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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm getting into lure fishing, and looking for some advice on a rod and reel to buy. I will mainly be fishing land based for bream, fleathead, whiting etc. in estuaries in and around Sydney, using a variety of lures such as soft plastics, poppers, crankbaits etc. I'm trying to find a 2 piece graphite rod that is roughly 7'6, with a cast weight of around 1-10g or 1-7/8g. I've been looking at the Daiwa TD HYPER 763LXS ROD. Everything about it seems good but it is a 3 piece, I think that may have an impact on sensitivity/feeling bites, if anyone has any experience with a 3 piece lightweight rod please let me know how it compares to a 2 piece. I also have considered a 7' rod such as the Daiwa TD SOL 702LXS SPIN, but I was hoping to have a slightly longer rod to get longer casts. However, I haven't had much experience with using braid so let me know if a 7' should suffice for getting decent casts with braid. If anyone has any other rod recommendations that would be nice, cheers.
  2. Has anyone had anything to do with the new fuji tangle free guides that are mounted on a 70deg angle? They kind of look like they might create a bit of resistance when casting.... Probably minimal using braid but surely noticable using mono?
  3. Hey Crew, I am in the market for a couple of new rods as my old ones are on the way out and are pretty limited. 6' Jarvis Walker telescopics from a shop... surprisingly decent for $25! I know tele's are generally looked down upon, any forum search will reveal hundreds of people saying just get a 2 or 3 piece. And I get that. However I really love the form factor. Having a backpack with a bit of tackle and two light rods already rigged up and ready to go on the side is a really nice way to fish, even if you only have 15 minutes to have a go. The selection in Australia is pretty limited but I've looked overseas and it seems in Europe and Japan there are loads of tele options. Lots more travel by train over there so it makes sense. I've found a lot of options online, mostly JDM. Some examples: Daiwa CrossBeat (seems to be the entry level) Daiwa Mobile Pack (their fancier one) Daiwa Lazy / Liberty Club (not sure where these fit to be honest) Alpha Tackle TrGr (short for Travel Gear - they have quite a few options under this title from ultra-compacts, to mid and high range) Major Craft Solpara Out of production models like the Daiwa BBB, Palms Molla and others which seem to be well regarded There's also a fair amount of cheaper teles coming out of China now, KastKing make the blackhawk, Plusinno have one, Piscifun etc which have plenty of coverage online but lots of reviews are clearly faked or paid for so it's hard to tell the real quality. Not after a debate on the merits of tele vs multi-piece, but I am keen to hear if anyone has experience of some of the rods above and what they think. a shop Japan has a lot of reviews ranging from great to bad on most models, but obviously plenty of people use these rods every week and they are better than they were ten or twenty years ago. Cheers!
  4. Hi all! Just going to be running through some of the gear I use for inshore kingfishing. First off, my light setup. My reel is a Shimano Stradic 1000, a new addition, spooled up with some lower end (cheaper) 6lb braid and I usually run 10lb mono leader. It is a great little reel with a good amount of drag, just enough to stop those rat kings! This reel is paired up with an Atomic Arrowz Estuary 7 foot, with a 3-10lb line rating. This rod goes great with the reel, strong, light and it is stiff enough that I feel confident casting heavier lures on it without it breaking! Now to finish off, my heavier setup. My reel is a Daiwa AIRD X 4000, a friend had a couple of them so I would always give them a go, it is a great looking reel that performs great, is light and has a great drag system, I have it spooled up with 20lb powerpro braid and usually use 30 pound leader for it. The rod I have this reel paired up with is a Shimano rod made for Fish Outta Water, I’m not entirely sure on the name, but I know that it is 9 foot long, and is rated to 8kg line, and is very good for casting, it is a great rod that isn’t used enough. They are the rods, reels and line I use for kingfishing, just let me know if you would like to know about some lures I use and how to use them, and if this was useful to you. Kind regards. Oscar
  5. jmadden

    new rod?

