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  1. Hi Raiders, I'd like to open up a discussion about snapper fishing and moon phases. Over the last year or so I have been putting quite a bit of time into my snapper fishing and today really set home that I think moon phases play a very big part on feeding habits. Today is the day before the full moon and it was apparent that spots I fished last week and good success on did not fish the same today at all. I have noticed that the fish are not sounding the same and not schooling the same. Fish were very patchy and quite finicky. Does anybody have any personal experiences they would like to share. DM me if you're not comfortable sharing with everyone as I know how much hard work and time goes into documenting this kind of information. I like sharing info with like minded people 👌🏼 Tight lines 🎣
  2. Hey raiders, Just wondering what people's thoughts are on boat noise when fishing around the washes. When fishing in tight to the white water do yous leave the boat running or cut it. I personally cut it and drift in but it does occasionally make me a little nervous for the day when for some unknown reason the boat doesn't start.
  3. G’day raiders, Being a father of four kids, it’s very difficult to get one on one time with my kids. But finally the planets aligned and I headed to crowdy with my eldest. We stayed the night and got up early to beat the ramp traffic with conditions looking mint. Got there first all prepared ready to go. Headed out to collect livies but they were hard to come by. Managed a few and didn’t want to waste too much time, so we headed to our mark to start our drift. Deployed livie and begin to cast. Wasn’t marking much on the sounder, so I started the boat and just ticked it in gear until I found what I was looking for. Huge marks on the sounder so I turned off the engine and began casting. Two casts later, I’m on and the reel is screaming. I set the hook hard and behind me I hear another screaming and the boys on, we are doubled up! A good 10 mins later I hear the boy calling “jewy jewy”. And what a stonker! We must of hit a school. My fish is still giving me grief. We land his and now turn our attention to mine! A couple minutes later in sight of the boat, my heart sinks! A FRIGGIN MACK TUNA!!! Nooooo! Anyway, high fives for the boys new pb and we clear the decks and move on! Next drift, bang I’m on to a huge snapper and manage to stop his run and pop! My bad, didn’t set the hook. Wind in the slack and bang I’m on again but this time to a healthy pannie! We lost a couple of livies to more Mack tuna but nothing of interest. Called it quits and headed back early, to reset, lunch, quick snooze and back out for an afternoon session. The arvo session was a pretty good with a few more pannies, a decent snapper from yours truly and more Mack tuna. Gave up after the last macky was caught and went back to the cabin for dinner, reflection and a well earnt beer! Just awesome to spend some time with my boy and make some memories! Thanks for reading, cheers scratchie!!!
  4. G’day raiders, After fishing Tuesday and doing ok. Me and @Rodeohatched a plan to try get out today as the forecast for the next week looks crap and I’m off to Coffs for more kids sport! We got the all clear from our wives and double checked the weather. Forecast: 12-16 knot easterly and 1m swell. My mate wasn’t keen on the wind (me either) but I was going no matter what. Turned up to the ramp with a slight breeze, launched the boat, go around the corner and pretty much blew our hats off! Kept pushing on and steadily exited the heads and made our way to the bait grounds in pitch dark conditions. Found the bait hard to come by and only managed 3 livies as the first light approached. Made the call to head straight up to the island knowing that it was going to be a longer trip than normal and praying the wind didn’t kick up any further. As we approached our mark we could see fish busting up everywhere so I said, drop a livie out and we slow trolled it. Well that lasted 30 seconds and onboard comes a Mack tuna. Finally got to our intended drift and it was on for young and old. I’m on, he’s on, livie screaming, doubles on deck flapping around whilst we fight the live bait rod. Absolute mayhem!!! A few for the esky then reset the drift. Between resetting, we trolled lures and they were getting smashed too! So much fun! Next drift, and my mate goes I’m onto a good snaps here scratch! So I wound up and waited for him to land the fish, didn’t want the kaos of the last drift. So he plays it out and the fish went from good snaps to, o think it’s a king and the we get sight of it............. the bars don’t lie and it’s a friggen Spanish mackerel on a snapper stick. Whooooooo as the gaff goes in!!! Hi 5’s and a few choice words, then some photos and back into it. Lost another Spanish on the live rod (no wire) then the kings turned up as the sun was now getting higher in the sky! We had enough for a feed and did a little bit more trolling but called it a day and was back at the ramp by 930. What a cracking morning for the both of us and a day we won’t forget in a hurry! Thanks for reading, cheers scratchie!!!
