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Found 3 results

  1. Rock&Beach

    A good day with a mate!!!!

    We were down Ulladulla way for a "maint" weekend at another mates holiday house. So we decided to go out for a bit of a fish on Sunday morning. The tide was rising and the water looked great with plenty of wash back off the rocks. There was a nice big gutter running along the rocks so we were fishing simple with a small sinker down onto the hook and using a mixture of old yakkas and pillies as bait. Just casting in and letting it drift. Chopped up a couple hand fulls of pillies and added this into the drift to start the process and then started casting. Well the casting was all we did for the next 1.5 hours. Apart from a couple small bites we had doghnuts. Decided to change tack and cast out my bigger rod with half a small tailor on it. Cast it out set the drag and wait. It was drifting a little and then i noticed that it was moving against the flow. So i picked it up and set the hook hoping that it may have been a jewie but no it had that tell tale sign of either a ray or similar. Spent the next 10 minutes running it back and forth until i finally saw that it was the biggest Wobbegong that i have ever seen. Took another 10 minutes to wash it up onto the rock shelf and then luckily it finally broke the line and swam away. The head was huge i judged it was around 5ft. Mate and i then started to use crabs we gathered and that is when we started to get the pigs every cast was being nailed. Was a very exciting hour or so. Mate said it was the best fishing he ever had. Big smiles all around. Back to the house for lunch and a few well earned beers and watch the V8 at Goldie. Cheers R&B
  2. Hi there, I am looking for a fishing partner, Someone I can learn from. I live in the Parramatta area. I usually fish around the Northern Beaches. I normally target king fish using live bait, lures and dead garfish with some success. I also target Drummer, Groper and Snapper. I have my own gear and my schedule is somewhat flexible. I like to fish in the early morning. I would like to learn some new tricks and share the little bit that I know. Tight lines, Mauricio
  3. sootopia

    Northern Beaches

    Not many chances to get out and wet a line with Prac and the damn dodgy weather we have been having ...... Had the day off today so the plan was for a late morning sess after my mate got off work, We arrived at the spot around 10 just in time for high tide at ~11 Got a nice berley trail going with bread and mashed up pillies then tried to get some liveys Very slow going, water looking pretty dead. Hooking up the odd sweep or so after 45 mins. My mate throws in the towel and hooks up a pilly on a paternoster and casts it out wide, 10 mins later hes on and reeling in snapper no. 1. Desperate times.........with not a livey in sight out goes a medium sized sweep under a float on my big rod. Time to change tactics, i setup a small float for the bait rod with the bait ~15ft underneath casting out further, next few cast brings me in a small trev...BAIT! re bait the big rod ....In the meantime my mate reels in snapper no. 2 I notice some pigs moving into the berley trail so swap over to prawn instead of pilly fillets and bring in some small pigs, and eventually i hook a better one! on the scoreboard 12pm the big rod starts clicking away gently on and off...squid !! we rig up a spike with a pilly and do the old switcheroo with the livey and the spike and land a nice 30+ squid. Time to bring the big guns out ...... squid goes back out on the 24kg rod under a balloon For the next hr or two we alternate between attempting to catch bait and casting out pillies. Finally get a few yakkas and out they go. We get the odd 30cm pig and one bigger pig, I finally get a snapper of my own !! Pretty quiet after that a few undersized snapper and pigs....... Packup time @ 5pm... ended up staying longer than we planned because we had such nice liveys out. Nothing touched the squid or the yakkas Squid comes home as a consolation prize.... Calamari rings mmmmm !