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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all, I'm new on here and have spent a load of time reading up on advice etc however looking for some specific info for fishing JB area particularly at either Abrahams Bosom or Honeymoon bay, will be heading that way this coming long weekend with a mate and we are keen to have a crack at some kingies mainly. Has this area been fishing ok and what have you got results with? Appreciate any help I can get! Cheers.
  2. G'day fellow Raiders, long time reader first time poster (I hope i've posted in the right section, please correct me if I haven't) I've been down Avoca rocks recently (almost every day for 2 weeks) morning and night, spinning metals for Bonito, such as, Halco twisty (15 up to 55 Grams) and a few others which names escape me. I usually throw my bigger rod out with 1.7 metre trace with gang hooks and float with a salted pilchard and leave to sit while I spin off spinners ledge. I have had zero luck! I was lucky enough to bump into Ray R (Top Bloke!), to whom i've met a few times here and there and he was kind enough give me a few pointers although, still no luck. Does anyone have any pointers? Am I doing anything wrong? People seem to be landing Bonito left, right and centre around me, it seems I just don't have "the magic touch" Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Raiders, Itscaca.
  3. Gday All, Headed off to little manly today with a few mates and couple young fellas who tagged along in hopes to catch a couple nice fish for dinner. We arrived at 11am and with the first cast i got hooked onto a 50cm+ flathead which spat the hook as i was winching it up the rocks. We were using shiny micro jigs and sure enough we got a few legal tailor. Funnily enough one of my mates hooked a whiting on a 50g micro jig. Towards the end of the sesh one of the young fellas got his line caught on the rock and me being as stupid as i am tried to get it and whilst getting it i fell of the rocks scraping myself against a large pile of oysters. This resulted in 20 or so stitches in my right leg and an intense sanitisation. I was lucky enough to have landed that way as it could've ended up much worse. I've definitely learnt my lesson to be much more careful around rocks and always be very mindful of your surroundings. Regards, Anthony - KingieRun
  4. Gday raiders since the water has been cooling down fishing the estuaries for me has been slower and my last session was a donut and the one before only a legal flattie so i am thinking of fishing for tailor and salmon etc of the rocks problem is i do not have long rods as i usually fish the estuaries can anyone advise me off a spot of the rocks or beach where it is relatively flat i was looking around box head anyone fished there i live at terrigal but please LMK spots even if not too near here any help is much appreciated cheers ARC H
  5. Hey fellas im chasing some advice on a rod to match to a Penn Spinfisher V. Im looking at getting the 6500, something that can handle decent fish off the rocks or off a boat when the opportunity arises. I already own a Shimano Symmetre and a Sedona in the 4000 size that I use from the beach and off rocks around the northern beaches. I know that the 5500 and the 6500 have the same internals with just a difference in line capacity, will probably look to load around 30lb braid 50lb FC leader on it. Can anyone recommend a MH fast action rod that I can use off the rocks and then also possibly off a boat for jigging and trolling. Main use would be flicking metals and general bait use, pillys, whole squid and strips on gangs. Price range would be between $100-200 depending as the reel will set me back about $200. Cheers.
  6. Went to Kiama over the Christmas period and had some time to go fishing. Headed out one morning with some banana prawns from woolies. 50% off as well because they were closed the next day. Ended up getting 500g for $5. The waves were pretty tame for the rocks so I chucked out a piece unweighted, not 5 minutes later i had a decent size wrasse so chucked that in my keepr net. Fished for another 30mins without a bite. Then out of nowhere I felt a tap tap and a great tug. My drag started screaming and my poor rod was bent like i had never seen before. 2 minutes later i managed to get it at my feet when disaster struck! There was no more fight but instead I was snagged. The fish had run into the rocks and weed. 5 minutes of free spooling saw no improvement. I was about to cut my loses when suddenly the line started moving again. Dragged the fish to the surface and realised I had forgot my keeper net at home and it was not looking good with the frayed line. Another nerve wracking several seconds later a wave came in just enough that i could drag it to my feet. I was pretty much shaking from that encounter.The fish measured up to be about 39cm and 1.3kg. There was what seemed to be a old injury from an encounter with a spear on its dorsal fin. Could not have been better timing with my parents calling me home for breakfast right after. There was quiet a feast that night.
