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  1. Headed out to port hacking targeting flathead today. Was out for 4 hours - in the water 9.30 and back out by 1.30. picked up 3 flatties - 2 on live poddies and one on a paddle tail lure. A good size blue swimmer grabbed one of the poddies and decided to come home with me. Headed over to the weed beds around midday - quite a few squids around. Weren’t taking the brown/green colours - but the pink jig did the trick. 4 green eye & 1 small arrow in about 30mins. The green eyes were of decent size. beautiful clear water in the hacking atm.
  2. Gday Raiders, Recently caught the first black marlin up north but keen to chase them on the south Coast of NSW.. I have read and heard black marlin can be caught off the "Traps" or wollongong reef with the similar technique of live slimys.. Has anyone had any luck in the past on inshore reefs on the south coast? or any this season? Is there a rough time annually they start showing up? I have been again staring at ripcharts watching the EAC being pushed in hard recently and the temps are up in the honey spot of around 23 degrees in close.. I know there is a big bite at the mome
  3. Hi everyone, long time reader of the forum but first time posting. I'm a fairly average fisho, although I've been fishing most of my life. I moved to the sutherland shire 2 years ago and only fish out of the Port Hacking these days. I regularly read Yowies posts in awe. The fish he consistently catches amazes me. I've never cracked the hacking code, however last summer landed some cracking whiting. I have a 4.2m tinny I fish out of and launch at Grays Point. I'm looking for some advice regarding squid. I've never caught one and have recently been putting in the hours tryi
  4. Hi Raiders, I am looking for some pointers on where to get some squid and yakkas in the Port Hacking. Launching from the Water Street or Wally's Wharf ramp. Looking for some suggestions on where to target squid and yakkas on my way out the heads. Any pointers appreciated. Blade
  5. Hi all, I am new to the forum and new to the area. I live close to the Port Hacking and I have a small tinny (too small and under powered to go out beyond the heads so I must stay within the shelter of the Port Hacking) I don't have a fish finder so I am hoping some of the more experienced Raiders would share their local knowledge and share some of the fishing spots on the hacking and what species to target at the spot? Thanks for reading, looking forward to learning from the Raider community. Cheers
  6. Hey Guys, just wondering if it is safe to fish around Jibbon Bombora just outside Port Hacking, and if so what is the best way to go about it? Cheers
  7. Launched our new boat at Grays Point (Port Hacking) at 0900 this morning. Fishing soft plastics braid/mono and 1000 to 2500 spinning gear Marked heaps of large bait schools with lots of predator fish hanging about. Caught these 2 fish just after turn of tide at noon But even more amazing is several times we saw groups of rat kings come flying along the surface chasing baitfish. My son managed to get one to take his soft plastic however it was a short fight and the fish bit his lure in half, no hook up. Still exciting to see these fish hunting on the surface.
  8. Hello fellow raiders My names josh and I’m from the Sutherland Shire south Sydney. Just after a few tips on fishing the port hacking and even the Georgers river. First an introduction to myself, I’m 19 and have recently been getting more serious about fishing. My lure setup is a Shimano cazna with 10pound Berkeley fireline with 16 pound fc rock leader, on a Shimano sss graphite 662 spin rod 3-5kg. Medium setup is a Shimano stradic 4000 with 20p j braid 4 strand with 30pound black magic leader on a 2-4kg daiwa saltist rod. And my heavy serup is a penn 750 with 30 pound penn mono on
  9. Hey all! has anyone done any exploring around the newish artificial reef south of jibbon bommie , port hacking? Much on offer yet or still too early? Ill probably throw some hard bodies out and troll down south along the cliffs and check it out in my travels. Cheers!
  10. Took Monday off work as it was my little boys Easter hat parade/concert at preschool. Day was off to a poor start with Baxter getting upset and distressed at the thought of the concert and not even making it to dropoff. We tried all sorts of encouragement and support to help him but he was having none it. Decided to offer up the biggest carrot we have, wife told him " if you go to preschool and just try, daddy will take you fishing ". He reluctantly agreed and off we went. Not only did he try, he went great and sung/dancedto all the songs. Now it was time for a fishing trip, with 20
  11. Hi all, I went out Friday morning with the aim of catching my first dolphinfish as I’ve heard there are a few around the Fad at the moment. I’ve never been to the fad before and as I have a 460 Coastrunner I wanted to follow some mates out in a bigger boat. Unfortunately they pulled the pin at the 11th hour, but the conditions looked perfect and the morning of we decided to head out. We picked up some live squid of the way out of the hacking, only managed 2 lollipops. We found a heap of yakkas but they weren’t taking the sabiki jigs. So we decided to head out with 2 squid and flick
  12. Hi Raiders, as per title I'm looking for some advice in catching kingfish in the Port Hacking. I have read a lot of content here when it comes to the hacking (thanks for all the sharing!), been fishing it consistently through the seasons, tried numerous different things, but still no success. I only have a small dinghy, so I prefer sticking to inside the hacking and only venture into Bate Bay on calm days. My usual spots are inside the hacking around drop-offs of about 15-20 m of water usually with some structure nearby where the tide currents are not exceedingly strong. I've had 0 l
  13. Rained off early this morning , so my self and my boss are sitting in the "yard" and a good mate and owner of the the co. we get our materials off says......"WTF are you two @#$%$ doing here? why the %^&* arn't we fishing???!!!... we looked at each other...he's right....lets go....!!!!! so at 10.00am the now crew of 3 picked me up at Bundeena jetty already holding up a nice 85cm Kingy(taken out the front of SW arm channel).......we ran back down the channel and before we passed Bonnivale 3 rods go off with 3 good size tailor , one more upgrade tailor(off the balast heap) about 70 cm (wil