  5. G’day raiders, Headed out this morning early with @Rodeoto beat the expected boat traffic with the sea conditions looking mint. We could see a heap of bait on the sounder but in the dark we couldn’t entice them. We did however manage a heap of garfish as a substitute. Headed straight to the island and a first cast special for scratch, and we had a nice 50cm pannie in the box. Kept drifting but we didn’t see what we were looking for, so time to move! Well the next spot was red hot and there were fish busting everywhere. I cast out and was on to a thumper snaps. So my mate winds in quickly and bang! He’s on to a nice kingy. So we are doubled up and then the livie screams off! Oh no, what to do? Well, I’m confident that mines an 80+cm snapper, so my mate locks up his king and it gets off! Picks up the live bait rod, gooooone! Then within sight of the boat, the worst feeling on the world.... grinding on the line and pop! 😢😢 Oh well, it’s all happening so we reset the drift and seriously same result. This time I land a cracking snapper, he gets a decent 70cm+ king and we land a good size mac tuna on the live bait rod. Lol 😝 We work the area picking up a few more snapper and a heap of kings and plenty of dustings. In fact, the amount of good fish we’ve lost in the last two trips has been embarrassing. So it was good to get a few on the deck! Packed up around 1030 and took a scenic tour along the beach on the way home! Thanks for reading, cheers scratchie!!!
  6. G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here. With all the tourists headed home, a mate and me @Rodeoheaded up to Broughton early. Filled up with livies really easy this time. Got to our mark and started the drift. First cast I was on to a nice 50+ pannie. The drift was slow due to a lack of wind but we kept at it. Lots of casts but the whole time drifting a livey behind us. As we headed into whiskers territory, the livey gets nervous and away she goes. I drop the bail arm, count to 5 and lock it up! This thing took a bit of string but once it stopped you could feel the tail beat of a good snapper. A bit underwhelming on the gear that I was on but still fun all the same. The day got calmer and the drift much slower. Changed a few locations and added another few pannies to the box. Then it glassed out, so we trolled some slimies around for no hits! So we pulled the plug and headed home. Got to the ramp and @Peter Nelson was trying to put his boat on solo, so I gave him hand and had a chat! Great morning on the water with the Island very quiet compared to the last 6 weeks. Can’t wait to get back out there and do it all again. cheers scratchie!!!
  7. G'day raiders, As many of you are aware one of my favourite forms of fishing is chasing snapper on soft plastics. This type of fishing is a very active way to target a species and can be very rewarding. The beauty of this angling is obviously acquiring the target of snapper but with very little by-catch and of course the absence of bait and associated mess that comes with it. Whilst this art of angling has taken me many years to become consistent with catching the said species, hopefully I can explain enough to anyone that is interested getting started. Setup: Many people have differing views on what rod and reel to use, but this is the set up that works for me. Rod: 7ft min 4-7kg Reel: 4000 sized standard or even 5000 in areas known for big snapper Braid and Leader: 20lb braid and 20lb flurocarbon leader or 30lb flurocarbon leader depending on terrain. Jighead: This will depend on the depths and areas you fish, the currents, the structure and terrain. But a quick breakdown for jig size, this is what I use: 1/4 5/0: 6-20 meters of water 3/8 5/0: 20-35 meters of water NOTES: These pairings of rod, reel and braid do not have to be the top of the range or the most expensive set up you can find to achieve results. In fact, I have caught 80cm models on the cheapest shimano combo you can get. The most important thing about your setup is the braid and leader you use. After all, this is what is connecting you to the fish. Without bias or preference I use either Ocea or Power Pro braid and Black Magic leader. Why??? because this works for me and after many different trials, I've found I don't lose as many fish. What soft plastic do I use? This is often a difficult one and many people have differing opinions because it is something they have caught fish on in the past or something they may have been recommended by a mate or a tackle store . It is also a critical component in reaching your target and can mean the difference in success and not so successful. The reason I don't say failure is because if your out there having a go, your not failing, your learning. From my experience, the color of soft plastics change with the seasons. During the winter months, the bait that is present determines the colors that I use. Once you start to see cuttlefish husks in the water in numbers it is time to start using whiter and lighter colors. During the summer months with the abundance of bait fish such as gars, yakka and slimies, I generally go for the more nature tones. As a rule, I always start out using a 7 inch soft plastic until the sun appears high in the sky and then drop this down to a 5 inch. Why?? As the saying goes, you can catch