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Found 49 results

  1. FishermanSteve

    Hard Days Fishing

    Today I went on a charter from Sydney. The boat and skipper along with his deckhand were great. Despite all the effort they put in the fishing was very hard. Some snapper, mowies and sweep were about. One notable catch was fellow Fishraider Pompom. He caught a very very large cuttlefish on a whole pilchard. Very kindly he donated for my evening dinner. To make up for it the were a few pods of dolphins and plenty of whales about breaching.
  2. How do I fish the Sydney harbor moorings specifically for kingfish? What will the typical live bait rig be looking like for kingfish? Should it be on a float or a light sinker, padernosta vertically or casted out, trying to get my first kingfish this holiday.
  3. Hi there guys, I am looking to join someone with a boat on fishing trips in Sydney, I have been fishing for many years and have all the gear, just looking for someone who is keen to have someone join them out on the water and get into some good fish. I am in between jobs at the moment so have alot of time on my hands during the week and weekends :-), The fishing seems to be kicking off nicely in the harbour, so hoping there are a few guys that may need an extra hand or someone to join. Cheers, Nick
  4. Miketheangler

    Sydney Harbor Kingfish

    Heading out on my kayak hopefully b4 the school holidays start, looking to target kingfish. Planning to have my kayak on the beach and ready around 4:45am while I'm on the wharf catching some lives. As for bait, will LIVE SQUID AND YAKKAS outfish CUBE PILLIES? I was looking into slowtrolling the baits around mooring edges and casting a few deeper into the moorings aswell, as for trace will the usual mulloway rig from the tackle shop work or will you need fluerocarbon? How will the sinker be placed or is there any sinker at all? I was going with this, 20lb braid to 30lb fluero double smelled setup with a small bean sinker sliding above the 2 hooks. ( sinkers would probably vary from a pea size sinker to a 2 ounce pebble)
  5. Hi all, Took the kids out on Sydney Harbour yesterday for a fish but couldn't catch a cold... or even a bite! We fished Snails Bay around 2pm, Woolwich moorings around 3:30, then after a swim tried Hunters hill at 4:30. The weather turned so we headed back and got in as it started to rain. I did catch a metre long stainless ladder.. was going to clean it up but covered in oysters so the kids would have stepped on it for sure. Was burleying mouldy bread maybe that was a turn-off? Also burleyed some frozen bonito from last trip. Would love any pointers on bait / rigs / protected spots to get the kids on to fish! Cheers, Andrew.
  6. Well the fishing just keeps hotting up. Up north there are small blacks, stripes and blue marlin as well as some big summer dolphinfish. Reef Magic will be chartering out of Newcastle from the 5th of January. Newcastle gives us a great variation in places to fish. Norah Head to the south, Newcastle Canyons straight out and The Car Park to the north as well as all the in close grounds. You can get the train from Central to Newcastle for $5.95 which stops right near the boat. Get a group together and get aboard to fish some of the best available water on the east coast. Cheers Damo 0407113349
  7. hey, i am going to go to the spit bridge tonight and try my luck on some live tailor baits and as they have to be of legal size i was wondering will there be anything around big enough to take the bait. any tips on using tailor for live bait would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, Whilst I sit here scrolling through the pages of fish raider to calm the "itch" I often wonder how many other fishos are out there experiencing the same problems. With all of us so time poor I don't always get the opportunity to go wet a line and when I do the tide is wrong, the moon is not where it should be, I have chores, the kids don't want to go and so on and so on. I spend ages scrolling through Google maps during quiet times calculating the closest spot to home, the tolls and parking cost, a play ground, field or open area for the kids to play for when they get bored and is it safe. Living in the hills area in Sydney, you are isolated from a "water patch" straight off the mark. I think that is the case in Sydney as a whole unless you have millions to be near water. So I thought I would share some of my spots. 80% of the time they don't produce because of circumstances but it's the challenge to try and over come that I guess. Rydlemere ferry wharf.... It has easy parking area for the kids to play and still visible. Valentia St wharf.... This spot in Woolwich is great. There is a park and parking and fishing here can be good with variety. It is also a good spot if the kids want to fish too. Putney (many spots) boat ramp, sailing club, Putney park....if you want to flick a few lures around and the kids can have a run around. There are a few spots around Woolwich but not much for the kids to do when they get bored. Meadowbank park, I introduced the kids to drain fishing...they love it ?. I call it Urban Guerrilla fishing. Back end of Gladesville there are a few roads that end at the water but again not much for kids. I have been out to some spots that I think would fish well and keep the kids entertained when they bored - Balmoral, mosman, but man tolls, parking fees etc you looking at 40 bucks round trip before any action ? My kids don't mind having a go at fishing but at 10 & 12 find more of a challenge trying to irritate the other one if you know what I mean, so the fishing needs to be continuous which is a tough call. I hope sharing some of these may help any other dads and mums or anyone taking some kids out who may want to have a fish them self and cover some other opportunities. Cheers
  9. Hey guys, Just wondering if there any spots in Sydney that are heavily populated with bass or ep. I have plenty of plastics and a few soft cicada lures but am just lacking the spots to fish. I have a kayak but am looking for some landbased spots aswell. Thanks guys
  10. Hi Fishraiders, I'm a self taught beginner lure fisherman but not a novice. Have flicked from the land for 3+ years with reasonable success but want to improve. Can reliably pull in flathead, tailor and trevally but useless with bream (can get follows and nips but no hookups on lures). Just bought a kayak (hobie outback) and thought it would be a good time to perfect technique now that I'm mobile on the water. Want to learn lure technique, locations and strategies and, if possible, fish finder skills (plan to buy one but want to know what I need and how to use first). Don't mind whether you kayak, boat or go land based. Location: Sydney (happy to travel anywhere in Syd) Technique: flathead/bream/whiting etc on lures Availability: weekends only Preferred location: Botany Bay or Port Hacking but will travel Provide own gear?: yes - rods/reels, lures, life jacket etc Provide own boat?: - I have a kayak but also happy to go landbased or in your boat Can anyone help me out? Cheers, FishGuy
  11. Jonny C

