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Found 14 results

  1. I've recently decided to target some jewfish for the first time and was wondering if anyone knew any good land-based spots to go fishing for one along or near the northern beaches. Any additional tips on catching jewies would help too.
  2. Taking my boat to the Pittwater bay area tomorrow, does anybody know what fish you can catch, how to, where to and any other useful information on the area?
  3. Hi Raiders, I would appreciate if someone could take me along a beach fishing session. I have done estuary fishing, a bit of rock fishing and mostly break wall based fishing for the last 6 years. Haven't done much beach fishing. Following are my information: Name: Tan Location: Parramatta Fishing technique: Beach fishing on bait Availability: Weekends typically Preferred location: Northern beaches, Dee why, La Perouse Gear: I have got a 12 ft rod spooled with 20lb braid for beach. Hoping to hear from someone. Cheers
  4. Ger

    Beginner Sharks

    Hi guys, just looking for some general info. Want to target sharks either from shore or possibly if I hire a boat. Looking to go anywhere in the Northern beaches from Manly up to Palm beach. What would be my best bet? Just looking to get into some of the smaller species to start with, bronzies etc. Any ideas as to best spots to start from? Am I a bit early and better to wait til summer or could it still be possible now. Cheers
  5. Hi all. I'm new to Fishraider and also my first post. I live in Manly area and I'm looking for someone who might want to go for a fish sometimes on weekends who could also show me a few spots and give some tips. Please, PM me if interested. Cheers
  6. After moving to the Sutherland shire I don't often get to fish my favourite spots where I used to live on the northern beaches, but I got a chance to fish on sunday morning. I rocked up(pun intended) to one of my favourite ledges at sunrise timed perfectly with a major solarlunar period and an approaching lowtide and started spinning. I started of with a big stick bait hoping to tempt an early morning king fish, after about half an hour I decided to switch to my lighter rod with a home made metal lure on it. 15 minutes later I hooked up but the 16 lb leader was definitely not enough as it snapped as soon as it touched the rocks. So I decided to go back to the larger rod but change the stickbait to a metal. It didn't take too long before I was on again and after a short but intense fight I had the fish almost at my feet, I was licking my lips thinking of all the sashimi I would be enjoying with my daughter, I waited for a wave and dragged the big bonnie (guess between 2-3 kgs) up on to the ledge, but as soon as I did the lure popped out of his mouth and he flipped back in to the water! Can't win them all I suppose, at least I got to have the fight and It has definitely reignited my passion for pelagics. has anyone else got on to the big bonnies lately?
  7. A free afternoon and an over abundance of salted pilchards and preserved beach worms taking up far too much space in the family freezer was all the reason I needed to head out and fish the afternoon high tide on "Gone Fishing Day". Conditions on the northern beaches were overcast and choppy. Not a lot of visible structure but at least the onshore wind was fairly light so conditions were fishable, and after a 45 minute drive there was no way I wasn't going to be wetting a line. Got started around 4pm with two hours remaining of the run in tide. Started with the beach worms, but even with a liberal coating of sax scent there were no takers. Was using a two hook rig so added pilchard to one of the hooks and suddenly started getting enquiries. After a few hits I'd bring the rig in to check and sure enough it was the pilchard that was getting the attention, with the worms untouched. Came to the view that these worms were very probably past their use by date. Tossed them into the drink and loaded up the rig with pillies. As the sun started going down the bite started coming on. First fish landed for the day was a small Aussie Salmon running to about 35cm. Unless I ended up with an irresistible table fish, today was only going to be catch and release. So back he went. Next up was a small, just legal, flathead. I sent him back as well in the hopes of something bigger. Unfortunately, what came in over the next hour was another 3-4 small flatties, all well shy of legal. Next up a decent sized dart and then another couple of small flatties. All released. It was getting near dark and I was starting to think about heading home. Had caught plenty of fish so I already considered the time well spent. By now the tide had started to run out. One last cast. Loaded up another couple of pillies and tossed them into what remained of the gutter I'd been fishing. The rig had barely had time to settle in the water when something hit it. The rod bent and line began to peel off the drag at a great rate. Earlier in the afternoon I'd been busted off in a random clump of kelp so I'd sized up my leader from 12lb to 20lb, and now I was thanking my stars for having done so. Took me a good ten minutes to get it under control. When I finally turned his head and beached him I'd landed a PB Aussie Salmon running just over 70cm. I couldn't help myself. I had to run down the beach and ask another fisho to come down and get a photo before I lost the light entirely. He kindly obliged. After the photos the fish was successfully released back into the surf and I headed home feeling pretty damn pleased with myself. Tight lines.
  8. Hi Raiders. First time posting so forgive if it's amateur. Been fishing the Hawkesbury, Pittwater and Roseville Bridge to Mosman but still no luck. Plenty of bites but all little critters! Does anyone know of a spot I can go where I can catch a size big enough for the barbie? I have a boat but no fancy equipment such at GPS or sounder, just my trusty old boat and rods! I would really appreciate any advice on decent fishing spots Northern Beaches, NSW side but happy to travel a little further for the day. Leaving tomorrow morning with two mates, would be awesome to head to a decent spot. Thanks Raiders
  9. Guys Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of two jewies caught from the beach last weekend and this weekend on my last two outings. First, was an 83cm capture by my dad off the northern beaches last Sunday. Second, was an 88cm capture caught by myself on a mid nth coast beach. happy to share a good patch of form, and may it continue! JT
