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Found 10 results

  1. Soooo I wanna catch some sharks and I don't wanna invest heaps of money in a 1000$ outfit. I found this rod on a shop for pretty cheap but I have no idea if it will be ok for sharks. It suggests that you can catch small gummies with it so I assume its ok for normal sharks, however, it doesn't actually have a viewable weight capacity really don't know and I don't want to come home with a broken rod. Please help, BTW if I catch any sharks they will probably be small ones but I can't control whether a big one takes my bait or not. Any advice would be appreciated, here is a link to the rod in question: https://www.a Cheers ?.
  2. I'll keep this short, is it possible to go shark fishing with a ten-foot Shimano rod rated 5-8kg. I know ideally, it should be more like 20kg, however, I would assume that Shimano's quality would count for something and that they would suggest a lower capacity than its actual breaking point. cheers ?
  3. pugzthugz


    Hey everyone, I've decided I feel like chasing some sharks in the surf. Please let me know some advice about rigs, bait, rod and line capacities, species, where to target them, etc. Also if you have any good shark stories feel free to share them. Also just wondering how you should go about getting the hook out and handling them, my first thought is to jam some sort of stick in its mouth, get a mate to hold it still and use pliers to get the hook out, however, for all I know this could result in injury to me or the shark so please let me know if there is a better way of getting around this. Cheers.
  4. G'Day Raiders, New member, first post. I spent a fair whack of time writing this and then lost the whole post when I went to submit! Here we go again... I'm generally land based off the Northern Beaches and rock ledges....Friday eve last week went down to a local spot with the ongoing jewy quest on my mind. Gear was 30kg 12ft rod with 12000 bait runner spooled with 65lb braid and another lighter setup with 30lb braid. Bait was store bought whole bonito, yakkas and squid that had been sitting in the back of my ute for half a day in the hot sun. Get to the spot, set up the heavy rod with 80lb mono leader, snelled 9/0's and a whole yakka. Cast #1: Plunk it out the back around sundown as far as I could with a 110g sinker and whole yakka, drop the rod in the holder and head back up the beach to rig my other rod. My mate gives me a shout and the rod gets some good jolts. Grab it out of the holder, slack line, I reel it in, feel a good weight and bit of thrashing around, see a big splash beyond the breakers in the failing light then all is quiet. Called it for a big salmon with the acrobatics and let the bait sit for a few more minutes thinking maybe he will be back or something else will come along. All quiet so reel in slowly and bottom hook bitten off through the 80lb...... hmmm wasn't a dodgy knot so maybe a stonking tailor, maybe massive salmon or shark. Cast #2: Re rig again with the 80lb mono leader, out goes another yakka, glow stick on the rod tip by now. 2 minutes passes and the rod buckles over with a screaming drag. Struggled to get it out of the pipe holder which was buried deep in the sand due to the tension on it. Finally get it out, put some weight on the thing and "pop" its gone...reel it in mono bit through above the top snelled hook. Only one candidate now must be the bronzies Cast #3: Re rig again with 130lb mono leader, 150lb 7 strand nylon coated wire trace. Same process but yakka on a single hook this time. Plunk it out, drop it in the holder take up the slack and go try to have a chat to my mate about life in general, had hardly got a word in since we showed up with the action. Bang off goes the rod again as hard as cast #2, glow stick flexing toward the horizon and a screaming drag, such a great sight to see. Grab the thing, leave it to finish its first run and start to work it back in plenty of weight in this one. He goes for a second run and "pop" gone again. Start kicking myself and thinking must be a dodgy knot of my doing, bronzies don't usually pull hooks once they are set. Reel in and see the 150lb 7 strand coated trace has opened up at one of the factory loops at the end... not too impressed that it broke way before the 65lb brain and 130lb leader.... thing was brand new out of the pack and bought only a few weeks ago. Might try to make my own in future. My mate is fishing a bit lighter than me with 20lb mono, leaves his rod in the holder, were having a chat 20m away near my rod, see his buckle over, falls flat on the sand and starts flying across the sand towards the water, all we could see of it was the glow stick zipping across the sand! Fastest I have ever seen my mate run he got it in knee deep water and bitten off soon after when he put pressure on. Had a good laugh about that, he almost lost his whole combo never to be seen again. Cast #4 and Cast #5: Same rig as cast #3, get the strikes within 5 mins of casting and a quick run but no hookup, 2 hooks are better than one I think but harder to do with trace than mono Cast #6: Same rig again, strike and drag goes off pretty much as soon as the bait hits the water, didn't even have time to drop it in the holder. Decent first run but less weight than previous hook ups. 5-10 mins worth of to and fro and beached a 4ft bronzie. Was keen for some flake but didn't have the right kit to fillet and transport it properly so back she went, carried in to knee deep water and swam away slowly but surely Cast #7: All is quiet for around 25 mins which is a rarity for the evening, bait comes back in untouched Cast #8: Throw out again this time without the wire, back to 80lb mono. 10 mins passes and get a few good hard thumps that move the rod a decent bit. Not that frenzied thrashing of a bronzie and definitely something with some size to it. Thinking jew but that might just be optimism on my part. Cast #9: Repeat cast 8 All out of bait and time to go. A good fun session, not very relaxing at all but good to get plenty of hook ups. Only one cast out of 9 that didn't get a good strike. Beaches have been pretty quiet for me since July/August last year. Hopefully the warm water is bringing them to life again. What I might have learned out of it; - Went to a beach Ive never fished before, quiet spot with no-one else fishing, not that easy to access and hardly any artificial light visible from the water - Bait absolutely reeked, this might have had something to do with it - As soon as I released the bronzie, the rest of them went off the bite Will get some photos next time. Cheers and good luck! Sam
