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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I’m a land based angler based in Sydney I commonly fish the north Sydney area and a few other spots further toward the heads, I’m looking for a rod that is light enough to throw lures for kings and bonito/ mac tuna and sambos but also able to throw a float out with a live bait under neath I have an 8000 spheros spooled with 40lb to pair nothing over 8 foot and under 7 foot thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, i occasionally fish around Sydney in 50 to 100m of water just outside the heads. I am looking for a rod to pair with my Saragossa 8000sw (50lb braid) reel and saltist 6500(50lb mono) I always bottom fish and the main intention of the rod will be for that, but I am also interested in jigging, are there any recommendations you guys can give that will marry up to my reels for this style of fishing.
  3. Hi all, First of all I would just like to say thankyou to everyone that contributes to this site and makes it such a great source of information and advice. I have fished a lot of my life but have recently become more involved in lbg fishing and am after advice. I currently run a saragosa 10000 and saltist hyper 9’6” off the rocks as well as a smaller 9 foot setup. I am based in Lake Macquarie and fish at Tomaree when able and have also explored some of Hat Head in search of lbg ledges. My question is: Is livebaiting worth the effort to maximise results? I am looking at getting a tyrnos 30 with 24kg mono and a Shimano Dynamix lbg rod (15-24kg) rod for this but am unsure whether I would be better off solely using lures and saving myself the effort. I have never live baited before and have only fished off the rocks around tomaree and hat head for snapper and occasional rat king or big eye trevally. I am really keen to catch big kingfish and tuna this season around the mid north coast of NSW. Again I appreciate any input or piece of advice no matter how significant. Thanks, Lightning
  4. Gday all. Was hoping to get some suggestions for a specialist rock hopper rod. Looking to add to my slowly growing collection of fishing gear (sshhh don't tell my Mrs). I'd be leaning more towards targeting larger drummer, blackfish and odd groper. I currently use an alvey 12ft luderick special rod (8-10wrap) and a gladiator 11ft luderick rod (8wrap) paired with an alvey sidecast for all my rock fishing (eggbeater when spinning lures). They're both serving me well, being long and whippy but a tough butt so it gives me some stopping power even with drummer and the odd small kingfish or salmon. I always break a sweat when I hook a larger fish as I feel even the alvey may break...had it for 6 years... Still going strong though. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hi Guys, Just wanted to see if anyone can give me any ideas on how to clean my squid jigs, reason being is because they smell like crap from the EgiMax spray I use all the time. What is the best way to clean them as well as my tackle box and how often should I clean and service my reels? Thank You Zaki
  6. Hi Raiders, I've been looking around and came across a Zebco Dock Demon. Further investigation shows that there are a few of these tiny/micro rods floating around. In a similar vein, there are "pen" rods that are telescopic and exceedingly small. One of the obvious aspects of something like this is the portability, which got me thinking about being able to take one bushwalking, or even in my backpack "just in case" you know? Another interesting and seemingly counter-intuitive aspect is that some of them seem nigh-indestructible. I have broken a telescoping rod fighting a shark before, so the idea of an unbreakable rod that is still tiny and super portable is very intriguing to me. The downside is that on a tiny rod, even a very big fish doesn't feel that big, so I wonder if it would be worth the trade-off? Anyone have experience with these?
