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Found 16 results

  1. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Gday Raiders Got my PB Flathead in the Hawkesbury on kayak yesterday it went 75cm Caught on a Z man minnow 4 inch in pearl white. 1\4 Jighead and lots of procure scent. About an hour before low near a old mooring in parsley bay Got a few smaller ones and also a Bream on a grub I was using a 2000 reel 10lb braid and 6lb flurocarbon leader was pretty interesting trying to land it cheers
  2. ARC H

    Flatties rip Bridge

    Gday raiders Still a few flatties around the estuaries these two were caught drifting round moorings on 5 inch samaki bomb shads and 3/8 jig heads as it was deep water Fish were caught at about 40 mins after high The bigger one put up a decent struggle on the light gear They Also cooked up nicely Had scaled one before thinking of putting up a report Long time since last report sorry Cheers
  3. kyle

    St.georges basin

    g'day all, I'm planning on going Dow to the St Georges besin for a weekend and was wondering what's lures should i use for the best outcome im targeting flathead, jew fish and bream.
  4. Good day fellow Raiders! It seemed to be the perfect day, I had the day off work, the girl had the day off work, the sun was shining and the boat was ready to go. We started our day at about 11am, launching off orange grove boat ramp and heading towards the rip bridge. We decided to anchor St Hubert's side of the bridge where the current was slow and the water was somewhat clear (for Brisbane waters anyway). After about an hour of flicking plastic and getting zilch we decided to continue to Paddy's channel. On the travel we found a nice sand bar just at the start of Paddy's and decided to flick for a few flathead. After a few really good hits on the plastics we got jack of not hooking up and switched to bait (bonito). We casted out at the same time and both got hit in almost perfect sync, we couldn't believe it, after a bit of a fight up came two beautiful whiting, my girl's went about 34cm and mine was 30cm.....I tried stretching him but just couldn't get the extra 4cm's hahaha. We continued for about another hour and brought up another 4 whiting between us, all keepers! So in the Eski they went. On the last cast I hooked into something with a little more fight than the humble whiting, and had me running around the boat trying not to get tangled, after about 5 mins of fighting I brought up a nice sized tailor going about 36cm's, good fun bringing him up on such light gear. He put up a good fight so I threw him back to fight another day. After this we picked a friend up from the local wharf and back to paddy's channel we went, where not much fishing got done, but we had a few drinks and a good old chin wag. All in all we were out for 7 hours and we got something to take home with us which was a bonus. No Flathead this time, but thats the fun of fishing. Sorry about the lack of photo's, I'll make sure I get some next time. Thanks for reading Raider's, Good Luck!
  5. ARC H

    Brisbane water Flatties

    Been catching a few flathead in brisbane waters recently. Also been manging bream and whiting on Poppers amongst the flats. Sorry one of the photos is crap and the other 2 uploaded upside down.
  6. Duzzy

    New to soft plastics

    Hi there, new to the site. I used to do a lot of fishing we are about to do a loop of Australia. My wife and I each bought a Shakespeare wild series combo with a 3-5kg rating, putting 8kg fire line and a heavier leader. Was wondering if using 50-65 mm squidgys what weight and size hook should I look for? regards Duzzy
  7. Headed out today for a break from the studies, caught the run out tide around 4pm, and I won't lie I'm one happy amateur fisho. managed to land my first dusky flathead and to top it off my its my first fish caught of soft plastics. Sorry about the pictures only had a thong handy for relative size.
  8. sam bros

    Cooks river Fishing Session

    Hey Raiders With Uni exams closing in, and all fishing prospects being out of the question. It was going to be a depressing couple of weeks. But my brother who is my fishing partner watched a dozen or so youtube videos on catching jews on soft pastics and while I was studying he made me ditch the books for a rod to see if we could try our luck on a jew in the cooks This was the first time actually using soft plastics properly (No bait was brought as to not be tempted to switch) so it was more of a learning session than catching. We were using squidgie wriggler and other squdgies on a 3/8 ounce jig head. We went to the railway bridges and some other jewie looking spots but no luck, Did hook up onto 2 flat head but lost it boat side when the spat the hooks. Even though we did not catch anything, I do believe I have caught the soft plastics bug and will be going again once these exams are over Sorry no pics as I left the phone in the car Thanks for reading the report
  9. So had an hour or so off today and decided to do a quick fishing session out on the Northern Rockwall extending from Endeavour Bridge into Botany Bay (Near the runway), high tide was about 1800, and I got there just about 1.5hr before it. A few anglers were out there although had no luck. I rigged up with S.P. (fire tiger minnow i think on 1/8 jighead) and casted out against the tide (and the 15kt of wind which picked up). Could barely hit more than 10m, else my S.P. flew back into my face. After about 20 or so minutes, I hit a good 45-46cm flatty, nice and fat. I decided to move about, and saw another bloke pick up a smaller one on chicken (i think). The bite died down from there, (didnt feel much), and kept getting snagged. If you fish there, i suggest you to be careful, once you get close to the wall, reel in as fast as you can. For a quick hour sesh, 1 fish, I'm happy.
  10. Hello Fellow Raiders, My friend and I are looking to do a solid day on SP's, only problem is, we have not had much experience on them, seldomly hooking one up for a shot in the dark when our baited rigs are not providing results. Our success rates extends to maybe a 15cm snapper or bream (if we're lucky). We plan on going out on either Monday (weather permitting) and/or Friday in this coming week and trying out a new rig using only SP's. We were just wondering if anybody know of any solid land-based spots in the Sydney area (we live near the Botany/Port Hacking Region but willing to do a small drive further out) which have solid hits with SP's specifically targeting bream and flatty's. Also since we are relatively amateur with SP's, does anybody have any tips on specific jigging techniques, rigs, or what sort of SP's to use for flatty's or breams given weather and lighting conditions etc. Any insight would be appreciated. Happy Fishing Raiders
  11. SgtBundy

