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Found 14 results

  1. Headed up to The Entrance a week ago to take 81 y/o Mum out in our tinnie. She loves fishing and had been dropping plenty of hints to get me up there from Sydney! Anyway, weather was perfect and there were a few fish around though we had to move around to find them. Our main target was luderick. When things went quiet we’d flick for flatties on SP gear or stick on some bread under a float for mullet. Managed a few of our target fish. The biggest lud went 43cm, flatty 49cm and mullet a fat 41cm. The mullet circled the boat - great fun on light gear. Smaller luds < 30cm were released. All in all a great day out on the water. Cheers, Keith
  2. Hey everyone, I'm going to sunshine in Lake Macquarie. I was wondering if anybody knows some good spots for bream, flathead or whiting around there and how to fish them (I'm only going as a once of so I won't take your favourite spot ?). I was also wondering how you guys would go about fishing a jetty/ wharf for bream, I am pretty new to fishing, however, from what I've gathered a running sinker down to a size 1 octopus hook with a bit of servo prawn on it would do ok if not the same caliber as some live poddy mullet suspended under a float, etc. Please put any advice about bread and butter species in this chat and if you feel like it share your PB bream.
  3. Hey, so I've been thinking of going fishing down at the spot in the picture but I've got no idea where to cast. I don't know whether to cast from A, B, C, or D or whether to cast out far or in close. I'll either be fishing some not to great salted pilchards or fishing some freshly collected poddys that I've noticed around B and C. So pretty much, do I fish A, B, C or D and do I fish in close or far away. BTW I've seen someone fishing at D who reckons you get some bream there.
  4. I have been doing a bit of flickin' on the Parramatta river lately with soft plastics, crankbaits and blades with decent success catching flatties up to about 40cm, however, there are very generously sized mullet jumping all the time at the spot but I can't seem to get them to take anything. I've tried every lure in my arsenal as well as some bread based rigs, however, no luck. One of the guys at the local a shop reckons that Mullet in dirty water won't take bread and just feed off weeds and algae. So I tried chucking a chatterbait with a baitcaster but got it snagged early so didn't get much of a test run with that. Any suggestions? The spot is towards Rydalmere. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi raiders, Does any body target/cook mullet? I remember as a kid my uncles fishing for them on fixed lines on poles with dough bait and everybody(in nowra) was doing it (early 90s), I got thinking about it after talking to my neighbour, He was raving about how good they are smoked so I wanted to see if I could catch us some these holidays, any tips? I never see anyone keeping mullet but ALWAYS see them cruising around so what's the go? Why doesn't anybody chase them anymore? i know there not a trophy fish but it's holidays and the river is chock a block with boats, wake boats and jet skis included, so I thought I'd take it easy and try something "simple" hahaha cheers jim
  6. Hey guys, I was walking along near echo point at Roseville chase last week at rising tide and couldn't help but notice that there were plenty on big sea mullet doing acrobatics and jumping out of the waters, and they were biting! I tired to catch them with a float and bread but wasn't prepared. Managed a hook-up but it got spat out. I wanted to know if anybody could give me some advice on how to use bread dough. Or bread. Any recipes or methods would be much appreciated. I have all the rigs prepared and all I need is good bait. Thanks in advance cheers Arthur
  7. G'day I'll cut straight to it, me and a friend went down to the Liverpool Weir just to kill time and hopefully catch some fish. I wanted to have a go at the bass that lurk around the Weir at this time of the year. I was flicking around a sakata and a shallow diver around the old railway bridge and on the salty side as well. My mate was using prawns and corn to hopefully get a bream or mullet but we got nothing. Have the bass gone already? I was hoping there would be some left in the freshwater section. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go along the georges river at this time of the year to get a bass? - procro
