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Found 11 results

  1. G'day raiders, I was hoping to get some advice. I'll be buying a small tinny to suit outings for a small family (myself, wifey and our 1 year old bub) but also for my solo fishing trips. I'd be using it to fish and explore the estuaries such as the hawkesbury, middle harbour (from roseville down to the spit), lane cove river and the Georges. So I've been looking at something between the 3.9m to 4.4m range unpainted Vhull BUT what I can't really get my head around is the hull thickness. A lot are 1.6mm sides and base. Some with 1.6mm sides but with 2mm base. Then there are some with 3mm sides and base such as the savage 425 kestrel. I'm pretty keen on the Savage range at the moment. So my question is what does the hull thickness mean exactly? Does it just add weight for a smoother ride in choppier conditions? Would a 3mm hull side and base be overkill for the conditions I'd take the boat in? Does it mean that It would last longer in terms of any dents you would get from the usual wear and tear? Just hoping to get some advice as if I go a thicker/heavier hull I'd assume that means going from a 20-25hp to a 30hp to get the plane going faster? If you guys could chip in some knowledge if be super appreciative😊😊
  2. Hey guys I'm looking into getting a tinny for fishing and almost everything in this plan seems very possible except for one thing: storage. So, the kind of boat I'm looking into is a very small tinny or even a kitted out rowboat and the plan will be to have the boat moored somewhere and the turn up with an esky, rods and a small clip-on electric motor. The problem is I have got no Idea where to leave it and I don't exactly want to redecorate my backyard with a tinny or shell out heaps of money on some boat storage facility. Is there a free storage place somewhere? Can I just leave it tied up to some tree on a little beach? Any advice would be much appreciated. BTW I live around lane cove/hunters hill/Gladesville
  3. Joshg12

