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Found 13 results

  1. Has anybody cuaght any bullies from the parra river system, what set up/ tackle/ bait were u using? cheers - pugz
  2. Hey guys, been playing with the idea of doing some shark beach fishing, however, I haven't yet because I have struggled to find bait big enough for sharks. I know salmon are good for sharks but where I am we don't catch many of those. What we do catch a lot of is shovelnose sharks. Are these a protected species in nsw? has anybody tryed using them as bait? Pls let me now. cheers - pugz /
  3. Hey everyone, just recently me and a mate went fishing at a beach in Mosman, whilst we didn't catch many fish it was a great day. So we aren't very experienced at fishing from a beach of any manner, we have tried surf beaches before with no success, so you can see why the day before when we were planning this trip we were doubtful about how this expedition was going to unfold. We decided that if we were going to catch fish we must wake up early so as planned, the next day our alarm went off at 5 am. We tiredly gathered our stuff and made our way to the relatively calm beach. It was a horrible journey with 4 rod-holders and rods, backpacks, bait, footys, etc, however, when we eventually got there we were greeted by a nice fresh day and a sunrise that was - whilst slightly obscured by clouds - quite a spectacle. We quickly and eagerly unloaded, rigged, baited and our rods. We had one legitimate beach rod which we loaded up with a paternoster rig and 3 small 2-4kg estuary rods which we loaded with size 4/0 Mustad circle hooks and running sinkers. We were using servo pilchards which I whole-heartedly mistrust. The first half hour was very slow fishing full of what were either very small nibbles or the swell. Another fisherman set up a little way down the beach, he said that he'd caught a few shovel-nose sharks around about where we were. Just five minutes after talking with him my mate was onto a fish, not surprisingly it was a shovelnose, it had swallowed the hook so we cut the line before letting it go. Not long after - when the tide was approaching high - I saw my rod get pulled out of the rod holder and into the wash zone. I sprinted over and picked the rod up, full of adrenaline I rushed the fight causing the hook to pull. I was very disappointed. While I was rebaiting I looked around and saw my mate's rod being pulled down the beach. He ran over to it and similarly to me rushed the fight and dropped the fish. Before he could have time to rant about dropping the fish I saw my rod being pulled in. This time I took my time fighting the fish and safely landed it. It was a 39cm silver trevally, we had forgotten our phones so we couldn't get a photo. We let this fish go. Just after my mate missed a fish I saw my big rod being pulled into the water with amazing pace, I ran and picked it up. Whatever was on the end was fighting very hard. The drag was screaming. It ran straight for the rocks and after a stressful minute, I heard the dreaded twang of it busting me off on the rocks. We both missed another fish before the bite slowed down. We packed up and headed home feeling both content at our progress into the art of beach fishing and annoyed at passing up so many opportunities of fish. Any advice is much appreciated, we are learning. What fish do you reckon I had? I think it was a kingfish (they are common around this area). Is the bait ok? What is more important tide or time? What tide is best? Cheers - Pugz
  4. Hey everyone, I'm looking to get into the beach shark fishing scene and I would like to use an Alvey reel. Are Alvey reels adequate for fighting such powerful fish? Is there a steep learning curve? Would a second hand $20 Alvey of gumtree still work well enough to catch sharks? Would this reel be more suitable for catching sharks Please let me know. Cheers?.
  5. Hi all, First time post. I just started fishing about 3 months ago and have been out about once a week since, and on the weekend had the biggest catch I've ever had. Fishing just south of the entrance at night, with squid for bait, and caught this shark, has been the highlight of fishing so far. Released it back in the water and watched it swim away. I think fishing is a bit like gambling, once you have a big win you get hooked. Cant wait to throw the line in again and see what we catch.
