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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all, it's been so long since I caught anything worth reporting, I was wondering if it would ever happen again. I decided last weekend to hit a wharf on Pittwater every morning this week to fish the early high tides. I wanted to target tailor with a pilchard under a float, and bream with soft plastics. Monday morning - no action. Tuesday morning - no action, but noticed blackfish swimming around the wharf. Returned Wednesday with a blackfish outfit, but equipment failure and a lack of planning for such sent me home empty handed. Then this morning the stars aligned - I caught five fish between 25 and 30cm (dropped one as I was trying to net it) in about 90 minutes. I was about to pack up and head home a very happy fisherman, then I thought 'why not use the last of the weed?', put out a final bait and a 38cm lunker appeared - after a good fight I had a new PB. Beer-battered fillets and chips for dinner tonight. Bugger the tailor and bream!
  2. I hit the Northern Beaches on the Pittwater side to fish my usual haunt. I arrived at 2.30 pm and fished until sundown around 5 pm. No wind to speak of and once the burly kicked the fishing started to improve. Fishing with a lighter outfit and 9 kg mono running to a 13 kg leader I caught a 31 cm Trevally, 31 cm Bream and a 37 cm Tailor. All fish fell to Pilchard. At 5 pm after I caught the Tailor I went home leaving the fish still biting.
  3. Hi fellow fisho’s, I plan on heading out to Pittwater a lot in the coming weeks. I have a boat and was wondering if any one has any advice they could share with me. I am wanting to catch flathead, bream, snapper, kingfish, squid and some bait. Any advice would be great. Tight lines and happy Fishing, Thomas - Jew_Master06
  4. Hey going to head out chasing jewfish in and around pittwater but dont really known of any spots would someone please be able to point me in the right direction. thanks
  5. Taking my boat to the Pittwater bay area tomorrow, does anybody know what fish you can catch, how to, where to and any other useful information on the area?
  6. About two months ago i caught my first kingfish on lure, havent visited fishraider for a little so havent posted. Reading @DerekD‘s post about his central coast kings got me fired up again since originally Derek taught me the retrieve for kingfish along with lots of other important info about kingfish which definately helped me with getting this beauty. I was out with two mates and after getting a few flathead, decided to come back inside cos i wasnt feeling too great. Came back into pittwater and fish some pilchards, fish didnt hit so i decided to put on a little lure after seeing some whitebait getting spooked. I still reckon this was mostly luck but i was just hopping it on the bottom and suddenly just took off. Line was a little frayed from flatties so took it easy. Got it up and my mate scooped it up. While i was unhooking it my mate picked up my rod and dropped it down to try his luck, hooked up almost instantly to a good sized trevally. My other mate then had a go and got a flounder. What ive taken away from this is that correct lure choice is key, these fish were keyed in on small baitfish and wouldnt eat a pillie. Very happy with this catch and an awesome day out on the water.
  7. Hi All, Several weeks ago I met Anton, a gentleman from the UK who was enjoying fishing and wanted to learn more about fishing Sydney. He has been a fun fishing companion and I have managed to convert him to the joy and sensitivity of using braid. He fortunately hasn’t blamed me for all the new fishing gear he has recently acquired. This Saturday’s expedition was to get Luderick (blackfish) and learn how to collect yabbies (nippers). We started off early at some sand flats while the tide was up to see if we could pick up a fish with lures. I scored a flathead but apart from that it was pretty quiet. We then swung past my favourite spot for cabbage weed but the swell was up and I didn’t consider it safe so cancelled that. Next stop was three fishing related shops to pick up a snapper rod, reel, braid and some additional lures which had been put aside. Time to get the yabbies down at Pittwater. On the way there we discussed the hazard of stingrays on the flats and what some people I know in Pittwater refer to as “The stingray shuffle”. Also told Anton about a Belgian friend of mine that was stung about 2.5 years ago at the back of the basin and had to swim back to the rangers hut. He was a paratrooper back in the day and built like Jean Claude van Damme and the effect the stingray venom had on him was obvious in that he went white and his body was shaking – he did retain his sense of humour. Steve Irwin came up in discussion too. I told Anton that we would also likely find soldier crabs on the flats and the thousands we found there made an impression on him. It took Anton a little while to get into the swing of yabby pumping but after a little while he started to get some results. Once he’d got it to the point I felt he understood the concept I took over to speed things up – experience does make a difference. Since we had the yabbies I made a call to use a few then and there so we got his rod out of the car and set it up for whiting. With the low tide we were pretty close to the drop off and as there is ribbon weed there I wanted to get the bait beyond that into the deeper water. Showed Anton how to rig up the yabby and he cast out with a rather pathetic and relaxed wind up (thought I’d taught him better). A few bites and no hook up. Next cast was along the top of the sand bank but all the whiting I’d seen were the small specimens. To get into the deeper water I decided we would move forward a few more meters. Then the stingray struck. Looking back on it now I’d like to think I was pretty calm and collected and I hope I was even stoic about it. I was pretty sure what it was. I knew how it was likely to play out but you never know until it happens to you. Anton was a little more excitable and to be really fair to the guy it was him and not me that