    Tinny storage

    Hi everyone I have recently sold my 3.9m tinny and have just ordered a seajay 3.7nomad hs, has anyone had anything to do with the nomad that can give me some feedback on? Anyway i will be using this boat as a cartopper, im looking for ways to store the boat when not in use, i am thinking of a couple of 100kg winch hoists mounted on the roof of the shed and lifting the boat up, so the V of the boat is in the V of the shed roof. Has anyone seen this or have any other ideas on what i could do, i have seen pulley kits for kayaks but nothing for boats The tinny weighs no more than 90kgs
  4. Hi everybody. I've been a long time away from this group since I sold my Polycraft, but I'm back (for better or worse....). I just want to get a small tinny this time as 90% of the time I'm sure it'll be me going out alone maybe the daughter. This one came up for sale at $6k negotiable. Motor is a Seaking, supposed to be a Yammy clone Hull is Sea Craft. Only been out 3 times, comes as shown with fishfinder ($300) and bilge pump. No nav lights, I'd have to do them myself, which is no issue. What do people think, especially the price?? I'm going to grill Ausmarine at the boat show on Sunday prior to going to have a look. Anything I should look for (apart from the obvious cracks, motor runs etc). Thanks!
  5. Hey Raiders!!! Mate and I are planning to hire a tinnie from Como and looking at maybe boating down and around Woronora system and Georges. As I am normally a non-boater angler, I was hoping to reach some more secluded spots or boat-only access areas which hold a good day of fishing. Just wondering if anybody has had any experiences or know of any consistencies in these systems who would be willing to share/point me in the right direction, and any advice on what type of gear/bait I should use. Ill most likely be armed with 2 roads, Raider with 2500 sienna, and Shimano Sahara with a 3000 reel, both with under 10lb line. Happy Fishing ktan3235
  6. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums, and fishing, only been out for about a year and a half, Used to be land based but I recently aquired a 12ft clark tinny, It has 3 seats which make it really uncomfortable to stand up and move around, so I want to remove the middle seat and put in a flase floor, what kind of price would I be looking at to take it to a shop to have them remove the seat and put in new ribs and add some horizontal beams to support the floor?
  7. Hello raiders, I haven’t done a report in a while so I figured now’s a good a time as any. I'll try to keep the post succinct as possible all the while by trying to bore the readers too much. So made an ad hoc plan a few hours before while he was at work and asked if he was keen for a fish on my boat after his shift at 7am, after a bit of back and forth with him trying to convince me to go rock fishing at botany heads instead and with my decline in that idea (due to a very opposed girlfriend to that idea) we ended up agreeing to do the original plan and take the boat out instead. he arrived at mine at 9am and with a bit more fart-@rsing around going to the shops to buy some snacks (something he said he'd do before coming to mine so we'd be ready to leave asap...) I made the executive decision of scrapping the plan of initially heading to botany bay to fish and instead launch at my local boat ramp at Rhodes to maximise fishing time and fish the para river and harbour system. finally got on the water and after a 30+ minute boat trip on some pretty calm flat water, finally reached the cockatoo island area to have a fish around there and its surrounds. (Only have a 6hp so it takes a while). Initially tried around the Drummoyne wharf area for no takers, stayed there for about 20 minutes till we re-positioned. We then went to a spot my friend knew but I’d never fished before (apparently it’s a very on and off spot according to him, and fortunately it was on this day). Sent some dead bait out with little pickers taking hits at it, namely pinkies. There was some decent fish activity going on down there though as I could see on my sounder some large bait balls doing constant drive-by’s under the boat. after about 20 minutes we got our first hit , with a nice flatty taking interest in a rod of mine which I just threw out, would of took it on the drop and got it on a prawn. Boarded that and put it in the keeper net after measuring it at just fewer than 48cm. All the while the bait balls kept passing under us. A few minutes later my mate hooked up on his rod with gang hooks and a dead pillie... after a few minutes of fun a nice 55cm assize salmon was boarded, a first for my mate and thus a PB also for him, this thing was nice and fat with very wide shoulders. It went quiet for a bit with nothing touching our baits or my SP rod until my mate decided to change up his hooks to small long shanks to try get one of these things in the bait ball schools below us..... Yakkas! We filled up the bucket to catch some live yakkas for bait, only caught 4 for the day. I rigged up my medium duty outfit readying it for a live bait (static 5000 fj & sahara 4-8kg rod), made a paternoster rig with 1 hook for a live bait and the 2nd hook for a gang hook with a squid strip hoping id have some luck and catch myself a nice fat aussie salmon too. I then proceeded to put a decently big live yakka on, it would have been around the 20-22cm mark as it was at the time the only livie we had. Sent it down slowly as to not foul the setup on the drop. while on the way down the line started tugging more than I thought normal (I mean I knew the yakka I had on was pretty big and could feel it wasn’t having that hard a time tugging the line around), but this felt a bit different. I