    Lures/SP at night?

    Just curious - a bit of googling suggests that plastics and lures still work at night, and that even using darker or "non bright" colours work fairly well. The curiosity is if this is as effective as using baits at night, or do the problems of being unable to see the lure and line at night just make it too much of a hassle to use lures or soft plastics at night? Question is because I was considering heading out tonight but didn't want to spend the night feeding pickers with servo prawns (I only have a light rig at the moment). Last time I was out after dark I had a go with a SP but it was just impossible to tell what was going on, so other than a slow troll I couldn't do much with it. I also thought that while a lure might be ok once spotted, it might not be as effective at attracting fish as some bait wafting in the water would be.
  12. Raiders, Just has a cracking 2 week holiday on the Central Coast with my family. Got out for a fish ocasionaly and just wanted to share some results with you. In summary the video includes snippets from 3 separate sessions and covers captures of Jewfish, Kingfish and Flathead. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Dean
  13. Devil Ray

    Norah Head

    Finally a absoloute cracker day on Sunday, next to no wind, not much swell and the leader of the opposition giving me permission to spend a day on the water. Organised my crew who also got permission from their respective ministers. The weather forecast was getting better and better as the week progressed. So everything was pointing in the right direction. It all began on Saturday, fitted a new winch to the boat, played around with the live bait tank and mowed the lawns ( part of the conditons for going fishing from the boss). Spent the night rigging up my gear for the much anticipated fishing adventure the following morning. Sunday morning the alarm rings through the house at a very respectable 4am, i load the boat, bungs in, sounder and EPIRB, fitted quick check of the battery and we are ready to rock n roll. A short 15 minute drive to the ramp and we unstrap and prepare to launch.... First problem, someone has decided to back down his real wheel drive commodre on to the very low tide ramp straight on the sand and is inevitably bogged. Luckily he had a recovery strap and there was a very helpful squid fisherman on the sand with a 4x4 who rescued him in pretty good time. We get on to the water without a drama and head straight for "The Bull". First flick with the SP and a cheeky squid followed it up, luckily for me i was prepared with my Yo Zuri squid jig rigged up, i dropped it down and within seconds my boat was being blasted with some lovely ink and into the bait tank for a little later on. The SP's were being flung about and after just a few casts we managed a nice size flatty of a touch over 50cm, not the targeted species but we now know we wont be going home with a big fat donut. After what seemed like only a few more casts i hooked another good size flatty which went 65cm and had a little go about him. I was using a Zman white grub, Deano a white Nemesis and Torbs the caterer also a white Nemesis, the target being the hardfighting, line stretching Kingfish. Some time had gone by and a few hundred casts each and Torbs has hooked up to what could only be a Kingfish after some rod bending and line peeling he lands a nice little 50cm model which as anyone would know who has caught Kingfish punch well above their weight. We started a new drift and come across a small patch of bait on the sounder, after a bit of burley in the bucket we bring up a few stonking Yakkas ( biggest i have seen). One went on live and the other in the tank. After a good hour or so of soaking the livey he come up a not looking too crash hot so we knock some fillets off him and Deano pins one up to a 5/0 hook and a small weight, withing minutes it is smashed by a beautiful kingfish, after first making sure the Go Pro was running the big guy gets into the fight with some light gear. We knew it was a King from the get go with the huge head shakes and tail bumps and the rod just not bend like that for no other. After a good battle we bring aboard another King of the 60cm variety, he is realeased to grow a little bigger for us. After many more casts we decide to have a Troll around The Bull and Norah Head with no luck. We found some nice fishy looking structure off the light house and decide to flick some more plastics around, after hooking countless Red "bucket mouth" Cod we finally hook onto another King, which promptly busts off as the drag had not been reset after being locked up after a poor attempt at releasing the bottom of the ocean from the gear. A few more casts and Deano hooks a fish which we knew wasnt a King but still had plenty of weight and lots of bump, it turns out to be some sort of Cod, not sure of the name but it was brown and would have tipped the scales at around 3 kgs. A few more hundred casts for not much other than pesky " mother in law" Red Cod ( they got big mouths and you are never to happy to see them). We decided to call it a day and after fighting through hundreds of swimmers at the ramp safely returned to the ramp. We had a great day and to top it off, i only used about 20 litres of fuel so it was a relatively cheap day which will also keep the minister for finance happy. Cant wait to head out again and i hope to see some fellow raiders out on the water