    Land based squid fishing

    Hi guys, very new to squid fishing. All the gear and no I'm hoping this site can help provide some guidance to some safe land based spots to target squid. I live in pagewood so I'm close to port botany, malabar, lapa,....please someone put me onto some spots. cheers jonny
  12. Vhanz

    Chiswick fishing update

    Hey fellas, Went to check out Chiswick today at the last 1.5 hours of the run in and the first 1.5 of the run out I used 4" zman minnows (opening night, electric chicken) 1/4 jig head 3 2.5" zman grubs (bloodworn) 1/4 jig head and tried 1/8 but was pretty windy Pro cure mullet Daiwa shinobi combo 2500 6lb braid and 7lb leader (Not sure if its just the braid i have which is berkley fireline but at the end near the leader the braid looks like its slightly freyed and very light in color and its brand new) Started where the posts are near the ferry wharf and flicked around there then under the wharf, got snagged a couple of times but never lost my gear. After no results i went left of the rockwall and threw my sp while moving along until i came to the next concrete slab and stayed there for a bit. Got a couple of little hits, i was determined but the older fellas fishing for luderick had no luck and this other bloke was there all day and had nothing so could have just been a bad day. I used pro cure mullet on my sp and i felt like it made a difference (if it did or didnt im not sure) but i could see little fish chasing it sometimes. Used the 3 hop and pause technique, the slow roll, 2 hop and pause and about every combination i could think of lol. New to SP but im veeeeeeery keen on getting good with them
  13. Vhanz

    Chiswick newbie

    Hey lads Im fairly new living in sydney and looking for a decent spot for a flick. My relo lives at chiswick near the ferry wharf and ive seen a couple of people fish there before, im thinking of trying it out Target species are bream, flatys and tailor (which im pretty sure u can catch from there) Im taking some zman grubs and minnows with me, if anyone knows the area well or could perhaps tell me other good land based fishing spots around Sydney that would be awesome Im based at penrith and used to live at lake munmorah on the central coast

    Sydney Marlin aboard Reef Magic

    Hi guys back again, We had a eventful 2016 with Mike having open heart surgery and myself fracturing 3 vertebrae & rupturing 2 disks in a fall fishing in February. We both have had the year off but both recovered and back into it with our first charter off Sydney today. We we're hearing of a few striped Marlin being hooked but a lot throwing the hooks. Around 11 we had a double hookup but both fish threw the hooks. We continued to hear boats losing fish and we hung in till the 4.30 tide change and finally the bite we wanted. Solid hookup with a 70kg striped doing what they do jumping everywhere. After an entertaining fight we tagged a nice striped Marlin. We will be fishing out of Newcastle for 3 weeks from next week before heading to Port Stephens for the rest of the season. If your keen for a charter give us a call on 0407113349 Cheers Damo
  15. Heading to Gladesville (Sydney) this week (Tuesday - Friday) and hoping to get a heads up from someone kindly as where the blackfish may (really) be on the chew on the ocean rocks. Don't mind which side of the harbour really. Anywhere between North Head to Pittwater? South Head to Cronulla? Thanks in anticipation.
  16. No markings at the Botany Wide FAD, didn't get any kingies or even hits for that matter at the peak on yakas and no luck trolling today. Plenty of good size tailor in Botany Bay hitting anything and everything.
  17. Hi all, We are two very keen fisherman who have been trying for the past six months but believe it or not, all we caught in those 6 months was an undersized bream and a toadfish. We know we are doing something wrong but can't pinpoint it, as we have tried different places: Botany bay boat ramp, Beach next to the runway near the Sydney airport, Patonga and we even hired a tinny at the Cooks River and left without a nibble. We tried different bait: squid, prawn, glow worms, regular worms, live crab and soft plastics, and we don't even get a nibble most of the time. We also tried different hooks and sinkers. Are we just really unlucky or are we doing something wrong or going to the wrong places? If so does anyone have any tips on what to do to increase our chances or do have any better spots than the ones listed above around Sydney?
  18. Hi all, We are two very keen fisherman who have been trying for the past six months but believe it or not, all we caught in those 6 months was an undersized bream and a toadfish. We know we are doing something wrong but can't pinpoint it, as we have tried different places: Botany bay boat ramp, Beach next to the runway near the Sydney airport, Patonga and we even hired a tinny at the Cooks River and left without a nibble. We tried different bait: squid, prawn, glow worms, regular worms, live crab and soft plastics, and we don't even get a nibble most of the time. We also tried different hooks and sinkers. Are we just really unlucky or are we doing something wrong or going to the wrong places? If so does anyone have any tips on what to do to increase our chances or do have any better spots than the ones listed above around Sydney?
  19. Good day fellow raiders, I'm new to fishing and was wondering where to get nippers or yabbies? I've heard you cant get them in Parramatta river or in sydney harbour because it's illegal, where is the best place to get them? I really have no idea and should i invest in a bait pump? p.s I live in western part of Sydney, in parramatta. Thanks Kind Regards, Howe.
  20. trigunner54

