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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, i've got 4 or 5 decent Shimano spinning reels, mainly 2000/2500 and would like to expand my arsenal in to some bigger setups (4000/6000) or even try a baitcaster for the first time. I've spent between $30 and $200 each of the Shimano reels i've got and i have to say, to me, there's not much of a difference so i'd rather put the money in to something else. Has anyone had a good experience with purchasing from any of the Chinese websites?,,, Wish etc Would be great to find some decent budget stuff - Reels, Rods, Terminal Tackle, Line etc Thanks in advance, Horsleyboy
  2. Hi All, I've been fishing for over 40 years and in all that time I have never understood the reason for the switch which changes the spinning reel from a single direction wind to being able to wind either direction. As an engineer I can usually work out why a piece of equipment has been designed a certain way but that didn't help me in this case. The best I could come up with was maybe to allow line to be pulled off as a fish moves off but flicking the bail arm or backing off the drag are better ways of achieving this. Within reason I have hated that switch as it is another thing which can go wrong and it is a potential point of ingress for contaminants. I was glad when I started hearing about manufacturers getting rid of that switch. I decided to see if I could finally work out why the bloody thing was there. Fortunately living in this wonderful age of the internet my research was made a lot easier. I have finally found a reason which makes some sense (although I still think is a stupid system). Turns out there is a method of fighting a fish referred to as back reeling and there were some people out there who were big advocates of it. When the fish was on the line and pulling away from you could slowly back reel and let line out and then pull line back in when the run had stopped. Some of these people didn't trust the drag back then so this was the alternate method they used. Apparently there were even reels out there without a drag. There are multiple reasons I think it is stupid method including potential over runs, how well it would work with the fast and powerful runs from fish such as a kingfish (think bruised knuckles), lack of consistency with your fighting pressure but it is an reason which I can accept. A bit of midweek fishing trivia and if anyone can add a bit more about it then I would love to hear it. Regards, Derek
  3. G'day Raiders, I was looking through my late father's fishing gear and came across this reel. My estimation is it's about 35-40 years old. It has no brand name or markings on it, which makes me think it's a home made job. The 2 red handles are made from a material similar to Bakelite. The backing plate and spool are made of aluminium. All the screws, nuts, washers and centre pin are brass (not a spot of rust anywhere). It looks as though it has been made from a cast with a few decorative lines on the front and back, probably done by lathe. It doesn't turn sideways for casting so probably just dropped over the side of a boat or wharf into deep water. The small brass knob on the back looks like some sort of drag. The tighter you turn it the more it pushes the metal strip into the holes. Just thought I'd share this find with you guys as I thought it was a nice piece of engineering for its time. Ambrose607
  4. Hi all, I've been trawling the site a bit for the last few weeks and read lots of interesting stuff that's fueled my interest in getting out there with a rod and catch some fish. I used to fish with my dad as a kid down in Tassie, but I would say neither of us ever really new what we were doing. Jetty fishing mainly landing Flathead and cocky salmon, and a bit of rock fishing which usually ended up with kelpies (thrown back) and the occasional leather jacket. Anyway I've just moved to Sydney and I'm keen to give it another go. I'm based in Bondi Junction and car-less, so any tip for what I should look to target from the shore around the Bondi/Bronte area of coast. I'm mainly interested in bread and butter fishing for the table, but would be nice to get a bit of variety if there's a few things I can target without too many set ups. I don't have any gear currently, but I'm getting my dad to bring up my old rod and reel at Easter which from memory is a 6 to 7 foot light rod (copperhead i think?) hopefully with a matching 2500 reel. So I thought in the meantime maybe I could go with a cheap set up that's a bit different to that. Maybe I need a bigger rod to get out from the shore a bit? My girlfriend is also pretty keen, so when we've got two set ups I'd like to be able to take her out and impress her with everything I've learnt. Haha. Cheers guys!
  5. Hey everyone, I thought I might just throw a message out there to see if anyone has some good tips for a beginner. I watch youtube videos and read threads but i guess sometimes its good to get that personal advice. Just bought a 2 rods and a reel from Fish 'r' us in Auburn. Equipment Rods: 8ft 2 piece ugly stick and a 7ft graphite shakespeare rod Reel: abu garcia cardinal C103i Line: 8pnd braid Other: 2 blade lures, Minnow SP, Grub SP. Location: Sydney Targeting: Anything hahaha. Bream - using sz 8 long shanks 40cm trace to a swivel and ball sinker Dont know anything else hahaha. 21 December 2013 Going to the entrance this afternoon - hopefully get some bream. I'll be using prawns. I'll try peeling them apparently that works. Any tips that anyone can help with would be appreciated especially spots to go.