stood on the ray. He said something had bitten him and when we got into the shallower water there was a cut of about 15mm long just forward of the ankle with blood happily pouring out (wondering if they have an anti-coagulant in their venom). That was the end of the fishing so I quickly released the yabbies and collected the gear to move back to the car. A couple of sharp guys on a nearby boat guessed what it was too and advised hot water, a trip to the medical centre and three types of antibiotics as it happened to one of their mates the week before. I called some friends in the area as I wanted to get to hot water asap but as they didn’t respond we headed straight for Mona Vale hospital. His foot had gone numb by the time we arrived so I had to help him in. There were a few people ahead of us in the emergency department and I really don’t like pushing in but the quicker we got the foot in hot water the quicker the venom could be broken down. After a quick assessment the nurse took him into the ward for treatment. I am a silver lining type person and now that the immediate danger was past I felt some shit stirring was in order. I sent him a message that if he hadn’t been casting so pathetically we wouldn’t had to take the few steps forwards and he wouldn’t have stood on the ray. His quick comeback was that he didn’t want to kill the yabby with his massive casting distance. He thought it would take a while as they would have to do an ultrasound and x-ray and suggested I head off for a fish. I countered that I didn’t want him to comment for years to come that I had left him at the hospital suffering while I went fishing (it was a tight decision though). At this stage a lovely nurse with a beautiful smile came into the waiting room to help one of the patients. I described her to him and he thought it was the nurse who had first treated him so I asked him what her name was and to put in a good word for his “caring and heroic mate”. He declined – blamed it on too much other stuff going on. He said the hottest water and the three kinds of painkillers had made a difference. To quote how he was feeling at the time “I have a pretty good pain tolerance but holy shit”. This is a person that used to play rugby and had broken bones before. They couldn’t find any barbs but he did throw up. He is normally a really upbeat person but I think the drugs were taking him to the next level. Another quote of his is “It’s awesome, I was literally feeling the venom moving up my leg as it becomes numb”. One of the nurses asked how long he had been in Oz. The reply was 8 years and the follow up was a question if it was too soon to mention Steve Irwin? He laughed. I was so happy to see him coming out of the ward doors that I gave him a handshake and then a hug. Back into the car and back to the lower north shore area. Metaphorically when you fall off a horse you are supposed to get back and try it again. I couldn’t find some sand flats but we did spool up his new snapper rod and he got some casting practice in. He hooked up a little tailor on a Shimano waxwing so the rod was christened before I took him home. Thinking about it later I think I have come out on the worst end of the deal for a number of reasons: All going well he should heal up pretty soon whereas I’ll have to deal with the guilt trip for a long time to come. Like a few Englishmen I’ve met his tolerance to Sydney’s brisk air temperature is sufficiently poor that I can accuse him of being a wuss. He has proved himself sufficiently macho that I can no longer use that statement. The three hours he was in the hospital is fishing time I'll never get back and it was such a lovely day too. I still have to clean the blood stains off my car’s trim. Now on a more serious note: Firstly, the staff at the Mona Vale hospital were both friendly and professional and it was a pleasure to see them at work and making a difference to people’s lives. Thank you!! Secondly, Anton has been suffering a bit more since the anaesthetic wore off and hasn’t been able to put weight on it. As of this evening he has lost feeling in his foot and the swelling has increased so he headed back in to hospital for some further check-ups (and the nurse’s name I hope). I’m hoping to provide a positive update sooner rather than later. Thirdly, Fishraider has as a pinned topic in Fishing Chat an advice column on stingray related injuries – if you haven’t then I highly recommend reading it. Regards, Derek
  8. Hi Raiders, A friend of mine is a volunteer at an organisation up at Pittwater and a box of saltwater fishing flies was handed in which he has passed on to me. While I covet them for my own fly fishing I know who made some of them (someone has excellent taste), roughly what they are worth and I would like to make a genuine attempt to return them via FR without getting into the game of "guess the flies and win the prize". I will say they are in a black box (about 300 x 200mm) and if they are yours you will know who made the box and be able to give me a pretty good breakdown of what flies are in it - I haven't taken any (yet ) but I am not sure if anyone else did before it was handed in. PM me if you believe they are yours. Regards, Derek
  9. Put the boat in pretty beach 5:30am. I got to Pittwater just before first light. 10 knot northerly wind and 2 metre ESE swell. 23 degrees water. It was murky, chocolate milk like. Tried for surface fish from palmy all the way down to Scotland. Just big jellyfish, a small tailor bust up but before you could flick a lure into the school it dissipated. Plan B, bait fish for Jews. Tried west head and little box head, by this time the sun was up and the baitfish were nowhere. Just those tiny spine foots and snapper. I threw a few lures around for Jews but nothing. I pulled the pin at midday. At least my wife packed a delicious lunch which made for a nice time drifting while enjoying some cheese and hommus with mountain bread. She also boiled me up some eggs too which were beaut. Amazing how much more enjoyable fishing is with good food, normally I just go hungry until I get home. Hope you all did better than I today. Cheers, Luke.