  6. Im looking to catch a wobbegong but i want to know a few things first. 1. is it legal to target wobbegong in NSW (catch and release) 2. will my 4-6kg rod be enough or do i need heavier 3. what weight of line is best 4. what hook size/type is best 5. what bait is best Any further advice is appreciated cheers guys
  7. Went out fishing for Jews on Friday night from 5.30pm to 8pm. Home by 8.30 so was able to claim a day Snapper fishing for Saturday morning. Getting that leave pass was touch and go but I held fast and I got it issued. Without losing giving a compromise as a trade as well. Launched Bellambi around 6am and slowly headed off to one of the spot X's. Was actually really lumpy and we were being thrown around a fair bit. We were side on to the anchor as the wind and current were equally as strong. Sent the first plastic out and let it flutter in the current for about 5 min and then paid the consequences as was on the bottom.....wait, no its giving me line. Think I might have a Cuttlefish. Was a slow retrieve as fishing an 8 foot 2-4kg rod with 8lb braid but after a patient retrieve there was the Cuttlefish. Very happy about that!. Not a massive one but had to be 5kg. Then we had a big whale of a tail flap about 40m from the boat and another minute later there was a big booming splash 30m from the boat....oh shivers....can they see us? Was shallow, lots of chop and we had big whales sploshing about us, had thoughts of them hitting the anchor rope. I put Spotify on the stereo on and blasted some tunes (Sail, by Awolnation) so they knew we were there. Maybe I was paranoid. Anyway it worked as one of them came and surfaced right behind the boat very close to our lines. Raised his back and 'Sailed' off. Wow!! Maybe he liked the music, is a great song. Back to fishing. We caught a few Reds 2 were good sizes and one was ok. The biggest Sergeant Baker we have ever seen came on board as well as a tonne of Slimies and Barrcouta. Now here is the greatest moment of my fishing life thus far. I was looking up and over towards the shore and about 60m - 80m away I saw a clip from Shark Week. A huge Shark, easy over 3m easy maybe 4, I am not kidding or exaggerating!. This was a substantially Sized Shark.It was very dark on the top and very light like white on the bottom. It looked Black and White. It left the water entirely, went on it's side, I could see it's jaws open and it fell back to the sea with a mighty big splash. It would have cleared the water by 1.5m - 2m. It was exactly like the shark week footage with the Great Whites. I don't know what it was, but it looked just like the Great Whites on Shark Week breaching. My mate was adamant it would have been a big Mako. I don't know but it was one of those two species for sure. It was pretty well bang on where Shayleys is off Bellambi Reef. So I was completely buzzing out and would not shut up about it. That is hands down the most epic thing I have ever seen while on a boat. Whales saying hello and massive sharks jumping in front of me what could happen next. There are big Sharks off Bellambi Reef, I am an eye witness to it. Settled back into things and we were getting nailed by pickers. I gave the jig head a tug tug and BAM!!! Yupp I was on a red and it was a good one. I have not fished for Reds with such light gear before and it was all on. I was convinced I was going to lose it as the drag was way to tight and the reel I was using was a crapper so was very jerky. Some fiddling and i wound to far (Crappy Reel) and line was flying off so cranked it back, fumble fumble. Got it right and had an epic fight. In it came and attached is a photo of her all prepped. She went 61cm. Don't know the weight but very happy. The clock ticked 8.45 and I called it. Back home before 10am. Happy wife, happy life. Especially after a treat of session like that. 1x 61cm Snapper, 1 Whale, 1 Shark Jump and the biggest Sergeant Baker you have every seen. Oh and the best Snapper Bait you can get (Cuttlefish)
  8. Started fishing fishing at botany at 8am today. It was windy and not the best of conditions, but glad there was no rain. Did not see the shark or had any fish destroyed, but I did catch its buddy the Remora which is usually around the shark. Awesome fish. My son wanted to eat it. He likes to try all fish but i explained that its better to let this beautiful fish go. Just before throwing the fish back he wanted to try its suction head on the Esky. I couldn't believe how strong it was. I could not remove the fish it was stuck. I had to put water on top of it and slide down the side of the esky for it to come off. What a amazing fish. Beside that we had a mixed bag. Also had another rat king thrown back. The blue swimmer crab was big.