  14. Day started well with heaps of live bait at Bundeena, headed out with a spread to the Sydney Fad. nice glassy morning , a few boats at the Fad with a few small Dollies jumping but no takers on the live baits and after 45 mins of bugger all happening we trolled out to the Canyons , pretty decent current running had us at 10.2 knots at one stage , followed current lines , did anything we could but we didn't turn a reel, lots of coral spawn but it thinned out as we headed East, water temp average about 23 but patches out wide up to 26 . Listened to skeds coming in from a Sydney comp, but the only
  15. Happy New Year Raiders! It’s been a while since I have posted and one of my resolutions was to get out more, so here is a report based on what happens when you do. Kat and I have been waiting for this break for a very long time! We have been so busy with work and other projects that we have had very little time to fish together, or at all for that matter. This season I have had a very good run on the bass but not on a lot of other target species. We decided to fish Sydney Harbour with my brother so headed of the day before to stock up on some tackle, a few new lur
  16. hello everyone, I am hoping for a little bit of advice here on chasing kings and bonito outside of Port Hacking. I am hoping to head out of Port Hacking early Monday morning (weather permitting) and will be fishing between Wattamolla and Bate Bay. Target species will be Kingfish and Bonito. I have tried trolling a few different lures along here in the past with no luck.Has anyone caught these fish here before? if so, how did you catch them? and whereabouts? Also if this fails, does anyone know of a decent drift around here for flathead or a snapper spot thats not too far out? (its on
  17. In what has been an amazing few weeks, everything has come together for me to land my first kingy! A couple years back I decided that catching a kingie was a dream and did what i could to make it happen. As soon as i found out that live squid was a killer when it came to catching kingies and other pelagic fish, catching squid became my first goal. I bought myself a light Shimano setup, lost dozens of red and pink Yamashitas (2.5s and 3s) squid jigs but finally got the hang of it. After my first attempt of actually cooking up the calamari and arrow squids i caught, there seemed like there was
  18. Hey Raiders, I hope you're all having a good weekend and managing some time out, on or near the water! Friday the 13th turned out to be lucky for me! I decided to head out on the kayak, launching from Gray's Point and heading downstream. I usually drift along the river here and pick up flatties and bream with the odd whiting thrown in. This day I wanted to head up around the corner to the deeper water between Gymea and Yowie bays. I've caught a kingfish there before and I wanted to try jigging for them again. There wasn't much action on the paddle along so decided to head straight for the a
  19. For those of us that frequent the Hacking. By chance did anyone see this shark? If not this is pretty cool! http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/all-white-great-white-shark-leucism-washes-australia
  20. Hello Fellow Raiders, My friend and I are looking to do a solid day on SP's, only problem is, we have not had much experience on them, seldomly hooking one up for a shot in the dark when our baited rigs are not providing results. Our success rates extends to maybe a 15cm snapper or bream (if we're lucky). We plan on going out on either Monday (weather permitting) and/or Friday in this coming week and trying out a new rig using only SP's. We were just wondering if anybody know of any solid land-based spots in the Sydney area (we live near the Botany/Port Hacking Region but willing to do a smal
  21. Hi Raiders, I have always been interested in fishing and prior to this year I have been limited to LB spots, mostly around Port Hacking but as far as the Illawarra. I have recently acquired myself a boat and am looking to up the ante and really learn the system. I have been out only 5 times in the Hacking this season and have always caught a mixed bag. with only a handful of legal fish taken, the rest all C&R. Having little to no guidance I have learnt a great deal with trial/error, but mostly from reading these forums. And it would seem like there's a wealth of dedicated fishos around o
  22. Hi Guys, Have a rare midweek day off tomorrow (Tuesday) and was going to put the boat in down the Hacking. How is the water quality atm? Last weekend after the storms it was shocking, but i'm hoping its a bit better as the rain hasnt been as bad.?
  23. Hey fishos, At the moment I have a sienna 2500 paired with a catana which I use for SP, squidding etc. I'm thinking it might be time to upgrade to some heavier gear, my goal is to get some kingies and some larger fish then I've been getting in the hacking from the land, a kayak and hopefully eventually a boat. My issue is, I've never caught any decent fish and have little experience and knowledge when it comes to this. I've had a chat to a few people and have been recommended to get a thunnus 8000 with 50 pound braid. What do you guys recommend? I know it all depends on what I'm will to sp
  24. With all this beautiful weather we have been blessed with recently, i couldn't help but go for a fish in the hacking, just after midday. Being my lazy self and having old frozen pilchards in the freezer, they were my bait of choice. Unfortunately with dozens of boats driving past i was unable to nab any squid (losing two yamashita jigs), whilst losing the only fish i hooked on the rocks which looked like a bream, forcing me to walk home with only two blue swimmer crabs. The crab were thrown in the freezer, as soon as i stepped foot in the front door, to numb their senses, while i looked up h
  25. Hi all, I started lure fishing a few weeks ago, mostly on Georges River, Como/Oyster bay area. I landed a few flatheads but still waiting to catch a bream. Anyone in the area who could give me some tips or even join me? I could also drive to Port Hacking if you prefer. Thanks, Chris
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