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Found 14 results

  1. G’day raiders, Over the recent weeks I’ve had a lot of discussions around boating safety. This has made me take a look heavily at my own safety equipment and plan should anything happen whilst out on the water. Whilst it is compulsory to wear a life jacket crossing a coastal bar, at night, when solo, in open waters vessels less than 4.8m etc, this type of floatation only keeps the individual afloat, then what? Here’s a question for you......... If your vessel is about to sink and you only have 60 seconds to grab what you need to save you and your passengers life, would you be able to get everything you need in the panic? Now, I want you to actually have a really good think about where you keep all your safety equipment on your boat? Then think of the worst place that you travel if the boat was to sink. Could you grab all your safety gear whilst instructing others in that time? After rescuing those four spear fisherman a few weeks ago, I’ve had many thoughts that at any time that could be me. I’m on the water probably more than most. So for me it was a no brainer to invest in the LifeCell. The entire point to this post is that even us experienced fishos become complacent when it comes to safety (me included) but I just want everyone to have a think about your safety gear and your plan should the worst case scenario present itself. Don’t have the attitude that “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME”. Tight lines all, cheers scratchie!!! P.S. it’s also a good storage place for your wallet, keys phone etc!!! 🤙
  2. Hey, I need some help on setting up three overhead combos without breaking the bank. What would you recommend in terms of a level wind or lever drag? Combo: Reel: TYRNOS 2 SPEED 50LRS Rod: Shimano Backbone FR 37kg Reel: PENN® FATHOM® II LEVEL WIND 50lrs Rod : Penn Ocea Assassin 37kg FR Any other recommendations?? Targeting Marlin, Sailfish, GT , Mackerel
  3. Hey, I need some help on setting up three overhead combos without breaking the bank. What would you recommend in terms of a level wind or lever drag? Combo: Reel: TYRNOS 2 SPEED 50LRS Rod: Shimano Backbone FR 37kg Reel: PENN® FATHOM® II LEVEL WIND 50lrs Rod : Penn Ocea Assassin 37kg FR Any other recommendations?? Targeting Marlin, Sailfish, GT , Mackerel
  4. Gday all, just logging in to see if there’s anyone with a capable boat that may need a hand during the week on the hunt for yellowfin? ive got my own boat and been out to 12 mile from port Jackson couple times but gotta pick my days and once there can’t exactly smoke the fuel off on the troll. also don’t have live SST’s etc. im an English fella with lots of experience, plenty of sea hours and common sense. Did my coxswains in NSW and have worked as a deckee on fishing charters for marlin out of port jackson and reefies out the hacking. Decided last minute I wanna get in on some action and hook up a fin or even a jelly bean last minute so just putting out the 👋🏻incase anyone wants a mate onboard to share costs and hi fives!! gimme a shout if so, Rino
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm just new on here. I'm looking for anyone that would be interested in being my fishing mentor/buddy. Im really keen to get into land based game fishing and keen to get out in Moreton Bay and offshore in se qld or northern nsw. I can travel from rainbow beach to tweed possibly further for a weekend. I have all my own gear just have no boat and not much experience and so far charters have been dissapointing. I'm a 33yo family man. Self employed so can wrangle week day fishing trips. Willing to help out with fuel and other expenses. Also have my boat license. Get in touch if you can help me out. Cheers and thanks. Andrew
  6. I have recently purchased a Stacer 509 sea runner with 90hp evinrude etec my question is what are my limitations in regards to taking this boat offshore fishing out Sydney heads and how far would you take it on a good weather day , could it be possible to get to some reefs
  7. Hey guys just joined this forum. Just wanted to say hello and I’ll be looking forward to posting some reports I usually fish outside based in Sydney but also go upto Port Stephens a lot 😎
  8. Hi Raiders, I've recently sold the tinnie to upgrade to a bigger boat. I've never been offshore and would like some advice. Im looking at boats around the 4.5m to 4.8m range, Just wondering if this is big enough to get to the fads off sydney. I know weather is really important but I just want to know if it is suitable and safe to do so. Thanks