a big fish on a small hook but can't catch a small fish on a big hook. The same goes for soft plastics. The bigger fish are usually dominant in the early morning and late arvo's but remember your target is snapper and can be caught anytime of the day! Some of my favourite types of plastics, once again without bias, Z-man: coconut ice, pilchard, pearl Gulp: yakka, camo pearl, garlicker Knots and Drag settings: I use an improved Albright (12 turns up 6 down and 3 through the loop) and my leader length is the tip of the rod until the first guide closest to the reel. The reason for the knot, it’s easy to tie, I can do it well and I’ve never had an issue with losing fish to it. I can also recommend the PR or FG but they take some practise. Leader: I’ve been working on this length for some time now and have settled with this summation as it’s not too long or too short and gets results! The beauty of this length is that you can retrieve your lure until 6 inches of the knot, lift and cast again without it passing through the guides! And because your knot doesn’t pass through the guides your cast is longer!  As for drag settings, I have not measured this in kilos or poundage but a very firm tight drag is required for this method of fishing. This is because you need to turn the snappers head ASAP and control the fight. Once you have achieved this, DO NOT touch your drag. You have already set the tone for the battle so play it out. What area do I look to target snapper? This is a very simple response, structure, structure and structure. Snapper are prolific on the east coast of NSW and you are able to fish for them year round. Whilst they are more commonly a winter target, some of my better catches have been around the spring and autumn months. The structure that I look for is a good reef system that is surrounded by a weedy or sandy bottom. When this reef/structure has a predominant drop in it's face or is the only pinnacle structure in the area, then you'll find snapper. The presence of bait is also another major factor. You hear the saying "find the bait, find the fish". This is the absolute truth when fishing for snapper. Snapper are an opportunistic species and will often prey on the reminence of schools of bait being hammered by other pelagics. They can also be a very dominant species. So, your sft plastic wafting down the water column is a perfect meal once it's travelled through either the bait school above or the surrounding school they are following. Once again, refer to the depths that you are targeting this species. When you have your intended area: Drifting is the only real way to target snapper whilst using soft plastics. The ideal way to approach your intended target is to pull up 200m or so from it and record your drift. Your drift is the most important part of achieving your goal of catching a snapper on sps. Once you have indentified your drift and intened area. Start your drift approximately 50m before it and begin to cast ahead of the boat as far as you can. Now, this is another very key component to this type of fishing. Long casts and allow the soft plastic to WAFT down the water column. By this I mean you don't need to impart very little action into the lure. All you need to do is maintain contact with the jig by slowly winding in the slack line so you don't have a spaghetti affect on the line. This is so you can feel any touch that you might have. Once you feel that you have reached the bottom of the ocean, lift the rod and perform big long loops back towards the boat. This is because snapper inhibit all parts of the water column and will nearly always take the sp on the drop. Don't be surprised if you get a hit in the first 3m as that's where the big ones are generally stalking. Once you have cast and played out your sp and its nearing the boat, wind up fast and repeated the process. why??? This is because I have had many of by-catch including kings, bonito, sampsonfish etc following the lure and all they need is some action. Not only that, if you cast again quicker, your back in the game. The second part to drifting which is paramount...….NEVER DRIVE OVER YOUR DRIFT!!! Snapper spook very easy and once you have driven over the area, you will very rarely catch something on that same drift. Instead, complete your drift, take a big circle around the area you are working and approach your next intended drift 20-30m away from your last one. This will allow you to work a small or productive area for some time. The other thing to mention is when you do get a bite! As soon as you feel a take on your line, strike for the fish and strike hard. Sometimes fishing with soft plastics you may have to try and set the hook hard up to 3 times! Often the fish may pick up the lure and swim towards you! At this stage, you need to wind and strike hard. They have solid mouths and take a fair bit to set the hook. Although, the bigger fish will generally hook themselves and take you for a ride! Just always maintain a bend in the rod and take your time. There is no rush to success! Overview: Choose the right setup, indentify your target area, big long casts, allow the sp to waft, work it back to the boat! Repeat the process!!! And as my motto goes "JUST KEEP CASTING" Now that is the key to snapper fishing with soft plastics. Cheers scratchie!!!
