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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, This is a fly report but there is also a bit of history. Many years ago as a birthday present I was given a beautiful NZ made 4 piece 7 weight 9 foot freshwater fly rod with a gorgeous reel (and floating line) to match. This one in fact. It was from a very good friend who was in NZ and one of my bucket list items is trout on fly rod in New Zealand. When I got back I wanted to learn about fly fishing techniques and how to properly use the rod so I booked a one day lesson with one of the Sydney based trout guides (who has passed away in the last few years). Wasn't cheap but it was a really good introduction. In the morning he went through the background and theory. A short history of fly fishing gear. Older rods to modern rods. Line weights. Knots. Leaders. Very informative. In the afternoon we went through casting basics. The roll cast. Single hauling. Double hauling. Laying the line out. Loops. All in all it was a worthwhile day and shortened the learning process dramatically. I was still pretty uncoordinated (it is very like pat head circle stomach when starting out) but I'd learned enough to practice, practice, practice. My first fish on fly (black woolly bugger) was a bass in Manly dam. I've also had nice carp in the Hunter Valley. As it was a freshwater rod I wasn't keen to use it in saltwater. Even with a good clean I'm afraid of missing a bit of salt and damaging the rod long term. I invested in a 2 piece 9 weight saltwater rod from the same NZ manufacturer - a bit of a broomstick but I like the stiffness of the rod. I found a couple of Scientific Angler reels online and got set up. Over the years I've had salmon, bonito, tailor and a few other species. I'm also looking forward to the day I hook a king on it. This outfit is a bit overgunned for some of the smaller saltwater species we have in Sydney harbour so this year I decided to invest in a 7 weight 4 piece 9 foot saltwater (stainless guides) outfit. Matched it with an excellent value ($170) reel with an insane drag and some intermediate (slow sinking) line. All up probably the most expensive outfit I own but with care it is something I could use for the rest of my life. On the odd occasion I've been chasing Luderick (Blackfish) with @Mike89. He has gone to the dark side and acquired a centrepin reel and super long rod and has also been getting very good at it due to the time he has put in to it and the assistance of other Fishraiders. I'm quite capable of catching luderick but I use a spinning outfit as it is crossover fishing for me. This winter one of my goals has been to start catching luderick on fly rod. There has been a bit of a learning curve to work out how to approach it most effectively. The flies were easy as my local tackle shop ties them and does a mixed pack (light green or dark green - see photo) but it turns out they are either floating or sinking (tied with lead line). I've also included a wet fly in the photo so you can see how well it imitates green weed. Next step was the strike indicator. I am aware of the stick on foam ones but wasn't sure how well you could move them along the line once stuck. I found some waterproof indicator line which you can tie on the line but wasn't happy with the bend it puts in the leader. Online I found some ones with an O-ring attached (green, orange, red and yellow ones in photo below). These worked pretty well. I then hopped online and found some 5mm O-rings through which I passed the indicator yarn and fastened it with braid. This is what I am currently trialing. I pass a double through the O-ring and loop it over the yarn. When I pull the line tight the O-ring doubles on itself and creates a friction lock - the strike indicator sits where it is when casting but the position of it can be easily moved by sliding it up or down the line. One of the earlier trips out with Mike to one of his secret spots where he has been consistently been catching and releasing good luderick showed me the limitations of the intermediate line as it would drag down the strike indicator after a while. I had a few touches but no conversions. At this stage I was more interested in the learning curve than results. I fortunately had a spare spool with floating line so that problem was easily solved. This weekend I picked up some cabbage weed after work as I was going to introduce another friend to the joys of chasing luderick. @Mike89 was also free to fish the lower north shore with us. So with a goal in mind and company on Saturday we all headed down to the water. I cut up the weed and Mike made up the burley. We couldn't see too many luderick in the water but had seen them in the area on earlier trips. My friend Floris had an early down but was so in the zone he missed reacting to it in time. Mike then put a