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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has fished the rocks at the north end of Coledale beach park? And if so is it a good spot to throw a line in? cheers legends!
  2. Hi guys, My name is Stephen. Looking to do some rock fishing anywhere in Sydney (I live in Rockdale. Have own car). I am very interested in catching Black Drummer. I watched Scotty Lyon's videos on YouTube to get into fishing, and drummers look like great fun to catch. However, If there are no one keen for Black Drummer, I'd be happy to target something else and learn more about rock fishing safety. I've also asked around for some info on this forum on how to catch Black Drummer. I have come up empty on a few occasions in a few places and would like to see what I am doing wrong.
  3. Gday all. Was hoping to get some suggestions for a specialist rock hopper rod. Looking to add to my slowly growing collection of fishing gear (sshhh don't tell my Mrs). I'd be leaning more towards targeting larger drummer, blackfish and odd groper. I currently use an alvey 12ft luderick special rod (8-10wrap) and a gladiator 11ft luderick rod (8wrap) paired with an alvey sidecast for all my rock fishing (eggbeater when spinning lures). They're both serving me well, being long and whippy but a tough butt so it gives me some stopping power even with drummer and the odd small kingfish
  4. G'day raiders, been out of action for a while so finally managed to hit the stones yesterday in a long time. Wanted some aussie salmon or bonnie action. Crack of dawn, low tide, some nice discoloured washy water about but not much happening on the surface with lures except I got to see some whales and dolphins which was a sight for sore eyes. So flicked over to a tiny ball sinker and 1/0 hook and the pigs were on fire. Averaging at 30cm they certainly gave my 14lb spin gear a real workout...think the drag may be busted on it now (yep...the ONE time I leave my alvey reel at home! ). Manage
  5. Hi Raiders, I thought of asking which is your favorite rock fishing spot around Sydney and how often do you fish there ? please share Regards
  6. Hi guys, my recent trips to avoca rocks have been pretty successful but i would like to get into some drummer. I heard they like wash, cloud cover and they pull like freight trains. I think (more like hope) i have adequate gear for chasing them but im stuck on techniques, rigs and baits. Im not looking for any secret spot just a few pointers in the right direction. thanks guys
  7. After moving to the Sutherland shire I don't often get to fish my favourite spots where I used to live on the northern beaches, but I got a chance to fish on sunday morning. I rocked up(pun intended) to one of my favourite ledges at sunrise timed perfectly with a major solarlunar period and an approaching lowtide and started spinning. I started of with a big stick bait hoping to tempt an early morning king fish, after about half an hour I decided to switch to my lighter rod with a home made metal lure on it. 15 minutes later I hooked up but the 16 lb leader was definitely not enough as i
  8. G'day raiders. New comer to the forums, long time fisherman. I've got a little dilemma I was hoping somebody may shed some light on. Just started getting back into some rock fishing of late and the last 3 trips nothing but rock blackfish. Don't get me wrong, these fellas are a fantastic fight and it's great to keep one or two for the plate. BUT...I set out to catch luderick and the 3 trips down to long reef (the eastern-most point)...nothing but drummer maddness. Initially started using cabbage weed (collected elsewhere of course as it's a no collection sanctuary) at all outings (a l
  9. Hi Peeps! looking for a budd or few to tag along for LBG rock fishing just to make it a bit safer. Keen for dawn runs around the GC or more likely down south a bit. If anyone has any info on safe spots for solo fishing also appreciated. This summer ill be spinning seaway, currumbin, fingal, and Lennox among others. Does anyone know if all of Broken head is marine zone? Thanks Guys.
  10. Hi everyone Years ago I rock fished (among many other things) and never more than 1km from Maroubra Beach so checking surf conditions quickly was easy. Fast forward 20 years and western Sydney is a long way for a quick check of sea conditions. Can any of you recommend any live cams to monitor for current wave activity? Also, if there is/are app/s for swell forecasts etc. to ascertain whether it is worthwhile to head to the coast to rock fish? Thanks in advance for any tips....
  11. Big Swell this weekend,2-3 m Southerly, take care,be safe !
  12. I just managed to get home after a 12 hours rock fishing marathon. It was a fantastic day to see many mates in the dark lighting up the flight path and welcomed the underated Tailors and a school of yellow tails. I endeavor that this is not a rant at our new anglers who has taken their hobbies to some of the most deadly rock fishing spots on NSW Coast. I hope this message goes out to them and asking them to reconsider their safety and seek expert advice on how not to get hurt or even killed. I also hope to get our expert anglers to be patient with these gentlemen who are new to this sport
  13. The NSW Government announced today plans to introduce legislation into parliament making Lifejackets mandatory in designated high risk locations. They intend to trial it for 12 months in the Randwick City government area from December 1 2016 with a moratorium on fines. The exact areas are yet to be declared but would likely include Maroubra, Malabar Headland, Little Bay and places like Julieannes, The Trap, Gutter, Jolongs, Cape Banks. Get your Lifejackets ready fellas! http://www.justice.nsw.gov.au/Pages/media-news/media-releases/2016/life-jackets-rock-fishers-randwick.aspx
  14. Afternoon fellas, I've been putting in the hours learning how to catch yakkas, tying up balloon rigs, buying a new rod and reel combo (9ft Penn Allegiance rod / 4500 spinfisher w/ 300m of 30lb braid) and scouting the rocks around the Gong. I have come to the conclusion that if I wish to do battle with a kingy off the stones before I go back home November 21st, it will probably happen either north in Coalcliff/Stanwell Park or south in Kiama at the blowhole. Basically, if anyone ever needs a mate to head out onto the rocks with or wants to prove their experience by putting my on a kingy, I wo
  15. Hi there, I am looking for a fishing partner, Someone I can learn from. I live in the Parramatta area. I usually fish around the Northern Beaches. I normally target king fish using live bait, lures and dead garfish with some success. I also target Drummer, Groper and Snapper. I have my own gear and my schedule is somewhat flexible. I like to fish in the early morning. I would like to learn some new tricks and share the little bit that I know. Tight lines, Mauricio
  16. Hey guys, So me and my mates been doing some research on places we could go rock fishing, and we've come across a few locations and is interested in trying out juliannes at little bay. I was wondering if any experienced rock hoppers would be kind enough to guide and help us out? I've read the post on the safety rock fishing initiative sub-forum and it seems like it could be a bit dangerous, so it'd be nice to tag along with an experienced angler. Thanks a lot! Kelvin
  17. I've started to get back into a bit of bottom bashing off the rocks but all my spinning reels now have braid. I have found mono better off the rocks in the past as it doesn't cut as easily on rocky bottoms. I will be targetting dirty fighters like big drummer and groper. Obviously the harder and thicker the line, the harder it will be to cut on jagged rocks, but I don't want to comprimise too much with casting ability. I would like to fill a Stradic 5000 with mono, I think 20lb would be good choice. I would like to know what brands people recommend. Cheers.
  18. Hi guys, Im a keen rock hopper, and am looking for some new spots to explore. Im chasing spots with acess to deep water, where ill have a chance at some decent pelagics. Im sydney based, and have fished Avoca, Mt Tomaree, Snapper point and Wybung Head. I like Tomeree, and have had sucess there, but its a mission (if youve fished there then you know what I mean!), I find Avoca over crowded with too little caught amoungst so many, and my car was broken into at Snapper Point (As i side note, dont fish there, aparrently theft is common). I know that at this time of year i
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