  8. Sup boys I'm an experienced fisherman, hoping to catch a trip with others. I have my own gear and tackle and would be more than happy to be a deckie/assist others on the trip. Done most of my fishing in NZ, north island but I've moved here now hoping to continue what I enjoy doing. Happy to split costs. PM
  9. With work imposing forced leave, I took the opportunity to fish with the kayak gang during my holidays. I was supposed to meet the guys at the ramp by 6am but I had trouble sleeping the night before and woke up late 5:45am! With only 15mins to get ready I messaged the guys that I would be late and not to wait up for me. Made it to the ramp by 6:20 and they were still getting ready, phew. On the way to catch livies we sounded a school of bait in the middle of the channel, a quick drop and I hook just one sardine and the school quickly disappeared. The next few hours we spend ages trying to catch live bait with no luck. One of the guys decided he wanted a head start and went straight to the main channel to chase jewfish and snapper. It wasn't long before we got word he hooked up to a 40cm snapper and undersized jewie. We quickly headed over and started to drift our baits across the channel. I managed to hook a pan sized snapper 32cm on squid, but no luck on the jewfish. One of my mates manages to catch another 2 jewfish on strips of squid but they are undersized and released. We ran into a regular jewfish chaser who told us that kings were busting up further up channel, we thanked him and made our way quickly to the spot. I dropped my squid baits down and hooked a nice Maori Rockcod and many Bigeyes. I caught Bigeyes on squid, slowjig and sabiki, there was no way to avoid them. One of the guys caught a yakka on sabiki only to have a kingfish steal it from under him. About 30mins later he manages to convert a dead sardine into a 69cm kingfish. It took me about 30mins to finally catch some yakkas on sabiki. I send one back down while working the sabiki rod. A few minutes later the rod buckles over and the reel is screaming. Up comes a 67cm kingfish, a keeper which is dispatched, bled and iced. I send another live yakka down and within a minute the live bait rod buckles over and the reel is screaming again. This time a just legal kingfish 65cm, this one is released to grow bigger. I send another live yakka down and it doesn't take long for the rod to buckle over again, unfortunately no hook up. By this time the wind had really picked up and the kings soon disappeared so we moved spots to target jewfish again. Half a dozen drifts I land baby jewfish on squid which released. The kingfish was eaten as sashimi, the bigeye was filleted and eaten as battered fish. The maori rockcod was steamed and fantastic eating, it's such a rare catch for Sydney given how cold it is compared to Queensland. Another great session on the kayak
  10. I might just have to buy a lottery ticket! All the planets must have aligned for me, there were no health issues at home and no dramas and I actually managed a fishing trip for the first time in many months... and to top it off, all went smoothly on the water and the boat and motor performed extremely well. 😂 Launched at Little Beach ramp with the wind blowing a tad more than I’d been expecting - makes for a battle launching solo. 🤔 I was out of the heads by 6am and stopped at Cabbage Tree Island to get livies. Filled the tank with slimies quite quickly then headed for Broughton Island. It was a slow run as the swells, although not big, were close together with a bit of wind chop. I tried the Sisters first, fishing with plastics and drifting a bridled slimey out the back. Tried about 3 drifts but the direction wasn’t too good, so I moved north of the island and got a better drift. Had a couple of little hits on the plastic but it was a lot of fruitless casts. I dropped a paternoster rig out the back and got a few undersized snapper. The slimey was going crazy, so there was something about. I caught a rat king on the paternoster so it might have been that. On the second drift, as I dropped the paternoster rig, something hit the bait on the way down and line screamed off. I flipped the bail arm over and line kept screaming off. It was quite a tussle but I could feel that head thump and I thought I might be onto a decent snapper, finally! As I got the fish to the boat, I realised I had a triple hookup... an undersized snapper on the top hook, a thumper on the second hook and a big assed sergeant baker on the bottom jig! The snapper went 57cm, my PB for NSW. and I was stoked! I did a few more drifts and managed one pannie but mostly undersized snapper and lost two live baits, one to a bonito and one to a small shark. I fished an inshore reef on the way home, hoping for a beakie. I found a huge school of bait and worked the area thoroughly with livies but couldn’t raise anything and turned the boat south for a bumpy ride home. Stopped for a quick flathead drift and got a nice blue spot (44cm) but mostly small ones and back to the ramp about 1. Geez, it was good to finally get out again after so long!