few on the board. Once I was confident my friend understood the concept I set up the fly rod and started fishing. I had a strike and set the hook. A luderick of about 20cm came up out of the depths. My first luderick on fly. I hand lined it up. The hook had caught near the eye which I carefully removed and then released the fish without worrying about a photo. A little while later the strike indicator disappeared under the surface and once I struck I ended up with a really nice bend in the rod. The fish was darting back to the weeds (6lb fluoro tippet) but I managed to keep it out. I saw the fish and thought it was average but was impressed at the fight it put up. Now in my defence I had acquired some polarised, prescription, sunglasses for my topwater bream fishing with @Niall over the summer and these throw my depth perception out pretty badly although they are as sharp as. Mike and Floris were telling me it was a good fish and it wasn't till Mike netted it that I realised how good it actually was. You judge. For the record it was 43cm on fly and a personal best (bait and lure). Out of curiosity I looked at the lure records on Fishraider and this one would put me in equal second place behind the record 47cm luderick on lure. I'm looking forward to doing more of this style of fishing over the winter. On a side note Mike has seen multiple times how effective it is to fish the weed flies even on the centrepin and spinning outfits. You still burley up but it saves the hassle of rebaiting the hook every time the luderick nibbles away at the weed on your hook. You can combine two flies by having a weighted fly at the bottom and a floating fly a little further up the line. He has also been using very small split shot sinkers to get the weed flies down into the water column. Thanks for reading. Derek
  2. Last month visitwd Long Reef after a long break Perfect weather and a lazy start leaving Rushcutters at 7am First two hour very slow and then pickeduo a few large flathead and then finally a few snapoer This one really took off caught on light line, patternoster rig and a 1/0 circle hook with a pilchard tail . Didnt weigh it but terrific fish
  3. Hey everyone, I'm going to sunshine in Lake Macquarie. I was wondering if anybody knows some good spots for bream, flathead or whiting around there and how to fish them (I'm only going as a once of so I won't take your favourite spot ?). I was also wondering how you guys would go about fishing a jetty/ wharf for bream, I am pretty new to fishing, however, from what I've gathered a running sinker down to a size 1 octopus hook with a bit of servo prawn on it would do ok if not the same caliber as some live poddy mullet suspended under a float, etc. Please put any advice about bread and butter species in this chat and if you feel like it share your PB bream.
  4. Hi Raiders, So I think I'm slightly obsessed with fishing and I'll tell you why. I have this routine where every single night without fail I look up the wind, seas, swell & BOM for the coming weekend. It's updated everyday so i need to monitor it to see if I'm going fishing, that way I can plan my weekend as far out as possible. If the all the stars align then I'm going fishing if they don't I'll be making plans to do something else. So this week Sunday was looking like a cracker so plans were made to head out and this is what happened. I head out from Tunks Park so I know if the weathers looking good the boat ramp will be busy so we planned a 4:45am launch. Even getting there that early the carpark was full and I was the first car on the hill. Tets and I get the boat prepared and head on out to the heads in search of live bait. We sat just inside South head and found a few small patches of yakkas mixed with a few slimies but they where hit and miss so we headed to the artificial which looked like a car park. I love watching the routine out there, the drift then drive back around for the next drift then repeat 20 more times, such a spectacle. Caught a heap of lollypop yakkas then headed south to the Wedding Cake which produced a big fat zero. So we then moved to The Peak and wow was there some action out there. Dolphins everywhere chasing schools of bait fish, birds diving and getting their share. What an amazing place to live, I love Sydney. Did a few drifts got a few bites but no fish then bang my brand new rod bends in half and the line is flying off the reel. My hearts racing I can't stop this fish it just keeps taking line, I then get some line back and straight away it's on the go again and all that line I just got back is taken by the fish plus more. An exhilarating 10-15 minute battle and up comes my very first bloody barracouta (AKA Gemfish look alike boo ) measuring 99cm. I'd only ever seen these fish in the forums on here when ppl go fish with electrics at Browns so I never thought I'd see or catch