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Found 20 results

  1. Go to laurieton every year with my dad to fish for a week and mainly just hit the estuaries and throw crab pots out, looking to target a Jew off the break wall along north haven side or pilot beach side any knowledge or success?
  2. Delayed report from Wednesday. Collected some really good size poddies (just under 15cm) and fished the run out tide at the mouth of the Georges. All pretty quiet for a while then my lighter rig gets slammed and i pulled the other rods in to give chase. The beast towed me for a undred or so metres then hit the afterburners and busted me off at the braid. From its behaviour I was thinking maybe a bull shark. I dropped my heavier outfit back in and started re-rigging when the other bigger livey was smashed. I was towed again but this time I felt head shakes and the run was a bit more mulloway like. The beast turned back up stream and I was just about over the top of it and it turned again sharply and with a delayed run busted me off at the hook. I let out a few expletives and wondered what it may have been. Two smashings in five minutes! I re-rigged and headed down with the tide and hooked a nice little soapy in the mid 60s which i released on video. https://youtu.be/LwHrYf9qFXQ No big flatties today but lots of excitement! I'm contemplating rigging up my heavy overhead outfit and getting serious with these bandits!
  3. Hey, I'm about to take a trip down to Jervis bay in a few weeks I was wondering if anybody knows any good wharf, jetty , or easy accesible cliffs to fish at. Gonna be there for a week is there anything I should know? I have research Murray beach boat wharf and husskison wharf any idea if there any good? Looking to fish for squids, kingys, jewies or anything of decent size there.
  4. I've recently decided to target some jewfish for the first time and was wondering if anyone knew any good land-based spots to go fishing for one along or near the northern beaches. Any additional tips on catching jewies would help too.
  5. New rules and bag limits come into force on 1 September 2018 as follows: The advisory councils provided advice on this important issue, which included: • The removal of the possession limit of 10 Mulloway between 45 and 70 cm that currently applies to Estuary General meshing net fishers. This will mean that a 70 cm Mulloway minimum size limit will apply to all fishers. • A reduction in the recreational bag limit from two to one. The changes come into effect on 1 September 2018 and will be closely monitored by NSW DPI. An advisory campaign will also ensure all fishers are aware of the new rules. This is a joke, as the rule only applies to Estuary General meshing net fishers which means that beach netters that target spawning Mulloway congregations on northern beaches trawlers etc will still be able to take 10 undersize fish, while we get bag limits reduced yet again. Undersize Mulloway will continue to be sold with the claim they were non-estuary caught. All fishers should have the same size limit to avoid this. Most fishers would rarely catch 2 legal jewies in a day. I often fish nearly all night without even a run and when we have a good night with up to 9 caught we only keep 1 or 2 depending on the size. I think the better option would have been a slot limit with only 1 over a meter. Good luck all, I hope your 1 fish is a good one. Ron
  6. Are you interested in sharing your views on Mulloway? My name is Bridget and I am a Geography honours student at the University of Wollongong. This project is exploring the different ideas that surround Mulloway managment in the Hawkesbury region. Have you got an opinion on the Jewies? If you are interested in talking further email at; bm575@uow.edu.au
  7. Hi all, For my 40th a couple of days ago, i decided to buy myself a couple of 8000sw stellas for chasing mulloway with bait and boat based. I havnt had the need to buy braid for a couple of years now and was wondering what braid you guys would be buying these days to chase the ghost. Open to any brand in the 30-50lb range. I currently use 30lb on my older reels Cheers Mick
  8. After setting off at an ungodly hour to meet Pompom and collect his brother, we set off. First stop bait shop that was open at an ungodly hour. It's great how easy it is to be up early for fishing yet no one loves to be up early for work. We then headed to Brooklyn to hire a tinnie for the day. With Captain Pompom at the helm we set off. Our first boat adventure on the Hawkesbury. There was changing tides, we found some nice looking spots and dropped our baits over. We caught Port Jackson's, catfish and rays. We were wondering where all the "real" fish were?? Then BANG!! Pompom's brother into a rod bender. We got it to the boat with net nearly ready to be used but not soon enough! A HUGE(estimate 70-80cm) mulloway proceeded to roll and in turn biting through the hook length. We all immediately upped our fluoro to 12lbs. Not long later my rod bent like I had never seen before!! I was in to my first ever mulloway!! Estimate 50cm. What a fight!! Caught on half a pilchard. Size 2/0 circle hook. A storm started to roll in and with at least a dozen boats heading towards and past us we figured they must know that it wasn't good to stick around. Captain Pompom jumped in to action and took us back to the wharf in the nick of time. Pompom himself had some nice catches including mulloway. All three of us had a great day with all fish returned safely.