  14. Hello Raiders, 2 weeks ago I returned from a trip to Kurnell and for the first time I used soft plastics. I didn't catch anything although my friend who was teaching me caught 3 flatties and he said it was a slow day. I was addicted. On the way back driving down Milperra Road I was rear ended by a P-plater who I suspect was on his mobile phone. Not only did he not have any insurance but it also snapped my beach rod. Not to worry. The car is currently at the smash repairs thank comprehensive insurance for that. Since this time I have been back to Kurnell to flick again with no luck. Georges river at Liverpool with no luck. Georges River at Picnic point today both at high tide and low tide with no luck I was using a squidgey black and gold 70mm flick tail. my friend tells me my gear is decent enough just need more practice. I even had bait on other rods while I flicked, just nibbles on them. (I packed my hiking bag and got on my kawasaki ninja 250) All in all it was a great day I got to ride my bike, packed my hiking bag (I volunteer as a scout leader for my local group) and I got to fish. Only thing missing was catching them. So if you've read this far, I am asking for some help. I have my own transport, gear (am willing to purchase on advice) and free on most sat sun and mondays. I am based in south west Sydney and am 30 minutes within picnic point 1 hour within Port Botany. Cheers Frank.
  15. First of all thanks to everyone in this community for giving me the SP bug and for all the "Just keep at it" encouragement! About a week ago I had the afternoon off so headed down to my local under the bridge on the Cooks river as it comes into the bay for another session practising my SP techniques / playing with lure model and size choices, my last report was of the same place where i landed a nice bream there hedging my bets with a bait rod as well, with the SP's just as an afterthought, however this trip I went out solely with SP's, keen to concentrate on improving even if it meant a doughnut. Got to the river at about 5:30pm, aiming to fish the run-in till high at about 8, I prefer the channel under the bridge to the open stretch heading up or down but when I arrived there were quite a few territorial types fishing the pylons so I started flicking up and down the stretch for no interest on a few different models (nuclear chicken shad, green wrigglers, big green prawn imitations that look like half a car tyre and are about as agile) and eventually the bridge freed up. The first pylon has a nice channel running through it, so gingerly inching through the oysters and cliff-hanger style edging along the ledge to get to the prize spot i set up for a flick hopping my SP with the current and letting it flow out from the bridge. After so many changes of jig head, model and position it was quite disheartening but (thanks to Kingfisher 84 and Chelum on my last report) i was confident my retrieve was right so kept at it until dark. My SP setup is Shimano Starlo 1-3 graphite (great little rod IMO) Sienna 1000 6lb braid and 6lb fluro leader with a 1/8 head due to the current being quite brisk. Put on a trimmed 5inch powerbait shad type in smelt scales and a bit of the old Sfactor and hopped it gently around, then quite to my almost-heart-stopping surprise nearly had the rod ripped from my hands by something that pulled like a horse on the light gear. Drag was singing and it put on a lot more shakes than a bream although with similar characteristics, managed to calm myself and not try and wrench the thing to me whilst moving it away from the nasty bust-off-central concrete and oyster pylons to come up with a beautiful 37cm Trevally!!! Had left the phone in the car stupidly so no pic but still grinning from it, first of the species and first on SP for me! Released it gently and had a few more casts for no interest. Hadn't realised the tide had come up so much so got quite wet wading back from the first pylon but you can imagine didn't particularly care with a success under my belt. Thanks to all the raiders for offering info and advice on everything from tides and times to tackle and techniques, you're a wealth of knowledge! Cheers Witha
  16. foolforjesus

    Jewfish Tackle

    Hi fellow Raiders, I'm going to be having a crack at the mighty Jewfish starting one evening this week using Soft Plastics. I just wanted to get some thoughts on my proposed set up. I picked up a secondhand X-Rap Rapala 7" 4-9kg rod fairly cheaply on the weekend. I was gonna chuck on a 3000 sized reel, loaded with 20lb braid, and use a 30lb Flouro leader. Does the braid and or leader sound right or a bit overkill? I was gonna tie a standard Albright knot to join the flouro leader to the braid, but read somewhere that instead of the pretty standard 7 winds, do 14. Is there any benefit to this, or just stick with the standard 7 winds? I was also gonna tie a standard Leftys Loop for my jighead knot, does that sound pretty standard? Thanks in advance for your invaluable feedback!