one at The Peak. So after that excitement we went back for a few more drifts to no prevail. Then we see this 200 meter bubble trail come through The Peak then about a 100 meters of it just explodes with bait fish hitting the surface, something I've never seen before, it was amazing. It was thousands of slimies eating surface algae. We head on over to them and threw a few lures to see if anything bigger was lurking below but unfortunately there wasn't. So we throw in our bait catchers and filled the live tank, the slimies were just jumping onto the hooks which I wish happen every time we went fishing. It was time to head home so we trawled all the way to Long Reef wide but didn't get anything. The water was only 22-23 so maybe a little cold for anything big to be looking around that far in? So I got my R&R or what I normally tell my work colleagues my meditation from hanging on my boat all day. Got back to Tunks around 2ish, so a rather big day out there in the big blue. Cheers iceman191
  5. First ever blackfish sesh using weed Headed down to Lamberth park at picnic point 7:30am after finally getting my hands on green weed. Some other guy was already fishing at the concrete wharf and had landed a 45cm flathead on chicken strips. Was pretty calm in the morning but could not get a single bite as I had no idea if i was hooking the weed right or not (first time using it). Started burleying with weed and sand but couldn't tell if it worked or not as the current was pretty strong. Then the winds started picking up, and it was huge, chair and stuff getting blown everywhere, nearly lost a rod and the float couldn't stay straight in the wind. Was about to leave after a disappointing cold, windy start as I couldn't see the wind getting any better at 9am. Until some old master guru guy came up and asked me if he could fish here. Thought i could learn some things from him as he was also black fish fishing, so i watched him for a bit then also unpacked and went back fishing. He helped a lot and corrected where i went wrong when hooking the weed on the size 10 hook. He also berleyed like crazy with sand which attracted a lot of blackfish as I was hooked up to a 10cm one within 3mins. Tried to take the hook out but couldn't, the fish would not open its mouth for some reason and ended up cutting the line. Some other blackfish fisherman arrived and had a chat with the other guy, still windy as ever. 10mins later however, my float went down and i striked. The drag was pulling which has only happened once when blackfish fishing (never caught any real large fish haha and drag set pretty tight). It was a blackfish but i could not pull it up, and left the net in the car, however thanks to the other guys, they had nets and netted the fish for me just when the hook came out. I also made the dumb mistake of trying to put a thrashing fish in a keeper bag bare-handed as it was thrashing madly while I was holding the fish getting spiked all over. The fish measured 39cm and smashed my PB of 32cm for luderick (only tried blackfish fishing three times) Altogether, it was a nice day, would of been a lot better without any wind. Left at 11am as the wharf was getting crowded by blackfish fisherman. Also, thankyou to Luderick-Angler for helping me out a lot on finding weed
  6. Hello raiders, I haven’t done a report in a while so I figured now’s a good a time as any. I'll try to keep the post succinct as possible all the while by trying to bore the readers too much. So made an ad hoc plan a few hours before while he was at work and asked if he was keen for a fish on my boat after his shift at 7am, after a bit of back and forth with him trying to convince me to go rock fishing at botany heads instead and with my decline in that idea (due to a very opposed girlfriend to that idea) we ended up agreeing to do the original plan and take the boat out instead. he arrived at mine at 9am and with a bit more fart-@rsing around going to the shops to buy some snacks (something he said he'd do before coming to mine so we'd be ready to leave asap...) I made the executive decision of scrapping the plan of initially heading to botany bay to fish and instead launch at my local boat ramp at Rhodes to maximise fishing time and fish the para river and harbour system. finally got on the water and after a 30+ minute boat trip on some pretty calm flat water, finally reached the cockatoo island area to have a fish around there and its surrounds. (Only have a 6hp so it takes a while). Initially tried around the Drummoyne wharf area for no takers, stayed there for about 20 minutes till we re-positioned. We then went to a spot my friend knew but I’d never fished before (apparently it’s a very on and off spot according to him, and fortunately it was on this day). Sent some dead bait out with little pickers taking hits at it, namely pinkies. There was some decent fish