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Found 9 results

  1. Hey fishos, Heading to Iluka and Yamba on the Far North Coast (NSW) for a week long fishing trip in a couple of weeks. (mid-October) Currently researching the area, trying to find out the best way to go about the trip, there seems to be so many good land based spots to try! Both break walls look and sound amazing from what I've read. North or South wall and why? Any tips around how to rig, snags etc? We're also keen on rock fishing, we're pretty experienced wish ledges and safety first of course but from what I've found online there's a couple rock spots nearby that look
  2. Hi all heading up north late January in Laurieton I would like to hit perpendicular point with lures the local tackle shops say bonito, tailor, salmon and potential Longtail tuna. Looking for advice tips and trails to follow into there I plan on fishing the most northern point I will only use lures for Pelagics any advice is helpful and if you are local and would like to tag along feel free to do so
  3. Thought I would add to some winter rockfishing reports, had a great afternoons fishing down at Clovelly (Shark Point) Northern side on Friday. Swell super low, nearing bottom of the tide, wind blasting Westerly (which is ok as coming from behind + flattening the swell). Started bottom of the cliffs furtherest Northern side, with some other ISO fishos doing well on silver trevally. Its not often safe enough to fish across on that platform but cliffs provided great protection from the Westerly wind. Decided to try my luck without burley-ing up, baited up with some fresh green cab
  4. Hey Guys, Lachlan here. I went fishing at Elouera last week and it was pretty good, nothing too big but alot of fun. I was considering trying around the rocks just past South Cronulla, does anyone know if its good fishing there, and what bait you suggest? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, heading down to manly and just asking about fishing spots around there? Do the rocks at manly cove produce good stuff.Squid? Flathead? Or is it worth flicking SP’s at the manly cove beach? Open to all info because I’m a bit new to this area. Ps , (I will have 2 outfits with me, a light Pelagic rod (8kg rod, 15lb braid 30lb leader and I will also have a lighter rod (2-4kg 8lb braid 12lb leader) I’m mainly looking for squid and flathead, but also wouldn’t mind having a crack at those kings or really anything that bites and fights 😀 Thanks Will
  6. Hey raiders So I want a light weight fishing combo (preferably Shimano but doesn’t have to be) suitable for throwing lures off the rocks and catching some kingies. I don’t really have a price range. any suggestions?
  7. Hi all, First of all I would just like to say thankyou to everyone that contributes to this site and makes it such a great source of information and advice. I have fished a lot of my life but have recently become more involved in lbg fishing and am after advice. I currently run a saragosa 10000 and saltist hyper 9’6” off the rocks as well as a smaller 9 foot setup. I am based in Lake Macquarie and fish at Tomaree when able and have also explored some of Hat Head in search of lbg ledges. My question is: Is livebaiting worth the effort to maximise results? I am looking at
  8. Hey all long time between posts. Been up at the bay for a couple of weeks now and been trying to catch a kingie (only ever caught one). Was close to catching one at the marina yesterday because some spearfishernan swam across from the other breakwall under my line and speared a good size kingie right under where I was. Wasn't too happy about that, tell me if I'm wrong? Lol Only here for 1 more day but keen to have a crack tomorrow morning if anyone is keen for a partner for some rock fishing or if your boating Im Happy to contribute and clean etc. Currently been trying ganged garfish
  9. Howdy Raiders, Just thought id start a thread about FCL labo lures as they are fantastic but there are few things about these lures that id like to discuss. Firstly they have amazing finishes and work amazing! however, they seem to not epoxied at all and damage very easily even just from the impact with the water when casting. As well a this they are made of a high density foam which is supposed to not take on water which is false i had a guy run over my ebipop today in his jetski and i lost the lure for about 2hrs by the time it was located it was barely on the surface with cup facing the s
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