  11. Hi everyone! Can anyone please tell me how to remove and preserve the “head bone” or lump from a snapper? I tried cutting around it yesterday but after going to the hospital 2 weeks ago when I lost a fight with an avocado seed and a knife, I thought there had to be a better way! The head’s in a bag with salt in the bin at the moment. Thought it might make a nice record of my catch.
  12. G’day raiders, Where do I start???? Ok, so Monday. Woodsy and I were going to head out so I went and checked the weather. Conditions were forecast fishable but I looked at the ocean and it wasn’t right, so we canned it. Made plans to look at Friday! I had another mate and raider @tyrone07 keen as well. So we plan to get out today but Tyrone decides to bring up his boat with a mate and thought we could have a little Comp to keep us focused. The only problem is he only made it half way due to a collapsed wheel bearing! Poor bastard! 😫 Well that’s not stopping me and woodsy from going, so off we went. Collected a few livies that were very picky. Great conditions and we hit our mark. A few drifts nothing! Plenty of bait showing, good water (maybe to clear) good drift but no takers! Reset the drift and finally woodsy comes up tight! A nice panny for the box. Another boat turns up and anchors on our drift so time to move. Well, we pull up and there’s a stack of kings under our boat. Great fun on the snapper gear but all rats and basically just wasting our time. So we venture on closer to structure and get a good drift going. Plenty of bait on the sounder and then showering the surface. To be honest, I can’t recall every fish in order but they started chewing and chewing hard! We both lost some really really good fish and landed some nice takers too! Although I did manage to catch whiskers but a few of his brothers were to good for us! Packed up by 1030 and left them biting! Another great day out in Port Stephens! Cheers scratchie!!!
  13. G’day raiders, Just a quick report. Headed out today with @back cruncher and started early around 4am. A bit sketchy heading out in the pitch dark, with smoke filled sky but we took our time and filled up on slimies! Got up to the island and began our drift. Nothing really happening and many casts and I finally managed a pannie! Do a few more drifts for no result except those bloody mutton birds trying to pick up everything we cast. So we move on and finally find a patch of fish. I loaded up to a few nice ones and Mick made a rookie error and didn’t set the hook on his chance! Moved a few more times for no result. Then on the last few drifts, Mick loads up to a screamer and doesn’t forget to set the hook this time. The lines singing and without a chance to turn its head, crunch!!! Leader on the teeth and gone! We were both pretty devastated but it was good to see Mick load up on a decent fish on soft plastics. Next step is to land the bastard! Left not long after that. Great morning out there and thanks for the day Mick! cheers scratchie!!!
  14. G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here! Thought we saw a window of opportunity to head out and chase a few reds. My mate never really cares about conditions and this trip was no exception! He put us on the spot and first cast I was on to an unstoppable. Good signs ahead. Next was his turn and he couldn’t stop his either! Managed a few different drifts and somehow dodged the impending storm! At least we can say that we landed a few and made it home safely! cheers scratchie!!!
