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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys I have fished around quite a-lot recently on the northern beaches recently (mainly around manly area). Although I have planned to go fishing with my mate at narrabeen lake. I am thinking about going soft plastics fishing on the stretch close to the ocean to try get some flathead, although if anyone has been fishing in this area before and has any good strategies either baits or lures which work information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, just wondering what rig/s I should use for whiting off the beach. I've just got some size 6 long shank hooks and I am using pipi's and sandworms as bait.
  3. Hi guys, just looking for some general info. Want to target sharks either from shore or possibly if I hire a boat. Looking to go anywhere in the Northern beaches from Manly up to Palm beach. What would be my best bet? Just looking to get into some of the smaller species to start with, bronzies etc. Any ideas as to best spots to start from? Am I a bit early and better to wait til summer or could it still be possible now. Cheers
  4. Hey guys, going to Narrabeen beach at around 12:00 in a few days. I haven't gone beach fishing before and quite obviously, I want to catch fish. I was just wondering how can maximise my chances of actually getting fish and perhaps scoring a feed.
  5. Hi all. I'm new to Fishraider and also my first post. I live in Manly area and I'm looking for someone who might want to go for a fish sometimes on weekends who could also show me a few spots and give some tips. Please, PM me if interested. Cheers
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you good news! My Shiny new rod and reel had a brilliant run this last weekend. It was Saturday 17th of March, and after a long morning looking at apartments and becoming more stressed out. My wonderful misses suggested we go to Narrabeen for a quick fishing session before we headed over to the relatives for dinner. I grabbed my lures and my misses swung past our bait shop for some hawkesbury prawns. It was around 32 degrees but there was no wind. It was uncomfortably hot but the fishing was worth it. We got to our usual spot and as we appr
  7. On the 23rd of Feb my misses surprised me with a brand new rod and reel for my birthday. Nothing mind blowing but its the first decent little rod I've ever owned and I love it. Little 2-4kg lightweight outfit with 10 pound braided line and carbon fluoro leader. So the plan was to wake up nice and early on Saturday the 24th of Feb to head down to barrenjoey to hire a boat. But unfortunately I really should have called a few days before to book a boat, But now I know for next time. No worries I though, I know about the rocks down by the light house has had a lot of praise from members
  8. Hi all, Put together a brief fishing compilation from the last few months' worth of urban fishing adventures. Fished the Parra River at Canada Bay most recently (last Wednesday) and picked up a few small bream, the usual chopper tailor and a couple of flatties around the 44-46cm mark. Atomic Hardbodies and ZMan grubs accounted for most of the damage. Mullet bait schools were around in their droves and we witnessed a few close-to-shore bust-ups which looked like salmon but couldn't tempt a hookup. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/embed/WKqFa9ppPSA
  9. Hi All Just moved to Narrabeen and have a rec kayak. Would like to start fishing in and around Narrabeen lake, but have no idea what rod, reel and tackle to buy. Any thoughts and suggestions would be great, first time living where it's possible to fish 5 minutes from home, after reading this forum, can't believe I waited this long. Appreciate it, hopefully it's a no brainer for the members of the forum. M
  10. So here goes my first report... Went over to Narrabeen for a mid arvo flick to see if there was much around (near the cricket field). As I expected, every little nook was packed with holiday makers looking for a feed. Found a nice little quiet spot which was free and rigged up a couple of rods. 3-5kg Pflueger/2500 Aird/ 8lb mono for the SP and a 2kg Aird rod/1000 Sedona/ 6lb mono for throwing the live worms. Looked around at the others and they weren't getting a bite, which didn't look too promising, but I threaded my first worm on anyway. Cast out onto a patch of sand I spotted and within
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