  9. Just wondering what rod and line I should get for shark fishing from the surf I already have a reel (penn spinfisher ssm 950) I'm thinking about getting some form of 65lb multicoloured braid and I'm wanting a rod around the 10-12ft mark. It will mostly be used for bronze whalers and gummies but there is also the chance of mulloway
  10. Having fished for the majority of my life, I'm only just discovering the fun of boat & LB game fishing. I'm interested in doing some shark fishing off the beach this summer. I'm aiming to target small-medium Sharks around 6ft, with a TLD50 50lb mono. I've gathered a few questions I can't really find answers to, and hoping some experienced fishermen can help. Will 150lb momoi mono leader do the job? Do you prefer solid wire or stranded flexible cable? I plan to kayak my baits out. What's the best anchoring option, running weight or a break-away system? I was thinking of anchoring a crab float in the area I want to fish and have a burley bag hanging off it. Then coming off the crab float - a bit of line tied to a ballon which is looped on to the leader (breakaway) so the bait is suspended and away from crabs. Roller or runner? Thimbles on the wear points or Flemished eyes? I appreciated the help - Thomas.
  11. On Friday we put trolling for Marlin, Tuna and Dollies on hold for a day and headed out before sunrise with the sole intention of getting stuck into some kings. Managed to pick up 15 yakkas before heading onto the artificial reef and colours. Worked both areas for 20 mins but there was nothing around except for baitfish and the serial pest, jackets, so moved on to long reef checking all the bommies, reefs and wrecks along the way. Halfway there stumbled on a tonne of baitfish and some decent sized fish at depth on the sounder so rigged up a couple of yakkas and dropped them down. Immediately - bang - hooked up 70cm+ jewie but 10m from the boat the line went dead - had been bitten in half by a shark. Continued to work the area for half an hour and only got two small snapper so moved on to long reef. Shortly after arriving at long reef we found a truck load of yakkas bubbling on the surface so we rigged up three yakkas and threw them in. Triple hook up - three rat kings ranging from 59 - 65cm. Sounder was a ball of red with decent kings so continued to work the area, which ranged from 15 - 30m deep, for a couple of hours. Finished up the morning landing 8 decent kings and dropping 3 monsters. Kept two kings (67cm and 69cm) for a feed and threw all the rest back to fight another day. Awesome summers morning on the water.
  12. Hi Raiders, Long time reader first time poster - and before I continue, what a great forum, I've learnt so much from reading dozens and dozens of fishing reports, and special mention to Roberta's article on beachworms - which I now enjoy catching almost more than fish! Last week I went down to our local beach with my wife (who is currently obsessed with fishing ) and I landed my first salmon and dropped a second, and wifey hooked up on light gear, brought him right to the shore but unfortunately had the hook spat in the shore break - heart breaking!! Today we headed out again hoping to improve on last week's performance, this time with a camera..... again soaking whole salted pilchards on two hooks (one sliding) but there wasn't much wash around, sea was a bit calm at our spot and there was hardly a bite for most of the day. After building a fire and settling down with a couple of wines we'd all but forgotten about fishing... until I picked up my rod and and felt something heavy on the other end... after a few slow but strong runs I was very surprised to reel in this little fella...
  13. First report ever from a beginner. So I ended up watching over 4 kids on the weekend. We all ended up in Northbridge on Saturday evening fishing with the tiniest longshanks, lumo beads and pieces of prawn the size of peanuts. The result was 14 yakkas and slimies, some of them quite big, and a 26cm bream in just over 2 hours. The kids were stoked. Then Sunday morning we took the boat out to Sow and Pigs. First caught a 55cm kingie (our first) on a yakka's tail. After a short (but heated) discussion on legal size and whether fishes are stretchy, we released it to grow strong and fit. Then I got busted by something unstoppable on 20lb line. Something big but with a somewhat regular pull. Maybe a shark? Excitement having reached epic proportions, I pulled an enforced break and we motored out to the Heads, where we put whole bait on ganged hooks on the bottom. And caught this gorgeous shark, possibly a shovel nose? Also released after much puzzling and squealing. Then it was time for lunch so we motored back to the Spit. This may not sound very productive to the pros, but we all had a wonderful time especially as the weather was perfect. I think the kids will remember it for years. Next time we might even get a feed!