  9. Guys Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of two jewies caught from the beach last weekend and this weekend on my last two outings. First, was an 83cm capture by my dad off the northern beaches last Sunday. Second, was an 88cm capture caught by myself on a mid nth coast beach. happy to share a good patch of form, and may it continue! JT
  10. I've been heading out to the local fishing river for the past few weeks trying to land myself a jewfish. I understand that these fish are known to be incredibly elusive, with some fishermen spending up to months and even years without lady luck blessing their lines. I am not discouraged however, i'm more than certain that when the day comes where I feel the drag of a monster at the end of the line it will be worth it. Does anyone have any tips as to what rigs and bait to use whilst fishing for Jewfish? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers and good luck out there!
  11. Hey guys, Myself, and a few mates were able to get away over the weekend for some offroading, camping and fishing. We arrived late Saturday arvo and found a decent looking gutter. We rigged up, baited up and lines were in the water with daylight dwindling. Not much action that night except for a few Shovel Nose rays. With not much happening we kind of crashed watching our rods. Woke up early Sunday morning just before sunrise and baited the lines and sent them back out. As the sun peaked over the horizon my mate picked up his rod to take in some slack, he hadn't completed a full wind before the line went off with that sweet sweet buzzing sound. Whatever it was took off 100m down the beach and we gave chase. After that first run the line went really heavy, unsure what it was our initial thoughts were a big ray. After 5 or so minutes of little to no movement just dead weight, the line went off again, this time it went out. Providing what coaching I could I was telling my mate not rush he had time, but to maintain what pressure he could using the old kmart special. Lift and wind lift and wind in between the sound of beast taking line. 20 or so minutes into the battle, I catch a glimpse of the beast in the waves. The silhouette was unmistakable - I yelled for the gaf and it was brought over by one of the other guys. The battle seemed to last for hours, a couple of missed opportunities and a couple of more runs up and down the beach my moment came. The beast was exhausted, I waded out into the chest deep water and gaffed what would be the biggest fish I have ever seen in my life. I dragged the majestic creature through the breakers and onto shore. We didn't have scales, but our best guess was in the 30kg range. It measured in @ 142cm. Unfortunately we weren't able to release the creature, I think it came down to inexperience on our part on not knowing how to best land the fish so the prolonged fight left it exhausted. I was able to get it on ice fairly quickly after dispatching and cleaning so it made it back home to be split amongst 3 of us for the table. After that Sunday morning though the rest of the trip was relatively uneventful, a few whiting, couple more shovel nose rays and some fun with mullet on unweighted lines caught on bread (everything released as we definitely had enough for the table). Overall it was a memorable trip and looking forward to the next one. Thanks for reading. Nick
  12. Hi everyone, I currently have two Wilson Live Fibres, RLF17 (6-8kg) and ZWS65XJ (10-15kg), that I use to catch mulloway with live and dead baits and they have never let me down. I fit Shimano Baitrunner 6500b and Daiwa Saltiga Surf 6000 reels to them. They are used from my boat. I have been thinking about purchasing/upgrading to Wilson Texalium gold 8-15kg RLFTX08. Has anyone got this rod? Keen for your thoughts guys, particularly regarding cast weights. Will they be overloaded with say 40-100gram sinkers with a live yakka(to 20cm), live tailor(30cm+) or squid(dead/alive) attached. I wont be going for any record casting distances since im on a boat, so they will generally be thrown out about 10m away, with depths of 5-20m. Cheers Mick
  13. Guest

    A Day Of Firsts

    headed out fishing this morning. Plan was to launch at terrigal. Got to the bend and it looked rough so I turned right into barnhill and headed to Brisbane water. managed to catch yakkas easy enough. First plan was to troll a livie and hard body for kings, tailor or bonito. As I'm rigging up I'm feeling real queasy. I ate a servo pie and coffee on the way, head over the gunwhale I layed a great burley trail. Felt a bit better afterwards. With the electric set to auto pilot I sat on the floor feeling very ordinary as the boat did the work. After an hour I decided to quit and chase mulloway, bream and flathead. Rigged up a yakka and flicked a lure around the front. After an hour the reel buckles over. Scrambled to the back of the boat and set the hook. Up comes a big slab of silver and Into the boat she comes. Beautiful looking fish, very fat and healthy looking. First mulloway after MANY unsuccessful attempts. She goes 70cm+. Thanks for reading.