activity going on down there though as I could see on my sounder some large bait balls doing constant drive-by’s under the boat. after about 20 minutes we got our first hit , with a nice flatty taking interest in a rod of mine which I just threw out, would of took it on the drop and got it on a prawn. Boarded that and put it in the keeper net after measuring it at just fewer than 48cm. All the while the bait balls kept passing under us. A few minutes later my mate hooked up on his rod with gang hooks and a dead pillie... after a few minutes of fun a nice 55cm assize salmon was boarded, a first for my mate and thus a PB also for him, this thing was nice and fat with very wide shoulders. It went quiet for a bit with nothing touching our baits or my SP rod until my mate decided to change up his hooks to small long shanks to try get one of these things in the bait ball schools below us..... Yakkas! We filled up the bucket to catch some live yakkas for bait, only caught 4 for the day. I rigged up my medium duty outfit readying it for a live bait (static 5000 fj & sahara 4-8kg rod), made a paternoster rig with 1 hook for a live bait and the 2nd hook for a gang hook with a squid strip hoping id have some luck and catch myself a nice fat aussie salmon too. I then proceeded to put a decently big live yakka on, it would have been around the 20-22cm mark as it was at the time the only livie we had. Sent it down slowly as to not foul the setup on the drop. while on the way down the line started tugging more than I thought normal (I mean I knew the yakka I had on was pretty big and could feel it wasn’t having that hard a time tugging the line around), but this felt a bit different. I decided to give it a nice lift to see if it felt heavier than usual.... yep it was. Whatever was on the end, I just woke it up and a nice tussle was under way. Thinking it was another Aussie salmon I was pumped, until I got the surprise of my life and saw colour...a croc! It was action stations a few tense moments shouting at my mate to ready the net, in it went and cheers all around were had. The flatty took the large yakka which was surprisingly also netted again albeit pretty much on the brink of death, he got hit hard and his face and mouth was mangled. This was PB flatty for me with it just touching over 70cm; yep I caught a nice female. Not one for catching much fish I decided to keep it as my family, go and I do love eating flathead fillets when I do manage to catch them (mmm tempura battered flathead fillets). after this my fish finder experienced some technical difficulties with a positive terminal letting go and decided to call it quits an hour or 2 after that, also the fact that my mate had been up for more than 24 hours was also a factor. got home, and found out about what unfolded that day with the 2 boaters losing their lives at botany and thought to myself how it felt like a really good decision to try the harbour instead, couldn’t help but feel I may have dodged a bullet that day, may they rest in peace. Here are photos of that day and an extra photo with a coin and smile for eligibility purposes to enter the cotm for December (sorry for this pic as my dad was in the middle of filleting it up). 1st fish @ 47.xcm flatty 2nd fish @ 55cm aussie salmon 3rd fish @ 70cm flatty cotm dec 2014 eligibility pic (50c piece & a smile) Thanks for reading
  7. Hi been awhile since I posted but I had to tell this story. Headed out solo on the George's River on Wednesday 15/05 for a flick for some Jewies. Started from Revesby Beach boat ramp and flicked my usual holes along the way. Fishing was quiet slow and I wasn't seeing much bait around as I headed my way down river. This all changed when I got to Como and I got a hit and boy was it a hit, the fish at this stage unknown species went for a few short runs and gave a few strong head shakes. Shortly after I got to see some colour although it was the size of Jewie it was brown, I then realised that I was hooked up on a monster of a Flatty. By this stage a few people had stopped to watch as they got close one called sting ray and I called back a monster Flatty. It then had its final few runs from the surface thrashing its massive tail headed back down. I got her back to the surface and carefully tried to net her, only he head was in, and got it into the boat. Wow this was a big fish. She went 92cm on the brag mat and boy was she thick, didn't think of turning on the scales on the lip grips but the batteries were probably dead. I got the boys who stopped to take a few pics and back in she went. I swam her for a while and realised her and watched her swim down into the depths. I would like to submit this fish in catch of the month N.B Moderators - the hat I am wearing is actual a very dark blue, I can send a pic in better light if needed
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