  10. With the calm wind and low swell, I thought it would be ideal for beach fishing so I gave one of the northern beaches a shot during the night tide. There were plenty of big bites and strikes but from a bunch of undesired species - 1xbanjo shark; 4xshovel nose shark; 1x car shark. So there was plenty of action .. I managed to get one good sized 51cm tailor after an hour after the tide change, and I suspect I dropped a smaller tailor too. I lost what I suspected to be a big ray or large shark that took plenty of line too. So it seems like the beaches are starting to fish a bit better.
  11. Fishing drought (in terms of success, not opportunity) finally over. Landed my PB flathead (73cm) and a decent tailor (45cm) from the surf.
  12. With the sea's being flat and the nice sunrise high tides went off the rocks for a fishing session with my young niece... the 2nd time she has ever been fishing as mum is not a fan haha. Baby sitting for some brownie points !!! Fished warriewood rocks as its a nice easy and relatively safe walk to the spot! Beautiful clear day with light wind and glassy seas! We saw lots of surface action with bonitos hitting the surface of the water. Landed a few for bait... caught on unweighted pillies and send out some thin strips on a paternoster. 8am: The tides on the way out and one of the bottom bashing rods goes off....set the hook and pass the rod over to my niece....5-10 mins later a nice 36cm snapper gaffed. re baiting and the other rod goes off this times shes holding it and the 2500 reel is screaming i quickly drop everything and tighten up the drag a little and after a long drawn out battle a tiny 45cm+ kingy is floating totally tired out on the surface. Don't they go hard on the light gear ! after a quick crash course in washing up fish onto a ledge she lands it for a quick photo, a kiss then back to grow bigger! My rod finally goes off... this time a slightly weighted bonito fillet...feels like a snapper but not very big ....... washes up as a 32 cm fish!... this guy was in close i normally get snapper on long casts on the bottom ! 10am: Pretty quiet as the tide is going out and the sun is high overhead...can see fish out wide busting up on the surface out of cast range.... worst day not to have the LBG rod to send out a live bonito for a king but cant baby sit 2 things at once! We get the odd bonito every so often but its getting hot and we are both hungry.....time for some 1$ frozen cokes from hungry jacks! Great day to bring a young one out fishing! with 3 pb's for her today.... bonito, snapper and a kingy. I think we have another convert!
  13. Launched off Palm beach boat ramp at Iluka Rd for the 1st time with out drama! Headed off towards the ferry wharf for yakkas and squids and was out past the heads by 730am. Sea was almost glassy with 3 or 4 other boats around us. went out to 30m and began dropping liveys and strip baits towards the bottom. no interest in our yakkas and the squid came back demolished by leatherjackets.... Tried this without success for 3 hrs then decided to try off south palm (one of my fav land-based spots!) sitting about 40m offshore and drifting in 12m+ of water came across a school of slimies and tons of yakkas. got our burley trail going and managed to rustle up 2 rat kings around the 55 cm mark...good fun on light spin rods. Pretty quiet after that. Headed home around 12 and decided to get some squid for dinner as a consolation prize.... managed 4 big ones for dinner and a few for bait next trip! Back at the boat ramp my mate made the mistake of backing all 4 wheels off the ramp and once we got the boat hooked up to the trailer all 4 tires began to spin uselessly in the sand .... unhooked boat....unbogged car (thankfully was easy without the boat) the tried again...this time with front wheels on the concrete and everything went fine ! 2 other guys who were launching their boat next to us removed the safety chain and their boat flew off the trailer as they backed down the ramp.....we wont be doing that anytime soon!! Any pointers for what we could do to get some kings/snapper off the boat? Overall a nice day out on the boat and learnt lots of new things! Cheers,
  14. Swell was looking nice today at <3ft easterly with high tide around 11am so we decided to make the LONG trek to north palmy to a ledge thats good for these conditions...... caught our yakka's at the local wharf but no squid today shoulders burning we made the walk in darkness....i drew the short straw again and was carrying one of the buckets... rigged up before first light and had the first livey out just as the sun broke. 30 mins later the big rod did the damage with the reel screaming and the line running out to the horizon. the first run was pretty short and we managed to get a look at a massive king under the float... he must have seen us as well because he ripped out again for one more long run before the fish turned and we brought him in for the gaff shot! 1st fish landed just as the sun rose..... then it was pretty quiet until around 9 where we saw a school of rat kings come up at our burley....mate hooked up one on an unweighted pilly but it spat the hook as we were landing it around the high 60's prob... managed to spin up a mac tuna i think on a 25g metal...i think it must be my 2nd ever. Are they rare in sydney? got a few sambos and a bonito over the next few hours via popper/metal/hardbody...sent one out live but no interest. 11am and almost packup time when one of the light livey rods goes off and my mate lands a 66cm kingy on the last yakka! we saw surface action with something hitting the surface/baitfish with a massive forked tail splashing out of the water unfortunately didn't hit the livey which was floating 2 meters to the right .... not idea what it was but it was big and had no interest in the many things we threw out at it (and not a dolphin) Overall a great day of fishing out on the water!! got to test out my new Samsung note II and the photos came out amazing! Big Kingy went 117cm and 13.7kg gutted! he was pretty skinny! caught on Tld 50 running 80lb mono with 100lb leader. With a tiny popsicle sized yakka about 4ish meters below the float! Definitely a good burn on the walk back!