    Georges River Fishing

    Land based fishing at the train bridge at Salt-pan Creek in the morning Drifted a running float rig and used bread as bait and berley Heaps of bites and ended up with 9 fish ( 3bream and 6 luderick) all together between 25-34cm The water over there is really dirty so the fish were are all released. Most of the fish were pulled under the walkway bridge (most likely cause it was sheltered and it was really sunny today) There are huge rays there, saw one which was nearly 1metre across
  21. Baby Karlos

    Sydney YFT

    Finally managed to get out on the boat on Sunday to chase some tuna with the old man. Was slow going, particularly compared to the reports from last weekend, with only two YFT ~10kg called in on the radio throughout the day. However, persistence paid off and we managed to land this beast ~20km SE of Browns late in the afternoon on the troll. Weighed in at over 50kg and almost beat me for height - awesome fish and definitely a new PB YFT off Sydney
  22. Hey fellas im chasing some advice on a rod to match to a Penn Spinfisher V. Im looking at getting the 6500, something that can handle decent fish off the rocks or off a boat when the opportunity arises. I already own a Shimano Symmetre and a Sedona in the 4000 size that I use from the beach and off rocks around the northern beaches. I know that the 5500 and the 6500 have the same internals with just a difference in line capacity, will probably look to load around 30lb braid 50lb FC leader on it. Can anyone recommend a MH fast action rod that I can use off the rocks and then also possibly off a boat for jigging and trolling. Main use would be flicking metals and general bait use, pillys, whole squid and strips on gangs. Price range would be between $100-200 depending as the reel will set me back about $200. Cheers.
  23. Hello Fellow Raiders, My friend and I are looking to do a solid day on SP's, only problem is, we have not had much experience on them, seldomly hooking one up for a shot in the dark when our baited rigs are not providing results. Our success rates extends to maybe a 15cm snapper or bream (if we're lucky). We plan on going out on either Monday (weather permitting) and/or Friday in this coming week and trying out a new rig using only SP's. We were just wondering if anybody know of any solid land-based spots in the Sydney area (we live near the Botany/Port Hacking Region but willing to do a small drive further out) which have solid hits with SP's specifically targeting bream and flatty's. Also since we are relatively amateur with SP's, does anybody have any tips on specific jigging techniques, rigs, or what sort of SP's to use for flatty's or breams given weather and lighting conditions etc. Any insight would be appreciated. Happy Fishing Raiders
  24. Keofferam

    Sunday Salmon

    Went out sunday for a quick session between 10 and 12noon. Headed out to the heads- no bird activity in the harbor but around the corner and there was a beautiful sight. Birds and boiling water. We had one working a fly outfit and I had a small halco metal on a Fugi rod and 7kg mono.. Not long before I got a solid strike and then some aerials and a great fight. These guys fight like hell and on my mid range gear its just great fun. They disappeared before long and we had to get back but was a very fun session.
  25. GreyNurse

    After the rain

    Hi Raiders, With all this rain continuing to fall, I've been servicing some of my gear in preparation of finer weather ahead. while working away, a question popped into my bonce. When is the best time to fish after the rain stops? Most of my angling is done in and around the rivers and estuaries of Sydney, plus a bit of beach fishing if the fancy takes me. ( I'm getting too slow to fish the stones nowadays, and would only do so in experienced company while wearing a PFD, anyway.) Target species are the bread and butter variety; bream, flathead, tailor. I also like to catch my own bait as well, so include yakkas and squid. I know Port Hacking cleans up pretty well after two or three days, but the other systems like the Georges and Cooks would obviously take longer. Then there's the issue of the surface fresh water occupying the water column. How long does that take to salt up. Anyway, I'm sure many of us would appreciate some advice on the subject. Thanks in advance.