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Found 5 results

  1. Hi fellow Fishraiders. My first introduction to @wazatherfisherman was when he complimented me on one of my advice posts on kingfish. When you see the quality of the articles he writes it was high praise indeed. When @big Neilwanted to try some Sydney fishing I spent some time talking to Waza to see what could be organised. At the get together I got to meet Waza, @frankS, @savit and a few others. Since then I have called Waza on a weekly basis about fishing as he can’t get out as much as he would like and I can at least share my weekly fishing experiences with him. His breadth and depth of knowledge is amazing and I just enjoy talking to him. A few months ago he reached out to me. His computer was slower to get started than a hibernating tortoise and was on its last legs. I know enough about computers to get by so I did some quick research and sent him some relevant information so he could get up to speed. A quick trip with Waza to a store recommended by a mate and he had a brand new laptop with accessories. Took a few minutes to set it up for him, transfer his data, download a few suitable pieces of software and now he loves it. Several weeks later and I was reaching out for his help. My mother bought me a generation 1 Raider Snapper 762 as a birthday present over a decade ago and one of the bigger runners went. No, it is not one of those stories - my mum is still well and with us but that rod has sentimental value to me for a number of reasons and I don’t want to retire it yet. I could have taken it to a shop but I was concerned that because it is a business for them they would turn it around as quickly as possible with parts that were not quite right. The thread colour on the Raider series rods looks to be their own line and was going to be a pain to colour match. Amongst his many talents Waza is a rod builder and I knew that he could and would take the time to make it look as close as possible to the original design. I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be spot on but if it needed a second glance to realise it was a little different then that was enough for me. I also reached out to Ian Miller the designer of this range of rods and he was kind enough to respond to my query on binding thread colour. Earlier this week I picked my Raider Snapper and another rod with a damaged runner that he was kind enough to fix. Took it for a fish this afternoon and it still puts a smile on my face. Thank you Waza for the care and time you took to repair them for me. You have earned that Gold Member badge you received recently many times over in my eyes. Sincerely, Derek
  2. Hi all, Have just done a small repair of some fibreglass on my boat where it has been a little gouged out by hitting the last keep roller while trying to drive up on the trailer. Anyhow started by sanding the area etc and laid up a little bit of glass and have sanded that this morning and notice there's a couple of little holes where obviously air has been. With these holes can I just hit them with a putty of some sort to fill them and then gelcoat over the top? Just wondering if I am meant to use a special type of putty filler too. Will try and load some pics from my phone. Thanks Geoff
  3. broken tip T-curve Ian Miller 2.13m 701 lure 10-40g line 5-10kg Can anyone please suggest anything for repairs? I really don't want to chuck this girl away
  4. Hi all, I'm new here, and only recently getting into fishing since many years ago when my dad used to take me to the jetty. Not long ago my father in law gave me an old single piece beach rod, which needs some repair, and I'm considering getting into it as a fun project to learn about rod basics. The rod is currently 3.3m, with a broken tip (yes, I hear the gasp), it'll never be a great rod, just a fun beach blaster. It will also need the grips re-done, and the guides re-strung. I've never owned anything more than small estuary rods before, and I would like to hear some experienced minds share their wisdom. It also doesn't have a reel, and I don't know how to tell if it is alvey potential - if possible, I'd like an easy rod that can handle the sand etc. Although, I've never used an alvey before. In my mind I'd be hoping for a salmon/tailor, maybe small shark or small mulloway if I'm lucky. How much will the shortened tip matter? When I re-strung the guides, how much will the distances between matter? Should I put a tip guide straight on the end, or add some extension? Do I need a heat gun to re-do the grip? Is there any coating that this will need over the length for protection? Many thanks for any info to my many questions and long winded post. Cheers.
  5. Hi Raiders, I am a new member and have read so many great posts on many different topics that I thought I would make my 1st post on my rod repair story. To make a long story short, my daughter reversed over my brand new UglyStick Ultimate 8ft rod. I was going to pay for it to be repaired but the price I was quoted was nearly as much as the rod cost. So after a couple of hours on the internet and YouTube I had a plethora of information on doing the actual repair, a quick visit to Ebay sourced an All in One rod repair kit from an Australian seller. First thing was to remove the epoxy resin and outer thread from around the feet of the damaged guide which was a fairly easy process. When I was removing the damaged guide which was adhered to the under thread I damaged the under thread and so had to then remove and replace the under thread as well. The under and outer thread has all been applied by hand without the use of anything mechanical to turn the rod. I certainly won't be able to do any of the fancy detail thread that you see on today's rods. I would certainly reccommend that if you require some repairs, you are patient and enjoy working with your hands that you trust yourself to do your own repair. I have not completed repair yet but will update with further details as I do. This is the broken guide after being removed from the rod. This is the new guide purchased from BCF, you can see where I had to grind down the edges of the feet to allow the outer thread to run up the eye a bit easier. This is the under thread which to tell you the truth needed some patience to complete. This is the outer thread on the bottom foot of the guide. This is with the finished thread. The under thread and outer thread has been finished with Chromaseal Colour Preserver. For the rod finish I will use Threadmaster Rod Wrapping Finish. All items apart from the guide I purchased from BCF came in the All in One Kit I was able to get from an Adelaide seller on Ebay. Regards FishTanker