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Found 9 results

  1. Gday raiders, with bass season well and truly underway I was looking to hit the local nepean river but try between bents basin and Penrith I haven’t fished much past camden but further down towards menangle I’ve had some luck but they all seem to be resident fish around the area. I’m not sure where I can launch from besides the boat ramp near the bridge in Windsor, so if anyone has any good spots to launch a kayak with minimal boat traffic I’m all ears, I’m open to any other spots along the river that’ll hold the bigger models! Tight lines & good luck !
  2. Hope everyone’s been staying strong during these tough times, everyone’s had to change the way they fish with everything that’s going on especially us bream fishos, but I’ve found the myself chasing the elusive carp and after checking in a few times and with my fair share of donut sessions I finally cracked a wild river carp on the Nepean that I was after. I’ve been chasing wild Carp in the river system for a couple of weeks now or longer and it’s taken me few sessions to figure out the system again since the floods everything has moved and changed it actually looks like totally different system. Also finding the fish first then the way they feed in such a big system was challenging at times but I finally cracked it. This felt all new to me since it wasn’t just carp feeding off the surface like it is in ponds and lakes around the, this was actually very interesting with all the research I ended up doing they aren’t as dumb as everyone thinks and all fish need respect I’m glad I had the connection with the one I caught today and learnt what I did In depth about these fish I headed down to a spot on the Nepean river At about midday, after I arrived at my spot that was packed with locals I made my way down to a spot where I could get a stretch of river to myself which is abit of a steep drop off since the floods have washed the river banks away, I decided to get my bread and corn baits out and my home made burley cranking. After about 45 minutes of no action I decided to burley up again about an into my session I was on, I had 2 set ups out and it took the lighter set up of course. my 2500 reel was screaming I had 6lb braid and 8lb leader on my Light set up so I knew I couldn’t pull to hard after a 25 minute battle and being dragged down the bank into the water with my phone falling in also i successfully landed my first wild river carp and also my PB going 75cm to the fork And approx weighing around 5kg+ After a few pictures I returned the fish to the water I couldn’t dispatch of the fish humanly so I decided to release it, I then wrapped it up after being soaked, plus having fish slime all over me from climbing up the bank with this brute in my arms and being harassed by local kayaking gangs of kids was enough for me to call it a day. Tight lines Swfisho 🤙🏽
  3. Gday fellow raiders we’ve been in lockdown for our 6th week here in Sydney and with a 10km radius to travel I’ve got the itch and Carp are the only thing on the radius with a few local ponds stocked with bass. I know bass in dams would hold on the deeper edges but not knowing how to fishing the winter bite where would the best area to find them in a pond if it was stocked with bass? Also lure selection? I know how to fish for bass during the season but if I’m able to find some bass stocked in some local ponds I’m hopeful to catch these brutes all year round! I'm also thinking of heading down to the neapean river to try my chances with Carp as the bass would’ve well and truly headed up river to spawn by now, but I’ve never chased wild carp and with a system as big as the neapean I was wondering if anyone had some pointers on how to catch fish in such a big system I’ll be using all my light gear so gear won’t be an issue, I’ll be using bread and corn with burley in the area also fingers crossed I can get that feeling off a fish after feeling like an inmate for 6 weeks already! hope all my fellow Sydney siders also doing it tough stay strong during these tough times 🙌🏽
  4. Headed out at first light with Dave and Swano for and early morning carp bash as Dave had never caught one and there are some thumpers in the river that give a great account of themselves armed with the sweet corn and bread and some spinnerbaits for a bass. The morning started well with Dave and myself catching a couple of the smaller carp and congrats to Dave on landing his first ever carp As the morning wore on we got plenty of hits and no hook ups until the turtles came on and Dave and I got a few beauties which fought above their weight (NOT) and were quickly released unharmed. Swano persevered with his spinnerbaits and after a few nice hits landed a nice one around 25 cms...well done mate. The time was getting on and a few big swamp puppies showed up and were slurping large pieces of bread down off the surface so I changed to a float and large piece of bread and a nice carp smashed it without hesitation and after a great tussle he or she finally succumbed to the pressure and was dispatched to go to carp heaven. Great morning fellas and the highlight was watching John Dory strike at an unseen monster and fall on his ass. Daves magical moment was watching me try and flyfish in the trees and I looked like tarzan going from vine to vine . Daves fish which he was washing and decided to free it HAHAHAHAHA Regards Stewy