  9. I had a frustrating day yesterday. I put in nice and early, launching just after 5 am. The launch was flawless - not much worked after that. Plan was to try to gather a bit of bait, head out to a reef called the bottles to drift the reef, then move on to the flathead grounds. First up I ducked across to an area I'm told is a reliable place to gather squid. Put in a lot of casts - but no sign of any squid in the area. I had some bait on board so I decided to give up on the fresh squid and head out. When I got to the reef there were lots of fish marking on the sounder. I grabbed a rod and reached for the snapper leads I had bought the night before and put in the boat... But they are not there. I had three packets of various sizes of snapper leads in a plastic bag that I had bought the night before. I put the plastic bag in the back of the boat, but the whole bag was gone now. Even with my driving I don't see they could have bounced out so I am guessing that someone must have pinched them out of the boat. I suppose I should be grateful that they did not grab the tackle bag or rods tucked away in the cabin - but I'm not. I tried to make do with the sinkers I had but they just were not heavy enough to keep the bait down. Whenever the bait pulled back at a shallow angle I tried opening the bail aim to drop it down a bit. This even drew some bites, but I could not get a hookup. Conditions were pretty lumpy and I was getting a bit green, so I didn't fancy trying to re-rig for a different style of fishing. Without the heavier leads as well the offshore flathead grounds were not going to work either. I decided to change plans and see if I could get better results. I moved in a bit to where there is a bit of a shelf on the chart and drifted across it, but the sounder did not have a lot on it. I was drifting slower and could get the bait down, but there was nothing there to eat it. Still feeling a bit green I decided to head in and try a few different spots on the way in. First up I tried the first big bay inside box head. There was a bit of bait on the sounder, but I could not get them to take anything. Even the bait spike bait jig was not working. The bigger baits on a dropper below the bait school were not touched. After a while I decided it was time to change tack again. I moved into Ettalong channel to try a few drifts for dusty flathead. I did pick a couple of tiny ones here, but put them back to get to legal size. Running out of time before I needed to go home I decided to head in with one more quick stop on the way. 300 meters from the ramp I grabbed a much lighter rod and drifted over a sandbank that can sometimes hold whiting. Last time I tried this I caught 14 whiting from a kayak, but they were all in the 20-23 cm range so went back. This time was a different story. First drift across I picked up legal whiting. I motored up for another drift and hooked another fish. Shortly after I landed another whiting. I though he was under but was pleasantly surprised when I measure him at just over legal. I was out of time as I needed to be back before my wife needed to head out. Shame - could have been onto a hot bite! 5.5 hours of fishing and saved from a doughnut 300m from the ramp with 2 keepers in 10 minutes. Not a great session - but better than not getting out or coming back with no fish at all.
  10. Hey guys, I'm a long time reader and first time poster. ive been looking for. a boat now for over 10 weeks and I can't seem to find anything that fits my description. my requests are for the boat to be able to go offshore, handle nasty weather, fish, have a cabin to sleep, stable, between 19-22ft and under my budget of 40k. PLEASE help me find a boat. If you have any recommendations for me please let me know. Also I don't mind if the boat is used or new. Also has to be fibreglass. Thanks
  11. Morning/Afternoon Fellow Fishers, Just wondering if i can get some Pointers, Tips, Fishing Buddy? I have just got my 2nd boat 17" with 115hp engine ready to start doing so offshore fishing. I used a 16" to trawl around North and South headland but looking now to go more offshore. ( I have all safety equipment) I have done a lot around Nelsons Bay and the islands off nelsons bay but have never been out to FADS, TEXAS, Shelf before! I am looking for another boat or exp offshore fisherman to head out with me just so i have the safety of another boat for the first time heading so far offshore. I am located in Western Sydney and use Drummond boat ramp but am willing to travel to suit. If anyone interested or have any extra pointers feel free to reply. Thanks & happy fishing. Jason