  8. Hey fellas, first time posting... Heading down to Lake Tabourie with the Mrs and young chap in a couple of weeks. Staying at the tourist park. I've never been there but the better half has, and tells me she seen a few fellas fishing there. Wondering if anyone's been recently that might have some tips on where to throw a line in, preferably walking distance from the tourist park. Beach, lake etc. Targeting whiting mainly but will be happy to catch anything. Any tips on what rig setup for whiting, and what other tackle I should take in case they aren't biting, would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. Hi Raiders ive recently found a good spot to catch poddy mullet in the Newcastle area. I've tried using them in a few different spots live baiting but have not been successful landing any fish using them. I've had one hook up to a big sting ray I couldn't pull in. I was wondering if anyone in the Newcastle/lakemac area knows a good land based spot where these baits would be very effective thanks in advance
  10. G'day Raiders, I went to Stockton with the family yesterday. The plan was to have a picnic at the park and then have a not too serious cast off the rocks. Weather was awesome and it was almost dead low tide. I tied on a Z Man minnowz in mood ring colour and the mrs and the young fella used prawns. First cast and my young fella was on and he landed a 35cm Tarwhine. Beauty. 5 minutes later and the mrs had a 28cm Tarwhine. Good start. My plastics were getting mauled by chopper Tailor, even on the bottom, it's a good thing the z mans are almost Tailor proof haha. I hooked up to something solid in close to the rocks but I dropped it. Next cast was exactly the same. Frustrating. The big Tarwhine kept coming. I've never seen them on like that before. They fight hard when they're big too. The mrs got a 28cm Bream too. Next cast she was on to something different, heaps of weight and a different fight. Up came a 55-60cm Lizard. Panic ensued and the 6lb mono snapped before we could grab the net. Bugger. More Tarwhine come in, nothing under 25cm. We kept about half a dozen. Suddenly the young fella is on to what I thought was a big Tailor. I couldn't believe it, a big Mullet took a prawn. That's the second strange Mullet capture by us in the last week haha. We let it go. The guy beside me landed a 40cm Snapper on a prawn. That was a surprise. I got a few small chopper Tailor on plastics and then I nailed a nice Flatty on the plastic. It went 44cm and into the esky, it didn't make up for losing the big one though! We had enough fish in the box by this time so we left them biting. Sorry but I didn't get pics of the Tarwhine. Cheers Dave
  11. G'day Raiders, Went to Lake Mac last weekend, the Mrs booked a cheap weekend away online. We didn't do a lot of fishing, mostly just relaxing but me and the young fella got up early on the Sunday morning and had a flick off one of the jetties where we were staying in the hope of a Whiting. I caught some little prawns in my trap the night before so we used them with tiny sinkers and needle sneck hooks. It wasn't long before we had our first of many small whiting to 25cm, both sand and the ones with the dark blotches on them (trumpeter?). These were mixed in with baby Tarwhine and Sanpper by the dozen. A big school of fish were hanging around the pylons under the jetty, chasing smaller bait fish. These turned out to be a type of small herring, very similar to what I've caught in cast nets in Far North Queensland. I cut one up for bait and the young fella threw out a strip. In no time at all he's on and we're calling it for a decent Bream but up comes a legal Snapper at't expect that at all! Just as the sun was coming up, we seen some surface activity just within casting distance. I tied on a 28g metal and cast as far as I could. 3 or 4 casts for no touches until I decided to let it sink. Something smashed it on the drop and I'm calling big Tailor or reasonable Salmon. After a strong fight I couldn't believe my eyes, it was a big Mullet. I thought I'd surely jagged it but no, straight in the gob. Unbelievable, I can't say I've seen that before! Time ran out and we had to go. It was a strange yet fun little sesh, I guess that's part of the fun of fishing! Cheers Dave
  12. Hi friends I always find myself fishing in various locations and seeing large sea and bully mullet swim past, but refuse to eat anything i put in the water when i see them. Nothing. Does anyone have any tips on catching these fish because they are monsters and look like nice small sportfish that would be fun on light gear. I have caught a few nice ones up to 2kg in some areas (rarely) but no technique seems to work consistantly, besides these mullet seem to be a different species. If anyone has any tips or consistently working techniques could you please let me know? Thankyou
  13. Saw a fella using one of these to catch mullet. He said he bought it on Ebay, I had a look and found this. Are they legal her in Oz?
  14. Hello to everyone on fishraider, this is my first post on the site, Im a newy to the fishing world and I was wondering where I can catch yellow tail and mullet for bait from land based spots around Sydney, also what gear and bait is recommended and what tide and time of day is best suited. It would be much appreciated for any help. THANK YOU