  15. With a little break in the weather I scored an invite with Backcruncher and scratchie to tag along and chuck some lures around Port Stephens/ Broughton Island. From previous experiences we all knew it was going to be tough fishing with the full moon the previous evening. The first three drifts at a spot scratchie had scored fish on Friday with multiple lure changes drew a blank, couple of hits that did not feel like our target species. We moved to a spot where Mick had scored a nice red previously and we found a couple of very small rat kings but again no reds. We moved to a spot where I would consider my favourite, threw on my confidence lure a seven inch motor oil jerk shad and first drift Jeff and I both missed fish that were definitely reds. We lined up the drift again and by this stage the wind/current had shifted and could not line the boat up to where the fish seemed to be holding. Things were looking grim when Jeff made the call to do a short drift inside where we had begun. Just as we were nearing the end of the drift I got my lure in the perfect zone and it was crunched mid water with the fish peeling drag, I played it out with the tell tale signs of a good red getting its nose down in the current and using those solid tail beats after a few nervous moments I had my Pb in the boat 78cm!!!!, we were all stoked. After this we could not get the drift right so moved to one more spot where Jeff got chewed off by a solid red that had swallowed his gulp live, spewing. I would say it’s the toughest day I have had out the island but the scenery and company was world class.
  16. After being boatless for a year, I finally got my act together and bought a Quintrex 560 spirit. After hearing and seeing reports of great snapper being caught just out of Bellambi a close friend who is a regular agreed to take me out and show me around. we got to bellambi ramp around 5:15am. There was some traffic , but everyone was on the same page with getting the boats in and before you knew it we were in and heading out. We headed straight out from the ramp until we got to a depth of around 40m. Using patanosta rigs and a big sinker, we cubed pilchard and sent them down. The day before I decided to get the black magic snapper rigs, $16.50 each! At a shop. within the first 30 minutes and a strong drift after the full moon, fishing buddy 1 landed to pan size snapper off a rig he made at home!, soon after he was on again two hours in and then it went quite. we moved closer to shore and headed to 20m of water just off thiroul beach in hope that the 9.30am tide change would produce some action. Again, 30 mins in and the same fishing buddy lands another pan size. After the change in tide and it going quite again, and after loosing my anchor and two rigs on reef, ( had to be the bloody a shop ones) we headed back out to 45m depth. And yet again landed one more, with a cracker jackass coming in at 45cm plus All on patanosta rigs and pilchard. We did burley hard but the drift was strong due to the full moon. We we headed back in around midday to a very busy boat ramp and boy the fish cleaning there was something else! Some of the local fishos there done really well displaying humpies and a decent catch of flathead. You could not not ask for better weather for a first time out of bellambi and I must say was not a bad session either.
  17. Early start and up to Broughton this morning. Fished the southern side of the island with 7 inch plastics until 1pm. Swell was about 2m and water 19 degrees. I put in about a thousand casts and Rodney(the rod holder) got the only hookup on a snapper fish at about 11am on high tide. The fish went 59cm and was caught at The Boundary - thanks for the spot Scratchie!