  5. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to get my old man out doors to throw a line in, I was able to convince him somehow to go on ‘Valentine’s Day’. Or, maybe my mum convinced him that the best gift he could get her was solitude…. Either way it was good to get out. The game plan was that we would be at the Nepean at around 7am, I eventually heard from the old man at around 8. The missus and I packed the car, headed off and eventually met up with him around 9. My dad, (KG as we refer to him as) had a little pep in his step that morning. After recently purchasing himself a new rod he was determined to hook up! We headed out landbased around Yarramundi. It was a very humid day, especially trekking it through all the dense foliage and undergrowth. The cicadas were humming and the river was flowing slowly, what I believe to be good bass conditions. The three of us were making our way along the bank casting at structure and ‘fishy looking’ parts of the river. KG and Kat had spinner baits on while I wanted to sharpen up on my hardbody game. It wasn’t long until the old man was on, only then to lose it at his feet. A few more casts and slow retrieves then bang, he was on again! This time I ran over to give him a hand with this fantastic specimen of a bass (no tape but I estimate it was around the 27 mark). KG had a grin on him from ear to ear! Although both Kat and I were unsuccessful, it was good to see dad so stoked. Cheers, Paul.
  6. Hi I went out to Nepean river yesterday arfo put in at Tench reserve boat ramp river was really busy with boat traffic, went right up the river to the yellow boom, caught 1 small EP on a dark crazy Charlie, fishing was difficult, even the pro guide didn't get any fish
  7. Raiders, I went for a quick fish on the Nepean River this morning and caught a few Bass which was great. Put the boat in at 5.30am and headed upto the Erskine Creek area. Used a Megabass Siglett which did the job. Here is a youtube clip with the results. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDfnpbZNYWQ Cheers, Dean
  8. Hi all, It's been years since I've been online or even fishing for that matter but thought I'd get back into some bass and perhaps bream this summer. Picked up my new Yak this week. It hasn't seen water yet but I'm looking forward to christening it with some scaly friends before too long. Will fish the Nepean mostly but hopefully will get down to some places on the Parra like Hen and Chicken Bay for some bream as well. Anyway, really just a short post to say G'day to anyone who might still remember me on here and whack up a couple of picks of the new ride. Later David.
  9. Well Raiders I thought it was about time to put down the rod and write up a report. We will go back to the start of February where i was back on the nepean river with one of my good mates. After purchasing a heap of new lures we set of on a quick LB fish where he immediately scored a beautiful 31cm tagged bass. the day later we hit up the river had THE BEST session in the nepean I have had yet (even though the water was high and dirty) we picked up 2 fish each for the day all on surface and with in 200m of bank from eachother. I got the first two, both on tiemco soft shells cicadas and then 5 mins later this one then my mate SMASHED his PB on Megabass siglets with a massive 41cm and not even 5 meters from that one 3 casts later a 35cm fish to say he was stoked is an understatement, i couldnt wipe the smile off his face no matter how much cr@p I gave him Next time on the water saw me head to glenbawn dam for my first ever ABT event. This comp saw most competitors fishing in 30+foot of water slow rolling grubs, hopping blades and ice jigging (very different to my recent river escapades, and a new technique). The deep water technique was a new one and it involved dropping down plastics and as slow as you can wind up 6ft (unless you got bites) and dropping it down. a very successful way to fish once you got the hang of it and if i had an extra session in prefish I think I would have done a whole lot better. I ended with 2/6 fish and 2 absolute smokings... that will teach me for using 4lb in the sticks A few days later had me fishing back on the nepean and back onto the surface getting this little fella and a swim after a bass thought it woulf be funny to drag my lure into his home almost getting bricked THEN the rain hit......... I got desperate so i searched closer to home for some water that had cleared up quickly and i cam across the bass nursery.... which was fine by me, any bass on 4lb and on surface is fun! with today being the last session before this write up i even caught bass and bream side by side. There you go raiders, i hope what wasnt too long of a report! All i wonder is what am i going to do in the winter........
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