  10. G'day guys and girls, my brother is heading up from Wagga this weekend and we've decided to put the boat in at mooney mooney and do some fishing around lion Island and Pittwater areas. I don't like asking but as this will be my first time there would anyone be able to let me know some good spots to catch a bit of bait? Cheers
  11. About time I gave my own review. After many years chasing kingies land based (without any luck) I purchased a boat last year to get amongst it. It's been a steep learning curve but reading this and other fishing forums has given me an idea on how one would go about catching this elusive beast. After an early start yesterday the water was perfect without a breeze, I tried to catch some squid without any luck around taylors, Macmasters and palmie. I then headed to west head for yakkas and picked up a mixed size bag in less then 1/2 hour. I trolled the larger yakkas on the downriggers all over Pittwater along the drop offs and wrecks, I was hit twice but both times left the head and hook. The rain settled in and after 8 hrs I was ready to pack it in. I decided to grab a mooring near Scotland island on the west side and clean down the boat which was in need of a sort out after several days on the water. I left the downriggers down as I was cleaning up started burleying up with the remainder of the pillies and frozen squid, I decided to throw a baby yakka on my squid jig set up a small craft squid rod and stradic 2500. I continued to clean when the Stradic started screaming and I knew straight away what it was, I tightened the drag up as it swam away at an alarming pace from me to try and turn it around, I achieved that but now it was heading straight along side off the boat and pulling off more line and heading deeper at this point, I kept working it up slowly with another 3 big runs but then came straight at the boat and heading for the downriggers so I now had the rod tip in the water trying to direct it away from the steel cables and boat while I wound the downrigger up with one hand and battled the kingy with the other, At this point the adrenalin is pumping and I honestly didnt think that my gear would hold out. I raised the kingy to the surface twice more but as soon as I get it near the net it's off again, finally she gives in and comes up on her side so I could finally net her. Last night I had it sashimi and baked Thai style and was the best I have ever tasted so fresh! When cleaning it's belly was full of little yakkas.
  12. Rafo

    Snook Fish

    Good morning all, Couple of days ago I went to Pittwater to try to get Tailors but I wasn't lucky at all. in 2 couple of hours fishing (using a float rig + mullet as bait) I managed to get a 50cm snook fish (very similar to pike but different fins). This fish is not good for eating but will try it as bait next time. Best, R
  13. Hi guys, during the last days I am struggling to get yakkas and tailor in pittwater. I have been trying from many of the wharves with no luck. All I get is lots of bream, leather jacket or whiting. If you can give me some suggestions will be highly appreciated. Best, R
  14. Hi all, new to fishraider. Happy Australia Day! For anyone planning on heading out for a fish today, we found a few schools of pelagics inside. They are surfacing/sounding a lot though. One school seemed all undersize tailor but good fun. Not sure whatever species was the other. Have a great day Dutchy
  15. Raiders, Had a good day out onboard Devil Ray. We had a great start to the morning filling the live bait tank very quickly. We headed into Pittwater and slow trolled at 2 knots with the yakkas in tow (behind a size 10 ball sinker in the absence of a downrigger). On approach to Scotland Island we hooked our only kingfish for the day (you can see the catch in the video below). We decided to head outside Barrenjoey and also tried the valiant wreck for zilch. We then had a quick flick on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach (opposite the golf course) and headed into a spot not far from Juno Point. We ended up with having a decent day with the following results .(some caught in the video but plenty missed due to a few issues with the camera) 1 x Kingfish (undersize) 4 x Flathead 2 x Bream 2 x Tailor 3 x Snapper (undersize) 1 x Jewfish (undersize) 1 x Hammerhead shark Another very enjoyable day out on the water.