    any one have any reconmendations for a new rod and reel that i can use when using sp for bream and flathead.
  6. Hi Raiders, I've been looking around and came across a Zebco Dock Demon. Further investigation shows that there are a few of these tiny/micro rods floating around. In a similar vein, there are "pen" rods that are telescopic and exceedingly small. One of the obvious aspects of something like this is the portability, which got me thinking about being able to take one bushwalking, or even in my backpack "just in case" you know? Another interesting and seemingly counter-intuitive aspect is that some of them seem nigh-indestructible. I have broken a telescoping rod fighting a shark before, so the idea of an unbreakable rod that is still tiny and super portable is very intriguing to me. The downside is that on a tiny rod, even a very big fish doesn't feel that big, so I wonder if it would be worth the trade-off? Anyone have experience with these?
  7. Hi Fisher Folk, I recently had a terrible push biking + fishing rods accident that has left both my favourite rod and integrity shattered. As a result i'm looking for a new shore jigging rod to fill the void of my new made 5 piece Daiwa Lateo 11MH. It was a great rod, particularly the extra length (11ft) but looking for something slightly nicer and willing to spend around $300-500. Looking online its difficult to find many similar shore jigging style rods on the Australian market that offer similar quality or style. I have however come across and read promising things about the Palms Shore Gun series of rods, does anyone have any experience with these rods? Furthermore could anyone possibly suggest any other models that fit the same category, primarily looking for a heavier rods between 2-4 PE or 10-20KG at ideally around the 11 foot length. Ill be matching it up with my Daiwa Sol 2 4000H which ill add hasn't been nearly as impressive as the original Sol and rather disappointing in comparison. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers. Finbar
  8. Just wondering what rod and line I should get for shark fishing from the surf I already have a reel (penn spinfisher ssm 950) I'm thinking about getting some form of 65lb multicoloured braid and I'm wanting a rod around the 10-12ft mark. It will mostly be used for bronze whalers and gummies but there is also the chance of mulloway
  9. Hi Fishraiders, After trading in the sailboat on a fishing boat, I made an initial investment in a set of entry level reels to get started for in-shore and near offshore fishing. Shimano Sedona 2500 Shimano Symetre 4000 Shimano Baitrunner 6000 Shimano TLD 25 , The two bigger reels came with cheap rods as part of a package. Last night (on the turn of the tide) I hooked up to a 4 foot gummy shark on the Baitrunner and the Shimano Eclipse 8-12 Kg rod broke in half. So I'm looking for a replacement. My budget is $80-$120. (Sneakyfisho have a 20% off sale on rods now.) This will be my main rod for heavier spinning duties so it has to be an all-rounder. I don't want to break the next one and lose a Mulloway or a Kingfish the size of the gummy (which I did manage to land, by the way.) I'd appreciate any recommendations Steve
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but have been an ardent recreational fisherman for a long time. Although I have fished & caught many species my favourite is still bream!! Nobody can deny the feeling of catching a Jewie or Kingy or any other type of game fish for that matter, but there's still something special about bream.. I purchased a pfleuger trion rod about a year ago from BCF and attached a Shimano Symetre 2500 reel. I absolutely loved the feel and the strength of the rod. I have used it with both plastics & live bait (prawns, yabbies & worms) and have had great success with it. I recently ordered two more (for the price of one) from a US tackle shop. I now have 5 in total. They are all 2-4kg rods IM-8 graphite some are 2 piece and some are 1 piece. I was wondering if anybody else uses pfleuger and what your thoughts were? If not, what is your preferred gear for bream?
  11. Hi Guys & Gals, I have just recently got my 1st boat, I got excited and brought a heap of boat rods with big shimano bait runners. I'm allowed to buy a rod for christmas, trying to find somthing between drifting for flatties but would do o.k with a just over legal king. Does anyone have any suggestions my budget is $350-$400 incl line???? Pete'....
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