  12. Hi guys, Bit of a longshot but if anyone is heading wide from jervis bay/shoalhaven and has a spare spot onboard feel free to hit me up. Happy to chip in fuel etc, no gear but plenty of experience. have done a fair amount of gamefishing in the past but nothing for the previous 2-3 years as my old man moved to exmouth and took the boat with him. keen to get back into some real fishing and will be available most weekends. cheers kade
  13. Hey Raiders, We got out there twice in the last couple of weeks. Landed around 8 Dolphin Fish each day, a couple of Skipjack Tuna and 2 Marlin hook-ups but unfortunately they didn't stick. Dollies are getting nicer, most around 80cm plus now. Daniel (ozzydan) come out with us on one of the trips, unfortunately we didn’t hook any Marlin that day, but we saw a big free jumper late in the afternoon, still it was good fun he was kept pretty busy with hook-ups most the day on dollies and tuna. Big Tony from the marina came out with us on the other trip. We ran our underwater cameras as per usual and we got one of the Marlin hook-ups on camera. We have lots of videos now that we'll get around to posting on YouTube in the next couple of months. Check out the photos of the Dolphin Fish punching above their weight, some small Dollies took some pretty big lures. Saw a massive water spout of there as well. Sydney is in the background in few of the photos so you can see we weren't very far out, around 4 - 7 NM miles out. We got dollies all over, some around the FADs and others just anywhere. There were quite a few times there were schools of Dolphin Fish that were chasing and hitting the spread behind the boat, they literally followed us in patches. If you want to try our lures and teasers, go to www.scentblazer.com.au. Lure packs start from $99.99. Click here to view all the photos. Peter SB - Lures
  14. Hey all, went off offshore last week, got to Sydney Heads around 1pm. Conditions were ideal, light winds, small swell and overcast, just the way we like it. We were using a couple Scent Blazer trolling lure chains and a few larger lures with pilchards and stripped tuna inside the bait chambers of the lures. Also, because it was overcast at around 5pm we put some lights in a couple of the lures to increase their visibility. We trolled to towards the Whale Fad straight out of from Sydney Heads.We got one Dolphin Fish on the Whale Fad and nothing around Manly Hydraulics, we could see some really small dollies jumping around it. We then trolled directly north about 3 NM from Manly Hydraulics, water was really blue and a warm 23 degrees. We were sounding bait fish all the way out from Sydney Heads. We find that a lot of time when we sounding a lots of bait it’s hard to get the fish to bite because they so well fed, so always have a really small lure out there, 3 inches or less. Eventually we found a fish trap around Long Reef Wide and started hooking up on Dolphin Fish. Not real big all around 60 to 70cm, just legal size. Also they weren’t hitting any of lures on the surface, they were only taking the down rigged lures we had out. We hung around the fish trap for a few hours doing an occasional pass of the trap, hooking up on it and around it as and mainly on the down rigged lures, only one was caught on the surface lure. We caught 7 Dolphin Fish in total and dropped a few fish as well by about 4pm. The barometer then dropped and the fish just seem to shut down almost instantly, so we put out some really small lures out to try and get them back on the bite. We persisted for about another hour and started trolling back towards Sydney Heads. It was really overcast and coming into evening so it was really dim, so we decided to put some LED lights in a couple of the lures. Not long after we hooked another Dollie on the lit up lure, we got it on the camera as well. We arrived at North Head at about 6.30 pm and hooked nice Bonito about 200 metres from headline. Not a bad fish around 5-6 lb I’m guessing. All in all a good day out, nothing big but we got lots of ratchets going off which is always fun. Also have a look at some our underwater pics of the Dolphin taking our lures, most of the time they bite and attack the middle of the lure. I am thinking about putting the hooks further inside the skirt, not outside skirt. Most other lure manufacturers seem to the run their hooks right back so the hook completely exposed outside the skirt. I have been following their lead. I am not sure anymore if that’s the best place to put the hook after looking at our underwater photos. www.scentblazer.com if want to try some of our lures! Peter – SB Lures
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