  14. Hi, this is my first post so please don't criticise me that much . First of all, I have been to Pier 2 and had no luck . I really not the daredevil kind of fisherman (fishing on rocks) and can't really go to Blues Point Reserve (because of the crowd and the snags). Also, can it be East of the bridge? I normally use a size 4 circle hook with a Mojiko Fishing Rod (1m) and fresh squid as bait, with a Jervis Walker monofilament 15lb line and a swivel bomb sinker. Does anyone have any ideas on fishing spots that are not that crowded or dangerous (btw in crowded places the current makes all the lines tangle ) ? And how to improve my gear for the battle of the jewfish? Thanks, amberjack out!
  15. Hi Raiders After a long period of sourcing live yakkas (land based) in Newcastle/ lake Macquarie, I have finally stumbled upon a consistent spot and am turning my focus to where to use them. Having caught a few Jews off the local beaches using other baits, I'm wondering if the live Yakkas are any good on the beach given that there are no yakkas in the area? The reason I am asking is usually I need to cover a huge amount of ground to get to the deepest gutters, which is a mission in itself without taking a live bait tank into the equation. I'm more than happy to cart a live bait tank any distance required if it means increasing my chances of a decent Jew, just wondering what experiences our fishraiders have had given that the logistics of beach livies can be difficult. Cheers, James.
  16. Hey Raiders, I hope you're all having a good weekend and managing some time out, on or near the water! Friday the 13th turned out to be lucky for me! I decided to head out on the kayak, launching from Gray's Point and heading downstream. I usually drift along the river here and pick up flatties and bream with the odd whiting thrown in. This day I wanted to head up around the corner to the deeper water between Gymea and Yowie bays. I've caught a kingfish there before and I wanted to try jigging for them again. There wasn't much action on the paddle along so decided to head straight for the area in about 16m of water. Got to my place and put a SP jig over the side to work its magic. Thought I might snag a snapper whilst I was there so lobbed a prawn over the other side on the light tackle rod, with 2500 baitrunner reel and sat back to enjoy the beautiful day. Sunshine, blue skies and no wind. After about 10 minutes the baitrunner has a touch and a bit of line is taken. Then a bit more. Then its off like mad! Kingy I thought and started to panic as its 4lb braid and 8lb fc leader. Take it easy I tell myself and don't fight it too hard. As I'm thinking all this and trying to stay calm the fish is getting tangled up in the SP line over the other side so I'm having to try and untangle and fight the fish at the same time, not easy in a kayak! Decided to chance it and put the rod in the holder while I untangled and prayed that it wouldn't get loose and spit the hook. Working as fast as I could I managed to untangle and bring in the SP line. Now, back to the fight. There was some decent weight in the fish and it started to slow and I was able to bring back some line. A few more half-hearted runs and I could see colour at last. Its length was good and nice a sliver and I was thinking "kingy"! But as it came up and then hit the surface I couldn't believe it - a jewie! Nice big, fat jewfish flapping on the surface. Cleared the decks on the kayak and out came the lip grips and brought it over the side. A quick measure and I reckon it was around 72cm, a PB for me and a legal fish! I had no ice, a small esky and so, after a few snaps, decided to let the lovely fish go and fight another day. A fantastic, lucky by-catch and had me smiling for the rest of the afternoon!