  16. gday guys, mad keen fisho here, been thinking about my trip all week in my head looking forward to going for a kayak and getting my first kingie! (although ive been trying for a while hah) Here is my plan so far and im very open to suggestions or anything i could do different to help me 1)Get in the water at the latest before first light,2) i have a two rodd set up. one with 20lb line and 30lb leader with whole fresh squid on two gang hooks and the other with a 100mm metal lure if anything pops up. 3)ive got a burley bucket aswell to drag around too.4) As as far as where to go on the yak im not sure yet im thinking either west head/barrenjoey or further inside pittwater around the moorings. If you guys can provide and suggestions it would be much appreciated cheers, mick
  17. A mate and I booked a Runner Boat from Barrenjoey Boat Hire (great lads!) We planned to fish from 7am with a 4 hour booking. "The Kings are biting" is all iv'e been hearing lately & Iv'e never caught one. Personal Opinion, but that's my trophy fish. We rocked up at about 6:45. Signed the paper work & Started to load onto the Boat. Standing on the pier, i could see Kingfish casually hanging out & thats when i knew i was up for a great day! (How wrong i was ) We got onto the boat, heading towards the Moorings At Clareville. My mate realised that his line was really loose, and had nothing to do with the drag. Looking closely, the line itself was loose so he pulled all of the line off, creating chaos! Tangles upon tangles. A lot went wrong, but for a 7am booking, we didn't get to cast before 8:30am. He felt really bad, and it wasn't intentional so i didn't care about that As we headed towards Clareville, we didn't bother checking our maps and thought we had arrived (How wrong i was ). It was our first time in the area so i was working with the rough map that i had in mind. We were actually fishing around Palm Beach Ferry Wharf for an hour, to realise we were in the wrong spot!!!! We then headed to Clareville and fished from there. I Was targeting the Kings and my mate was targeting anything that bites. No luck, what so ever. I was working with a 3/0 Jig Head, whole fresh squid & Flick bait (Alternating).. Still no luck. We decided to follow the sea gulls and they seemed to have no clue either lol We moved closer towards the rocks and houses, and finally some action started to take place. My stubborn self was only targeting the Kings, but my mate had pulled in a few snapper throwbacks. Suddenly he was on again, all of a sudden the Rod bent like crazy. He labelled what ever was on there as a lazy fish. It was really heavy, but no fight. We could not see any colour, but from nowhere this MONSTER (and when i say monster, i'm talking about the shit that you see crazy anglers catching on the Discovery Channel, in 3rd world countries) rose to the surface. It all happened to quick, but it splashed like crazy which ruined our sights as to what it was. My mate said Flat head, but the girth on this thing was way too round to be a flathead. Possibly a cat fish? Anyway, what ever this 30+kg looking beast was, spat out the baby snapper which was hooked to his line. The one that got away!! Kept trying our luck, and even extended our booking to 3pm. Tried different locations with a range of baits and methods and it wasn't to be. Perhaps one of my most frustrating days yet! PS. we were trolling with a skirt between different locations. I wouldn't take this to heart, as i still think Pittwater would produce (Especially with the Barrenjoey Boat House owners saying that their customers have been catching It was painful being awake from 4am for a nothing day, but that's fishing ! Hopefully i can land one next time
  18. First Post Let's make it a good one! I've come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as a comfortable / productive land based spot, and if there is, it's raided by.. Let's not go there because they're my kind and i'm fed up with their nonsense and mucho attitude! Lol A few mates and I will be hiring a boat this Saturday from Barrenjoey and fishing the heads. I'm pretty sure they'll be happy with anything that bites, but i've got 2 personal trophy fish. 1 is Kingfish, and 2 is Salmon. From what iv'e heard, the Kingys have been 'very' friendly lately. Iv'e done a lot of research, but iv'e heard so many different things! What's the most effective? This is what i plan, is this a good or bad move? 30kg, or 30lb (Forgot which iv'e got) Mono Line, with a 3 way swivel. One end with my line, the other end with a Float, the 3rd end with 3-4m of line with a fresh squid and a tiny tiny sinker. What size Hook should i use? Should i get a lure? If so, which? Is it worth trolling with a skirt? I plan on getting there really early, maybe 7ish. I know they're early morning top of water feeders Any other tips? I'd love a salmon too! Is it a good location for Salmon? I'm more focussed on the Kingys though Cheers
  19. We were out on the water for a few days last week and one night we picked up our club buoy at The Basin. My son was, as usual, out the back fishing as my wife cooked dinner and I watched TV (that is a fair distribution of the workload I reckon) and all of a sudden my son asks me to look and tell him what sort of fish he had caught. Got out there and lo and behold he had caught a circa 30cm Barracouta. Even though it was small it had nasty looking teeth. Took the little fellow off the hook and sent him back to his school. Never heard of these fish being in Pittwater. Caught on a prawn off the back of a Riviera 47 enclosed.
  20. Hey anglers, I have access to a boat on Pittwater and get out pretty often surveying for spots, and have tried multiple times on Yakka with no results from live bait. I know I am probably wrong place, wrong time, wrong setup ect. Anyhow if there is anyone out there with a proven track record in the area who wants to em part some local knowledge on to a keen novice hit me up. Got boat with sounder and GPS restricted to waterways in the broken bay region.
  21. Just wondering if anyone had been out in pitwater of late and had managed any reasonable fish