  7. hey guys I'm heading down to narooma/mystery bay this weekend looking for some rocks/beach to spin off for pelagics. Does anyone know any easily accessible spots?
  8. After a few frustrating first cracks at rock spinning, 1st trip 50cm ish tailor spits the hooks 2m from landing. 2nd trip got SMASHED and almost reeled on the first run got a good amount of line back then my leader knot gave on the 2nd run (you better believe I cut that trip short to youtube better knots). 3rd trip, got up at 5am, headed out to Maroubra - North rocks, fished for 2 hours without getting anything except drenched by a freak wave. Out of no where a bait ball broke the surface frantically and I was on, 3rd times a charm. Then the bloke next to me was also on!! My fish went straight at the rock face I was on and had me standing uncomfortably close to the edge splitting my attention from fish to waves and back again. Luckily it gave me a lot of line early so I turned it along the rock face and, about 10m out, it jumped gloriously out of the water, my first salmon is almost landed!! Waiting anxiously for the swell to lift my sambo, then cranking like a maniac to bring it up a sloped rock face, one more wave and it was all over. Knots and tackle did the job =D 1st fish was on a black and silver (armor?) 30g slug, 2nd and 3rd were on 40g knight (yellow) and raider (green) respectively. Also the bloke next to me landed the 35cm snapper on a 1/2 pilly. Cheers, Pat
  9. Hi all, I've been trawling the site a bit for the last few weeks and read lots of interesting stuff that's fueled my interest in getting out there with a rod and catch some fish. I used to fish with my dad as a kid down in Tassie, but I would say neither of us ever really new what we were doing. Jetty fishing mainly landing Flathead and cocky salmon, and a bit of rock fishing which usually ended up with kelpies (thrown back) and the occasional leather jacket. Anyway I've just moved to Sydney and I'm keen to give it another go. I'm based in Bondi Junction and car-less, so any tip for what I should look to target from the shore around the Bondi/Bronte area of coast. I'm mainly interested in bread and butter fishing for the table, but would be nice to get a bit of variety if there's a few things I can target without too many set ups. I don't have any gear currently, but I'm getting my dad to bring up my old rod and reel at Easter which from memory is a 6 to 7 foot light rod (copperhead i think?) hopefully with a matching 2500 reel. So I thought in the meantime maybe I could go with a cheap set up that's a bit different to that. Maybe I need a bigger rod to get out from the shore a bit? My girlfriend is also pretty keen, so when we've got two set ups I'd like to be able to take her out and impress her with everything I've learnt. Haha. Cheers guys!
  10. Hi guys, Im a keen rock hopper, and am looking for some new spots to explore. Im chasing spots with acess to deep water, where ill have a chance at some decent pelagics. Im sydney based, and have fished Avoca, Mt Tomaree, Snapper point and Wybung Head. I like Tomeree, and have had sucess there, but its a mission (if youve fished there then you know what I mean!), I find Avoca over crowded with too little caught amoungst so many, and my car was broken into at Snapper Point (As i side note, dont fish there, aparrently theft is common). I know that at this time of year im really limited to salmon and tailor, and mabey the odd snapper, but in the warmer months, i'd look at chasing the kingies, as well as some small tuna (whether or not i get them to the rocks is another thing entirely!). So any platforms that could provide a chance to encounter anything like this would be awesome. If you know any spots like these, that would be around, or under, 3-4 hours travel, give them a shout. So any where between Port Stephens and Jervis bay. I dont know of much south of Sydney, but what about the northern beaches? And if you could, any further details like terain, near by facilities, swell limits and behavours, platform height (in regards to the high tide mark), even the small things like the availability of instaled PVC rod holders or any other information would be awesome as well! Or tales of sucess or near misses, and the techniques that saw it happen!!! Cheers guys
  11. Hi, im new to the site, but have been reading these forums for a while. Found some good info, but looking for something a bit more in depth. Im just wondering if anyone has any good ideas or information for fishing the rocks at night. Im heading to tomaree head this week, an oceanic rock self with deep water, and am wondering what I can do to catch something special. I normally use pillcards under floats, and catch 40cm tailor, with the ocassional snapper or salmon. What could I do to increase the size of these fish, or hunt new species that might be available. Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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