decided to give it a nice lift to see if it felt heavier than usual.... yep it was. Whatever was on the end, I just woke it up and a nice tussle was under way. Thinking it was another Aussie salmon I was pumped, until I got the surprise of my life and saw colour...a croc! It was action stations a few tense moments shouting at my mate to ready the net, in it went and cheers all around were had. The flatty took the large yakka which was surprisingly also netted again albeit pretty much on the brink of death, he got hit hard and his face and mouth was mangled. This was PB flatty for me with it just touching over 70cm; yep I caught a nice female. Not one for catching much fish I decided to keep it as my family, go and I do love eating flathead fillets when I do manage to catch them (mmm tempura battered flathead fillets). after this my fish finder experienced some technical difficulties with a positive terminal letting go and decided to call it quits an hour or 2 after that, also the fact that my mate had been up for more than 24 hours was also a factor. got home, and found out about what unfolded that day with the 2 boaters losing their lives at botany and thought to myself how it felt like a really good decision to try the harbour instead, couldn’t help but feel I may have dodged a bullet that day, may they rest in peace. Here are photos of that day and an extra photo with a coin and smile for eligibility purposes to enter the cotm for December (sorry for this pic as my dad was in the middle of filleting it up). 1st fish @ 47.xcm flatty 2nd fish @ 55cm aussie salmon 3rd fish @ 70cm flatty cotm dec 2014 eligibility pic (50c piece & a smile) Thanks for reading
  8. Hello all, as you may or may not know from my most recent post in the fishing report section, i acquired a 12ft tinny and would like to make it my own. As of now i have plans of redoing the wiring on my tinny having purchased a new 6 gang switch panel and am jsut waiting for an electrical junction box to arrive in the mail to start, however i digress. Iam here seeking opinions on what a nice fish finder option would be and how to mount the transducer on the transom once acquired. at the moment the top spot for potential fish finders im looking is the lowrance 4x HDI. are there any others out there who can comment on this fish finder and if there are any others they might recommend. my budget for one is around the 200 mark. also as this is my first boat iam not too confident about the fact of drilling into the hull to mount the transudcer for the finder, are there any places i can go to get it done by someone who actually knows what theyre doing and how much (ballpark figure) it would cost to get it done if i cant manage to find the confidence to do it myself. I also bought some aluminium hand rails only about 550mm in length and would like to mount them near the rear part of the boat on the gunwhales, for the purpose of having something to hold when helping pus the boat to the trailer at boat ramps as well as somewher to mount a clamp on rod older and jsut something better to hold onto while driving around; i measured the width of them and they jsut fit perfectly onto the gunwhales, however my question is what is the best easiest way to mount them onto the tinny? i would ideally want them welded on as ive been told thats best however i do not know any welders nor any places that will do it so i was thinking of jsut bolting them up to the gunwhales direct... is that a bad idea as the bolts will introduce electrolysis or something due to the different metals contacting each other?... my boat is painted on the outside so its not bare aluminium that will contact i dont think... are there any other suggestions to mounting these hand rails...will putting a layer of sikaflex between the handrail and the hull be ok to minimise the electrolysis part? while im here could anyone give me suggestions to rod holders for a tinny, i cant seem to find anything that will suit mine. i recently purchased these nice looking row lock rod holders from a retail store and was excited about using them, however when i brought them home the actual aluminium bit that sticks into the row lock was too short and didnt pop out on the bottom to be able to put the washer or wing nut for tightening... i am pretty stumped with what i should to for rod holders on my tinny as i have to resort to holding onto my rod when im trolling around in 1 hand while steering with the other. sorry for my long post but any advice and feedback would be greatly appreciated to this new boatie
  9. Gday raiders, so I thought I might share my newest adventure.... I was in the market for buying my first boat with very little success, until i get an ebay message saying i had won a boat due to my opening bid on a nice 12ft tinny a week before (thinking surely someone would make a higher bid seeing as the opening bid was my bid...), anyway long story short i happily took receivership of said boat. Synopsis trip 12/6/14 > Food prepared the night before with the gf making sandwiches and prepping snacks and drinks, the boat and fishing gear also prepped the night before for an early start with everything put in the boat and trailer hooked up etc ready to go after waking up. > Got to botany bay boat ramp and launched at 6am (much to my personal delight of being able to handle myself with trailer reversing in the 1 go... only ever reversed any trailer for the first time a week before with much stress haha; retrieval also went without a problem with first go success... thanks ifish boating and fishing tips youtube clip lol). > Unofficially named my boat A.J. (purely due to its actual rego number ha!) > Confident enough about fishing BB due to fishing it many times before with mate who has a much nicer boat (half cabin 100hp yammy 4 stroke) > Nice day on the water with the gf while catching some solid tailor on chromes near the end of the day at around sunset (lost a decent amount of money on metal lures &1 hardbody getting destroyed completely with the rear anchor point and treble hook falling away having to deadlift a tailor into the boat due to net being out of action with another tailor in it with the gf workig on getting it out). > Many annoyingly undersized snapper were caught all in the 25-26cm range, small flathead, leatherjacket, and 1 other gunard type fish without the butterfly wings all caught during the day, all returned. > 7 fat tailor caught by gf & I, only stopped because i ran out of things to throw at them. All in all a good day minus the fact that out of all days, the mrs decided to feel really sick with constant bouts of sea sickness and such (presumed it was something she ate the night before because one of her flatmates also had a horrible day and they had the same food...bad birthday cake or something) but to her credit she was an absolute trooper refusing to go home. > PB tailor caught for myself at just over 50cm Synopsis trip 20/6/14 > keen for another fish and a mate of mine wanting to tag along, went out to BB again but this time with not such an early start. > got to the ramp and in the water at 1130am having had to get fuel for tinny and car as well as mixing the 2 stroke on the spot, 7 hungry jacks cheeseburgers were purcahsed for the day. > the day was agreed upon as being a purely soft plastic or lure fishing day with not a bit of real bait being used, due to the success a couple nights before of trying sp fishing for the first time for both me and my mate, and myself managing to catch 4 nice flattys and my mate catching 1(all land based btw). > parked at 3rd runway where my friend was flicking a 5inch green paddletail while i was fixing my rods, he managed to lure a nice squid to the boat as it was attacking his lure... wanting to capitalize on this i quickly put my el cheapo daiso squid jig also in green on and chucked it out... instant hookup to that inquisitive squid. kept him alive for future plans later in the day for him. > moved around trying the usual spots to no luck...all the tails on my sp's were being bitten off with the fish missing the hook every time (i now know about stinger hooks and am keen to try again only next time with said stingers). > trolled and flicked and moved around throughout the day with no success. rigged up that squid caught earlier in the day for a king as live bait... but to my disappointment when i reeled line back in to check the hook..the squid was gone ..even when i had it pinned in 2 places with 6/0 hooks). > wanting to replicate my success last outing with the nice greenbacks i went back to the place i had success with at around the same time, ...and after about 20 minuets of doubts and naysaying it was on again. the fishing was fast and furious as i knew we only had a limited amount of time before these tailors would disappear. at the end of the day i boarded 6 tailor and friend getting 4, all in the same size range as the ones caught the week before. (ps no pics were taken this time around as i was too tired and cbf really). > it went dead as predicted in about 40 minutes, so packed up and headed back for the ramp. got off the water around 830pm and probably stayed till around 915pm fixing the boat and gear and cleaning the fish. > this time around only lost 1 brand new lure lol(5g gold halco twisty)... silly me i wanted to catch one of the nice greenbacks on my newly purchased flick stick (pflueger trion 2-4kg/shimano symetre 2500 FL/berkley exceed 8.8lb orange) and just have fun with one peeling line...stupidly i tied my lure which had its own metal tracer tied to only 6lb fluro and when i striked the line went completely limp... i reeled it back in and my line failed at where my fluro met my braid..with the improved albright knot still fully in tact...broke on the fluro end right at where the knot was... maybe my drag was set too tight? i dont know. > all the fish were subsiqnetly caught on a 40g halco streaker and my other new addition combo shimano stradic 5000FJ/suffix 832 20lb braid in green/ shimano sahara 4-7kg 7ft rod.... didnt have a problem at all landing those fish on it hence why i wanted to use my trion/symetre flick stick and thus lost another brand new lure haha. If you see my boat out on the water, dont be shy, come say hi pics for your viewing pleasure. My first boat Happy Days Co-pilot lol First ever fish landed on new boat haha PB tailor Feeling sick
  10. burny86

    Boat upgrade

    Hi raiders, After read many post about how to install false floors in a tinny I finally decided to give it a go! I used 12mm marine ply and 3mm 25mm x 25mm aluminium, a lot of people suggested welding the alum. I'm not the best at welding especially aluminium so I just riveted it. All up it cost about $180 but allows more storage space and a casting deck. Next mod is to carpet the seat add a few chairs from BCF, a bait board, a few rod holders and maybe a coat of paint. If anyone has any tips on painting that would be awesome!
  11. burny86

    Tinny advice

    Hi fellow raiders, I'm keen to try Botany Bay in my 12ft 8hp tinny, I was wondering if this would be able to handle the bay and if so were would be a good spot to start. I don't want any secret spots lol just a few tips for a beginner, I'm keen on soft plastics and have a large range which I have used with success in the George's river but lately I've been keen to try somewhere new. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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