  17. Hi Raiders, Unfortunately this is a heart breaking report from a not so great night. However, we must share and learn together I guess. Started out collecting some live bait at about 7pm Friday evening. Went to our regular spot and grabbed a few yellowtail and 2 nice tailor which in my opinion are the best live bait for Jewfish apart from the obvious Squid. We setup just off a point in the main channel of Sydney Harbour. Not sure what its called but as you head out of rose bay towards the heads its the first corner you turn tight around and there is one of the Tee Pee Style channel markers off the point of the rocks. I've seen numerous boats fishing the area at the crack of dawn (assuming for Jews) so I thought we'd sound around and try and find some structure off there and sit down for the night. Out went the Livies and my good friend Pescatore flicked over half a pilly as you must always do. Then we waited, and waited, and just when we thought it was bite time before the turn of the tide, we waited some more. As per the usual night targeting Jewfish, we were lounged about around the boat, having drinks and nibbles whilst keeping a constant stream of pillies and Tuna pellets running over the side. About 1:30 am, 2 hours after the tide turned and started running in it Finally happened. A 35cm tailor absolutely inhaled and screaming toward Sow and Pigs. The reel was sitting on fighting drag quite which is quite a firm drag IMO. After 30m or 40m of line disappeared I thought surely this things hooked. Then... Nothing. Pulled in a whole, partially scaled, dead tailor that had a few scuffs and scratches. A sad moment for us guys who've put nothing but the hours and effort into collecting the right baits, fishing the right times but I guess its back to the drawing board. We've caught our number of small- mid sized Jew's but the big one still evades us somehow. Happy fishing everyone.
  18. Hello Raiders, Me and a few of the lads are spending the weekend on the Hawkesbury. Really hoping to get a good Jew this weekend with my PB being only 55cm. I have heard that after a good rain that we have had this week that it will push alot of the Jew out of the river and further into the mouth. Is this true??? I have always fished the usual spots Juno etc and seem to be only catching small soapies and huge flathead but still no decent Jew. If anyone has spots they think i should try let me know. My boat is named Devil Ray, it is a 5.3 metre Savage Lancer, if you see me on the water, stop and say hi, i always have a cold beer for fellow raiders
  19. Raiders, Holidays began well under cloudy skies and some fishy ambition but the size of the fish I was catching didn't really warrant the tackle being used. Nonetheless couldn't have asked for more on night one. The next afternoon I dragged Smoko Joe out to a different spot and decided to fish plastics into the wash on a light rod. Second cast of the session I feel a tap, set the hook and then struggled to control the fish in the wash and surge. At one point I thought I'd lost him as he ran into a cave at my feet and my braid was on the rocks. Quick little freespool move had him swim out and from there I got him terrestrial for a picture and dispatch. Two hours later Benni the Butcher turned him into an exquisite camp meal. Same session saw me catch his little brother on the same plastic, this one got the picture-only treatment. A couple of days later I found another cousin lurking in a washy hole and seduced him with a big paddle-tail. The rest of the trip was great, the camp BBQ set-up evolved, the afternoons were beautiful and I got my spin on pretty often but failed to connect to anything heart-pumping. Back in Sydney I was a moochy brooding mess with another year of work looming so the Miss sat me down, looked me in the eye and said "You've got three days till work starts. Off. Sit on a rock, play with your toys and find Nemo." I didn't need much more impetus. I hatched a quick plan to fish a new headland complex. Did some google maps scanning, packed the car and drove off to chase a dream. 36 hours later the tide was about to peak, the wind was blowing into my face and I had about 5 mins of light left. "Two more casts Nibbles or you're gonna get into trouble with this swell" I said to my alter-ego as I tried to punch the big minnow past the wash-line. As I retrieved the lure I got slammed 3 feet from the low ledge. I tried to hold my nerve through the headshakes, runs and the 6-7 attempts it took me to wash him onto the ledge and finally got rewarded when a 117cm silver slab lay kicking on the rocks. After the ordeal of hiking him out and getting him home in one piece the Miss just looked at me deadpan and said "Nemo's fattened up a little". Anyways, Happy New. Nibbles
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