  18. Hi all, first post and just thought I'd share my bonus evening with you all. It was the first clear evening after the storms and decided to try and break my recent drought of decent fish having only caught the odd flattie and squid when targeting them. I went to the Yarra Bay groyne out in front of the sailing club at about 4.30pm. It was the slack tide, and about to start coming in. There was barely a wave in sight - as flat as a millpond, which was a welcome sight after the recent crappy weather. Rigged up and had my first cast at about 4.45 just as the sun was setting behind the clouds. The setup I used was a Shakespeare Outcast combo I got for a good price at Ananconda. 10' rod and 8500 reel. I took off the generic line they had on it and spooled the reel with 300M of 40Lb JW braid and whacked on a rod's length of 30Lb mono. The rig was a metre of so of the same mono, size 4 swivel down to a gang of 3 x 4/0 hooks with a drop loop and size 1 snapper sinker about a third of the way down from the swivel. Bait was a whole servo pillie and cast out towards the container wharf approx 30-40 metres. Nothing but the odd picker for the first hour or more until BAM! Line started screaming off the reel. I set the hook and let him have a bit of a play. Back and forth, back and forth until I netted a beautiful shiny 45cm tailor at my feet, Iki spiked him, bled him out and straight onto ice. Cast straight back out again and rolled myself a smoke, waited about another hour and was about to go home. I actually packed up my bag and reeled in what I thought was an empty hook but saw the pillie was still ok, just the head flopped off the top hook. I readjusted and thought 'Righto, this is the last cast' when I got another hit! Same again, line screaming off the reel, more play, more drag, I thought it was another Tailor as it fought much the same as the first one, when out of the light of my headlamp I saw it was a Snapper. Beauty! Netted him up, unpacked my tools, cleaned him up and straight onto the ice with the Tailor. 44cm, fat and heavy, I don't know how heavy. Stumps on day one, I decided to drive home via the bottlo and attempt to placate a fuming missus with two lovely fish. (It worked). The Snapper will be baked whole with eschallots and Asian flavours, the Tailor will be filleted and floured for me young bloke cos he doesn't like to eat fish off the bone (time for some education on that methinks.) Anyway, after a month of bugger all, seems the hungry winter fish are on. Hope this helps.
  19. Planned with a mate to go for an early morning snapper session. So after work, I packed my gear, and had a couple of hours of sleep before he picked my up at 4am. We launched from Parsley bay ramp at Brooklyn and we were ready to go by 5.30. Anchored at west reef with the first light after a 30 minutes bumpy ride. Started our burley trail and had some snapper snatchers sitting at the bottom as well as some floating bait and were ready for the bites. All what we managed to get was some wrasse and reef fish off the bottom and some livies on the sabiki, so we moved to try a different spot however it wasn’t any better. After an hour or so, we decided to move closer to the headland in a try to find a calmer spot as our first 2 stops were uncomfortable in the small boat due to the 2m swell and the chop. We moved to another spot and anchored for 30 minutes with no signs for the reds. However, the bait rig was being smashed by big slimies and yellow tail so we stocked some livies enough for the morning and moved to our next spot. Losing hope on catching reds and having some live bait, we decided to troll for some time before anchoring at our last stop for the morning. Anchored again around Berrenjoey, in calmer water, and we had our bait in the water. Slow start with no bites until one of the floating pilchard rigs went off. A nice size salmon was our first keeper with more followers. We managed to net 5 more salmon before the school disappeared from the sounder. Landed and released a couple of undersize snapper and a couple of port Jackson sharks. Lost a couple salmon and a monster lizard at the side of the boat while grabbing the net. Then we called it a day and we were back to the ramp by 12.30pm. Although we had no luck with our target species and the weather was not ideal offshore, it was a good session overall that we enjoyed. At dinner time, I enjoyed a tasty fresh salmon along with some fresh shark steak that was caught on Friday’s night. Apologies for not including a lot of photos in my post and for my limited story telling skills. Tight lines all, Ahmed
  20. G’day raiders, There seems to be a fair bit of interest in a Fishraider catch up in the majestic Port Stephens. So it’s got me thinking and I thought I’d put up this thread to see who’s keen. Winter would probably be the best time to visit, with less crowds, more accommodation available at a more reasonable rate. The snapper fishing should be in full swing with plenty of bay options too! I would be happy to share GPS marks, techniques and help with any info required, too anyone that attends. Haven’t considered a date yet as I’ll wait to see who’s interested. Please put your hand up below and I’ll add you to a list! Cheers scratchie!!! Expression of interest: Scratchie going fishing rickmarlin berleyguts 510 seaspirit blaxland woodsy crusher61 gundi4 campr pauafritta tyrone ojaysamson backcruncher franks noelm garfield28 quintrex52 jeffb5.8 kingie chaser anthonywardle the skipper micktempe sigma peter Nelson loomesy welster gordoretired nikolaki
