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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Raiders, I've been reading through threads about catching live bait and I see a lot of negative press for sweep and diamondfish and pretty much anything else that isnt a slimy or yakka. I think the obvious assumption I can make is that other types of fish don't make good live bait, but I find myself curious as to why. I would very much appreciate some commentary or insight about this. For the purposes of this question I'm ignoring worms, prawns, nippers, etc. 1. For live bait, is the preference roughly slimies > yakkas > poddies? 2. Why is this so, outside of the assumption that it's because they work the best? (It doesn't matter why they work so much as knowing that they do, but enquiring minds and so forth...)
  2. Riley was hooked up to a five foot hammer head shark, his little hands were grasped nervously aroung my brand new Stella and Terez rod. I was very nervous, but more about losing my new outfit. The gimbal was tied around his waist, much too big for him, but with a little improvisation around his lifejacket, we made it hold. the reel screamed as it took line and Riley nervously asked " Dad , would you class this a normal day, when you and Sam go fishing?" It all started getting up at the crack of dawn. Try getting two children up at 4.30 am! We picked up Sam from Watsons Bay and headed out to the Artifical reef to gather bait. the kids loved catching slimies and the rod buckled with chains of two and three fat slimies coming on board. It wasnt long before the tank was full and we were ready to chase some kings. Riley was in the hot seat after devouring most things from the esky. Hope the fish are as hungry as him. My other son Brady was taking a back seat today, as he got amongst the action the other day, aboslutely nailing the big sambo's around the harbour. His little arms were still in pain from the day before. We got 5 in total, but no kings. They were toying with us, the rats would literally hold on to the yakkas and spit them out, by the side of the boat. Very satisfied with his catch, he was willing to let Riley take the hot seat. It didnt take long as the line came out of the clip of the downrigger and Riley was on for his first king fish. It took line and we kept its head up by drivng out to some deeper water. It put up a good fight, but no match and it wasnt long before he was in the net and quick photo, before he was realeased. He was just under size, by two cm. " Dont worry son, theres plently more out there, by the look of the sounder. We rebaited but managed to snag the bottom and I ended up rerigging the stella outfit, right from the leader. I have recently learnt the FG knot and I meticulously tied it and finished it with a little super glue. in preparation for a PB king. Sam was driving at the time and pointed to the ominous fin, close to the boat. The kids were a little freaked out and Brady at the time was keen for a wee. But he refused to go over the side. One of the slimies was bridle rigged and Sam flicked the bait at the shark. The rod loaded up and we were on, but the fight was short lived and we were sure the line had been cut by the razor sharp teeth, but to our surprize the bait was still there! A little mangled, but still there. I repositioned the boat and we stealthily approached the shark again. Sam cast towards it. This time the shark attacked the bait. Sam calmly passed the rod to Riley and watched his face as he came to grips with the task of pulling in a fish as tall as him. The shark took alot of line off the reel and we chased it with the boat. I was very impressed with my son, he managed to control the shark as well as gather back alot of the line lost. It wasnt until the hammerhead came along side the boat, that the kids were amazed. Mind you so were Sam and I. With no wire traces, we were sure we would lose it. We agreed to get the hammerhead inside the boat for a quick "SNAP" Not an easy task with a net, far too small, but with the head in the net , I grabbed the tail. The kids feeaked out a little, but we had them at the back of the boat for safety. The shark was subdued with a small wrestle and it calmly posed for a few pics, before its release. It was hooked just on the corner of its mouth and the hook came out very easily. Riley was proud as punch. This was definitley the biggest fish he had ever caught. Making his 43cm blackfish , pail into insignificance. The with the boys at the back again, I grabbed the shark by the head, one last photo . He calmly sat on the edge of the boat and quickly snapped before being released. Wow what an experence to hook kids on fishing!
  3. First report ever from a beginner. So I ended up watching over 4 kids on the weekend. We all ended up in Northbridge on Saturday evening fishing with the tiniest longshanks, lumo beads and pieces of prawn the size of peanuts. The result was 14 yakkas and slimies, some of them quite big, and a 26cm bream in just over 2 hours. The kids were stoked. Then Sunday morning we took the boat out to Sow and Pigs. First caught a 55cm kingie (our first) on a yakka's tail. After a short (but heated) discussion on legal size and whether fishes are stretchy, we released it to grow strong and fit. Then I got busted by something unstoppable on 20lb line. Something big but with a somewhat regular pull. Maybe a shark? Excitement having reached epic proportions, I pulled an enforced break and we motored out to the Heads, where we put whole bait on ganged hooks on the bottom. And caught this gorgeous shark, possibly a shovel nose? Also released after much puzzling and squealing. Then it was time for lunch so we motored back to the Spit. This may not sound very productive to the pros, but we all had a wonderful time especially as the weather was perfect. I think the kids will remember it for years. Next time we might even get a feed!