bridge), dropped the crab trap again, then tried to for live bait. Was close to dusk had no luck. Was looking to live bait for jew overnight. If anyone can point me to a spot up the river yellow tail can be caught, i would appreciate it. Anyway the by catch was a 44cm flathead and 29cm Bream. Ducked outside off newport Sunday for a surprise under anchor in close Sabos, only under size flatties on the drift, huge mowy. But the by catch was slimmies, taking big size 4 hooks. They light up the finder, sea temp online said 21.7 we took in 23. Offered up the live slimmies under ballons at long reef but no king takers, then the wind picked and we called it a day. The crab trap produced again, but just blues Swimmers no muddies yet. Any tips on yakka up the river?
  4. Krispy !

    Botany Bay

    Headed to the bay last sunday and was on the water at 5am, after prospecting around we found a good patch of fish and it was literally triple hookups every cast, most of the fish were trevally but some nice bream and a chinamen jacket were also landed. Released twice as much as we kept including a nice bearded rock cod which might be a raider record at 45cm. Overall nice day on the water and out by 11.
  5. Seas beautiful last weekend, flattest and smoothest with the light westerly I've seen in ages. The Mrs decided she wanted to head out with myself and my mate, perfect chance for her as she gets a bit green when there's swell. Put in at Shellharbour and made the dash out to Kiama FAD. Zero bird activity on way but quick trip due to lack of swell. Had it to ourselves when we got there, 4 or 5 metre long Dollies lit up and circling the FAD we thought happy days here. Well the next half hour incredibly frustrating- was cursing I didn't grab any livies. We tried plastics, jigs, trolling, every lure in the box with no success. Started cubing a Stripey up, Dollies ignored the bait but dozens of rat Kings came out of nowhere and literally were feeding at the back of boat. Put a hook in a cube it was left alone... got some Go Pro footage of them pigging out will put up later. Still cursing the decision not to stop for livies we headed in closer and hit the usual drifts. Managed a few Snapper, Trevally, Mowies, Red Rock Cod and Grinners between us but had to keep moving as the dreaded Jackets were everywhere. Probably had only 10 minutes each spot before they showed and there were hundreds. Kept a couple for the kids to eat, when cut head off and throw overboard dozens of others would just chew the head until they were out of visibility. Water so clear we decided a quick snorkel near Harbour on way back in and got our limit of Abalone. Visibility best have had in months. That afternoon made a French Fisherman stew- mixed in all the fish types and Abalone and add fresh fish stock, tomotoes, veg, herb and saffron. Sensational dish if you've never made it and very easy too. Mrs very happy with me- I have earned a pass to go again this weekend- happy wife- happy fishing life! Cheers
  6. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    Headed to near Deer Park early this morning, a bit cool travelling against the wind. The wind was a pain in the arse, blowing behind me, then from the side, then front on, swirling around all the time. Caught the reddies, trevally and jackets there. The jackets are not big, lost nearly a dozen hooks to them, they just grabbed the squid baits on a small longshank and chewed the hook off at the same time. If the jackets were not taking the bait, it was the plague of little reddies, under the 10cm size, but, that shows that the reddies have been breeding recently to have so many little ones about at this time of year. When the tide turned and started to run up, pumped some nippers and drifted about. Caught the bream and one whiting on Lilli Pilli flats, and the other whiting and flattie near the ballast heap flats. Much time between bites. A couple of feeds there, but that is about 6 hours fishing, so the bites are slowing down. Water is becoming cooler, not a fish to be seen jumping anywhere.
  7. halruxoi

    sydney heads

    sydney heads today.. going was slow and moved around a fair bit for mate caught most of em'....( in the pic ).... dinner later!!! tight jackets at all!!!! stoked.