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Found 3 results

  1. Bought a 4.9M Savage Bay Cruiser second hand just before Christmas. Absolutely loving the fishing trips around Lake Illawarra. Since we bought her though i have just not been able to find a weekend with decent weather. The nice days come and i'm on shift for Marine Rescue ! At least i get on the water. This weekend was fabulous, but guess what ? Yup family duties to attend to. The weather has holding resonably till Monday arvo, so i booked the day off work and the missus and i took her out for our first trip in the deep blue. Out of Port Kembla Harbour at around 10:00 after getting the kids to school. We stuck to the eastern harbour wall for a little while hoping that there maybe some squid to catch, no joy there. As we drifted south on the wind the missus hooked up to her first Ocean fish. A scorpion fish !!. Netted and carefully dehooked for release. Quickly she was onto her second, i was still rigging !! Another Scorpion on the shallower structure ( 8-9M down ). After this i thought we might run North and look for something on the troll. After only around 3 mins a reel was screaming off and a Bonito landed for bait. off we go again and almost immediately another screaming reel, this time Lou lands a Kingy, just over 60cm so back in it goes. After a short trip another screamer, this time a bigger fish and she lands a Salmon ( please correct me if i'm wrong ) ? This was too much fun, and we threw it back in to fight anothter day. We even encountered a shark of about 1.5M. See if you can see the Dorsal in the photo We made it up as far as the reef a couple of K's off wollongong lighthouse, but by now the wind was getting up a bit and we were fidning it very difficult to hold anywhere. I did catch a Sgt Baker !!! We then took a slow an steady troll back to PK harbour, no more pick ups, but a great day out on the water in what ended up pretty mediocre conditions. Can't wait to get out on the glassy days
  2. Gday Raiders! This may have been covered on another forum but i cannot find this anywhere! Been launching from the main Port Kembla boat ramp and i am keen on a trip to "the banks" (Or it could be "the Traps") from that ramp. I have heard and read of mixed stories, co ordinates & distances it is from that ramp and i am unsure where it's at! - Can anyone please provide the co ordinates and roughly how many km's it is from the ramp? - Is it just a random peak in the middle of no where or a big block of reef? On the hunt for a Black Marlin and want to try my luck while the water is looking good with the old faithful bridled slimy! Thanks all - any help is appreciated!
  3. Gday Raiders, Recently caught the first black marlin up north but keen to chase them on the south Coast of NSW.. I have read and heard black marlin can be caught off the "Traps" or wollongong reef with the similar technique of live slimys.. Has anyone had any luck in the past on inshore reefs on the south coast? or any this season? Is there a rough time annually they start showing up? I have been again staring at ripcharts watching the EAC being pushed in hard recently and the temps are up in the honey spot of around 23 degrees in close.. I know there is a big bite at the moment off Bermagui but that is a bit to far down for me.. Anywhere from Port Hacking down to Wollongong would be ideal. Thanks lads!
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