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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm just new on here. I'm looking for anyone that would be interested in being my fishing mentor/buddy. Im really keen to get into land based game fishing and keen to get out in Moreton Bay and offshore in se qld or northern nsw. I can travel from rainbow beach to tweed possibly further for a weekend. I have all my own gear just have no boat and not much experience and so far charters have been dissapointing. I'm a 33yo family man. Self employed so can wrangle week day fishing trips. Willing to help out with fuel and other expenses. Also have my boat license. Get in touch if you can help me out. Cheers and thanks. Andrew
  2. G’Day Raiders, About three weeks ago I returned from my biggest fishing trip so far, and thought it’s about time to share of bit of the expedition. Everything went to plan with no major hiccups, the only exceptions were Quantity of Pelagics being caught and TOO much bloody wind. The trip started with a 3 day drive to Gladstone, stopping at Coffs Harbour on Thursday night, then met up with a fellow raider (Lez) on Friday arvo on the Gold coast, then a quick 7 Hr last stint with Lez to Gladstone on Saturday morning. Being like kids at Christmas time would not even go close to explaining our emotions as we had been planning this trip for over 12 Months and now the time had come. 7 days on the Great Barrier Reef. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! Our mother ship was the Eastern Voyager , an 84 foot 22 Berth 250 tonne ship that carried 5 x 4.5Mtr Dorys (tinnies) equipped with 30Hp Motor and a sounder. (yes the tinnies had the 30Hp and sounder) The ship was a fisho’s paradise, with Captain: Dan, Deckies: Dan and Jason and Deckie and Cook: Karen helping make the trip life time come true. (THANKS) 12 fishos boarded the boat over the next 2 Hrs and after a quick safety talk we were under way at about 4pm. Captain Dan gave us the good news of our next 20Hrs of getting to the reef was going to be a bit messy, with at least 16 + Hrs of the trip pushing through a 3Mtr sea with a 2Mtr swell. By 7:00pm most fishos were nowhere to be seen. I don’t get crook but found It REALLY hard to do anything. Walking without holding a grab rail was impossible. (First time ever I had to sit to pee) It was very rough. Have you ever had to hold onto your bed to sleep?.... We fished the mothership Sunday arvo in preparation of better weather and getting to the Dories on Monday morning. It didn’t matter what reef fish we were catching or their size I was blown away with their stunning beauty and fluorescent colours. Only minimal fish were boated but who cared as we were out there in calmer waters. 6:00am Monday and the Dories were in the water and we are off for a troll. There was a basic rule for all of us and it was not to venture more than 2 Nautical Miles from the mother ship. I’m now out with a fellow Raider Wayne and his dad Geoff. After about hour of pulling Mac tuna we decided to get some Reef species and get a livie out. 1st fish in the boat using a livie, Mac Tuna. Day 1 and Macs really testing patients. All of a sudden my next livie takes off at a rate of knots and keeps motoring. My first species of size was on. About 25 minutes later I confirmed that it was a Bronze Whaler Shark of at least 8ft and our estimate of about 80Kg+. No Spanish Mac or Dog tooth but who cares I was stretched (and just quietly, STOKED). No time for real pictures as this fella had teeth and our boat was small, a quick release. We only got to use the dories on three more occasions after this due to crook weather and only a few nice pelagics were boated and a few reef species. Each night as dusk approached it was a sight to see as HUGE GT’s and Sharks arrived at the rear of the ship, and if you were on the duck board you could almost pat them. I only tried to catch one of these MONSTER GTs, as it removed about 100Mtrs of line off my Stella 10,000 loaded with 50lb braid. This took? 3 Seconds?. I was totally under gunned. A few of the blokes on board thought it was pretty funny that I couldn’t even slow one down, I offered My T Curve and Stella to Wayne and said show me how to do it. WOW he hooked a bigger GT than I had and it had an appointment in New Zealand and was running late. After his 5+ seconds fight (more like holding on for grim death) the spool of the Stella was HOT. WIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZBANG. OVER------- NEVER A CHANCE. To Lez’s credit he managed to land a puppy GT which as you can see, he’s not happy about. The only bloke to land one the whole trip. They were just too big and powerful to stop, even for the boys fishing 80lb. Unfortunately from Wednesday afternoon we were only able to fish the deep water from the Mother ship which did produce good fish, but fishing 70+ Mts of water, is not my first choice of fishing. As we caught fish the Deckies quickly scaled and filleted fish and sorted into their species for freezing so they could be redistributed evenly amongst the 12 fishos as we left the boat. What a trip I witnessed, 30+ fish species I have never seen before: Trigger fish, Crimson snapper (small-mouth nannygai), Saddle tail snapper (large-mouth nannygai), Tusk fish, Hussar, Lipper, Coral Trout, Coral Cod, Marble Cod, Remora, Sweet lip, Red throat Emperor, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Shark Mackerel, Iodine bream, Blue bone GT’s, Tealeaf trevally Just to name a few, and don’t forget Sharks Sharks Sharks------ BLOODY Sharks. I caught 20+ or above or may be more and most were truly beautiful fish. Here is just a few of our catch. To this end I would like to throw a big thanks to fellow raiders who helped with experience - chit chat such as Chappo who was up there earlier this year and was eager to give me an hour + on the phone with tips and Stewie who provided great Pre fishing tuition. Cheers Guys If anyone was to ask I would do it again? ANSWER = No … But would suggest they do at any expense. A great experience. My next trip would be land based with varying options. Hoped you enjoyed the read. Dave