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Found 4 results

  1. CJay

    Wet Weather Tactics

    G'day Raiders! As we seem to be graced with the best weather for ducks for the next week, how do you guys and gals gear up for a wet session, and what target species do you chase? Rain ,sleet , hail or snow we have all been there at some point chasing fish with high spirits and crinkly fingers! Though you might not come lucky even with a tackle box half filled with water it all seems so worth it, after all you've got to be in it to win it! If you'd like to share some knowledge Throw in your tips and tricks and safety ideas whether fishing the slippery stones or ledges or stood on the wet deck offshore Thanks yall! Happy Fishing
  2. Hi Raiders, This is my first report so I hope you guys enjoy it! So this week has been a crazy week full of rain, floods, lightning, thunder and even the crazy hail/snow storm. I hope everyone is doing okay and is safe! I've been itching for a fish the whole week and went over the past few days to test out the George's river only to find that it was a chocolate milkshake with absolutely 0 fish about. Not even the little baitfish... So it's been a disappointing past few days fishing but today I took a friend down to the Hacking to give it a go to see if the waters were nice and to my surprise when I got to Wally's I could actually see the bottom. Not only did I see the bottom but earlier that morning, someone discarded what looked to be a now filleted 1m+ kingy carcass. After a week of staring at disgusting brown water, you could imagine how excited I was to feel even just a nibble, I ran across the little bridge thing almost slipping and dieing in the process but made it alive. As we go onto the actual pontoon, the arvo rain picked up and on came our raincoats. Super excited, I put on a piece of chicken and cast out, 5 seconds later I was smashed by what I thought was a whopper but out of the drink came a MASSIVE 5cm juvenile snapper. As you can tell I was probably very excited to even feel a nibble let alone a bite, so off the hook he came and back into the drink he went. Now the heart rate was pumping and I was getting crazy happy, re-baited and cast out again and bang within seconds picked up by what was definitely bigger now. Pulled it up and saw that it was a 25cm juvenile snapper, and damn they are beautiful. A nice dark crimson red with glowing green dots and blue fins!! So majestic as they reflect light. Anyway as I hook up a 3rd time my mate is finally ready to cast and within seconds brings up his own fish. Not sure what it was but I'm going to guess its a baby trevally (edit* it was a sweep), the photo will be below. By this stage we were super excited as we had both just come off exam week aswell and hadn't brought up anything in the past week or so. It soon turned into an all out competition on who could catch the most fish. We were literally getting smashed off everything, chicken, squid, heart, beef, and even the hardbody. All in all in total we brought up 47 fish with another friend joining after work. The competition tally ended up as (drumroll please). Me: 32 fish Friend 1: 11 fish Friend 2: 4 fish Unfortunately none of them were keepers so atleast we had a bit of fun practicing our striking techniques and casting techniques! But hey a bite is a bite and that's why I love fishing, just feeling the fish's weight behind the rod is an awesome feeling! Definitely excited for another sesh later next week! The fish species count turned out something like this: Tailor: 14 Juvenile Snapper: 26 Yellowfin bream: 6 Mystery Silver (trevally?): 1 oh and I snagged a starfish which was pretty interesting... Happy fishing raiders, the waters are clearing and it's looking good. Hopefully I can plate one later this week That's the strange one^
  3. Devil Ray

    Hawkesbury Weekend

    Hello Raiders, Me and a few of the lads are spending the weekend on the Hawkesbury. Really hoping to get a good Jew this weekend with my PB being only 55cm. I have heard that after a good rain that we have had this week that it will push alot of the Jew out of the river and further into the mouth. Is this true??? I have always fished the usual spots Juno etc and seem to be only catching small soapies and huge flathead but still no decent Jew. If anyone has spots they think i should try let me know. My boat is named Devil Ray, it is a 5.3 metre Savage Lancer, if you see me on the water, stop and say hi, i always have a cold beer for fellow raiders
  4. Have some time this morning, thinking of a few flicks for a fish. Would you guys fish in light rain, landbased ? Have not been to the concrete wall at the botany bay, but always want to try. Cheers Chris