  7. Hi Raiders, I'm just wondering if anybody has used any of these rods that can provide their feedback and experience on it. I am after the 13 foot rod mainly used for beach and break wall fishing, target fish is mainly tailor,salmon, kings, and anything fish that comes along. Both rods are very similar in specs though the Trio Rex can handle heavier casting weight. http://www.shimanofish.com.au/content/au/en/home/products/fishing-rods/beach-rock/aerowave-surf-graphite.html http://www.okuma.com.au/rods/trio-rex-surf/ I'm interested in the Aerowave graphite and the Trio Rex Surf rod, however I like to know which rod is lighter as i prefer lighter rod. budget is around $200. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All During the recent bad weather I had a chance to review my growing fishing rod 'collection' and identified several budget rods purchased a while ago, that I am not quite sure their best purpose. These were 6'6 to 8'6 spin rods 2-4kg rods with slow or slow-medium taper and one 6' custom overhead (15kg?) slow rod with gimbal. I tried to use those light rods in the past in the estuary for light bait and lure land based fishing, however I found it is hard to cast with them and even harder to set a hook due to their slow response. So, would you able explain/ share your opinion where (what kind of fishing) the slow rods can be used? Thank you
  9. Picked this rod up in a garage sale last weekend for 10 bucks. It is a silstar power tip 2 piece in good condition and by the feel of it it may make a nice blackfish rod. Out of curiosity does anyone know the model number - PT-1002BFL - the BFL sure sounds like it designates a blackfish style. It is 10' long and is described as light action. I can find no info on the web. Will put it to the test this weekend. Cheers Jimbo
  10. Hi Raiders, I am a new member and have read so many great posts on many different topics that I thought I would make my 1st post on my rod repair story. To make a long story short, my daughter reversed over my brand new UglyStick Ultimate 8ft rod. I was going to pay for it to be repaired but the price I was quoted was nearly as much as the rod cost. So after a couple of hours on the internet and YouTube I had a plethora of information on doing the actual repair, a quick visit to Ebay sourced an All in One rod repair kit from an Australian seller. First thing was to remove the epoxy resin and outer thread from around the feet of the damaged guide which was a fairly easy process. When I was removing the damaged guide which was adhered to the under thread I damaged the under thread and so had to then remove and replace the under thread as well. The under and outer thread has all been applied by hand without the use of anything mechanical to turn the rod. I certainly won't be able to do any of the fancy detail thread that you see on today's rods. I would certainly reccommend that if you require some repairs, you are patient and enjoy working with your hands that you trust yourself to do your own repair. I have not completed repair yet but will update with further details as I do. This is the broken guide after being removed from the rod. This is the new guide purchased from BCF, you can see where I had to grind down the edges of the feet to allow the outer thread to run up the eye a bit easier. This is the under thread which to tell you the truth needed some patience to complete. This is the outer thread on the bottom foot of the guide. This is with the finished thread. The under thread and outer thread has been finished with Chromaseal Colour Preserver. For the rod finish I will use Threadmaster Rod Wrapping Finish. All items apart from the guide I purchased from BCF came in the All in One Kit I was able to get from an Adelaide seller on Ebay. Regards FishTanker
  11. Hi all, I've been trawling the site a bit for the last few weeks and read lots of interesting stuff that's fueled my interest in getting out there with a rod and catch some fish. I used to fish with my dad as a kid down in Tassie, but I would say neither of us ever really new what we were doing. Jetty fishing mainly landing Flathead and cocky salmon, and a bit of rock fishing which usually ended up with kelpies (thrown back) and the occasional leather jacket. Anyway I've just moved to Sydney and I'm keen to give it another go. I'm based in Bondi Junction and car-less, so any tip for what I should look to target from the shore around the Bondi/Bronte area of coast. I'm mainly interested in bread and butter fishing for the table, but would be nice to get a bit of variety if there's a few things I can target without too many set ups. I don't have any gear currently, but I'm getting my dad to bring up my old rod and reel at Easter which from memory is a 6 to 7 foot light rod (copperhead i think?) hopefully with a matching 2500 reel. So I thought in the meantime maybe I could go with a cheap set up that's a bit different to that. Maybe I need a bigger rod to get out from the shore a bit? My girlfriend is also pretty keen, so when we've got two set ups I'd like to be able to take her out and impress her with everything I've learnt. Haha. Cheers guys!
  12. Hey everyone, I thought I might just throw a message out there to see if anyone has some good tips for a beginner. I watch youtube videos and read threads but i guess sometimes its good to get that personal advice. Just bought a 2 rods and a reel from Fish 'r' us in Auburn. Equipment Rods: 8ft 2 piece ugly stick and a 7ft graphite shakespeare rod Reel: abu garcia cardinal C103i Line: 8pnd braid Other: 2 blade lures, Minnow SP, Grub SP. Location: Sydney Targeting: Anything hahaha. Bream - using sz 8 long shanks 40cm trace to a swivel and ball sinker Dont know anything else hahaha. 21 December 2013 Going to the entrance this afternoon - hopefully get some bream. I'll be using prawns. I'll try peeling them apparently that works. Any tips that anyone can help with would be appreciated especially spots to go.
  13. I think I have a squid obsession!!! In saying that everytime I go to the shops and there is a tackle shop around, I will walk in and buy a squid jig and then that same night I will be itching to go to my squidding spots and try my new jig out haha. I think about it at work and Fishraider doesn't help it either. Anyways I need your help now in trying to find myself a new rod, I heard the Sephia range in rods is pretty good but I was taking a look at the Abu Garcia Veritas Rod Combo they have at my local tackle shop. Has anyone bought this combo and if so what do you think of it? I basically want to use it for squidding as well as catching small fish such as bream, flatties, etc. Look forward to your replies and thank you. Zac
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