  5. Hey Raiders, Been out for a while due to exams but managed a few sneaky jewie sessions in between. All of them were super rewarding! Got out to our spot in Cowan creek with a bit of time to catch bait, a lot of the time ended up catching big mullet or tailor which were used as slab baits. A bit before dark the insane jewfish runs start, caught several a couple of legal jews and several in the 60s. Have been teaching a mate to fish all winter, so for him to finally be rewarded by his first legal jewie was awesome. Also tried plastics and squid. Plastics had no success, caught occasional 60cm jews on the squid. None came close to the success of big slabs. To celebrate finishing exams, we headed down to a mates holiday house in Jervis Bay for a spot of fishing. Plan was to fish beaches, all day and see if we picked up bait for the bigger stuff at night. We caught plenty of dart on beach worms and pilly fillets which we put out at night in hopes of some shark. Got 3 takes the first night and didn't hook one. Feeling pretty defeated, we tried the same thing the next day. The strong offshore wind made casting a nightmare and coated the beach in blue bottles. But our persistance paid off with three sharks landed by the end of the night. Sorry for skimming over everything, cramming a few trips into one, hopefully plenty more to come this summer! Tag
  6. Weird day out at Botany Bay Boat Ramp... Went out to watch the planes land and brought around my fishing gear. Had 3 rods, one with plastics, one ganged on pillies and another on pillie cubes. Wind was ok, the current was quite strong but i used a heavier sinker to keep it down. Started off quite slow, and later the rod with the ganged pillie buckled, and seemed like 4 our 5 head shakes. By the time i got to the rod and reeled it in, all that was left was half a pillie (split straight down its spine.... weird). Anyways rigged up, and a bit later, my smaller rod rigged with the pillie cube got a strike, and pulled it up... and I got no idea what it is (please help me identify it), had some razor sharp teeth, but looked nice (aesthetically speaking). A bit later i saw initially some silver flashes, think it was bream (since it was right next to the rock wall), and started throwing the plastic out, but looking closer, pretty much 4 small sharks, maybe 1.5 ft long, circling each other (couldnt tell for sure what type of shark). Tried to land one but failed miserably. So yeah... weird day out at Botany Bay Boat Ramp. If anybody knows what fish is around there, can you just comment on it. Happy Fishing KTAN3235
  7. Hi guys, Bit of a longshot but if anyone is heading wide from jervis bay/shoalhaven and has a spare spot onboard feel free to hit me up. Happy to chip in fuel etc, no gear but plenty of experience. have done a fair amount of gamefishing in the past but nothing for the previous 2-3 years as my old man moved to exmouth and took the boat with him. keen to get back into some real fishing and will be available most weekends. cheers kade
  8. Hi Fishraiders, I was wondering how the general Sydney fishing community felt about swimming in the harbour. I have been dioing it for 30 years or more ( mostly along the inner beaches on south head) but recently, I caught glimpse of a shark in the habour around sow and pigs reef and I am now getting a little paranoid. The statistic say that its very unlikely... more chance of dying in a car crash on the way to the harbour, not fatal attacks in 50 years... still... I am losing my confidence and I am beginning to hear the jaws music eveytime I take a dip! Many of you will have heard of the Bull Shark tagging program where more than 30 sharks are tagged and being tracked as they roam around Manly, the spit and up the river as far as Parramatta. Take a look at this map I wonder how many must be in the harbour becuse they can't have tagged them all. Could there be hundreds? It is clear that the fish life in the harbour has increased so I guess the shark numbers will follow and the risk will be increased. Let me know what you think
  9. Fished my local beach Friday and Saturday arvo/night on the prowl for jewies, lost more tackle than the last time I hit the rocks! Hahaha. 2 sets of gangs and 4 snelled 6/0's (two hook rigs) on 20lb and 40lb leader on Friday night and 3 4/0's and an 8/0 on Saturday night same leaders again; 5 enviro sinkers are also disintergrating in the briney blue. Everytime I had a run and put some weight on the line 'pop' hooks gone. Each leader was well frayed and only lasted a minute or 2 each run. I only saw 2 suspects a smaller one that thrashed in the shore break and swam away on Friday, about 2ft long and it's big sister on Saturday arvo just before sunset. This one was substantial, the run was unstoppable! It was lucky the line gave way or I could be respooling my Alvey now! Again when I put a bit of pressure on the line gave out, but I saw it breach 15m from where I was fishing as its head shake sliced through the line. Would have been a great tussle if I had 100lb leader on, but the 20lb leader may as well have been cotton! Tailor slabs and heads were definitely on their menu and were taken almost as soon as they hit the water. At least I managed 2 good sized tailor on Friday night so I had good jewie bait for Saturday, but same story. Bloke next to me scored 7 tailor and a soapie. So there are a few punk sharks with lip peircings swimming around the Central Coast today. Hope others had better luck from the beach.
  10. Hi Everyone, My mates and I have always been keen to catch sharks inside sydney harbour and now since it is the school holidays I thought this would be a good time to give it a crack. I'm located on the south side of the harbour so spots around Rose Bay, Watsons Bay are ideal. I was thinking around the beaches at Watsons Bay like Camp Cove and also the rocks around nelson park. The sharks i had in mind were whalers and smaller sharks. Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks