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Found 8 results

  1. Hii fisho’s i really need help catching my first jewie in sydney. Ive tried so many time to catch a land based jewie in sydney but i never seem to get it right i really need help with tips with jewfish rigs and areas/spots where i can prehaps hook onto my first jew cheers: BallisticFisherman
  2. Hey guys, just wondering what rig/s I should use for whiting off the beach. I've just got some size 6 long shank hooks and I am using pipi's and sandworms as bait.
  3. pugzthugz


    Hey everyone, I've decided I feel like chasing some sharks in the surf. Please let me know some advice about rigs, bait, rod and line capacities, species, where to target them, etc. Also if you have any good shark stories feel free to share them. Also just wondering how you should go about getting the hook out and handling them, my first thought is to jam some sort of stick in its mouth, get a mate to hold it still and use pliers to get the hook out, however, for all I know this could result in injury to me or the shark so please let me know if there is a better way of getting around this. Cheers.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm based out of neutral bay and have been really wanting to chase some Kings. (LANDBASED) I have tried Pillies and a few other bait but realised where l have been going there is a fair few Yakkas. I wanted to know if anyone had ANY great advice on what is the best Rigs / Bait setup to chase them. eg - how to hook a Yakka correctly and what method to use to maximise the length of there life in the water swimming around I really want to land a few good ones before l move on to targeting my next fish. Any advice is greatly appreciated - If you would like to get together and chase a few Kings with me please do so l would love the company!
  5. ARC H


    Gday raiders Recently I've been doing research on getting a jewie of the beach But I would like to hear peoples opinions on rigs and baits for the fish I am only thinking about a 60-80cm fish for starters anyway I've got a 6-10kg starlo stick 11ft and 4000 daiwa Aird with 30 lb braid There has been some great information in previous threads and would love to see some in here and maybe someone but myself could be helped Cheers ARC H
  6. As a keen student on the frustrating Hawkesbury winter shutdowns, I've recently found the solution to tempting those hibernating bottom dwellers. Always fishing with plastic I thought I'd try the "Carolina rig" rather than just the standard plastic on a jighead. The Carolina rig is basically just a bait rig re-purposed for soft plastics and has always been popular with the Yanks for bass fishing when the fish are asleep. Run your mainline braid down to a swivel with a running bullet sinker and a glass bead. Below the swivel, a FC leader to an unweighted worm hook. The theory is that as you drift or retrieve, the sinker bounces along the bottom, stirring up the mud and sand while making a yabbie-like clicking sound as it hits the glass bead. Trailing about 30-60cm behind this is a tempting unweighted plastic fluttering along screaming "come and get me". Depending on the speed of the drift or retrieve you can vary the leader length to get the plastic closer or further away from the bottom. Its important that you use a soft plastic that floats and it doesn't matter how heavy the sinker is, as long as it makes the bottom, the plastic will still have great action. Great when the current is strong. The worm hook also allows you to rig "weedless" and the bullet sinker is friendlier when the bottom is snaggy. I've used this method since the June rains and have had the embarrassing problem of catching too many fish, mostly big flattys and mid sized Jew. The Lower Hawkesbury is a complicated system to fish in winter (unless you are hairtailing) and I've found that fishing the run in tide and chasing where the warmer sea water meets the colder river will reward you with winter fish. On the larger tides the big lizards have been heading into some of the creeks on the lower Hawkesbury, with Mullet and Mooney MooneyCreeks firing on the making tide. My only advice is to keep the leader heavier than you would in summer because the jew and lizards are bigger and really wake up when they near the boat. If you want to catch a few horse winter bream on the same rig, set another (2nd) much lighter leader to the top eye of the swivel about 60cm long with a smaller grub plastic and Mr Bream will join the party as your bottom rig bangs along the bottom. Tight Lines!
  7. Haven't been beach fishing since I was a kid, really keen to get back into it but wanna try this time with metal/plastic lures. Types of fish? salmon, tailor, bonito, mackerel, trevally etc most from the surf/rocks Looking at this rod/reel combo Daiwa Crosscast Surf Combo - 11', 10-20Kg Most likely will pick it all up from BCF. Just a few questions I need answered. Mono or braid lines ? If so weight, brand etc ? Best type of rigs for metal lures? Cheaper better rods/reels? also would it be better to go for a 9 - 10' rod for surf/rock? Best metal lures? weight, brand etc Want gear that will last, I've done some research but still want to be sure that I'm getting the best setup for the surf/rocks. Appreciate any advice thanks.
  8. Have seen a couple of boats float fishing for hair in the past and wondering what people's opinions are on this technique. The boats I have seen most recently seemed to do fairly well. Can see it working well by allowing the fish to take the bait but was wondering what rig people have used and how effective. Have seen some pretty funky coloured/flashing arrangements around people's baits too. Am tempted to try a rod with multiple colours on the one rig and see how it goes. Usualy just stick to my tried and tested red glowies. Caine