  21. Heavy swell from the south means near impossible conditions for beach fishing, this is especially true for my usual fishing beach Wanda/Cronulla. Still itchy to get out, the only option for me is to try Maroubra which I have not fished for some time. Arrived at the beach about 6:00pm and managed to locate a small section of the beach looked fishable. The are some nibbles within 5 minutes of the first cast, which confirmed there are fish around. Within the next two hours, I landed 5 fish. Apart from the three in the photo, there was a largest banjo I have ever caught(would have been 50cm across which gave me some a lot of trouble pulling it up with 15 lb line), and a small kelp fish. The snapper is about 34 cm which is a rare catch for me as most of my fishing was from the beaches. Pilchard was the bait last night. I now also have the pike kept for bait for my next trip. (The photo of the beach was taken during the day when I tried to check out the beach and tried luck for spotting whales) charles
  22. Hi Guys, only recently joined and first time posting on this forum. Arrived to nelson bay around 11pm Saturday night, checked weather all seemed fine and hit the bed to be ready for a early morning. Woke up and headed to the petrol station then tackle world which was conveniently open at 6am for a bag of pillies, some spare hooks and sabiki jigs. We dropped off the boat at little beach boat ramp around 6:45am and heading to cabbage tree island for some live bait (slimy mackerel) which was pretty easy, we were pulling up 2 on average every drop. Headed over to the FAD which wasn't extremely busy and landed us some dolphin fish, 6 legal and kept for dinner with around 4-5 under sized thrown back. After a few drifts the birds got on to us and started stealing our bait then headed off to north rock to try for snapper. I managed to land a 40cm snapper and my mate landing a 32cm one. Pretty happy with our catch we headed home with our dinner sorted. Monday morning we docked a bit later roughly 7:30am headed shoal bay to try squiding, we managed to get one but broke off. Then on to cabbage tree island and got ourselves some yellow tail. We planned to stay inshore and aim for Flathead or jew fish but were unsuccessful. We called it quits and headed home. When we were pulling the boat in we seen some guys cleaning a 1.24m jewfish they caught in the bay on a live yellow tail.
  23. Been living in qld from Sydney for a year now and have been fishing and travelling across the South passage bar frequently. We are learning to fish it well and having regular results. There is so much variety here and the fishing isn't as pressured. From our last couple trips we have caught multiple snapper in 12 metres of water and while trolling home picked up a juicy yellowfin. Went fishing again Saturday and kept 12 mahi mahi and let several go all on live bait and soft plastics. They are great fun on light gear on a soft plastic. Hoping for my first Wahoo soon will keep you all posted.
  24. Last month visitwd Long Reef after a long break Perfect weather and a lazy start leaving Rushcutters at 7am First two hour very slow and then pickeduo a few large flathead and then finally a few snapoer This one really took off caught on light line, patternoster rig and a 1/0 circle hook with a pilchard tail . Didnt weigh it but terrific fish
  25. G’day raiders, After a few texts back and forth for a while with @quintrex52 (Jeremy) today was the day we finally got it together and managed to get out to Broughton Island. Left little beach at 5am and hit the sisters for the first spot. First drift a couple of touch’s but no solid hook ups, so I reset the drift and not long after I came up tight to nice 55cm snaps. After a little tuition for Jeremy he was in the swing of things but no takers. I was hoping I could get him onto something in the first area but it wasn’t to be! The lack of wind wasn’t helping our cause neither was the calm ocean and lack of current but we persisted. We moved areas and begin another drift. I scored a just legal and then another that both went back. Reset the drift a little wider, found some bait and boom........ Jeremy is onto a good fish, a few words of encouragement (and don’t touch that drag) and the reel was singing! After a good tussle we see some colour and into the net it goes! A good fish going 65cm. Hi 5’s all round and another added to the esky! Well done champ, you played it well. A pb at 65cm on soft plastics at your first attempt is an awesome effort! After that, conditions got calmer and the fishing quieter so after some whale demonstrations it was time to head home! Thanks for the day mate, it was nice to meet you and I’m glad you met your goal ✅ cheers scratchie!!!
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